The Half Asian Baby Lie Pushed by Asian Women (And Their White Male Enablers)

Deanna Fei’s son. He witnessed racial abused by white men at a Knicks game and will be turned down by white and Asian women, just like his mother turned down Asian men. So now you have a totally Asian looking son born to a woman who spent her entire life talking shit about Asian men and chasing tall white men.
  • Cute babies don’t mean good lookin adults.
  • Most Eurasians don’t look like movie stars.
  • Most Eurasians just look Asian. At best they will look like good looking Asian men, but usually look average.
  • Most women don’t want any Asian blood at all (I’ve been shot down for being Asian three times – despite being tall, good looking, and popular, and this was enough to destroy me forever).
  • Asian women think tall blond white men are better, so that means white men are better than Eurasians.
  • People who hate Asian men – including most women – don’t distinguish between half and full. We are still chinks, inferior to the white men they wanted.
  • Asian women marry white men for social access – i.e., to higher society, access to European spaces, but we, their half Asian sons, are severely limited from those same spaces due to racial insults, disparaging remarks and open discrimination
  • You’re literally asking your own son to take pride in the fact that he looks Asian… but his own mother and all her friends and literally all but a few women around him don’t want Asian men? Really? Are you really asking us to do that?

Even more telling is that 90% of all half Asian people have white dads and Asian moms and we’re supposed to not notice this somehow – we’re not allowed to talk about it despite the fact that no matter where we go – there are Asian women openly preferring white men – meaning that half Asian blood is essentially worthless. 

“Chicks dig mixed guys,” is what I hear a lot. How come whenever a Eurasian says this he’s twenty years old, a permanent virgin, and has no experience with women at all? Chicks dig white looking mixed guys. They don’t dig Asian looks at all. Stop lying about this.

27 thoughts on “The Half Asian Baby Lie Pushed by Asian Women (And Their White Male Enablers)

  1. I live with a white man.

    When I first daughter was born, she was 100 % Asian, she has changed a lot, she is now 7 years old, the majority of people think she is Spanish or Arabian.

    When my 2nd daughter was born, she was 50 % Asian, she has a bit changed, she is now 5 years old, she was blonde, she is now a bit dark haired with european features, when she walks with my husband’s parents, nobody can guess her mom is full Asian.

    They have the same father.


      • My children have Brown hair and light dark hair. They have curly hair.
        But if in the future, they will look more Asians. I won’t mind.
        My husband won’t mind if their husband will be Eurasians, White men. The same opinion for me.


      • My eurasian daugters with full asian men ? If they are gentlemen, charismatic, intelligent, tall, handsome, and if they are really in love with each other. Why not ?


      • Mentally ill sociopath. Prime example of why Eurasians are so fucked as a whole. You have no soul, Kim.

        An Asian man has to be perfect to even be seen as a human being while a white man just has to be white.

        I feel sorry for your daughters.


      • Calm down now. I’m White. My boyfriend is Korean. He’s not tall. He’s of “average” beauty I guess, even though I think he has the most amazing toothy grin. Up till him I never dated a non-White. Know why I’m with him? Because I am not in love with a race. I fell in love with a person. With a sense of humour. With the kindest heart I have ever met. With a gentleman who surprises me with flowers for no good reason other than he loves me. With brains and wit. He’s my partner, lover, and best friend and he outshines everyone else. And our son and daughter will date whoever they wish as long as their partners are good people, regardless of race. Maybe if you were less hostile and actually tried harder to be nice instead of accusing your parents of all crimes and the world and pointing fingers at a mother who wishes her daughters find Prince Charming you’d get a couple more dates? Just saying.


      • To Kimberlite Tran : you did not even say yes. Instead : my EURASIAN daughters (Halleluja!) with FULL ASIAN men (Eww how could be?)?
        You could not tell in better way how you consider asian. Thanks for sharing your disgusting opinion and self hate acknowledgment.


      • Kim you live in a fantasy world. Tall and handsome? Unfortunately many Asian men are not very tall, many aren’t really short either. Handsome? Every person has their own perspective on what “handsome” is. I say if you daughter is in love with that full Asian man and he has a nice job, then you should tell you daughter to go for it. Don’t transfer your Asian man hatting ideas onto your daughter, it’s not healthy!


    • If you’re open minded, what is wrong with dating Asian men? Why aren’t you comfortable with your daughters dating them? And don’t Eurasian or white men should also fall into the categories you set up for Asian men? I smell a hypocrite.


  2. Most of half black or half arabian people don’t look like movie stars neither. Only those who are on TV are acceptable
    I don’t mind if my daughters (Eurasians) will marry white men or eurasian men
    Of course, I can see who is 50 % Asians, who is 75 % Asians


  3. The fallacy of your argument is that you put the onus on Asian women. Your topics are always about how the Asian MOTHER chose white and how the Asian FEMALES who are dating will choose white. You then go on to link this to how Asian men are viewed, treated as undesirable, and subsequently suffer mental/self-esteem issues due to this pairing.

    If Asian men are seen as anything but STRONG suitors and IDEAL partners that lies SOLELY at the feet of Asian men. Men CONQUER to be seen as the ALPHA dog. One reason for conquering is for REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. Asian men have fallen short. Yes, they make more money, but the failed to do what white men have done, which is, get rich, promote Asian-ness, promote their superiority over all other races. FORCE an Asian media and propaganda machine down other people’s throats. School their children on the influence of the white media., terrorize, etc. Hell, they even ENCOURAGE their daughters to date white men.

    Women are only doing what they’re naturally inclined to do AFTER the ALPHA dog has proven they are alpha. You CANNOT, I repeat cannot take someone to task for going along with their NATURE. Women want alpha dogs. Women want social clout(white genes are currently currency) Women want protections and provisions. All of that. It’s NATURE. To take them to task because Asian men FAILED to do what was necessary is weak. Attack the women for falling for traps instead of attacking the white men who set those traps ASWELL AS the ones (Asian men)who failed to PROTECT their nation from those traps. Men fight wars. Men win wars. Other men lose wars. To the winner goes the spoils. You can’t complain after losing about what results because you lost.

    If Asian and Eurasian men are seen as less than because of their Asian genetics that means Asian men FAILED to secure a strong hegemony.

    You cannot look to the women and say it’s because of their brainwashed preferences why Asian men are seen as undesirable. Hell, even the white media is the one PUSHING that first and foremost(albeit IR Asian women confirm it). Again, you have an issue with WHITE MEN. You need to ADDRESS them. Men address men. Steel sharpens steel. The women don’t even need to be brought up. As soon as Asian men are on top and take out white men, entirely, every one will be on his jock. That’s how power goes.

    If women choosing men was the main reason why men are seen as undesirable, then white men wouldn’t be seen as the most desirable. The myth is that white women love black dick. You don’t see white chicks number 1 preference for black males making white men undesirable. You know why? Because white men, despite who white women are IR dating with most of the time, are in POWER. They have economic, political, and social power. Along with military and MEDIA.

    Asian men and black males do the same thing with attacking the females within their race about their love/submission to white men instead of CHECKING white men, not only checking them, but OVERTHROWING THEM.

    White men have done every evil thing to be put in the position that he has been, and even they are complaining about the disloyal white women and loss of power to minorities/Jews(all in their paranoid minds). If they thing white women are disloyal now, imagine what they would have been like if they weren’t in power at all. Their race wouldn’t even EXIST. No one would want white men(people), but for the propaganda, power, terrorism, and brain manipulation. They aren’t even seen biologically as the ultimate man. Their desirability comes by way of CONQUERING and making white skin, straight blonde hair, and blue eyes CURRENCY. All the while they are actually RECESSIVE genes that no one would should be AMPED to mix with. But hey, that’s the POWER OF power FOR YOU.

    If men are supposed to be the logical thinkers, war-minded, leaders and winners of wars in order to protect their nation, I have no sympathy for ones who lose and then cry about what inevitably results from losing. As I asked you before, do you think white men did all the murdering, pillaging, raping, terrorizing, propaganda, revisionist history, conquering, controlling, enslaving to BIDE TIME? Just because they were bored? No they put in WORK because they realized if they didn’t WIN, they’d be dealing with all the things you’re dealing with, or worse— eradicated.

    Is it a shame what NON white people and children have to deal with due to this white supremacy? Yes. But the REAL issues are NEVER addressed nor taken care of. And more importantly, that is the PRICE people pay for LOSING. That price IS having to SUBMIT to one’s conqueror. Only the MEN can change the paradigm and put themselves(and people) on top. If you don’t like what’s happening, WIN something.


    • @Brownwomanwarrior How can Eurasian kids from WMAF Couples grow mentally stable when they are the product of hate and racism rather than love and respect???


      • Again, ONLY the Asian man can change the paradigm shift for other Asian men, boys, and Eurasians. That is how the game works. If Asian men and boys are suffering, that is a direct result of Asian men not making Asian-ness currency.

        It sucks but that is how the game is played. And yes, the children will suffer too. Do you think when wars are fought(whether won or lost, but especially when there is a loss), women and children don’t suffer? Everyone is caught up in the mix.

        This is the price one pays for losing(aka not establishing himself as the alpha dog).

        AW/WM is the effect, not the cause. You guys are barking up the wrong tree. If white men are CREATING all this chaos, then handle him. Where the hell could Asian go if white men were overthrown from power and his genes were seen as recessive(like they truly are) instead of currency?

        The US is in debt to China right?


      • What the hell? My children are mixed race. Their Father is Korean. I am White. Like HELL you get to say they’re the product of racism and not love. How dare you? I’m a White woman and my boyfriend is an Asian man, and race has nothing to do with our relationship. This goes also for my sisters in law who are Asian. One married an Asian. Two married White guys. Guess what? We are all freaking happy, and so are the kids.


      • So why does White man / Asian woman outnumber Asian man / White woman 10:1? You know how I know you’re lying? Your husband (or baby daddy) never mentioned this to you – AND – you haven’t gotten any hostility from your sisters in law, which doesn’t fit with what happened in most Hapa families. So you’re lying – but the question is, why are you lying? My guess is that you’re a white guy masquerading as a white woman.


    • So you accept your role as a prize for the conquering party, incapable of independent thought?

      Look, I get what you’re saying and I don’t completely disagree. I don’t think we can hate on a woman that wants the alpha male of the group, even if that alpha-ness is based on trickery and deceit (AFs ignoring AM 9s to be with WM 5s because of society/media brainwashing, ya that’s what I call trickery and deceit).

      But we don’t live in the 1800s or even the 1940s anymore. We can’t go around “conquering” White men the way you talk about nowadays (ie murdering/annihilating them…yes, yes, they did it to other people not too long ago and even still get away with doing it today sometimes:

      …but still). We know exactly where these “preferences” come from. We know the historical causes (Page act, war brides, forced bachelor societies, etc), we know the stereotypes out there and can disprove every single one of them, and we know the media’s role in this.

      Yes, Asian men should strive to be more alpha (lift, dress well, work on your communication skills, bla bla bla tale as old as tiiiiime…unfortunately this means working at least twice as hard as our White counterparts would have to in these same areas since the game is rigged), educate themselves and their brothers, and speak up against racism. But not blaming these Asian women with “White preference” for their complete unwillingness to examine or even have a discussion on this topic is not something I agree with. Many Asian women who only date White guys want the reason to be “preference” and to be left alone. The only thing they want to talk about is when they only want to date White guys but don’t want those White guys to fetishize them. I read an article from one of these types who realized as an adult how her White boyfriends fetishized her but she still wanted to date them. And every now and then you’ll see a post on some Asian-centric forum from an Asian woman who finally realized her White boyfriend sees her as an exotic Oriental sex doll and not much else. Instead of kicking this guy to the curb she asks for ways on how they can come to an understanding and she can be seen as a person….by that type of guy, LMAO!


      • Yes, I accept that role( ie “prize/no independent thought”). Not because as humans and adults, we have no agency, but because it’s psychology and biology. I refuse to fight against nature. If it were as simple as having “independent thought” then wars wouldn’t be fought at all. Media wouldn’t need to exist, Billions wouldn’t be spent on advertisements etc. You know why those are all done, because MOST humans are SHEEP. Warriors, scholars, scientists…all study people’s behavior patterns and come up with theories or courses of actions in order to get results. The findings are that MOST will behave a certain way if put in a certain position. Again, if people actually thought you could APPEAL to other people without conquering, terrorizing, and controlling them, then wars would never be fought. Power would never be sought. You would simply just got to people and kick and idea to them and they would have “independent thought” THOUGH ALL THE BRAINWASHING. Yeah ok. *sarcasm off*

        You can’t overthrow the current powers because of the times, well then understand that you can’t be seen as alpha due to that reason TOO. In that, you have no bearings to take someone to task because of the inevitable RESULTS(down to effecting Eur/Asian boys). Understand this:

        If losers were supposed to be treated as winners then no one would compete.

        Again, AW/WM relationships are not the cause of why Asian men, boys, and Eurasians are not seen as desirable and then suffer with low self-esteem/mental illness and supposedly even turning gay. It’s even moreso a false narrative because MOST Asian women are WITH Asian men and Asian men are still purported to be the LEAST desirable. That there shows that Asian women CANNOT raise your stock. It’s actually the other way around. ONLY men can VALIDATE women(and their beauty); raising their stock. Only men can raise the stock of other men via power.


      • I am an Asian guy and I am impressed with your writing and thought process. Do you have a blog, or other writing outlet?

        But I disagree somewhat with your overarching theme (although I agree with much of it as well) and say that any group with higher power can raise the stock of a group with lower power, should they choose to. That includes Asian women.

        For example, Asian women (who generally have more social — not economic — power than Asian men in western society) can raise the stock of Asian men by saying positive things about Asian men and actively refuting harmful stereotypes of Asian men. Most Asian women don’t actively defend Asian men from emasculating stereotypes; in fact, they are often the worst perpetrators (“I don’t date Asian guys because…”).

        But white women (who hold vastly more social power than Asian men) can raise our stock even more by validating Asian men as viable partners. Think Maggie and Glenn in the entertainment arena, and just imagine how absolutely deflating it would be to the “I don’t date Asian men” argument to see more attractive white women dating Asian men in real life. Sure, you can say it’s up to the Asian man to “man up” and chase non-Asian women to make this picture a reality, but it also can be said that white women to challenge their own belief structure and why they believe the things they do, such that Asian men can never make “worthy” partners for them.

        As an aside, I realize you are probably a black woman, and I want to add the caveat that I think black women are certainly no less beautiful than women of any other race. But I’m talking about a power structure, and black women dating Asian men will not significantly raise the stock of Asian men. Just as dating a black man will not significantly raise the stock of Asian women, which is why the ones who refuse to date Asian men invariably say “I don’t date Asian guys. I only date *white* guys.”

        Anyway, white men can probably raise the stock of Asian men even more than white women can. I don’t know how Steven Yeun even got cast in the Walking Dead, but it was probably the decision of many white males. Imagine society where a bunch of frat-looking dudebros announcing “Hey, Asian guys are cool. They are just like us. It’s not right the way they are being treated. They are our friends and you should date them, ladies.”

        Yeah, far-fetched, I know. Yes it’s true that Asian guys have to step up and take what they want, even if it’s being actively denied them by the powers that be. But it has happened before. The white guys who produced the Harold and Kumar movies expressly said they were upset that Asian guys were never portrayed positively in media and never “got the girl.” Hence the casting of John Cho and his portrayal as a virile, normal heterosexual protagonist who gets the girl. I really feel a heartfelt thanks to these two white guys who produced the movies.

        I’m hoping there are more and more open-minded people of all races who recognize the situation as it actually is, and challenge it.

        Not all women (or men) have to be status climbers who only side with the alpha victors, regardless of if their victories are honorably attained (and not just through rape, pillage, and murder).

        Sometimes you would see white people marching alongside blacks in the civil rights movement.

        I’m always hoping for more open-eyed people who reject their own entitlements if they cause pain to others.


      • @Wesley,

        This observation and reality alone suffice to paint a picture of what is going on with WMAF fked up pairs.

        Many Asian women who only date White guys want the reason to be “preference” and to be left alone. The only thing they want to talk about is when they only want to date White guys but don’t want those White guys to fetishize them.


  4. Man, I dig the hell out of your blog. You just saying what all of us already knew. You saying over and over, loud and clear, what all of us know but try to forget we know. I’m a full Asian dude. I just appreciate the raw honesty of this site. I’d like to be in touch through Twitter or something in case I lose track of your blog.


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