Sticky: If Asian women are unique in that they mock and despise Asian men in order to integrate and assimilate with whites – what happens when a Half Asian son looks 100% Asian, and is treated like an Asian male by society, has a racist, anti-social White dad and a broken home? Why the Mental Health of Hapa Sons and Daughters of Racist, Anti-Social White Men (With Yellow Fever) and Asian Women Needs to be Addressed, and Why You Should Reach Out to Hapa People; by the son of a Holocaust denying, conservative, shy, black-hating white man, and a hair-dying, colored contact wearing, mentally ill, insanely violent Hong Kongese mother, the two of whom had a “crazy” fetishistic “marriage.”




Half Asian men look and identify as Asian males, yet have two parents, an insecure, racist, anti-feminist, black hating white father and a self-hating, cruel mother who constantly belittles her husband, people around her, out of her insecurity and desperation to fit in.
Half Asian men look and identify as Asian males, yet have two parents, an insecure, racist, anti-feminist, black hating white father and a self-hating, cruel mother who constantly belittles her husband, people around her, out of her insecurity and desperation to fit in. I changed the above picture for fear of doxxing; ironically, the picture in the lower left hand corner is now of another Eurasian male who went to an Ivy League school, had a conservative white dad, and an Asian mother, and had a public meltdown. Use this blog as an example of how troubled Hapas can be, some worse than others. I wrote this essay about two years ago, at the peak of a very, very damaging breakdown. Since then, thanks to a supportive community and a (now large) group of Eurasians putting their brains together, I have transformed this blog into a rational discussion of the dangers of hatred, the reality of race relations even in romance, and even discovered the source of why I was so crazy; my older posts (if you go back to the beginning) can be used as a representation of the kind of damage that was done to my mind, and the kind of psychosis that can be found in mixed young men and women without proper intervention. If I hadn’t started this blog, I would likely now be dead or imprisoned, and ironically by writing I found the source of the very unsettling problems I had no more than two years ago; hence I won’t change the title. If you don’t believe that I am Hapa, continue reading. I try to present the issues as honestly as I can.
Two half Asians with their white dad, Chloe Mendel and her brother.
Two half Asians with their white dad, Chloe Mendel and her brother.
Caucasian father Asian mother = Asian looking sons.
Caucasian father Asian mother = Asian looking sons.

I am a formerly well liked, handsome, outgoing, popular, Dartmouth educated Eurasian man – a literal brown haired, hazel eyed dream Hapa boy – born to a mentally ill, violent, Chinese mother who sought out marriage into the powered WASP class – but then realized too late that the man she married was an underemployed, emotionally damaged, meek, rapidly balding, hyper-racist, hyper-conservative conspiracy theorist male who was an “Asiaphile” who wanted a “traditional, chaste Asian wife who wouldn’t sleep with black men” – and she essentially killed herself. At around age 20 I encountered anti-Asian racism (ironically from Asian women in my own family and white “friends” who actually liked Asian women because they were easy) and due to inheriting my father’s entitlement to the world and being raised to be superior, I was unprepared to deal with it; I am emotionally unstable, self-loathing, deeply mentally disturbed, addicted, underemployed, have strong intimacy issues, and to this day still unable to undo the damage that the Eurasian myths and family’s racism did to me, and unable to form proper relationships due to my self-hatred instilled on me during the first 20 years of my life. Unlike other Eurasians who find self-esteem in underpaid modeling jobs, are gay, permavirgins, or leverage their half-whiteness to Asian women, my self-implosion has been broadcast to the world to the point that I am internet famous. I am not afraid to be as viciously honest as I need to be in order to speak on the reality of this world.

If you don’t think this website is valid – go to, which received 13.5 million views in 2 years, and 2 million views in the last two months. Also – find half Asians with Asian fathers and compare their behavior to those with Asian mothers.

There are very specific issues with being the children of anti-feminist, racist, unattractive white men, and self hating Asian women who try as hard as they can to integrate and create white children, due to their hatred at their marginalization, and their hatred of their undefined facial features.

There are very specific issues pertinent to the “je ne sais quoi” of white men and Asian women, and the incredibly weird, unbalanced, uncomfortable, fetishized “dynamic” of “superior White man,” and “dainty, beautiful Asian woman.”

None of these apply to the children of Asian fathers. Almost every single part-Asian that people use to justify the superiority of Half Asians involves a Half Asian with an Asian father or grandfather (or both): Keanu Reeves, Dean Cain, Brandon Lee, and his father Bruce Lee. The reason why the sons and daughters of Asian men and white women fare better is simply because they are raised to not view whiteness as a superior entity; which both of my parents did, both of them being white supremacists.

Asian women specifically hate Asian men – and hope to create Eurasian children in order to raise their status; White men use Asian women as a means to get laid, provided that they are unable to do so with non-Asian women, whereby meaning that Eurasian childrens’ only value is to look as un-Asian as possible, meaning that Eurasian children are highly prone to mental illness, extremely racist parents, and broken homes. Failing to look attractive (our primary stereotype), means that many Half Asians just look Asian – which are essentially the bottom of the barrel in the racial hierarchy in the West. This also doesn’t take into account the extreme,  cruel, controlling, demeaning, calculating nature of Asian women, where they explicitly hope their children look White, so that Asian women can feel “superior” in wresting the White woman’s status and power away from her at the side of the White man.


Asian women are the ONLY race that explicitly goes out of their way to attack men of Asian appearance in an attempt to integrate and raise their own value. I do NOT like Asian women, firstly because they are physically unattractive (the fact that they look constantly angry, and the fact that they seem to have no life to their appearance, and just look like they’re always scheming), and also because their behavior is off-putting, controlling, hateful, calculating, and rude, as many others have noticed about them; they seem to pick lower status, unattractive white, and only white men, while Asian and Eurasian men will marry anyone, while Asian women only marry white males. Asian women will actually go out of their way to attack Eurasian men, as well, in a desperate attempt to bring Asian looking men down with them, and lower status, unattractive white men will use this as a ways to validate their whiteness – at the expense of anyone of Asian appearance, including Half Asian men. Asian women will attempt to control their Asian looking sons’ dating choices – pushing them towards Asian women; while white men who marry Asian women will act upon their insecurity and lack of control of their marriage, and lash out at Asian men, black men, and white women. Asian women are so unattractive that they pursue bottom of the barrel men of all races, men who are unable to get White women (their first choices), putting Half Asian children in danger. They will also go out of their way to ensure their flimsy “status,” my assaulting or attacking non-Asian women who are sympathetic to or even date Asian men, out of fear that the equal status of Asian men will reveal that Asian women are in fact not as good as they think they are.

Even Kip Fulbeck, king of all Hapas, admitted that the Hapa male process of self-hatred is such a problem, that it should be a cause for concern.

Imagine being raised by two racists – your own parents. Your own mother wanted a white man, yet here you are – a half Asian, a man who looks very Asian. Except you have a white father. Is it possible to raise a healthy child considering the loaded, white-worshipping nature of yellow fever and white fever? How can a biracial child be expected to be normal if he looks Asian, and the entire basis of his parents’ relationship was that the man not be Asian? How can Asian women outmarry at such high rates, have an open ‘white fetish,’ and expect Asian looking sons to be emotionally well adjusted?

In short: I am the son of a foreign born Asian woman from Hong Kong who deliberately married a tall (6’3″, skinny), red-haired, blue eyed, bearded white man. She, like many Asian women, sought out a man who had a “Western” background so that she could feel integrated into her new home, and better than her fully Asian peers. She was by and large mentally ill, violent, abusive, cruel towards my father when he wasn’t making enough money, extremely controlling, and had self-image issues, changing her entire appearance to “look white.” She did not and never did love my father, and only used him because he was white; their entire marriage was violent, loveless (father sleeping on the floor for fifteen years), and calculating.

This man (a semi-famous paleoconservative Homophobic activist on par with the Westboro Baptist Church) was interested in Asian culture and married because he was socially unable to marry a white or non-Asian woman due to his political beliefs and personality quirks (he is very socially conservative, very racist against blacks, Hispanics and Muslims, a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, extremely over the top homophobic, very shy, not many friends, belief that white women are too liberated, extremely distasteful of feminism, extremely meek and unable to make eye contact with others, steps off the sidewalk when larger men approach, unwilling to work or make money for fear of violating Christian scripture). His interest in Asian culture was largely dictated by his personality – in which he idealized Asian cultures as being more honorable and traditional, and mistook “white worship” (a cultural tick in which Asian women see themselves as less beautiful than white women and marry white men for status and integration), for “traditionalism” and “submissiveness.”

I was raised largely as a white child, yet turned more Asian in appearance with age. I was raised in an environment that had an undercurrent of anti-Asian male racism (America), saw Asian women (including five out of six of them in my own family, all of them, including my own parents divorced or separated – my mother being dead) throw themselves at white men (the majority of whom are racists, Republicans, or short and or meek), and also an over-current of false Eurasian myths about beauty and intelligence. I subconsciously always believed myself to be “less” because my own mother and her sisters all were married to white men and adamantly denied I was Asian for a decade. 

My parents’ relationship, as was the case in every single one of my female relatives, was loveless, violent and broken due to her disillusionment with my father after ten years as he failed to make enough money, and grew balder and fatter and no longer lived up to the White male Prince Charming she had wanted (separate bedrooms, forced to sleep on the couch, extreme violent fighting). My brother and I suffered extreme psychological and physical abuse (beaten with coat hangers by our mother, Tiger Mommed, had her threaten to kill herself with a butcher knife in front of us, threatened to crash the car with us in it while driving at 90 mph), and her behavior became worse and worse as she realized that her white husband wasn’t making as much money as her brother and sister, who both married Chinese partners. This is a story of someone who was very sick, and in recovery.

The behavior of Asian women, in particular, is like nothing else on earth, to the point that you can see the majority of all stories about abusive parents on Reddit’s AsianParentStories sub – complain about the mothers, including the second generation Asian mothers – like Amy Chua – who metamorphosize into the Tiger Mothers that they hate, despite claiming to hate Asian men. Celeste Ng, a New York Times best-selling author, personally attacked me, after I pointed out that her book “Everything I Never Told You” was based on the broken WMAF families in her friends’ circle, yet she had written it about a family involving an Asian father. Asian women have proven themselves to be extremely hostile against non-Asian women, something out of their deep self-loathing and cultural proclivity towards integration and status, wherein love is secondary if not nonexistent in favor of maintaining status, face, and power over women who they view, deep down, as more beautiful than them. They will even go so far as to attack Asian male / non-Asian female couples, and force their Eurasian children (like me) to marry Asian, in an attempt to maintain an image of false superiority over non-Asian women; (e.g., that Asian women are the most beautiful, when they are not, and heavily rely on yellow fever and male desperation for their feeling of integration and desirability).

When I got older, despite the fact that society told me that I was “unique” for being Eurasian, I was treated with contempt by both white people AND Asian people; Asian women would often express disgust at me for being Asian (scowling at me on the street, or smirking), and white people would constantly remind me that I was Asian in a way to demean and undermine me. Several of my “friends,” who were engineers and nerdy, actually would take every opportunity to remind me of my Asianness, while sleeping with Asian women, as Asian women were all they could get. This caused me to self implode from a popular, outgoing Eurasian to becoming a recluse and suicidal. My insanity grew more and more pervasive as I fantasized about cutting out my eyes to make them deeper, refused to look in the mirror for five years,

Two years after writing the below, I am leaving it word for word, as I wrote it, as proof of how I felt and feelings I still struggle with as a male of Asian heritage who clearly looks Asian, born to a mother who thought of Asian men as beneath her. I am highly educated, formerly well liked, popular, handsome, out going  and like many Eurasians I burned out in my twenties with the realization that people, even Asian women in my Asian family, hate my Asian side, so now I’ve turned my talents towards exposing the last bastion of White supremacy in the world as candidly as I can. I am literally dissecting White male / Asian women couples and the Eurasian identity to a degree that nobody else ever has.

I actually moved to China (which saved my life) in order to escape racism and feelings of inferiority – and was shocked on learning that my own mother (and many other Chinese) had moved to America in order to find the American dream – a dream that hated me for my Asian blood. 

highly recommend that any potential parent to half-Asian children make sure that they are marrying on a clean slate – with zero fetishism, zero white-worship, and zero undertones of racial hierarchies – and that they be completely honest about this, to avoid sending more young man down the path that I went. Hapa males in particular need special consideration due to the fact that we have zero privilege, and yet are raised by two people who want privilege without having to do any of the work.

I am doing this for every single half-Asian kid out there who has committed suicide, thought about suicide, suffered from racism, isolation, outcasting, and had two parents whose entire relationship was nothing but lust, selfishness, even hatred – leaving us with nothing but perpetual isolation. The world does not care about Hapa males if you look average or even a little bit Asian. The world – even Asian women, who truly believe that they are white – only care about whiteness and white men.

  • In short, we Hapa men, are Asian-looking men born from Asian women who overtly believed Asian men were inferior or unattractive or unmarriageable in every way; and our fathers were racist (or clueless) enough to support this by virtue of their desire for sex and partnership. The entire basis of our existence is that Asian women found Asian men inferior to white (or non Asian). White men will never admit this but it is by and large true. It also seems to be prevalent that the choice of an Asian woman is deliberate – and many men also avoid marrying Asian women due to the social stigma, one that ironically exists because they are too available to white men.
  • Asian women, and only Asian women, are the only group of women on the planet who marry outside of their race more than any other race of women, bar none. This obviously indicates that Asian women are unique in the regard that they value white supremacy and believe race to be of utmost importance. Asian women are also privileged in that they are highly valued and sexualized by whites, permitted to intermarry by white males, but we, their sons, are not. If a half Asian son looks even remotely Asian, he will face discrimination from men and women, even by Asian women like his mother. While Asian women are “accepted” into white countries, Asian men, including their own sons, are not. Why would an Asian looking Hapa – who gets humiliated and rejected romantically for being Asian – be proud that his own mother had “white fever?”
  • We Hapas / Eurasians / Half-Asian people are almost overwhelming born from white fathers, implying that Asian features, when on a male, indicate undesirability, not only romantically, but by society itself. Around teenaged years and college I came into contact with bullying, comments about my Asian appearance, and “I don’t really like Asian guys,” from girls – even Asian girls. That made me lose almost all respect for my mother.
  • The myth of “Hapa / half-Asian beauty” is just a myth used to justify extreme racism from Asian women who wanted “hotter” white men, integration, or status; and if we are not beautiful, or just look Asian, we are just reminded that Asian men are at the bottom of the hierarchy socially, romantically, as evidenced by even our own mothers’ choices. The entire value of Hapas then, becomes his looks or his ability to not look Asian, and if he fails to meet this criteria he will be poorly equipped to deal with it. Since Asian women are obsessive about traditionally white features such as white skin, tall noses, deep eyes – a Eurasian’s value is therefore how white he looks. We are also expected to submit to white male supremacy, where we face almost daily reminders that, “oh, of course it’s your mom who is Asian.”
  • I, like many Hapas who look more “Asian” went through long periods of self-hatred, sexual intimacy issues, self-harm, body dysmorphia, in an attempt to match up more with the “white” standard of male beauty; a good example was losing sixty pounds in three months to look whiter, considering dyeing my hair, cutting my hair very short to maintain a lighter natural color, bulimia, body dysmorphia, vomiting after meals, refusing to have photographs of myself taken for years, refusing to look at pictures of my parents, refusing to look in the mirror (which I still don’t do), suicide attempts and overall shame at being of Asian heritage when my own mother was one of millions who “preferred” white men. Naturally it made more sense to be proud to be white rather than proud to be Asian.
  • Feminist claims of cultural flaws of Asian men also conveniently coincide with Asian men being rated the least desirable and the white men, like my father, being tall and blue eyed. Moreover, my father as with many other Hapas’ fathers was an extreme cultural conservative and vitriolic anti-feminist, as well as borderline autistic, unable to find a white woman due to his extreme views and shy personality and by no surprise an Asiaphile (speaks Asian languages, loves Japanese films, martial arts, “honor” culture). Both of my parents were extremely racist against blacks; my mother thought she was white and my father hated white women for their liberalism.
  • Don’t believe me, ask for proof and I’ll provide; I literally am taking a monumental risk writing this blog as the details are fairly specific.
  • My father was borderline-autistic, unable to make eye contact, and saw Asian women as a “replacement white woman” when he was unable to get a white woman; my mother saw his blue eyes and height and saw him as a ticket to integration and higher status in her new life in the west.
  • Like many other White Male / Asian women couples the marriage was completely loveless, sexless, and angry; after marriage, naturally the marriage disintegrated because she never actually loved him, only what he represented.
  • I am asked to take pride in being Asian – but realize that the fact that my father is White means that being Asian is a flaw; I am so used to comments about “of course your father is white,” “ching chong,” “small dick,” that I take no pride in such an obvious fact, so while Asian women are celebrated and highly valued by white society, their Eurasian male children have to “brag” that even their own mothers wanted white men, reinforcing our inferiority. This isn’t like with half-black men who can brag that their own mothers wanted men who looked like them. We have to brag about bearing the physical features (eyes, hairlessness) that are objects of humiliation by white people…. and then admitting that our own mothers didn’t want them either?
  • On top of all these issues there is the actual experience of being Eurasian which at best is extremely confusing, draining, stressful, and loaded with societal implications of inferiority and superiority. The cliche is that whites don’t view us as white and constantly remind us of our Asian blood – while Asian men view us as the children of traitors and Asian women are either completely aloof from you unless you fit the “beautiful” Hapa myth. Asian women either want full white men – or full Asian men (less likely), so Hapa males who look Asian, are not good looking, or look ambiguous are essentially stuck. Essentially everyone dislikes you for nothing you have any control over.
  • It simply does not make sense for an Asian woman who, like millions of others, views Asian men as worthless, then has a half Asian son, and expect him to accept this, rationally. There is no political thesis or alignment that can explain the massive imbalance other than one that is self evident to no one but the children of these relationships and this blog looks to understand and expose them. In fact, none of it makes sense; it’s completely absurd.
  • At the end of the day, despite all the criticism leveled as Asian men, the defense-mechanisms of WMAW couples, and myriad excuses until the end of time – we still are Eurasian men born from uniformly White fathers, and we are left to figure out their sick, racist baggage.

Asian women and their insistence on marrying and having children with white men is not something based on love, but rather (at worst) on hate (largely of Asian men) or at best un-attraction, yet their sons are Asian men and we are taught from birth that love is not colorblind (I’ll discuss how loveless and hateful my parents’ marriage was, later in this essay).

I have come across enough Asian women who thought I was beneath them, to believe that all of us, their half asian sons, must resent our parents in order to truly punish them. Contrarily, embracing this and finding solace in hedonism with white women would effectively mean that I have to admit that I am able to do so because I am half-White; and this is not a moral or healthy choice. I would rather embrace my Asianness and expose these issues – as very few other Hapas are willing to. I no longer want to sit by and watch the hypocrisy and hatred flying through the Asian community and the effect this has on people much more susceptible than me (as you can see how susceptible I was two years ago).

For reference, I am in my 20’s, look similar to a whiter version of Hong Kong celebrity Daniel Wu (the kind of Hapa that looks white to some; Asian to others; yet photographs more Asian; porcelain white skin that sunburns, very dark brown, thick and difficult to maintain hair, brown eyes, hairless chest and arms but hairy legs, poor skin quality, fat cheeks), am Ivy League educated and from a considerably wealthy Chinese American family on the East Coast (the wealth is not mine, directly). I also have one mentally ill brother, in his 30’s, unemployed, institutionalized and a virgin, who looks significantly more Asian than me and is under watch by the local police department for being a potential spree criminal. My father was, when younger, 6’3″, blue eyed, red haired and with a large beard, my mother 5’3″ or 5’4″, slender, with dyed red hair, colored contacts, and a sexless and unhappy marriage as long as I can remember.

We are lauded up as some kind of beautiful Hapa miracle children, but in reality we are born out of nothing other than cultural fetishization and the pursuit of certain physical attributes, neither of which we are capable of having, since we are, after all, Asian men.

Only after we are born do our parents begin to panic and start trying to instill self-esteem in us by teaching us about our heritage (my parents trying to teach me Chinese, pushing me into Taekwondo, Karate and learning to use chopsticks), falsely encouraging us to believe that we will be accepted by whites, or worse, by Asians, the same Asians that our mothers were trying to escape from. The irony of teaching Hapas to be proud to be Asian when Asian women are willfully throwing themselves at white men, is staggering. Even worse is that we are not accepted by Asians and routinely reminded of our Asian heritage by our white friends / coworkers / classmates to the point that the psychological stress becomes unbearable.

A good example was when in college my friends would say, in a demeaning tone: “you look more Asian when you lose weight;” “you have an Asian look to you, do you wear glasses,”

But it’s obvious by just going outside, where you can see White male / Asian woman couples sitting next to other white male / Asian woman couples they don’t even know – that love is not colorblind, and as a Eurasian male this became evident to me in my teens, despite the fact that I did not look that Asian, yet gradually started to become more Asian in appearance during my later years.

In fact, Hapas and Eurasians are still treated as Asians by discerning whites (anyone who bothers to make the distinction will not make the distinction between full, and half) turned down not only by white women but by also Asian women, subject to jokes and insults by the white majority where he is, and then outcast by full Asians who view him as an oddity.

Hapas and Eurasians are supposed to merely accept that white men were the ideal in their mothers’ eyes, and that no matter what we will never be the full white person, or allowed entry into white culture, the same one that our mothers had such an easy time integrating with.

The only reason that talking about this is taboo is because of our culture in which such sensitive subjects of race and gender are immediately shut down in favor of a sugar-coated anti-reality that seeks to ignore that the vast, vast, vast majority of Eurasians have white fathers. So we literally see hundreds of thousands of Eurasians with white last names parading around like they are unique, when really we represent the obvious failings of Asian men to procreate. 

Still don’t believe me?

If love were color blind, then there would indeed be more Asian men marrying Asian women, black women, or white women, but instead Asian women rely on their privilege to negotiate relationships with white men in a perverse form of “marrying up”. If love were honest, and good, and unbiased, then Asian women would marry black men, Indian men, and Hispanic men at the same rate that they do White men. But they do not.

If love were honest, good, and unbiased, then Asian women would be as open to dating Asian men as they are white men. But they are not.

Hapa men are unique in that they are the direct result of hatred, not love (I will explain how my parents’  marriage was in actuality later) and “breeding up,” where we are considered inferior and superior at the same time. Just look at the fetishization of Hapas as being beautiful and talented, rather than the fetishization of Asians as being beautiful and talented; Whites are assumed to be beautiful and talented and Hapas only so because we are mixed with whites. After we are born, we are paraded around as accessories, our own mothers treating us preferentially on how Asian or un-Asian we look, all to the background of our parents’ marriage collapsing (e.g., separate bedrooms, constant fighting) since it was never based on the love in the first place.

We are a unique group of people who are destroyed the second we are conceived, and grow to become aware of the seething hatred our own mothers were capable of the minute we reach young adulthood. We literally are Asian men (even though some of us don’t even look that Asian, whites still remind us that we are) born to Asian women who, for whatever reason, savagely hated Asian men – then on top of that, our own fathers took these sadistic women into their homes and asked us to listen to their authority and advice on how to conduct our lives, because they believed that Asian women were deferential to whites. We are therefore the most unstable and at risk people on earth, and seek to destroy our own families, as mine as been destroyed with my dead mother and my pathetic, impoverished father and schizophrenic brother. I have nothing to live for – my belief in love and meaning is shot, only believing in the realities of evolution and sexual selection.

For this reason, I  refuse to be their “dream child,” I will live my life hedonistically and lazily and avoid success, and I will expose the poison that is this kind of relationship, and the lies about being Hapa, until I am dead. I am not alone in this feeling, as I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands of Hapa men who have, at one point in their life, questioned their own parents – especially with the amount of REAL LIFE hatred that these couples exhibit.

Whether they do this for status or for appearance is not relevant, though I do think that it is probably for the sake of appearance, since the taller build, wider face, and healthier skin color of white men might be the main reason why Asian women chase white males. Regardless of their reasons, they clearly will not stop doing it, and completely ignore the massive negative repercussions this has on their children, like me.

  • Hapa sons inherit all of the physical qualities that make Asian men unattractive, with the added advantage that we know that our own mothers attempted to breed it out. In my case I looked significantly “whiter” when I was younger and gradually, into my 20’s, began to look more Asian and was ill equipped to deal with the fallout from this. For example, on being told several times that I “looked more Asian” – as an insult, and denied relationships because (she) “didn’t like Asians,” made me realize that love itself isn’t real, as we would imagine it.
  • These physical characteristics include: smaller frame from our mothers, narrower rib cage, larger heads, oily skin, thick, unmanageable hair, narrower jaws, lack of normal skin coloring (a lot of Hapas have really pale skin, rather than reddish or tan), adiposity around the mid-section and chest, etc.
  • The Hapas who somehow deny this look white enough to “pass,” are gay, or essentially are so drawn in by the honeyed lies of their parents that they could never possibly imagine them being as awful as they were.

I was born of this relationship and to this day, I remain full of self hatred, lost, confused, and destined to die by my own hand, or to die having run to the furthest corners of the world, now for five years, to get away from the very thing that birthed me. I will, as a result, maybe as one of the only things I may accomplish in my life, write about the insanity of these relationships, how they are the ugliest thing on earth, and how they lead to pure disaster for their male children. I have long been known as eccentric, odd, weird, lost, all the while despite being described as “beautiful,” having had men and women photograph me randomly on the subway (seriously), having women balk at me in public, being labeled as gorgeous and as “the most handsome man” they’ve known in real life by my straight male, taller, more successful white friends; the day before Elliot Rodger’s massacre I even reached out to him on a popular forum and told him that I identified with his feelings, his self-doubt, his narcissism, his issues with his mother, and I said that they were uniquely Hapa male issues.

So, these relationships are corrupt, for the following reasons:

1) The white males (who range from anything from Anglo to Jewish to even Turkish), in many cases, view the Asian female as an easy alternative to white women, and as a valid vessel to propagate the continuation of their intelligent, master-race “genes,” whereas white women are seen as being sexually perverse, and prone to mating and having relations with the “lesser races.” My father is a strong example, having long harbored extremely religious, white-supremacist, and misogynist viewpoints; I was essentially raised as a white child, read western literature every night growing up, and spoon-fed antisemitic and conspiracy theory beliefs since childhood.

Some, in many ways, would consider my father a Men’s Rights Activist, or to a lesser extent, a MGTOW, who, like many other white men, felt entitled to a world where God reigned, valued the white man, and white civilization, rewarded the white man for being white, and, when white women failed to recognize his inherent “power,” (instead choosing to lie down with black males, or to party, or embrace liberalism or feminism), Asian women, of course, were the next best choice. I also know this because having come across numerous other blogs (, that talk about the same issue, my case seemed remarkably common. My father, for example, believes the Nazis were heroes, and my mother even called the police on him, when we were growing up, for talking about how the Holocaust never happened.

He strongly supports Mel Gibson, is an extremely devout Christian who despises gay people, believes that money is evil and that an ascetic lifestyle is divine, goes on racist rants about blacks, and vehemently hates Jews, Hollywood, and modern day American society. In this way, my “chaste,” Oriental mother was a strong alternative for him to marry, as Asian women are well known for worshiping white males (however I doubt he thought about it this way, since he’s incredibly naive). Ironically, despite all of this, my father is also a stringent Asiaphile, having strong fantasies (particularly about Japan) about Asian conservatism and social order; and even more ironically he dislikes the Chinese for their embracing of Communism.

2) The white males oftentimes are socially inept, socially awkward, or unable to compete in the modern day marketplace, both sexual and economic. My father would be diagnosed with Aspberger’s Syndrome if such a syndrome was known in his younger days. He is a social recluse, has almost no friends, listens to wave radio, believed that 9/11 was indicative of the coming Apocalypse, believes strongly in conspiracy theories that are very common to White Nationalists and anti-semites, and believes strongly in God and that God hates Jews and that the judgement day will eventually come; common to people like this, white supremacy, the belief in Aryan people at the top, with Asian people being a distant yet equal cousin, and Asian women, of course, being a healthy substitute for “hypergamous,” slutty, immoral White women, while Asian women remain “hypergamous” in their own right. I know this, because sadly, I am now both antisocial (having once been known as outgoing albeit eccentric), have long since disappeared from all of my friends, have gone through a thorough depression at the way American society was, and during the time period that I considered myself “white,” I too embraced white nationalism (sadly).

3) Asian women make divergent, opposing, and illogical statements about Asian men that will eventually find their way to their sons. The common claims from Asian women about why they don’t date Asian men come in two forms: The first is that Asian men are patriarchal, controlling, and conservative.  This is a patent lie.  This is a lie because the white men that they engage in relationships with are even more patriarchal, racist, and conservative, looking to Asian women as an alternative to feminist white women. The entire premise of white feminism is that white men are too controlling, patriarchal and conservative.

I know this looking at my own father, who is by far the most patriarchal, far-right individual that I know, so much so that it might have eventually contributed to my mother’s death; her rage at him, even calling the police because he had told her that the Holocaust did not happen (this is still a vivid memory in my head).  Again, there are several other races that Asian women can choose from, but they only choose white men, making this a complete fabrication and lie based on faulty logic and excuses. The very fact that they are capable of framing an entire group of men as the same while saying that another group (white men) are inherently better reeks of hypocrisy and hatred that I cannot ignore or forgive. The second claim is that Asian men are ugly, unattractive, small, with small penises, which contrasts strongly with the claim that Asian men are overbearing and too patriarchal.

The horrible danger of this claim is that it trickles down to Asian women’s very own sons, who begin to SERIOUSLY doubt that their mother’s “preference” has anything to do with character, and everything to do with physicality – whereby I have come to despise my own mother with a vehement passion.  Much of my history, if you care to read earlier in this blog, might stem from this ingrown self hatred that comes from being quite literally racially cuckolded by my own mother and women in my family, whose own belief that white men are physically superior mentally drains and destroys me, as her male offspring, and causes a bitter, catastrophic dichotomy within myself. Even the tiniest saying that “you look Asian” was enough to set me off, as I had long equated being Asian, in my subconscious, with being inferior, naturally.

Regardless of the “reasons,” or if sexual preference can be somehow discouraged, the very fact that it is so common and the fact that our mother’s choices were based inherently on preference for determinants of sexual / genetic health make all of our life choices irrelevant, because it is clear that ultimately our deciding factors and success in life and love are determined by our genetic makeup, so much so that our own mothers were driven in such a way to shoot down AN ENTIRE ETHNIC GROUP while giving unfair preference to another – means that any and all choices we make in life are hinged on our appearance and that nothing we can ever do can make us as attractive as a white male – as proven by our own mothers.

On top of this, I simply have no desire to be a “good son,” and merely want to either spend the rest of my life exposing these issues or, god forbid, as the title of the blog says, kill myself, which was the original plan when this blog started. (December 2015, 2 years after the blog began, I have decided to change this and instead devote time to writing, ironically this blog having been helpful in finding my sanity).

4) Our own mothers reinforce the horrible stereotypes about Asian men.  Regardless of their reasons, there are persistent stereotypes that exist in Western culture about Asian men. Whether or not they believed these stereotypes, we assume that they had no qualms about reinforcing the extreme negative image of Asian men by chasing, in droves, white men, and that our own mothers were very, very capable of betraying the possible future of their own sons by proving to the world, and their own offspring, that Asian men are and forever will be less desirable than white men. For every time that an Asian man is shot down for being Asian, the perception that Asian men are undesirable is reinforced, and our own mothers become guilty by association for actively being part of the self-congratulating group of Asian women who hate Asian men and think they are too good for Asian men. Naturally, most Hapa men who look Asian will suffer as a result and play up the fact that they are only half.

For this, my own mother is guilty, who I shall view with suspicion until my last dying breath, and I will never, ever, EVER be able to look at what she did in another way; I shall go out every day, very well aware that Asian men are so undesirable that my own mother sought to avoid them entirely, knowing that I can never, ever be viewed as desirable as them, and that any woman who notices me notices me only because I am whiter than I would otherwise be.

I really challenge anyone reading to describe exactly how a half-Asian son would not look at his parents and see either a stereotype, as WM/AW is the most stereotypical pairing, or see two people who got together on an imbalance of power that will affect their son, as well.

Or, you could keep pretending that I’m a full Asian male and just do what you do, and see what happens when millions of these maladjusted children come of age.

In Conclusion

Asian women will deny, lie, and beat around the bush until doomsday, but they will never admit that what they do is for purely physical reasons, and they will never admit that the ramifications it has upon their children is profound and disastrous. As I have read on some other blogs, this kind of relationship is purely selfish, simply because it follows the patterns of basic biology and evolutionary psychology, while deceiving its offspring into thinking that it is normal; the whole “Hapa” children or “mixed children” are valuable and / or beautiful is nothing more than a generalization and a lie, and it soon becomes evident that mixed children are birthed from couples forming extremely unbalanced patterns that favor women over men.

The male offspring of these relationships are then put at special risk and wind up imploding, as is the case of my brother, who is 32 years old, bed ridden, schizophrenic, and so badly damaged from his combination of racist/religious white father / self hating Asian mother, that he is essentially dead.

In short, these relationships are based on the hatred of the Asian male (in some cases, with the extra bonus of hating the white female), and the overvaluation of whiteness, and the resulting offspring, should he grow up in America, be keenly aware of this societal hatred, and grow, as I did, to despise his own mother.

Mine is dead, otherwise I would make it my goal to humiliate, demean and hate her, as I simply cannot love a person who would harbor such preference, if only because she is a rotten, ROTTEN person, and it is not enough to assume that “maybe” she did not hate Asian men – as the pattern exists enough that I would sincerely doubt her excuses if she attempted to explain it away.

The only reason it is me writing this blog and not some other Hapa is because I am free from the mental compulsion that my mother would otherwise have forced on me; I started out looking white but gradually have become more Asian in appearance; I am not a coward; I have empathy towards full Asian men; I am likely of above average emotional intelligence than is commonly found among Hapas.

Edit: I hired a translator! It’s game over for sexpats worldwide.

想象一下,你从一出生就被 – 你自己的父母 – 告知你毫无价值。你自己的母亲想要一个白人男子,这下好了,半 个亚洲人,一个看上去是亚洲人的男人。除了你有一个白人父亲。




总之,我们混血男人是看上去像亚洲人、亚洲女性降生的男人,她们公然相信亚裔男人在每个方面都低劣、或无吸引力、或不适于结婚, 或者白人和白人社会更有价值; 并且我们的父辈都是足够的种族主义者(或无能),以至于他们凭借自己对性的渴望和伙伴关系来支持这一点。我们生存的整个基础就是亚洲女性发现,亚洲男性逊色于白人(或非亚洲人)。

• 我们混血儿 /欧亚混血儿/半亚洲人几乎压倒性地由白人父亲降生,这意味着亚洲人的特点放在一个男性身上时不受欢迎,不仅在罗曼史方面,社会本身也是如此。在青少年时期和在大学里,我碰到了欺负、贬低我亚洲貌的话语,和女孩说的“我真不喜欢亚洲家伙”。

• “混血儿/半亚洲美”的神话只是亚洲女性用来证明极端种族主义的神话,
她们想要“更热门”的白人男子、混合、或地位; 如果我们不漂亮,或者只是看上去像亚洲人,我们就会被提醒,亚洲男性是在社会和浪漫等级制度的底部,甚至通过我们自己母亲的选择就是明证。混血儿的整个价值成为他的美或者他看上去不像亚洲人的能力,如果他不符合这一标准,他将很难对付这个问题。美既不能支付帐单,也不可将一个人准备成种族主义者。

• 像许多看起来更“亚洲”的混血儿一样,我经历了长时间的自我仇恨、性亲昵问题、自残、身体畸形,试图更多地匹配男性美的“白”的标准; 一个很好的例子是在三个月减肥六十镑看起来更白,考虑到染发,把头发剪得很短以保持较轻的自然颜色,多年拒绝拍摄自己的照片,拒绝看我父母的照片,拒绝照镜子(我任然不照镜子),企图自杀,和因为我自己母亲是几百万“偏爱”白人男性的人之一而具有亚裔传统时整体感到羞耻。自然地,为身为白人而不是亚洲人感到自豪更在情理之中。

• 女权主义主张亚洲男人的文化缺陷也很轻易地与亚洲男性被评为最不理想不谋而合,而白人,像我的父亲,高大和蓝眼睛。另外,我的父亲像许多其他混血儿父亲一样是一个极端的文化保守主义者和刻薄的反女权主义者,以及患有边缘自闭症,因其极端的观点和害羞的性格无法找到一个白人妇女,一点不奇怪,是一个Asiaphile(讲亚洲语言、喜欢日本电影、武术、“荣誉”文化)。我的父母都是反对黑人的极端种族主义者,我的母亲认为她是白人,我的父亲因为她们的自由主义而憎恨白人妇女。

• 我的父亲患有边缘自闭症,无法进行眼神接触,在他无法得到一个白人妇女时把亚洲妇女作为一个“替代的白人妇女”; 我的母亲看到他的蓝眼睛和身高,把他作为她在西方新生活以求混合和更高地位的一张机票。

• 像其他许多白人男性/亚洲女性夫妻一样,他们的婚姻完全无爱、无性、充满愤怒;结婚后,婚姻自然地解体了,因为她从来没有真正爱过他,只是爱他所代表的 – 当他未能给她提供她所期望的西方生活方式、未能匹配她兄弟姐妹的财富时,婚姻崩溃了。

• 更惨的是,白人男人和亚裔女人之间的关系代表了极端的权力不平衡,亚裔男子被看成敌人 – 而亚洲女性被种族歧视的白人当做“叛逆的”白人妇女的代理(我的父亲不断诽谤这样的事实;白人女性过于女权主义、解放或同黑人睡觉),我们欧亚混血儿童被当成白人儿子的“替补”,并被期望将在把我们看成“半下位”的文化中服从和维护白人至上主义 – 其中,我们被期望将采取保守的政治和否认任何“社会正义战士”或反种族主义行为,而且我们许多人,像马库斯·爱泼斯坦或艾略特罗杰,都这样做了。我们也被期望将成为白人和亚洲人之间的“中间人”,不如全白人,要不断地提醒这一点,并优于全亚洲人。

• 除了所有这些问题之外,还有一种作为欧亚混血儿的实际体验,这充其量是极其混乱、筋疲力尽、紧张、并充满自卑感和优越感的社会影响。老生常谈的是,白人不视我们为白人,不断提醒我们的亚洲血统 – 而亚洲男人视我们为叛徒的孩子,而亚洲女性完全疏远你,除非你符合“美丽的”混血儿的神话 – 因为大多数西化的亚洲女性要的是白人男性,而不是混血儿男性。基本上每个人都讨厌你,你无可赖何。五十多年来,我们根本没有求助 – 被告知,我们是“美丽的”,并没有对我们的状况或在世界上的位置进行解释。

• 就像数百万其他人,亚洲女性认为亚裔男人如草芥,然后则有一个半亚裔的儿子并希望他能合理地接受这一点,这根本就没有意义。没有任何政治命题或校准可以解释这种巨大的不平衡,除掉只对这些孩子是不言而喻的这些关系,这个博客看起来是要理解和揭露这些关系。事实上,这些全部没有道理的; 它是完全荒谬的。

• 在一天结束的时候,尽管所有针对亚洲男性的批评、白种男人-亚洲女人夫妻的防御机制、无数的借口,直到时间的尽头 – 我们仍然是欧亚混血儿男人,清一色地由白人父亲降生,留给我们要弄清楚这个令人难以置信的庞大的包袱,希望能够在这个越来越多、而不是越来越少的种族主义的世界上找到我们的位置。直到今天,没有人试图去做它。


作为参考,我二十几岁,类似于更白版本的香港明星吴彦祖(看上去一些人认为是白人,另一些人认为是亚洲人的那种混血儿; 但从照片上看更像亚洲人;陶瓷白的皮肤被晒伤,非常深褐色、厚而难以打理的头发,棕绿色的眼睛,无毛的胸部和手臂,但毛茸茸的腿),受教于常春藤联盟学校,来自东海岸一个相当富裕的中美家庭(财富不直接是我的)。我也有一个患有精神病的哥哥,他三十几岁,失业,拿福利,处男,他看上去比我明显地更像亚洲人。我的父亲,年轻的时候,六英尺三英寸高,蓝眼睛,红头发和大胡子,我的母亲五英尺三英寸或五英尺四英寸,苗条,一头红色的染发,彩色隐形眼镜,没有性生活和不幸福的婚姻,只要我还记得。

我碰到过足够多的亚洲女性,她们认为我在他们之下,请相信,我们所有这些是他们半个亚洲的儿子,必须怨恨我们的父母才能真正惩罚他们。相反,拥抱这种观点并从与白人妇女的享乐主义中寻找慰藉将有效地意味着我不得不承认,我能够这样做,是因为我是个半白人; 这不是一个道德或健康的选择。我宁愿拥抱我的亚洲人特质并且揭露这些问题 – 因为很少有其他的混血儿愿意这样做。我不再想坐视虚伪和憎恨流窜亚裔社区,别人比我更容易受到这种流窜的影响(你可以看到二年前我是多容易地受到影响)。在过去的两年里,大量欧亚混血儿犯罪分子不断在西方世界造成新闻 – 除10%以外,其余都是白人父亲和母亲亚洲; 在其他欧亚混血儿的帮助下,这个网站与其它手段一起,开始寻找答案。



815 thoughts on “Sticky: If Asian women are unique in that they mock and despise Asian men in order to integrate and assimilate with whites – what happens when a Half Asian son looks 100% Asian, and is treated like an Asian male by society, has a racist, anti-social White dad and a broken home? Why the Mental Health of Hapa Sons and Daughters of Racist, Anti-Social White Men (With Yellow Fever) and Asian Women Needs to be Addressed, and Why You Should Reach Out to Hapa People; by the son of a Holocaust denying, conservative, shy, black-hating white man, and a hair-dying, colored contact wearing, mentally ill, insanely violent Hong Kongese mother, the two of whom had a “crazy” fetishistic “marriage.”

  1. I agree with all you have said. This is perpetual especially when WMAW have daughters cuz guess who they feel are better ” white dudes” so They become even more racist.
    So my only gripe is your terminology of Eurasian. Just cuz you are mixed doesn’t mean you are Eurasian.
    Eurasian is more specific is your dad a Brit otherwise sorry you have been further downgraded. I jest but it’s in the vain of your blog.. sorry dude.
    A Eurasian is a person of mixed Asian and European ancestry. The term was originally coined in 19th-century British India to identify a person born to (usually) a British father and an Indian mother. These mixed offspring were later called Anglo-Indians. In addition to British many were also of mixed Portuguese, Dutch, Indian, or, more rarely, French descent. More recently the term “Eurasian” has now extended to include people whose parentage hails from other parts of South, East, and Southeast Asia.[11] The term has been used in anthropological literature since the 1960s.[12] It may also be extended to those of Central Asian heritage.


  2. As I read your post I was disturbed by the life that you led and how you were raised. It was most definitely a terrible existence brought on by an evil man who used God to justify his mistreatment of his son.

    I expected a lot of comments to be in the vein of ‘I’m sorry that you dealt with that but not all white men are like that”. Instead, many of the comments on here are disgusting, misogynistic and rude. So many times I’m embarrassed by people of my own race.

    That being said, you yourself are guilty of generalization and stereotyping. I am in my 40s and was raised that it doesn’t matter what the color of someone’s skin is, it matters what’s inside. I’ve had dozens of girlfriends of several different races. I’ve dated white, black, Asian and Cherokee women. I couldn’t care less what their race is. I’ve been married twice, once to a white woman who passed away and now currently to an Asian woman. We have two children, a boy and a girl, with the boy being the elder.

    The moment my son was born, he became the love of my life. I am raising him to be a confident, intelligent man who respects women and people of all cultures and races; same for his sister. They both will learn about their mother’s and their father’s heritages and cultures.

    I don’t understand how you can say that every single WM married to an AF is racist, Nazi, and all the other terrible stuff you have called us. How is that any different in spirit from how your father sees the world?

    Fact: Generalizations of a specific race/culture/sex/creed/nation are wrong, no matter what side you’re on. You have the right to be hurt and damaged. What your parents did to you was awful and evil. But not every white guy is Hitler.

    You can choose to react to this post with negativity and say something like I’m turning it around on you. I am not. it is clear that you have been the victim of some seriously bad shit and you have the right to be angry, damaged and resentful. But we all have to take responsibility for our actions. And calling every white male married to an asian a hyper-racist, anti-feminist is just not the right thing to do. (Although a lot of the white posters on here clearly are.)


    • So you see the problems with his hatred on straight white men,
      yet you have the gall to call other posters misogynistic when they criticize feminism.
      You are a white knight and a cuck, but i don’t mind your mixed children and wish you well with them.
      Maybe for the sake of your boy stop being a status signaling cuck and examine feminism critically,
      so your son will not commit suicide one day because cucks like you established man hating (feminist) alimony payments towards fat and useless women.


  3. Haha, white guy fight! I had to look up cuck, a word used exclusively in the sex industry and by misogynists. Thanks for enlightening me on that one. I assume you feel like the misogynistic comment included you. Well, I think you kind of proved the point by using the language that you used. Sorry to have the ‘gall’ to criticize you and your way of thinking, but you sir are indeed filled with hate. No one uses the language that you do and isn’t used to a hateful way of thinking; feminazi, bitch, cunt, cuck, etc. You call a man who’s willing to criticize but still respect another’s views a slur that implies he likes to watch his wife have sex with other men. You call our current culture a ‘feminazi’ culture, which is laughable considering women still don’t make as much as men in most roles and have a harder time in the corporate world. Because someone says that there might be a racist poster or two on this thread, you accuse them of being liberal and a, ‘white knight’? You say that alimony payments are feminist. You do know that alimony has nothing to do with gender, yes? It’s simply a payment made from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent if the former makes more than the latter.
    Divorce attorney here. Of course, the majority of men in divorces do not want to be the custodial parent, so it usually falls on the women and in turn, since the majority of men make more than their spouses, they end up having to pay alimony. Crazy feminist system, I know.

    Your obvious misogyny aside, you are clearly racist, as only a racist would make the following, incredibly ludicrous and bizarre statement:

    “Straight white men are not evil, every piece of modern technology maybe until the 1980s was invented by white men, not by blacks, not by asians and most certainly not by women.”

    Wow. So…

    Refrigerated trucks
    Traffic signal
    Blood banks
    Potato chips
    Pacemaker control unit
    Closed circuit TV
    X-ray spectrometer
    Spark plug
    Golf tee
    Disposable syringe

    Land mines
    Printing press
    Paper money
    Toilet Paper

    Kevlar (Kevlar!)
    Life raft
    Liquid paper
    Circular saw
    Fire escape
    Windshield wiper
    Apgar test
    Ironing board
    Electric hot water heater
    Chocolate chip cookies!

    All of that before the 1980’s! All of that easily googled in minutes! (Maybe liberal google is fabricating results, I don’t know…) All of that invented before the 1980’s and still used today. There were literally thousands more. I find it hilarious that you included Asians in that statement, as ancient China is literally famous for inventing many of the things we use in modern times today. It truly shows your ignorance.

    I’m sorry, but you need to reevaluate yourself. Anyone making an asinine statement like that is either incredibly stupid and uneducated or blinded by a hatred of race and women. You pick a seemingly arbitrary decade like the 80’s, but your statement is both a blatant lie and incredibly misleading. Of course you would pick the 80’s, since American history before that was LOADED with racism and sexism. So in your small mind, I can only assume that you chose that decade thinking that the prior decades of oppression of both women and people of color kept your comment valid. Not to mention, a lot of ‘modern’ technology was invented after 1980, and a TON of it by Blacks, women, Asians, Indians and any other race/culture that you’d like to toss in.

    You do nothing but hurl insults, which betrays your attempts at intelligence; you simply come off as ignorant and moronic. I am certainly glad you chose to not have children as I’d hate for you to have a boy and pass down your views on race and women to some poor child who wouldn’t know anything but your distorted and disturbing world views. Something that clearly happened to you. So I applaud you for breaking the cycle. Thanks for ‘not minding’ my ‘mixed’ children; I’ll certainly teach them to not mind, but steer clear of, people like you.


    • I give you +1 effort point for trying to rationalize your mainstream pathologic whiteguilt feminist views.
      Alimony is only equal in theory, in reality men still pay 95+% of all alimony, since men work harder than women and are more driven.
      Also the examples of inventions are the exceptions to the rule. Before 1980 99.99% of all inventions were done by white men.
      Stop being a virtue signaling cuck and stop earning money by divorce raping men you soulles ghoul.


      • Excellent comeback! You truly are a genius! I bow to your intellectual prowess and recuse myself from a debate that I am so obviously overmatched. I’ll get back to, what was it? “Earning money by divorce raping men”. Yikes. Have fun planning your next white nationalist meeting.


      • The worst enemies of people who criticize WMAF are the best friends of the people who criticize WMAF.

        “You’re totally wrong ET! I’m a completely bald unattractive white guy who hates white women for rejecting me because they are too liberated and feminist! I hate Asian men for being tiny and liberal and having small cocks! You’re totally wrong ET!”


      • Nice try of trying to put forth an actual argument, NOT.
        Also wrong on all counts i am blessed with decent blonde hair, reasonably tall and average looking.
        I know i am right and that you are just a brainless SJW and i will crush you in a debate on this topic any day of the week and twice on sunday.
        You liberal sheep.


  4. Many families are fucked up. All modern marriages and relationships are just a business deal until it ends in divorce. Modern women in general are just gold diggers hunting down their next ticket. Smart men would do the friends with benefits thing and keep it at that. Modern women are the divorce lawyers’ best friends. It is not really worth it to lose most of your assets just to get a little pussy. Modern marriages and relations are a sucker’s game. Race, ethnicity, religion matters little, as it is just the ways things are now. Use birth control, never move in together, and always keep your assets separate.


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