White men / Asian women couples are a trade; their half-Asian children are an afterthought; on half-Chinese Mike Sui and Fei Xiang

A couple of things today.

There are some – what, 2 million half-Chinese people worldwide? Maybe more?

The most popular current reigning half-Chinese person in Asia is a guy named Mike Sui who became an overnight sensation after releasing some Youtube videos as a joke.

So out of 2,000,000+ half-Chinese people on the planet, the most successful in the world has a Chinese father.

Some people will stop me now and say, no, he’s not the most famous. The other is a guy named Fei Xiang, who has an American father and a Chinese mother.

That’s true, he is pretty fucking famous. But would you – would you look at that? 

55 years old and never married. What have I been telling you guys? Anyone with half a brain can recognize that it’s extremely problematic for an Asian looking male to be born to an Asian woman who fetishizes white men.

“Freud’s hypothesis was that some early experience of childhood had a determining effect on the direction taken by the homosexual’s libido; e.g., castration anxiety.”


Someone posted this elsewhere. This is a comment from Stuff Eurasians Like. I don’t know which article it’s on but maybe he can find it if he swings by here. It accurately describes how fucked half Asian children are being raised by narcissistic, stuck up, self-absorbed opportunistic fetishists.

“He’d grow out of it eventually.” Noooppe.

Let me put it in big font for you people to get it into your head.

Asian women marry white men because they only care about one thing: STATUS. My parents marriage was a stereotypical WM/AW STATUS marriage.

I often get the sense my dad regrets marrying my mother and having kids. He’s told me things like: “don’t get married too young,” and “Chinese women are really hard on their husbands.” Aside from the fact that my brother is in his 30’s and a mentally-ill virgin, it’s obvious now he probably wishes we had never been born.

Asian women and white men make a trade when they get married / get into relationships.

Asian woman gets:

  • Bragging rights for saying she has a boyfriend from some Western country (it doesn’t matter which one as long as it sounds white and exotic, it could be Ireland for all she cares)
  • Status boost being seen with a white person in public.
  • Sense of satisfaction feeling she’s been accepted into “superior” white culture (superior white culture means, in the Asian woman’s mind, “more fun” or “more romantic” like she sees in Audrey Hepburn movies.)
  • The feeling like “she’s made it” and is of higher value than her full Asian friends.

White man gets:

  • “Love” – which isn’t actually love since he’s being used and doesn’t realize that the best Asian women don’t actually date outta their race. (Trust me on this).
  • Sex (non-existent with my parents)
  • The feeling of getting a beautiful woman with white skin¹ without actually putting in the effort to get a real white woman.

Child gets:

  • Constant abuse for his appearance by members of his father’s race
  • A thousand comments a year on “of course your mom is the Asian one”. (Someone even said this to me last week).
  • Rejected from Asian culture because his mother was “one of those.” Yeah. That’s how they view her: as one of those women who just wants that money, greencard or status. 

¹I emphasize white skin, because let’s be honest, most white guys like white women but white women’s standards are too high or they’re afraid of being “divorce raped” so they go for the next best thing… an Asian woman with “white skin.” Asians are seen as “honorary Aryans.”

9 thoughts on “White men / Asian women couples are a trade; their half-Asian children are an afterthought; on half-Chinese Mike Sui and Fei Xiang

  1. If an Asian guy appears asexual, it just means he’s a closet homosexual. I’ve seen it before. Asian dudes are generally not very sexualized anyway so it’s easy for them to hide homosexuality. But if you get them one on one and they don’t talk chicks and don’t look at chicks, they’re gay.


  2. I hope you realize that you’re generalizing all “WM/AW” couple’s motivations for being with one another. I am guessing it’s based on your experience with your parents and maybe from hearing from others who have had similar experiences to yours. But, if there’s one thing we’re being taught not to do these days, it’s to paint groups with a broad brush (whether it’s Muslims, black people, Hispanics and so on). And rightfully so. Because not everyone that falls within many of these groups fit into whatever stereotypes exist for them when it concerns their character/motivations/personalities. No one has control over what their race/color is. Everyone has control over what kind of person they are and who they fall in love with. Their reasons for having a particular personality or for why they fall in love all vary.

    I’m an Asian male. You’re right about your parents playing a huge part when it comes to how you deal with whatever life throws at you. I was born in Louisiana and lived in a small city there during the early 80s. I was the only Asian kid in preschool and kindergarten there. Got made fun of plenty of times for being Asian (the “Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese” thing with the eyes was popular still, and I remember being bullied by a few kids). I initially had some similar experiences in the Houston suburb I grew up in. I remember taking a lof it in stride though as my parents taught me that I was better than them and I proved it by being better than them (in just academics mainly, and it didn’t mean I didn’t sometimes get angry and feel the urge to pummell faces). A lot of what my dad told me when it came to dealing with that kind of stuff could easily be interpreted as racist, but it helped me to be proud of who I was. And, importantly, both of my parents didn’t give me any reason to doubt myself because of what I looked like or who they were. That was huge.

    I do understand your (hopefully) previous situation, feeling like you couldn’t fit into one group or another. Obviously people tend to find an instant connection with others that look just like them. Sometimes what you look like might be an indicator of life experience (like Chinese looking people probably had Chinese parents that made them speak Chinese at home and fed them Chinese food, so if you’re Chinese with a similar upbringing you have something that relates to them). That’s still a superficial connection, IMO. Trying to find friends based on anything but their character and value system isn’t always the best way to go about finding friends. I found that out in high school when I thought hanging out with one of the several Asian cliques there was what I should do. I made a few good friends, but I found how superficial (and essentially racist) some of them were extremely annoying. Hanging out with white friends would make you a “sell out” to some of them. The same attitudes exist in a lot of cliques that are based solely on superficial categories (like race). I matured away from those attitudes.

    My core group of friends consist of a South Asian man, a HAPA man, a white woman, and a white man. I’ve been friends with two of them since high school. And the other two since college. They’re my best friends because they’re good people. And that’s it.

    I have several HAPA friends (3 of which have a “WM/AF” parent situation). Like with all families regardless of the race of the parents, their experiences vary. My very good HAPA friend, with a “WM/AF” situation, was pretty messed up from his father and mother. His father remarried multiple times and his mother treated him like crap. But he had supportive friends, focused on getting educated (that sounds really stereotypical Asian, I know, but that’s what he did to get out of the house), and got himself out of that situation. He has little to no interaction with his parents anymore. But, the other two have great relationships with their parents. One owns a business now, and the other works for the government and is a happy mother of two.

    My sister married a white male. But I know she doesn’t hate Asian men, because that’s all she dated until she met her husband. I ended up marrying a white woman, but I dated both Asian and white women before I met her (I’ve only dated four people ever before marriage, that includes my wife). My brother married another Chinese person. My wife and I seem to be trying harder than my brother and his wife with their kid, though, to teach our kids to speak mandarin. I have two kids now and we are teaching them traditions from both sides of the family. They’re being taught to respect both sides equally. But, most importantly, we will teach them that their value is in what they do with their lives, how they act, their attitude, and how they treat other people. And their real value sure as heck won’t be based on what they look like or what their last name is. Hopefully they find other people with similar attitudes to share their lives with.


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