“My son is half-Asian, and he’s handsome.”

Your handsome half Asian son.

Here’s a question. Are there handsome Asian men? Yes or no.

Here’s another question. Did your wife want them? Nope, she did not. Do white women want them? Nope, they do not. Don’t believe me? Just look up any study on online dating.

So why the hell would anyone want a handsome half Asian when they could just get a handsome full Asian?

The “beautiful Hapa” mixed baby myth is essentially nothing but that, a myth. I will explain why in a logical manner.

Even if Hapas are good looking, the fact remains that your treatment still depends on how Asian you look. “I know well adjusted Hapas,” means you know Hapas who pass entirely as white.

I have noticed in my life that despite some women considering me good looking, calling me gorgeous, handsome, dashing and beautiful, there are still women that disregarded me entirely for my race and told me so. Why exactly I would differentiate between the hurt this caused me, and the fact the my mother was the same way – makes no sense to me. Why would I look at my parents and not automatically think “white worship” when I myself have experienced discrimation?

I recognize her and the women in my family as being just as repulsive. People here REALLY think that a half Asian son is able to look at his mother and father and NOT see a woman who rejected all Asian men, worshipped white men, and a man who leveraged his whiteness to get laid? You really think we Eurasian sons don’t look at an Asian mom, White dad, as an almost living parody of the stereotype of the western man and his geisha submissive bride? (Notwithstanding in my case my dad was legitimately a conservative weirdo and my mother an insane, status grubbing woman with dyed hair and colored contacts).

Newsflash: We ALL think like this, though we’d never tell you.

Also, for almost a decade I would look at repulsion at my Asian features in the mirror and had a borderline paranoia at looking Asian to the extent I considered dying my hair blond and wearing colored contacts. I would even cut my hair short for a decade for a fear of its natural dark brown / black color to come out. I wouldn’t even let anyone photograph me – let alone photograph me from the side, because my side profile vaguely represented that of an Asian man, and tell me exactly why I would want to be an Asian man?

I refused to look at photos in which I looked Asian (which I DEFINITELY DO) and would instantly balk and sulk at someone making a comment about how I looked Asian. This is DESPITE me living in China where I feel less paranoid about my appearance, but still get stared at by locals and treated as an outsider because of my unusual looks.

The fact remains that there are good looking Asian men – and Asian women are still rejecting them in favor of attractive, unattractive or ugly white men, which indicates that it isn’t the looks that is so much at issue but that white blood that is valued in us.

So essentially we’re told from birth that to look Asian as a man is to be incredibly disadvantaged even with the women that we would otherwise be able to use as a fallback if non-Asian women didn’t want us. So even Asian women don’t want Asian men – yet we look Asian, so how fucked are we?

Even if I were attractive, which I assume I am by what people have told me, I would still be vehemently opposed to anyone, or any woman, who told me that white men are better candidates for making babies than Asian men.

Why would I believe a woman (or my mother in this case) who told me that race wasn’t the issue, when all indications, especially the overall behavior of Asian women, indicates that this is the issue?

How the HELL could I ever accept this attitude from a woman – even my own mother and women in my family?

How the HELL could this ever lead to a mentally healthy attitude development in a Hapa child?

How the HELL could I possibly ever come to terms, now or later, with the undeniable fact that the womb that birthed me believed that white men – even one with less qualifications than an Asian man – would make a better father / sperm donor / partner than an Asian man?

And what people don’t realize is that half-Asians, in the eyes of most people, men and women, are still Asians.

People who make those distinctions, make no distinction between full and half, which is why Elliot Rodger still was unable to achieve the natural confidence that came with being fully white, and snapped because he was never treated as something he believed he was treated as.

This, what you read here, is the ultimate affirmation of a specific kind of psychosis that will manifest in Eurasian men more often than not, and I expect there to be more outbursts or otherwise negative behavioral patterns in Eurasians – even handsome Eurasians.

Another handsome Eurasian son. Yale student turned drug dealer. 

Essentially, the issue here is one of extreme nihilism: Asian women only value WHITENESS in their partners – to the extent that they grossly disregard personal development, character and intelligence, and this attitude, one that is at the same time, extremely lax towards white behavior, and stringent in its requirements for whiteness, is one that causes as massive, massive, massive dichotomy in the child, assuming he is straight, proud of who he is and determined to find a strong identity.

So now your half Asian son will be bullied, called a small dick chink, reminded of how he is Asian – and even worse, reminded of how millions upon millions upon MILLIONS of women who look like his mother hated Asian features. Good job folks, you’ve done it!


19 thoughts on ““My son is half-Asian, and he’s handsome.”

  1. “You really think we Eurasian sons don’t look at white mom, Asian dad, as an almost living parody of the stereotype of the western man and his geisha submissive bride?” -EurasianWriter

    So you’d like AM/WF relationships to be the standard causing Asian/Eurasian girls to suffer the mental psychosis of not being “chosen” instead? A stereotype of the Ethnic man chasing after his white trophy in lieu of the western man and his geisha submissive bride? Then you wonder why women exploit avenues open to them and sometimes Hock a Loogie on loyalty. Everyone is an opportunist. Not just these so-called, selfish, WM/AW. Asian males would have NO issues if the roles were reversed and their Asian daughters were suffering(more than they are now) with their Asian identity. Just as long as Asian males could get laid and have every woman sucking them off so they can feel whole.

    Listen, no one is saying what you’re feeling/go through is invalid. You can “expose” the myths of “Beautiful Happas” and the AW/WM relationship. Slam tiger moms. Shed light on Asian/white fetishism, share your traumatic experiences being Eurasian. Label Asian girls white men’s whores. Do of all that. It’s your site and your time after all.

    However, what YOU need to understand(while you’re trying to teach others) is that NONE of this will change until Asian-ness becomes currency. The people you’re talking about are out minding their business and continuing to hook up for the reasons you’ve listed. It won’t stop. You won’t appeal to Asian girls, who will be future mothers of Eurasian sons, because they will still want white men, and if your assertions are true(that they really do hate Asian men) then they wouldn’t care to change anyways.

    Ask yourself if you’re doing more harm than good. I will tell you, I’ve seen people exposed and the shock-jock factor used many times. At first the audience is always in awe of this new found “truth” that was never publicly spoken. Then they feel a sense of liberation because they now have a voice for their feelings they can rally behind. All good. Sense of freedom and accomplishment is in the air. Then what happens? It STALLS. Everyone goes over the same issues over and over again. Resentment builds due to having to go over the same thing over and over without seeing CHANGE. Next comes a feeling of DEFEAT/HOPELESSNESS from STEWING in the same negative behaviors/reality. Watch out–you could be contributing to the low-self esteem of Asians/Eurasians in the LONG RUN when they keep reading about how they are undesired and providing all the “proof” with links. After years of hearing/seeing it, see no change. Maybe even see it get WORSE because the Asian girls now feel hated and validated in their preference due to them getting slammed by Asians. I know I fully turned against black males after seeing how they’d degrade us publicly. Not just them, but all groups. Now, I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire. I’m the hate that hate produced and this is what happens when your application is all wrong. You create more terrorists.


    • I think what you’ve written was well thought out, but I disagree with you. It doesn’t make sense to recreate the white supremacist hierarchy into an Asian supremacist hierarchy, because then no one is liberated from feeling inferior and you’re just creating the same issues, but with a different race at the top.

      If we really want to end this, we need to end white supremacy.


    • @Brownwomanwarrior Things will change for better when those WMAF Couples which are based on racism and hate realize that their own fake relationships will ultimately hurt their own half Asian children…..
      Every people need to be aware that those relationships which are based on hate, racism and white supremacy will do no good to anyone…
      Mr. Eurasian Writer is speaking up only against those WMAF relationships which are based on racism, hatred and white supremacy which is good thing and will ultimately help to bring positive changes in the society.
      And I also encourage you(brownwomanwarrior) to speak up against anything which is based on or will lead to hate, racism and white supremacy for the good of entire humanity.


  2. If I were an Asian-looking Eurasian male, I would simply live my life in my own way regardless of who thinks what. You only need to please yourself. I know it’s easier said than done especially when you’re already so beaten down, but you must learn to ignore people not deserving of your respect and attention. I would also move away from negative psychopathic WM/AF parents and focus on what I need to achieve in my life in terms of education and career. Use those disgusting parents to pay your bills while you get your education and then kick them out. Also, why bother getting the acceptance of white women and self-hating Asian women? A truly healthy relationship should be based on common values and life goals. You obviously haven’t met the right woman yet or not mingling with the right crowd. Pay attention to Asian girls who are holding hands with their Asian boyfriends. Since like-minded people are attracted to each other, these non-self-hating girls would be hanging out with a lot of her own kind. Break into that circle and you’ll meet the right people. My above-average looking daughter only dates her own race, i.e. full Chinese men.


    • Well it’s EXTREMELY complicated when talking about mixed race issues. I try to touch on it… but one thing is the issue of finding work. For example most western born Asians know they face hurdles getting jobs with white employers. Eurasians will face similar discrimination in the workplace as well, with an Asian face. Then, when trying to find work in an Asian company, unless you have an Asian last name, good luck even feeding yourself. With the rise of the Chinese economy and as Chinese people start to get more respect – Eurasians with white fathers are essentially going to be cast off by society, rejected from their Chinese side. At this point I’ve literally changed my last name to make it easier for me to find work among people who resemble me physically…

      Good looks don’t pay the bills.


      • EW,

        Ask your rich aunt for a job. You have Hong Kong connections. I don’t know why you are complaining.


      • Doesn’t work like that in the real world.

        You realize asking my aunt – a top ranking corporate official – to put her nephew with zero experience in that field, isn’t a legitimate plan? You realize that it’s my AUNT (a WOMAN) in that position – not any men?


    • It’s an incredible deep issue that’s never been explored before… as far as I know this has only been touched on in the last 2 years with this website and reddit.com/r/Hapas,

      and I don’t even touch on much deeper issues here because people would get bored.


    • Another thing I worry about – if I marry white – I run the risk of contributing to the creation of more racist white people… being half-White it’s incredibly easy to fall into the pitfalls of being racist hence I recognize that racism is endemic to whites.

      If I marry Asian (which I did) my children will be fully Asian and face hurdles that even myself haven’t faced, even though I have faced immense hurdles in general.


      • I agree with both EW’s comments on the difficulties for Asians with WMAF parents for marriage and job hunting. Eurasians really do have the worst of both worlds. I fight against it all the time but get sick of well-meaning people dismissing me by saying ‘it’s easy for you, you have the best of both worlds’ and other crap taken from media.We get the worst of both worlds. I also agree with spending time with positive Asian role models (they exist, they are just harder to find as they don’t flaunt themselves as much as the White-worshipping Asians). Doing so has helped me immensely and has given me tips on how to instil self-respect and a sense of belonging into my future kids.


  3. Guys, I’m really astonished with my new finding.
    I’m a Caucasian girl living in Caucas who fell in love with an handsome Vietnamese guy in US. The first idea coming to my mind was I wish my children will look like him.
    In fact I had no idea about white/yellow fever. Today I just discovered this issue.
    Of course I do not want to deliver children see them suffering. My concern is that this insecureness of hapas is a result of incorrect upbringing.
    Please advise me what should I do? I am not experienced in this matter.


      • I’m AMWF Eurasian and I can’t agree with you on this. I don’t think it really matters. I’m from 100% white European country with almost no immiration. I’ve been raised in my mother’s culture and language only. I’m in a deep depression and noone helps me in this. My mother is in denial and avoids the topic. I can’t really connect with my father cause our situation is totally different. He’s an immigrant, he has chosen to live like this, and has this comfort that he can always get back to his country. Anyway, the topic of race was never openly brought up in my home…

        I also have a brother who is lucky enough to be white-passing. He doesn’t understand the struggle either, not to mention he became very nationalistic over the years. Suddenly I’m a trouble-maker to my mother, cause I “dared” to have issues because of my race. Actually I don’t really look that much Asian, yet because of the mix of my Eastern European features and Asian colouring people think I’m just a foreigner. Growing up in an ethnic-based country is much more harder than in an immigrant country like the US.

        Actually the description of your parents suits mine too. My mother is this cold, conservative, strict yet somhow really naive type with obsessive-compulsive dissorder. Every now and then I heard my father making some racist comments about black people . When I was little he used to BRAG about his “European nose” lol (well his nose is a bit taller than an average Asian nose, but I would never call it European lol), as if it was something better.


    • Anyone who bring mixed race children into this world knowing how racist the society is, is just thoughtless naive and selfish.


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