My New Year’s Observation on How Sadistic Certain People (Ahem… Women) are in Chinese culture

Story time. Anyone here who doesn’t know who I am… I’m a Eurasian with a Chinese mother and an American father, Ivy League educated, who flew to China with the intent to just live out the rest of my life in relative peace, and then die alone, via suicide or just naturally. If it wasn’t here, it would’ve been South America, Africa, or Central Asia. I pulled a Dave Chappelle essentially.

Let me preface that my Chinese family has many ultra sweet Chinese women that would never hurt a fly. I’m not being a misogynist or MRA or any bullshit slogans… Please. Other women know what other women are capable of. Even my wife and her mom are aware of this. Women are, after all, more intelligent than men.

But there are also a few to the point of being 50/50. And by bad people I mean the worst of the worst. This is for white guys who think Asian women are better partners than white women. And then I look at my mother and the others in her family I realize that again it’s almost a 50/50 split between sadists and normal, level headed women.

Anyways none of the women in my new Chinese (I.e., my wife’s) family married foreigners. The reason for this is probably because of poor language skills.

We went to stay at my wife’s uncles place for the New Year. He’s a pretty gruff guy, from the northeast, but he’s usually very friendly and accommodating. He has some five or six brothers and sisters, and there were about fifteen-twenty people at his house. He has a mansion in a gated community on the edge of Beijing. They’re shittily built McMansions popular with foreigners. Big houses but shit compared to the quality of stuff you’d find in the downtown area.

About five o’clock in the morning two nights ago, two hours after I got hammered I went downstairs to sleep in the basement. And then I heard this uncle yelling. It was some of the craziest, most furious yelling I’ve ever heard. Like that scene in Django Unchained where he cut his hand on a glass while doing it. He was screaming in front of his entire family “fuck your mother’s cunt,” and pretty much every other curse word.

Neither my wife or I had ever seen anyone so angry. We discussed this last night and came to the realization that his family had problems. He never finished high school but got rich off of owning several successful pharmacies. He is also divorced and has two young adult children, a boy and a girl, and an infant daughter from his new wife.

My wife told me his story. Apparently his daughter, who is about 20 or 21, set him off. We said, oh, there’s nothing she could’ve done to set a man off like that. My wife said to me, you can’t judge her, you don’t know what she’s been through. I said has she watched her mother die? And she said no. And I said; then she has no basis for comparison.

But, this girl is grade A nuts. She spent four years, having come back from the US just two months ago, in California, on a mission to earn a degree. She failed out twice and came back empty handed. She also managed to spend 2 Million RMB in a two year period. This is approximately 320,000 dollars. To ensure more money she threatened her dad that she would prostitute herself in the US for income. And my wife suggested it seemed as if she already had an abortion based on her appearance (don’t ask me but apparently women have a sixth sense on this stuff).

My wife said that her uncle must have blown up at the fact that his daughter hates his new wife. His new wife and him have a child together; like him, she never finished high school. Pretty, but uneducated. Chews with her mouth open. I quite like her though. The daughter hates this woman and apparently was furious because her father had promised to never have a child again. But obviously it would have happened because he’s rich and there’s little you can do to avoid this when you’re rich.

Apparently (we found out last night from my mom in law) the daughter tried to smother the baby with a pillow. The uncle warned his new wife to never allow his own flesh and blood daughter around his infant child.

At this point I should mention that this daughter spent almost all night trying to ply me for where she could find a foreign boyfriend, and show off her god awful English skills to me.

The story gets juicier when we find out about her mother (the ex-wife of rich uncle). This woman was from southern China. Before she got married she had a child with another boy. When she was sixteen. She had married the poor sodwhile she was still married. She kept this fact a secret from her own husband for sixteen years. Sixteen years.

When he found out he wanted to kill her. Apparently towards the end of the marriage they were using such colorful language as “I want to put you in a meat grinder,” which is all familiar to my own parents.

Anyways; what struck out to me was last night out of the blue, my wife suggested that her cousin had inherited the insane gene from her mother. That she was deeply mentally ill to the point of attempting to murder a sleeping infant. But more so to the point that my wife said:

“They’re the kind of women that says they’re willing and ready to do anything to succeed. She inherited the DNA from her crazy mom.”

And there this girl was asking me about foreign men. And there was this behavior manifested time and time again in the women in my own family, including my own mother, including the flirtation with filicide, where she would drive me and my brother at 90 mph on the highway and threaten to crash.

If you really lack any kind of basic human empathy then you will enter relationships for the sake of your own gain, your own manipulative purposes, for race…. This seems now to me fully engrained in Chinese and maybe even Asian culture. No white guy would ever be able to fathom this because as men our egos are such that we ignore obvious signs, even when dealing with white women, that we are being manipulated. Again, not misogynist; I’m just pointing out that women are often a thousand miles ahead of men in terms of understanding how to play the game.

These types of women do not fucking care about their children. They do not care about anything but themselves. The angst of a few Hapas is nothing on their radar. They simply do not care. I guarantee you behind every Asian woman complaining about shitty upbringing has a battered father who just exploded one day thanks to abuse from his mom. Even the so called white women that white guys hate, like bottom of the barrel “mudsharks” like Stanley Ann Dunham that they can’t shut the fuck up about, care a thousand times more for the wellbeing of her children.

There are no white men in my story, yet there would be, were this America. This is merely an observation on the behavior that seems commonplace.

I might add that there is another Chinese woman married to my wife’s eldest male cousin. He’s a typical Chinese guy. Very beta, very hard working. His wife, when pregnant, starved herself to prevent her little girl from growing big. His wife also missed nearly every event together. The first New Years spent together she threatened him with divorce in front of the entire family; he then spent the evening weeping like a child in his room. Last night she didn’t show up. Not only that but it was her husband’s birthday. She had in the past left the house and disappeared for a week at a time with no word of where she went.

The point of this story is that sexpats swear up and down western women are trash. Yet fail to realize that the trash of the east usually has its eyes on a white male. And now we have ten million hapas being raised by sociopaths and their narciccistic white husbands.

If anything I’ll encourage my son to marry black, Latina or white over Asian. There’s something deeply, deeply wrong with the culture that is irreparable.

And before we hear another happy go lucky hapa come in here talking about it’s not a big deal. If you look white shut the fuck up. Apparently I look white to these people and I recognize how privileged I am. I could turn my back on it all if I wanted.

After the first dozen times being called foreigner by these people the thought occurred to me to just walk away. But I wonder how many depraved sexpats take the white worship as a compliment. If anything it’s the gravest insult.



I just remembered that this cousin also asked me (she works at a very expensive car dealership) if I wanted to be a model for her company in some regards. She also said that I’m 2 inches too short but I would do facially.

I told her and her dad to their face that if they wanted a foreigner to show off, to go find a 100% white male to do the job because I’m just a mix. Not the real thing.

27 thoughts on “My New Year’s Observation on How Sadistic Certain People (Ahem… Women) are in Chinese culture

    • Now Anonymous you dont even have a name how dear you say the above uneducated, he has his own reality.

      I know what he is saying is 100% on point I lived in Nanking with a Chinese women for five years, now it took me all that time to find out she and most of the women in her family are batshit crazy!!

      1.Her sister kept trying to commit suicide
      2.Her sister and her had more than one abortion
      3.Both of them have some kind of Mental illness
      4.The mother was having an affair (with one of the business partners)

      I took her and her sister for health care back in the UK, I had to go back to China for business when i when back to London her sister had tried to commit suicide again my ex was diagnosed with a Mental illness.

      Look the above story by Eurasian guy is nothing look Chinese women have real problems its not a joke(99% of them i can say maybe 1% are ok), now my ex her father has a big business and so does my father I have no idea till this day why her sister, mother and her where so unhappy and had so many problems and would not use the health care system.

      Anyway after I break up with her , I got a phone call from one or our friends informing me that my ex was in jail ! (i will not say what she did look it was crazy)

      I got my family solicitor to help her (this is after i left her) he got her out.

      She come back to China and got arrested again her father paid cash she got out.(Look her fathers business is so big you people will never understand )

      (by this time I was with my GF from Hong Kong and she was a good women she had no problems she just loved shopping I have no problem with that )

      my ex started dating a white guy and moved back to London, her and her sister moved in with this white guy.

      I got a phone call again she was crying on the phone(it was crazy you have no idea) the white guy was beating her !! and kick her and her sister out .

      I let her stay in my family house in London(her father later rented a flat for them)

      I went back to London told her it was the last time I could help her!! she would not use all the health care i got her, she would not use the support groups i found her, she now lives with that white guy and he beats her. (when i say her my heart was breaking I when to hell and back with that girl) )

      The last time i saw her she kept on saying thank you David and that she was sorry……….

      The above all happened from 2001 till 2009 I will never date a CHINESE women again in this life hahaha let WHITE MEN HAVE THEM !! lolol

      MOST White guys dont get it or KNOW!!! !!! (I have meet only one or two good white guys in my life )

      So Anonymous before you say “Don’t marry black, white or Latina is okay” Try to live life a but more !!! you will find out 99% of Chinese women are very sick women around one 1% of Chinese women are ok and well !! I have lived in China a long time my family have been there a long time!! !!! and I have dated so i know!!!!

      Now the above was my ex, all her friends had some crazy problems ….all had abortions all had some form of Mental illness,(one of by ex best friends told me to leave her but at the time I loved her so much !! anyway thats another story )

      I told my HK girl all what happened she was laughing hard with her mother …she told me never data a Chinese women from the mainland !!!

      I was going to marry the Mainland girl in 2005 before I meet my HK girl but my family said no way !!!! Thank god I never married her in 2005-6!!! lolol


      MEN Marry White, Black or other women!!! (if you can find a good Chinese women from the 1% then go for it !! good luck with that……. )

      This blog is good I have to say every time I read it … brings back the past when I lived in China everything here on this blog is SAFE to say is on point !!! in regards to Chinese women

      Just to end 1% of Chinese women are good !! but its very very low in numbers !!! just be real and dont lie!!!! look at the facts the numbers, what so many non-white man say (and the one or two white guys that have seen the crazy)

      Good luck Anonymous HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!!!


    • Don’t marry black? But white and Latina is okay? You need a brain transplant because you’re clearly a stupid racist fuck.


      • She’s an Asian woman. They love trying to control their Eurasian sons, even if they’re not even hers.


      • Vemoron, you need a brain transplant and you need to get an education and stop believing black lies. Read the book titled, “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.” Why are 70% of American prisons filled with blacks? Why do black neighborhoods have higher rates of crime, violence, drugs, and gangs? What do black men impregnate multiple women and then run off? It’s not about racism, it’s about facing the facts and utilizing those facts to make a better life for you and your children.


    • Asian men , Black men , Eurasian man that are good men and have money should not MARRY ASIAN/Chinese women

      I think more white man should marry Asian/Chinese women (but have abortion if they have a male baby ) My white friend he is going through hell with his new Chinese wife lolol its not a joke she change to a new person after he marry her !! I TOLD HIM she will play game !! he was new to China (I told him to not marry A CHINESE WOMEN now he is crying THIS IS REAL LIFE!! I have over 100 sms from him crying about his Chinese wife)

      White men should marry ASIAN / Chinese women…. lololol


      Good Luck


  1. Please, please, please, don’t marry black, white and Latina is okay. I know of black people who say the same thing to black people. It’s sad but a reality in this day of age.


    • The only Black people that say that are low class, on low level of life, no money !! but on my level of life i meet good black and white women !! (I have dated good HK women also!!) this is a class thing when it comes to black and white women .

      But Chinese women off all class levels are CRAZY!!!!! (only 1% are ok and well!)


    • If you find me you find out I have two IT business and other business in Asia, try find me !!!! I welcome making new friends……. so i use my real name (i say the real life i live) !!! i dont hide I am long in the tooth… Anonymous


    • I have read her book its good !!! As I said if you can read !! its about “CLASS LEVEL” Ying Ma works for Ben Carson she knows some black people work hard and have class !!!

      Anonymous try harder to make black people look bad !!

      In Chinese Girl in the Ghetto ….. the book it stated “HER FAMILY MOVED IN TO A POOR AREA IN THE USA!!”

      Anonymous try harder lolol haha stop living in low class areas , try and travel !!!



    • Anonymous has to try harder in school !!
      Anonymous has to try harder in life !!!

      Ying Ma works for Ben Carson A BLACK MAN !!


      hahaha lolol

      Good luck


      • Works for him! She’s not married to him! I’m barely breaking a sweat. Again, please, please, please… know what I want to say!


  2. Western women’s image due to a couple of bad apples. The bottom feeders in male dating pool get angry and declare war on women. Can’t stop talking about them. These same type of dude vanish like magic if a woman choose them as lover.
    There 4 guys in my work with a nasty behavior and join some internet group called MGTOW.
    3 white men and one black guy with this motive to get poverty stricken places as new slave wives to show off western women about tradition.
    The first white man found a white woman in north america to married. They didn’t see him as REAL. They slowly left him alone.

    The second white man secretly in love with my high school classmate. He notice hanging with these bitter dudes would ruined a chance to date/married educated black woman. The dude went to a new job and focused more on building their relationship.

    The third man is a black guy was leaving his wild oats in Brazil and North America by mix and white women.
    I can’t him the most in group. He want a black woman but hate them. Cheat on his white babymamas. He got a new theory to keep his emotions and money safe within himself. He would only chase gay men that looks like women.

    The last guy automatic married Chinese woman within a heartbeat about 3 months. That woman beat him, neglect and another form of creul things.
    He no longer agree with black man’s excuse on why he went gay.


    • This story is crazy. Thanks for sharing. It just confirms what I always suspected about MGTOW. The moment these dudes get a chance, they fly to western women.

      And that “David P” guy is right, with black women it’s a class issue (look at Michelle Obama and her daughters for example). With white women as well it’s about class. Relieved to see some intelligent people here.


  3. My personal opinion is that there is a deep trend of narcissism and dearth of empathy that is very real in Mainland Chinese society. My personal opinion is that it’s tied to the political system, psychological scars from the Cultural Revolution, Japanese occupation, and government propaganda that goes on and on about national humiliation. The only people who get ahead there are the ones who are willing to lie and have no sense of guilt. If you’re a foreigner, many feel on a deep level that you owe them. Are you ready to pay up?

    As a white guy, I was totally ignorant of this when I was first exposed to Chinese culture. Coming from a culture of political correctness, I was completely unprepared. Even now that I speak Chinese and have lived in China, I would be very reluctant to get married to a Mainland Chinese woman. If you’ve had little exposure to Chinese culture, then you’re playing a very very dangerous game.

    And don’t think you’re immune if you’re a western born Chinese. One of my BBC buddies got trapped by a Shanghainese woman who I believe was certifiable NPD. He’s not allowed to have his own friends anymore, and likely suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

    And this is not to say that all Mainland Chinese women are evil, just the pretty ones. I’m quite serious about this. Also, this could vary by region, as most of my experience living in China was in Shanghai. I’ve heard more positive things about people from from the south, around Guangdong and Fujian provinces. My experiences with Taiwanese have been very positive.


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