Another Hapa / Half Asian murderer; this time female, February 12th, 2016

Link here.

Another one, bringing this year’s total tally up to 5, for 2016 alone; that is 5 incidents involving mixed race Asians in 2016 alone.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: people underestimate the mental trauma and damage that growing up in a racist household will do to you. There’s almost no way I can really quantify it other than saying it’s a combination of many different factors. They also underestimate the trauma of cultural confusion / self-hatred / colonialism / poor-fathering / aloofness from the parents / mother’s maladapted comments on whiteness and white features / psychosexual underpinnings from your parents, and the general state of mental illness among Asian American women that is inherited by their children.

This is all leading up to another major incident involving a Hapa child that will be very, very, very, very bad, and hopefully this blog will be in place to explain exactly why these incidents are occurring at the rate they do.

Let me say, when you’re at a point that you are unable to look at your own reflection in the mirror because you feel white, but people still dig into you, trying to pin you as Asian… your mind is not in the right spot.


Dorothy Dutiel shot and killed her girlfriend May Kieu before Kieu could break up with her. Dutiel then turned the gun on herself, committing suicide. The two girls were 15-year-old sophomores at Independence High School in Glendale, Arizona. The horror unfolded there just before 8 a.m. on February 10. The couple had known each other since the 5th grade and begun dating in the 8th when Dutiel says she, “was too scared to verbally ask her. So I wrote it on a sticky note and she said yes.”

4 thoughts on “Another Hapa / Half Asian murderer; this time female, February 12th, 2016

  1. According to you, The *GASP* F.I.V.E. Happas who committed crimes did so BECAUSE they had mental disorders stemming from BEING HAPPA. Your previous posts were harping on mental orders because they were Happa AND male. Now you’ve switched up a bit but still blaming it on being HAPPA.

    When black commit crimes it’s simply because we’re BLACK. We don’t even get the mental disorder defense. According to society, it’s due to BARBARIC GENETICS.

    However, when whites commit crimes it’s ONLY due to mental illness and has NOTHING to do with WHITENESS. The CLEVER and ULTIMATE WINNER-WARRIOR knew NEVER to attribute pathology to whiteness even though it’s SCIENTIFICALLY proven that their inferior, recessive, genetics are the cause for their mental illness and all other problems they are afflicted with. Ironically, their recessive genes DO help them to DOMINATE because they do so from FEAR of being annihilated aswell as having less compassion.

    Since ALL groups commit crimes, you’d think the logical conclusion to come to is that…CRIME IS CRIME and committed by EVERYONE. Yet you colored folks(Asian and black alike) are foolishly perpetuating white lies which attribute crime to skin color in order to make it seem like there’s something inherently wrong with certain groups.

    The F.I.V.E. happas this year who committed crimes says nothing more about them than the crimes committed by white and other folks this year.

    If your point of contention is that it’s BECAUSE they’re Happa then explain why other people are killing? They’re NOT Happas. What pseudo-science and pure WARFARE.


    • If you noticed I never said it was limited to males. Kelly Baltazar was a good example. What’s most telling is that they are uniform to a T, involving those with white fathers.


      • …and white killers involve white parents. Black killers involve black parents. Asian killers involve Asian parents. What are the common denominators there? There is nothing uniform about killing as ALL GROUPS DO IT.

        Also, your previous posts were noting that Happa males are killing BECAUSE they are basically frustrated outcasts with mental issues BECAUSE they are happa AND MALE. Them being male made it more difficult, because as you noted, Asian/Happa women can use their reproductive organs to their benefit while Happa males come from a household with often time racist white men and Asian male-hating, women. Neither who could relate to Happa males and their struggles in a white male- dominated, Asian male-hating, society, which would bring forth the looming HAPOCALYPSE.

        Them being Asian-looking AND male were TWO crucial, harped on, points of your theory before.


      • Female Eurasians, particularly those born to WMAF, are going to have the same mental issues to deal with, only that it’s amplified in males.

        Most of the shooters and suicidal Eurasians happen to be male, but that doesn’t mean they all have to be for his theory to stick.

        Your point is invalid.


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