Interesting Post: “Of the Hapas I’ve Known”

A user named MDNzyzy just posted this on /r/Hapas. You can check his history if you think I made this up.

First hapa I met was a kid in HS with a Japanese dad and a white mom. Dude was a badass, fucked with the hottest girls and did the ballsiest skate tricks (like ollying 12 stairs). He played soccer for our school and during a match, HEADBUTTED a white opponent for saying racist shit to him.

Second hapa I met was in freshman year of college. He was half viet half american (I think). His mom was viet, dad was white, but he kept his viet name cause his dad abandoned or parents divorced, not sure. Let me tell you – this kid was FUCKED UP. He often would mutter about killing everyone in the Quad (dorms), socially dysfunctional, and from what i heard – masturbated even when his roommate was STILL in the room. No sense of hygiene whatsoever.

The third hapa i’ve been great friends with for 5 years. He was the drummer of my band and half-flip half-white (WMAF parents). He exclusively dates full or partially flip girls (by choice or because of limited options, I can’t say). His dad is friendly enough and his mom can’t cook for shit because she had to accommodate her husband’s white-bread taste buds for 20+ years.

In any case, just thought i’d share. Been lurking for a few weeks.

Pinpoint accurate even right down to the comment about the Filipino moms which I mentioned a while back.

Another user wrote:

Sounds typical. To outsiders it may seem we bash wmaf and promote amwf, but it is rooted in truth.

I remember an amwf chinese-white kid at my old highschool, looked him up on linkedin, turns out he became valedictorian went to princeton and now is at stanford for grad school. The amwf japanese-white kid on my soccer team now is playing semi-pro soccer.

Whereas the wmaf kids i knew, work at bestbuy and petsmart and/or just fell off the face of the earth.

Didn’t I write that I fell off the face of the earth at the beginning of this blog?

As I said, Eurasians with Asian fathers are able to manage their half-Asian looks and treatment by society; Asians with white fathers live with perpetual knowledge that their own flesh and blood mothers were “one of those” deliberately attacking Asian men and Asian culture.

You think I’m making this up? How on earth would a white man and an Asian woman who hate Asian men be capable of raising an Asian looking child?

People need to do me a favor. If you find this blog, spread the word before more people get hurt. Please. You really have no idea what’s coming.

This shit needs to be straightened out before whatever is coming, comes. And it’s already coming. I have verbalized as best as I could the issue of mixed race mental issues. There are probably hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of mixed race Asians out there with similar issues but with nobody to reach out to.

5 thoughts on “Interesting Post: “Of the Hapas I’ve Known”

  1. I am white so I am not sure if my opinion is valid. But of the amwfcouples that have had children that I have personally met they were both Japanese men with white American women. In both cases the sons were friendly, smart, and hits with the ladies. The daughters on the other hand were rather mean spirited and harassed me for dating her friend(white). This girl appearantly felt ugly compared to her mother, and less wanted by the opposite sex than her brother.


  2. Hi man. I stumbled on your blod and I’m tempted to laugh or mock but the reality is so twisted and sickening that I genuinely feel sorry for you. If you had eyes you would see that you are only projecting sexual or interracial neurosis on your parents (even if these accusations are true) aren’t you by extension, spreading the same neurosis to your presumably Chinese family, merely substituting “perfect assimilated half-white” children for perfectly reddeemed proud asian man asldkjfn8h32 whatever acronym that is children? If you found your entire ideology and the form the basis of your marriage as some sort of proud Asian revenge what right do you have to say it is any more love than that of your parents? The whole world doesn’t revolve around you being 8paisdf;lj the one acronym with the white male and whatever, you really need to get the fuck over yourself. I mean, you could apply the same nonsense to really any other racial group: “this guy married a jew to get rich” “this girl married a Swede because she’s self hating half indian half black all guys born to df8u81n c;lakjds nf couples unite and expose your evil mothers!!” I mean can’t you step outside yourself and look at yourself at how a normal guy would look at this? There are plenty of neurotic losers in the world that aren’t hapa… it is your fault for being one, not your parents. You can blame them for bad upbringing but you can’t blame them for this gay blog, which you made as an adult. The worst part is by “exposing” this or whatever you think you are doing, even if you have a case, will only make you and your fellow 8po diujf;a hapas more miserable and more neurotic by wholly identifying their lives with what might or might not even be a factor in it, and not let them get past that: sinking and embedding all of you into, whereas, if you just let it go, and forgave your parents, you might actually develop some humanity/personality other than being an I AM HALF ASIAN FEEL SORRY FOR ME< TELL MY MOM SHEES BAD twat. think about it for one second, you apparently admire a pride of race among Asian men, something that you apparently hate white men for, and you praise white women for doing what you hate in asian women. so apparently reverse the races and its all good?? if the one form of marriages succeed because of racist/upwardly mobile neurosis that the other succeed because of politically correct pro-race mixing neurosis that is equally debasing to race and community and equally destructive to common happiness. I'm not saying this as someone with yellow fever, i've never even liked asian women, but you really have no business digging in people's underwear investigating their genitales to see if it was "real love' or not. And if you have a single shred of sanity you really won't try to pass a whole category of people as the ultimate wrongdoer simply for having found love in two categories of people. you insult the most basic human things with your gayness and by doing so only perpetually chose to be what you say your parents made you. I hope you get over yourself someday.


    • I hope you realize that writing essays to say how pointless this blog is shows how much this blog bothers you.


      • The conclusions of this blog don’t bother me; you’re probably right about the category. What bothers me is that you call yourself “longing for death” and have a masochistic manichean philosophy about life that will only make you more miserable. I only wrote that essay for your benefit kid, you need to man the fuck up. I will say one more thing and not reply anymore because you’re doing what all aspies do, psychoanalyzing my motives rather than responding to my point: curiously, the same thing you do with respect to your parents, and it makes it really impossible to either debate or tolerate you (part of the reason you’re such an outcast maybe? something to think about). The thing is this: however flawed, ugly, neurotic your parents were they gave you the gift of life, the very ability to defame them and their ilk as well as play, love or do whatever you like, the gift of life and soul which you decide to defile and insult with your revenge racial fetish at their racial fetish. How are you any better? You’re not, you’re even worse. I can see at least some sort of basic human feeling of affection even between some golddigging chink whore and some loser white aspie: I can’t see it in this blog. Just by giving you your worthless life and then paying the rent, keeping you fed and clothed, your parents were kinder to your loser mongrel breed then you are to them, by only paying attention to how much loser mongrels they are and forcing them to only think about that as well. If you had the simple virtues of modesty and gratitude you’d be much happier, and might actually be doing something good for your mongrel loser racial type rather than perpetuating their victim complex. But anyway, the information is yours now, I’ve already made myself cringe too much just by being here. good luck m8


      • Completely unreadable and stopped at the first sentence. Enjoy what’s coming.


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