?Cute Half Asian Babies All Grown Up

“I prefer white guys.”

“I prefer Asian women.”

This is what happens when two (or three?) half-Asian baby boys grow up and become “beautiful half-Asian men.”

“My son won’t have problems dating.” Clip is from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on sexual racism.

At least two (back right, front) of these kids are half-Asian with Asian mothers.

Well done, WMAW, you’ve done an amazing job.

White male / Asian woman privilege leaves the building when you have a kid… welcome to the world of Eurasians males. “Oh, these guys are short and ugly.” I’m tall, good looking and out going and yeah, been told numerous times, “I don’t like Asian guys.”

Have fun!

16 thoughts on “?Cute Half Asian Babies All Grown Up

  1. I’m Black (Nigerian Igbo and Yoruba), and I’ve always wondered about asian thoughts on race and race relations, although they’re people of colour too, they’re seemingly silent on race issues due to their model minority status. Your blog is pretty eye-opening and informative.
    I find the hapa identity interesting and was quite suprised to find out that many eurasians struggle with their identity as asians are considered to “be” at the top of the racial totem pole of people of colour.
    I read on stormfront( you’re probably wondering why I was on stormfront: I have to be up to date on what the white supremacists are planning and doing, so,) and someone stated that they considered asians to be the most intelligent non-whites and while refering to asians are g**ks and ch**ks stated they found asian women particualy ,Japanese, sexually attractive.So you’re right about racist white men and asian women.
    As you said,the only eurasian that seem to have privelege are eurasian females. Also on sexual racism, I’ve heard of numerous articles about the supposed undesirability of black females asian men ,while black males are desired and asian females are desired which doesn’t make any sense.
    Also this might seem unrelated but what do you thing of the white-washing of The Ghost in Shell? A popular anime adapted to the big screen they cast blonde caucasian Scarlett Johansson as the lead female character,read the article on the Daily Mail,the commenters justified by saying that Japanese people get surgery to look white and that that anime/manga characters look white/western. ?


    • Here’s one for you.

      Ask any white guy what he thinks of black men and Asian women – he will go nuts, and start saying “black penises aren’t bigger!” “Mudsharks!” “They only want them for their race!”

      Then ask them about white men with Asian women. “Asian men have small dicks!” “Asian women are obsessed with white men!” Etc., etc.

      It’s pure hypocrisy. My dad just blurts out comments about “brothers” when he even sees one on TV.


      • Frankly I never heard the term mudshark until I visited your website. Had to look it up on urban dictionary when I saw it, and to date, this is the only place I can clearly recall seeing it used. As far as black men dating Asian girls or white girls, I couldn’t care less. I’ve known a lot of white guys in Asia who date Asian women, but I feel you’re overstating the prevalence of racist rhetoric.

        And as far as why those girls refused you, it might just be that they thought you were psycho or had a personality disorder and felt that it would be easier on you to say that they don’t date Asians rather than to say that they got a creepy vibe from you. Even the girls that I know who have a preference for westerners will still date an Asian guy that is their type, but it’s just that the Asian man who could meet their requirements likely has better options himself.


      • It seems like you’re not a White American nor you’re not born in the States.

        Every White American knows exactly what is Mudshark.


      • Well I think the fact that I could go so long without hearing it still says something about the frequency of the word. Maybe I’ve just been in Asia for too long, but it’s not a term that ever came up in my conversation with white guys here. Most of the white guys here date Asian women. You’d have to be pretty thick not to see the irony in criticizing white girls for dating black men when you yourself are dating Asian women.


      • Ivy League educated, tallish, good looking, out going, friendly, socially dominant, popular.

        This ended around 22 when I started being treated with less and less respect based on my race.

        So no, your theories are invalid.


      • So do you know any WMAF Eurasians that have grown up in Asia? Do they have the same issues as you? How did your dating experiences compare in the US vs your time in China? My general impression is that Eurasian guys are quite popular here. I’ll be asking around about other people’s experience to see what they say.


  2. It’s totally unfair you exist, and you have the right to feel wronged. Whites who have children with Asians are always defective in some way. The white men are pathetic beta losers who had to take the easiest route and the white women are unattractive weirdos ones who are the dregs of their gender.

    The main reason for the disparity of why there are more white men with Asian women is simply that white men will take the path of least resistance (Asian women) whereas a white women has to have no other options (ugly, weird, into anime) before she’ll consider an Asian guy.

    The kids end up screwed as they are a reminder that their white parent despite all their advantages were rejects of their own race but managed to use their whiteness as leverage to pass on their sub par genetics.


  3. I did a little more research on the term ‘Sexual racism’ and I’ve come the conclusion that it’s not a thing,I mean it’s an observeable occurence but not a serious problem akin to racism.
    From my perspective as a black person,racism is being denied a job because of your colour,segregation and being denied housing etc. not a person not dating/sleeping/marrying you because of your race. Asian men and Black women are supposedly undesirable,to whom?Obviously,it’s natural for Blacks to find other Blacks attractive same thing with Asians.So who finds Asian men and Black women so damn undesirable? Round eyes,why do non-whites seek white approval so much? My advice for AM and BW is seek non-self hating AW and BM.


    • Well all racism is essentially sexual. Hence some white men with a fetish for black women, for example, would try to demean black men in order to gain access to them. Or he wouldn’t hire them or portray them poorly in the media.

      The history of slavery was extremely sexualized.

      Racism IS sexual racism IS racism.


  4. What I speculate what’s going on for Asian men and Black women is,

    Asian men and Black women are undesirable to majority of the people. Yes, since we live in a society, there always will be herd mentality. No matter how you try to individualize yourself, at the end of the day you belong to one of the groups in society. That’s not to say you can’t maximize your potential and try to be an unique individual. We all have an impact on each other; subtle or obvious way.

    Here in this movie, there are

    2 hapa guys one sitting in front, and the other one is 2nd row right (I’m guessing WMAF product), and one Asian guy (2nd row left).

    Now let’s be realistic. 100% honesty. Let’s take a poll.

    Which guys would you date in real life?

    Yes, don’t feel so sad telling the truth. I venture to guess “zero”.

    – one full Asian guy is the typical Asian stereotypes that you expect to see from Hollywood.
    – The other 2 hapas, the one in front with his pouty lips and manlet stature, with the expression on his face that suggests his life is being fked up with tiny penis stereotypes, only found in himself reinforced with his 5’5” stature. His personality will be messed up because he can’t date Whites and yet will be ridiculed for his height.

    Now let’s turn our head to Black women in the movie.

    Which black women would you date?

    I’m guessing if you were supposed to make a choice under duress, you’d pick two black women in 2nd row.

    Why? why not those from the 1st row?

    It’s simple and clear. Media portrayal and 20% of the truth in the stereotypes.

    If Hollywood begins depicting Asian guys like
    1. Godfrey Gao (6’4”)
    2. Won Bin (5’10”)
    3. Harry Shum Jr (5’11”)

    in good roles, I can bet we will start seeing more and more hot Asian guys on the street. They will hit the gym and start believing themselves.

    If you’re an ugly Asian guy and under 5’10”, Hollywood will pick you up like next blockbuster cast and will give you a role that subtly humiliate Asian guys in general. And if you are under 5’10” and have to survive, and feed your family, you wouldn’t care if Hollywood make a racial joke on Asian guys because after all, you have to look out yourself. So you get 2 Broke Girls. What’d you expect from Hollywood then?

    Now let’s imagine, if you’re given a

    1. Tyra Banks
    2. Halle Berry
    3. Gabrielle Union

    Every guys will swoon over those girls. But we have those fat black women and puny Asian guys to reinforce the stereotypes. Go figure.


    • It seems you misunderstood me,while I obviously realise that BW and AM are the least desired for IM.
      I stated that Poc upset by this are seeking white validation, the vast majority of white people are completely satisfied dating within their race. Black people are the only people who trash their own race . You have Christelyn Karazin (google her) ,who insists that WM are better partners for BW, a few days after the Charleston Church Shooting she was talking abt how Interracial couples should handle it,9 people were murdered by racist fukkking Dylan Roof and she’s worried abt WM sticking it to BW,screwing white people would has never protect any Negroe from racism,to them we’ll always be niggers.Powerful BM marry WW,while powerful WM marry WW and AM marry AW.What does this say?A lot of African presidents married WW from the country of their colonisers after fighting for independence.If the president is the most powerful man in the country then most powerful woman is his wife,but if his wife is power still goes to the white race.Never will you see a White president married to black woman or a White king married a black woman.
      It’s self-hatred, on AM and Interracial Dating I can’t really speak on that since I’m not Asian.While I do acknowlegde that the media does play a part,
      the undesirabilty of AM and BW is caused by White dominance world wide.But personally it doesn’t really affect me as a BW I actually do find half and full asians attractive like Ryan Potter(AM/WF) and Keni Styles(thai),I know the media is biased toward people of colour so so I ignore stereotypes.


      • I think Asian self hatred is way worse than black self hatred. It’s a combination of different things. I think black women like to praise white men on paper but my gut feeling is most black women just aren’t physically attracted to white men.

        I though when Kerry Washington was with that white dude but left him for that black NFL player that this was representative of that.


      • A good observation. Black self hatred is less bc blacks generally are less culturally inhibited whereas Asian culture is extremely inhibited and self-repressed, leading to greater internalized self-loathing. You pointed out that Filipino awwm couples could actually produce adjusted and not f’d up offspring, maybe bc Filipinos are the least repressed of Asians.


      • “You have Christelyn Karazin (google her) ,who insists that WM are better partners for BW,”

        That’s not her message. Her message is that BW should not limit themselves to BM if they want marriage which is actually realistic, she also talks about asian men a lot, and other minority men too. She doesn’t worship WM, as far as I knoa. Very few BW marry WM due to history and 90% of the time the guy is not racist because the women tend to vet them like crazy.

        “Never will you see a White president married to black woman or a White king married a black woman”

        A prince maybe? The prince of Lichtenstein married Angela Brown, a black woman. Cecile de Massy of Monaco married to a Baron. Countess Mary Von Habsburg of Austria married to an Austrian royalty. The Viscountess Emma McQuiston married Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth heir to the Longleat estate.

        Just trying to prove a point to you. They’re just not shown by the media purposely but they do exist although there’s not nearly as many as BMWW (which is better that way). There are also more AMWW / AMBW / AMXW than people are led to believe, although far less than WMAW (better that way as well).

        And Eurasian Writer is right, the bulk of BW are not into WM at all, which is one of the reasons “it’s not happening”. I think I met 3 to 4 BW open to dating WM in my lifetime. However other minority men, native, asian, latino, arabs (ask Janet), indian, samoan, etc, including mixed… BW are more open to them.


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