HALF-ASIAN MEGAPOST! After 2 Years, LFD is Now the Premier Website on Half Asian Issues! Discussing: Why are WMAW Half-Asians such failures as opposed to AMWW Half-Asians? Where are the Successful WMAW Half-Asians? E.g., Jon Foo.

Why can’t White men and Asian women who visit this website name more than a handful of successful, popular, clearly non-gay half-Asians with white fathers? That’s all I’m asking. Name some! There are 3-7 million of us worldwide, so name some.

Do it right now in the comments.

I wouldn’t even exist if what I was saying wasn’t 100% true.

And everything else we have accomplished elsewhere (you know what I’m talking about). Eurasians have been around for 50 years and not once before 2014 did any large number of them come together and ask some simple questions:

  • “Why do most of us have white fathers?”
  • “Why are we proud to be Asian when Asian women just want white men?”
  • “What happens when WM and AW get together because Asian men are of zero value and then they have a kid who looks totally Asian?”
  • “Why are the Eurasian children of white men and Asian women so fucked up?”
  • “Why do white men / Asian women talk shit about Asian men then expect their half-Asian sons to be proud to be Asian?”
  • “If Eurasian children are so beautiful, why don’t white women want to make them?”
  • “Why do I still get treated as inferior even though I’m half-Asian?”
  • “Why do Asian women love to make me, as a half Asian, feel inferior?”
  • “Why are Asian women highly valued by white men and white society – but we, their children, are not?”

Looking forward to the next ten years…. and the question is, what are WMAW couples doing to ensure this website doesn’t go viral  (it pretty much already has) – since everything said here is true?

Now here’s some random shit that I’d like to share!

Another WMAW “handsome” Eurasian on OKCupid!


The logic of WMAW couples: White men are more masculine – let me raise an Asian looking child under the conditions of a fetish based relationship, an environment that humiliates Asian males and treats them like asexual gaylords, and hope that he is normal.

“Son, take responsibility for your actions!” You can’t find a girlfriend or get a job because you look clearly Asian – “take responsibility for your actions!”

Read my post on gay Eurasians. 

Cathy Bao Bean, Asian American writer, wrote a book called the “Chopsticks-Fork Principle” where she refers to her son as an “experiment.”

In the author’s words, “In 1959, when I was a Junior in Teaneck High School, I learned about Hybrid Vigor in Biology class. The idea was that when two different strains of corn were crossed, the result was greater than was normal for either parent type. In 1974, when I was a new mother in the maternity ward, I wondered if the same principle couldn’t be deliberately applied to cultures – in our case, the Chinese and American.
• Physically we had the makings for such an experiment. Our newly born son was half Asian, half Caucasian.
• Intellectually, I formulated his prospects from the wealth of his dual heritage, translating his ancestors’ stories into a future neither side could have imagined, yet both had anticipated to some degree.
• Practically, I worried just how much difference it would make that he wasn’t an ear of corn.”

So like most psychopathic Asian mothers with no souls other than one hell bent on ASSIMILATION, ASSIMILATION, and WHITE MALES – she views Eurasians as a science experiment. After 40 years, what does her son look like? (Hint: he’s on the right)

Where did the hybrid vigor go? Into the guy on the left? (I looked him up, he’s Asian father / White mother).

On /r/Hapas there’s a theory that Eurasians with white mothers are the dream Hapas of Asian moms. They essentially get nurtured in the wombs of the white mothers and grow larger, more dominant, and better looking – as opposed to the loser dweeb white guys and their Asian geishas who make miserable dweebie looking Eurasian nerds who remain unmarried well into their 40’s.

More on Successful Eurasians

Dean Cain was Superman. SUPERMAN. The premier hero in American mass-culture. Guess what. Part Japanese, through his father. Herp da derp! WMAW are more successful!

The question originally posed on Reddit was why there were so many more successful AMWW Eurasians than WMAW Eurasians despite being outnumbered 9:1. It’s by and large true. You can just do simple searches for this.

For example: search “Japanese Brazilian model” on Google. What do you get? The results are that all but one of the people featured has a Japanese Brazilian father. Why is almost every single Japanese-Brazilian mixed model the son or daughter of a Japanese father? The answer – AMWW Hapas are more well adjusted, proud of their race, and tend to have better looking fathers.


Aside from this Hapa with an Asian dad explaining it:

Now this is where my previous statement about being just like our parents comes in. Most White/Asian couples are between a White guy and an Asian girl, and it’s always some drop dead gorgeous Asian chick and the geekiest most homely White guy since the invention of White homely guys. An Asian chick marries a white guy because she loves him, but an Asian chick falls in love with a White guy because she knows her parents will hate him just enough to think of her as a rebel but like him enough to not disown her because they know he will be a good provider. The bottom line that no self respecting modern girl will ever admit to (which only makes this MORE TRUE) is that deep down every girl wants to be rescued and taken care of, but at the same time have that small sense of danger/rebellion/uniqueness about them.

This guy explains it, too.

This guy also explains it.

What about some real world examples?

FOR EXAMPLE! Here are the Ice Hockey Players listed under Wikipedia’s entry for Japanese-Canadians.

  1. Martin Kariya, hockey player
  2. Paul Kariya, NHL star player
  3. Steve Kariya, hockey player
  4. Jon Matsumoto, ice hockey player
  5. Raymond Sawada, hockey player
  6. Devin Setoguchi, NHL First Liner
  7. Jamie Storr, ice hockey player
  8. Vicky Sunohara, Olympic gold medalist in women’s hockey
  9. Herb Wakabayashi, ice hockey player
  10. Mel Wakabayashi, ice hockey player

Notice anything?

Oh, herp-derp, derp, WMAW Hapas are more successful than AMWW Hapas. In what world is this true? Oh, E.W., you must be cherry picking. Am I?

Is it any surprise the most popular Eurasian in China is AMWW?

Is it any surprise that an AMWW Half-Chinese Hapa Jon Foo is headlining the show “Rush Hour” on primetime television?


Is it a surprise that two recent Bond movies featured not one, but TWO Half-Asians with Asian dads?

Berenice Marlohe.

David Batista.

B-b-b-b-b-ut Keanu Reeves is Eurasian!

Yup, he is, and his father is Eurasian with a white father and Asian mother. His mother is white. And his father is a degenerate and a drug addict. Again. Keanu Reeve’s own WMAW father is a drug addict.


14 thoughts on “HALF-ASIAN MEGAPOST! After 2 Years, LFD is Now the Premier Website on Half Asian Issues! Discussing: Why are WMAW Half-Asians such failures as opposed to AMWW Half-Asians? Where are the Successful WMAW Half-Asians? E.g., Jon Foo.

  1. Thank you for this website. It really opened my eyes. I’m full Asian but occasionally when I come across WM/AF couples, they give me this “we’re better than you” look. Some Asian females have down right treated me like trash for no apparent reason, I’m guessing it’s because I am Asian. The day will come when these white worshiping Asian females will have a son that looks like me. I hope they will treat their son properly. I have never seen a hapa that looked a 100% white, all of them look somewhat Asian.


  2. “On /r/Hapas there’s a theory that Eurasians with white mothers are the dream Hapas of Asian moms. They essentially get nurtured in the wombs of the white mothers and grow larger, more dominant, and better looking – as opposed to the loser dweeb white guys and their Asian geishas who make miserable dweebie looking Eurasian nerds who remain unmarried well into their 40’s.”

    Ain’t nobody else that ever said that.


  3. The difference is the character of the couplings involved. AW/WM relationships often consist of dysfunctional human beings.

    AM/WW on the other hand is genuinely based on love and they love their children unconditionally.

    If the character of AW/WM relationships are not based on dysfunction you elaborated on this website then there would be no problems.


  4. OK overall I don’t really agree with a lot of the things you say on this site, and find it a bit disturbing that you spend so much of your time creating this type of content. I do agree with some of the problems you talk about, but first I need to point out that the Brazilian models you featured, most of them have an Asian mother. For example: Paula Kawanishi’s mother is of Japanese descent. Juliana Imai has a Japanese mother and a Portuguese father. Portuguese and Spanish names usually go like this: Firstname Mothersname Fathersname, that’s why many of these models have their mothers name as their model last name. Also, Bruna Tenorio is not Asian.

    Not Brazilian, but Jun Hasegawa, Kiko Mizuhara, and Ikumi Yamada all have Asian mothers and are successful models. They also kept their mother’s name, or Japanese name instead of their legal names. It’s also because in Japan you must change your surname to a Japanese one in order to be a citizen.

    I am an Asian woman, and while I agree there are many Asian woman out there who will date a man just because he is white, that’s not true for every one of us. Also you say some ridiculous things like we prefer blonde hair or RED HAIR? Are you serious? I find blonde men to be hideous, and gingers are straight up repulsive. I actually do not know a single female who finds red hair attractive. Some gold digging women like Wendi Deng only date white men, because no rich Chinese man would ever date her, she looks like a dog. Asian woman are seen as more attractive in the western world because of the obesity epidemic, as long as you are not overweight you are attractive. Only in America can a woman who looks like Chrissy Teigen be on the cover of Sport’s Illustrated.

    Also you point out some things like saying looking Asian is a bad thing. It’s not at all. Sen Mitsuji looks much more Asian than his brother, who looks much more western. This idea that Asian features are not beautiful, is what fuels white supremacy, and it pisses me off. You’ll always find some unattractive Asian girl complaining that Asians have western ideals of beauty, which is just BS because the girl complaining is not beautiful in either culture. I am 100% Chinese and considered beautiful in Asia, and in the United States, I do not have “western” features I don’t even have double eyelids.

    Anyways, I do not find money, status, race etc attractive because I have my own and am proud of my own. I prefer people with nice skin, dark hair, nice bone structure, body frame and size, basically like myself, regardless of their race. I’ve actually always found half Asian people to be extremely attractive and beautiful, and never found them to have any of the problems you talk about here, which is why I am surprised to see the stuff posted here. If I had to say I have a racial preference it would be mix raced people especially part Asian, given that they are beautiful. There’s a huge difference between a woman like Wendi Deng dating a grandpa like Rupert Murdoch, and a pretty Asian girl dating a guy who looks like Francisco Lachowski.


      • Dennis Joseph O’neil. Ricky Kim. Marlon Teixeira. Eiji Wentz (singer)

        Anyways I’m not saying you don’t have a point. Fetishism is bad. You see the same thing with obese white women and black men, yet you only see white male, black female couples who look like Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorensen. In general, the latter will more likely produce more successful children. That doesn’t mean all WWBM couples are an overweight woman, with a “hood” man. Obama has WWBM parents, and he’s done pretty well.

        All relationships that are unequal, with some type of trade off going on, are bad regardless of what race they are. Gold digging young Russian model with an old Chinese business man who just wants to show off his hot foreign girlfriend is also problematic.


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