More observations on psychotic Chinese women

Part 1 here.

What I don’t understand is why people are so angry at what I write. You think with all the bizarre, unpredictable, loaded nature of interracial relationships that involve severe levels of fetishization and manipulation, combined with the universal hatred of Asian males – that someone like me would never pop up? You really think that a Chinese club girl or a Sarong Party Girl or a gold-digging psychopath hooking up and getting pregnant by some racist white sexpat or Charisma man – and having an Asian looking son – wouldn’t lead somewhere bad?

This girl just called my wife on an English teaching app, about ten minutes ago.

Things she just said:

  • She had a French passport but lived in Shanghai
  • That she was a 混血儿, half French, half Chinese, said her dad is French
  • Her dad owns Carrefour and set up the stores in Shanghai and Beijing (I just looked up Carrefour, the dude isn’t married)

Her profile picture shows a woman that is clearly 100% Han Chinese with tiny eyes.

This kind of lunatic behavior is probably the reason why so many Eurasians suffer from mental problems. If you make believe all kinds of lunatic fantastical shit about your life in the west – you probably are gonna want a white boy to help you fulfill that dream. And any white dude will do, but the closer to the tall Prince Charming ideal the better.

I’m actually being serious here.

I mean – do people like this just ride off into the sunset with their white lovers? No. They have children.

And yeah, my mom was a psycho, with a life filled with swinging knives, death threats, suicide threats, etc., etc. And yeah, anyone that delusional about reality is going to go for the thing she feels she deserves: a tall white guy.

Don’t believe me – just look at their behavior in public. Don’t seem so happy does it.


By the way, this guy Thomas Dinh Bowman just got sentenced for shooting this guy four times in the head in a road rage incident. Surprise, surprise, just like his counterpart Elliot Rodger he was also driving a Biracial Murder Wagon (BMW).

Here’s a question, why are seemingly educated, affluent Eurasians adopting the extremely violent underclass culture that our parents were so adamant against ? It’s a pretty far stretch from how they dreamed of the Eurasian master race. Drug dealing, drive by murders, stabbings, rape, all of this is coming out of, and only out of WMAW Hapas.

Just look at our parents, man.

22 thoughts on “More observations on psychotic Chinese women

  1. Is she considered an Asian dimepiece? IE the top tier women that should go to Asian men? Or is she too thick and modified to be a classical Asian beauty?

    Her Husband:


      • I asked if she was beautiful to YOU. The type you’d like to see choose Asian men, therefore, supposedly validating them. If she is, then here you go. She chose an Asian man. Created an Asian daughter. If she is considered the “best” of what the Asian race offers, then she choose her own.


      • I don’t really care what people do as long as they don’t push their mental illness / racial baggage onto me and their biracial children. It’s hard enough without that. I’m just here to expose a subset of people, not concerned about anything else.

        I used to hate myself so much that if I hadn’t started writing this blog I’d probably be dead from suicide so I think I owe it to myself to discuss this.


      • From what I’ve read and your own comments, I think it’s fair to assume the blog posts stem from self hate and hating your parents. Are you saying all Asian women are manipulative, social climbers and seekers of white men or it’s a subset of Asian women. I have a question then. What about Asian women who have been attracted to and been with all types of ethnicities? What about the Asian women who don’t prefer their daughters being with white men. What about Asian Americans who are 100% Asians ethnically but grew up in Europe or America and are also treated as outsiders in Asia and belittled in America. You seem to be only hating on the Asian women. I’d like to see you write about the “evil” white men or “evil” Asian men.


  2. Oh I didn’t know you could add Instagram posts here. I don’t get what the context is?

    Pretty cool that you could do that though. Is it a special thing or do you just copy / paste?


    • Ahh ok. Well looks like my time here is up(restricted-comments awaiting approval). I’ll leave you to do what it is you came to do that you feel is productive. This will be my last comment.

      *Signing out*


  3. I do believe that cultural gaps and vast differences in aesthetic standards can contribute to WMAF pairings that seem totally out of whack, and subsequently be a big attractor for screwed up people. Let’s take for example, an average white guy who is a 5, and let’s define 5 as meaning more desirable than 50% of the population of white men. He gets with an Asian girl who is also a 5 relative to Asian women. But in different places, their ratings change. The white guy is taller and maybe can support a more comfortable lifestyle, and doesn’t get downgraded so much for his pasty skin, and so in Asia, he could be seen as an 8. The Asian girl is reasonably cute and petite having not yet been ravaged by a junk food addiction, and doesn’t get downgraded for her somewhat tanned skin or small eyes when she’s in the US, so she could be seen as an 8 by Americans. In reality, they’re equally ranked relative to their own ethnicities, but depending on where the person doing the judging is from, they could be viewed as very mismatched.

    Now, the problem comes in when you have people who are mentally screwed up. A really common example seems to be an Asian woman who as a severe cluster B personality disorder, hates Asian men for consistently rejecting her and wants to prove to the world that she is in fact attractive, so she goes off and nails down some unsuspecting white guy. The white guy is not used to being viewed as a prize by a girl who he finds so attractive, and so he thinks by the grace of god he’s found his soulmate. She has heard that white guys are suckers and easier to trick into marriage by getting knocked up than Asian men, and so she proceeds to do just that. By the time the kid is born and he realizes how stupid he was, it’s already too late.

    Of course the genders in this scenario could be reversed, however it’s becoming harder to do that because most Asian girls from big cities are exposed to Hollywood movies and so they have a more refined sense of which Caucasian guys are considered attractive, so if the guy is the one with the personality disorder, he’s not going to be able to find a trophy wife unless he is looking in the countryside.

    Now in Eurasian Writer’s case, it seems that both of his parents were pretty screwed up, but as a casual observer, I’m more inclined to put more blame on the mother, because in general, the only types of people narcissists are willing to have relationships with are victims, and it’s well known that being in a relationship with a narcissist can destroy your psychological health.


    • Yeah, this is my concern. Looking over all of these cases I’m surprised there aren’t more psychopathic Hapas coming out of the woodwork. The reason I suspect this is happening is because I literally almost went down the same path. When ER happened it was like, a light switch in my head. And Peter Rodger said, word for word: “he was broken since conception.”

      If you look at it objectively it actually makes perfect sense.

      Let’s just take being biracial, to start.

      Then add: Very difficult.

      Then add: looks Asian.

      Then add: dad has no fucking idea what his son is going through.

      Then add: mom is a borderline sociopath, c’mon, let’s be honest about Asian women and their behavior here.

      Then add: racism and racial bullying despite the kid seeing that his father is white.

      Then add: a media that makes Asians look like living jokes.

      What do you get? About one maniacal hapa attack every 6-10 days – which is what’s happening nationwide in the US now. A very far stretch from the vision of perfect Hapa children.

      Kip Fulbeck essentially predicted this, but being the coward that he was stuck his head in the sand, so I guess now it’s up to me and the guys over at /r/Hapas to make sure people know what’s going on.

      So pretty much, the market created dialogue like this and I really think that young Hapas especially from this generation are gonna need a tremendous amount of help getting over their fucked up issues.


  4. I am saddened and terrified by what I read on this site. Thank you all for posting such valuable information.
    My husband and I are both pure Chinese and we have a 20-year old daughter. It’s important to mention that I am neither a Tiger Mom nor a white worshipper. My family believes in encouragement and support not manipulation when it comes to parenting. Due to her above-average appearance, my daughter became a target of Asian fetish a few years back. We put in a great deal of time and energy trying to raise her awareness on this subject. We are not racist as we make friends with all races and treat them all equally. However, we do not want our daughter to marry a white man because, for her marriage to work out, her husband must share the same cultural and moral values as herself. After all, we only marry once in our lifetime, hence the need to choose carefully for our own sake as well as for the sake of our children. There are so many high quality Chinese men both in China and overseas, why marry out? I told my daughter that she owes her children a duty of care just like I owe her a duty of care. She said she will not copy the moral crimes committed by WM/AF couples. That’s insane beyond belief. I feel ashamed of having such bad elements and in such large numbers in my race. Thankfully, the majority of us in China don’t worship white. Those who do are either born psychopaths or trained psychopaths. Our government should do something about it, and fast! We should probably contact Premier Li Keqiang at or through his website


    • Spread the word. I’m aware that I am… Not all there, but I’ve embraced it now. I never will be all there because of my race. Yes, there are well adjusted Eurasians but we are far and few between and I’m guessing most are female. What I write about is the extreme case. If there are more like me out there – and there are, people should be rather concerned.


    • I am glad you are the many Asian women who don’t worship white men. You are free to marry or date whomever you want, but marry or date that person because of love, not because of his white skin. If you want your children to truly understand Chinese culture and be native level fluent in Chinese, you two will need to speak native level Chinese to your children. It take two people to do it, not just one.


    • C Goo, one thing I’d like to do is aware Chinese people on the realities of race and how the Western world views them… many of them are pretty naive about these things.


  5. I am sorry you had such a terrible relationship with your parents (who really do sound like terrible people), but at the same time I feel that you are grossly overgeneralizing WM/AF relationships and perpetuating stereotypes.

    I’m part German and part Chinese, my father (white) and my mother (asian) met in China and their relationship is basically the most functional relationship between ANY parents I know in my circle of friends, regardless of race.

    There sure as hell isn’t any kind of racial power imbalance I have ever noticed and my mother absolutely does not hate Asian men – she simply loves my father. All three of us speak Mandarin at home (my father is fully fluent in the language, my mother doesn’t speak a lick of German, I am bilingual) and I have NEVER been taught to hate any part of my heritage.

    You are obviously demonizing Asian women and on behalf of both my mother and my girlfriend, I am actually quite angry about your sweeping statements here.


  6. Has it ever occurred to you that your agonizing sense of inferioity might be caused by and a product of your white half og your blood, not the Asian half? Indeed, it is very rare to see any Asian exibiting this kind of extreme self hatred and absolutly pathetic imbalance despite they are darker and way more Asian-like than you are. On the contrary, most serial killers and many others who comitted incredulous animalistic crimes such as genocide are indeed white, if not white only. You might have just unfortunatly inherited some genes reflecting those traits from your white father, but your having an Asian mom got you confused. Your Chinese blood might be the saving grace of you such that you are still struggling and haven’t done any real crime yet. Embrace it and love your mom. She could be the one who saved you from your inferior pathological white inheritance, such that you are still human.


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