I’ll never let Asian women forget what they did to their half Asian sons

Average beautiful “half Asian baby” all grown up.

Asian women right now make a big show of refusing to date Asian men because Asian men are ugly, unattractive, etc.

Then their kids are going to pop out full Asian looking. Don’t believe me, just Google anything related to half-Asian or Hapa issues. 

Your little trips to the beach in Europe? Gone with your son. Ability to date whatever kind of woman you want? Gone with your son. Self esteem? Gone with your son. Ability to simply “exist” without being demeaned by white friends, made to feel like trash by Asian women? Gone with your son.

The reality is that most half Asians look totally Asian enough to realize that they’re disadvantaged. If your son looks EVEN A LITTLE BIT ASIAN, he is going to be treated like shit by society, and turned down by women, and reminded that his own mother had a fetish for white males. Even if he doesn’t look Asian he’s still going to suffer immense emotional distress growing up under a fetish couple. Society doesn’t see halves – they will seek to humiliate and denigrate your son for his Asian blood as long as he is alive. 

So for Ms. I Only Do White Guys, pray that you have a daughter. I really mean it. Or pray that I give up after a couple years instead of making this a lifelong endeavor. I spent the last twenty years in hell, twenty more is nothing to me.

family-2 (1).jpg

Majority of half Asian people look Asian, and will be indistinguishable from full Asians, when racists or racist women are looking to attack you or deny you for your race.

After these women have kids they start trying to teach their kids to be proud to be Asian, even though these kids are going to face the same shit from the younger versions of their Asian moms. Even worse is your sweet little Hapa baby boy is growing to grow up, hit his teens, and see Asian girls around him throwing themselves at white guys – and then you’re going to tell him that you’re different. He’ll try to ignore this website for some ten years, work on his personality, his career, everything else – but the day will come when he realizes that yes, his mom was one of those women, and no, looking like an Asian male is a death sentence. 

So this is for all you young Eurasians out there: your mother is one of those women. She was one of those women and is now.

Understand exactly what she is and treat her as such.

As for Asian women, read it and weep – you know it’s true. You don’t have kids? Oh, then, just remember these words when the day comes that you decide that you and that nice white boy you’ve been seeing are ready to have kids.

“Eurasian writer was right.” 

When you’re on the hospital bed ready to deliver.

Eurasian writer was right.”

I’m out.


12 thoughts on “I’ll never let Asian women forget what they did to their half Asian sons

      • I’m not planning to have kids, but if I did, I probably would think twice about raising them in the US, especially after seeing the kind of rage that permeates this blog. But at the same time, I’m not totally convinced that the extreme attitudes I’ve seen here are actually so prevalent among mainstream hapas.

        However, I’m pretty sure that not having kids is not enough to escape the moral condemnation I would received by some here.

        While i do sympathize with those guys who have a difficult time establishing meaningful relationships with women, there’s not enough guilt in the world that can help resolve a deeply ingrained victim complex, especially when I’m viewed as one of his oppressors. Would I be off the hook if I convinced my girlfriend to go give some of those guys some pity sex whenever they like? Somehow I think I’d still be in debt.


      • Mainstream hapas. You don’t know any hapas. You know for a fact she’s with you because you’re white. Face it.

        When I confront white men with the fact that he majority of Hapas look like Asian men – you really just come up short, 100% of the time. You will make up a million of excuses for how you will parent your children but you know for a fact that it is true.

        When you really look at the type of woman dating you – you realize that she is a horrid, traitorous, callous and amoral bitch who doesn’t even value the dignity of her own children. That “Asian angel” you have is nothing more than a matter of convenience between the both of you.


      • I don’t know many, but I’m good friends with one hapa who is AMWF, looks quite Asian and does better with women than I do. Of course that probably goes to support your narrative in some sense, but, it’s also evidence that simply looking Asian is not quite the handicap that you view it to be.

        Another flaw in what you assume is that the girls I date are only with me because I’m white. I’ve seen enough in my life to know that being white in and of itself is not nearly enough to get girls. I know white guys in Asia who can’t get girls to save their life. Over the course of my life, as I acquired new skills, got into good shape and improved myself, my dating market has improved. You’d love to believe that I’m just a loser who couldn’t get a white girl and have no other traits of value other than my race, but on some level, you know that’s not the truth.

        This is what I gather from your narrative: You can’t get girls because society is racist and it’s not just in your head, except when it is in your head, and then it’s all AMWF couples’ fault because they screwed up your mind. No need to take the moral high ground because the reason you’re screwed up is because of your WMAF parents, so any bad things you say or do are all on them.

        I don’t really think you’re interested in helping hapas improve their situation and get their fair share.
        I think you’re interested in baiting white guys into attacking you, play the victim and then let other hapas who can’t get girls to rally to your cause. Just look, how many articles have you written on how you’ve improved yourself in these two years? or how to appear more attractive to women? Or anything on how hapas could improve their lot in life? I think you prefer to act in a self destructive manner and hurt those who you feel have hurt you, but in the process, I think you will do more to hurt other hapas.


      • “I think you prefer to act in a self destructive manner and hurt those who you feel have hurt you, but in the process, I think you will do more to hurt other hapas.”

        I don’t know who or what you think I am, but this is the plan. I don’t want to do good, I want to do even worse than those people who created me.

        I never said I was a good person. And now that virtually anything half Asian related winds up here I have the influence that I want. Every time someone calls me “brave” I just get more and more motivated.

        Everyone seems to “know” some WMAW Hapa who does well with women, just like everyone seems to know some 5’3″ bald guy who does well with women. You don’t know what people are like inside. Nobody wants to openly admit that they struggle with certain issues beyond their control. What man would up and say, “yeah I am at a disadvantage and it is my fault?” Especially with the incredible Hapa mythos that surrounds us all.

        The thing is I search for these people day in, day out. I’ve spent my whole life looking for a WMAW Hapa to look up to. I’ve never found one. Not once. At very best I find some decent looking Hapa guy married to an average looking white woman. So somebody’s lying. Is it you, or is it me?


      • There’s no victim complex here. There is an incredible burning anger that will persist until I am dead that will make future parents of hapa children wish I disappeared. But I won’t. Maybe you’re one of those future hapa parents who wonders why his son is a virgin and would want to keep clamps down on what I write in an attempt to save some fucking dignity for your son and marriage.


      • I agree with everything you say about Asian women, but I still love and prefer my Asian sisters. They are insecure, timid, angry, vengeful, catty, jealous, prideful, superficial, etc. to the extreme. Why? Bc they too are Asian, and have the similar psychological burdens. But I don’t have sympathy for the sell outs. That is a cop out, and there is a price to pay, as you have so eloquently illustrated on this blog. But for those who don’t sell out, they have my love.


  1. Why don’t you ever apply the same logic to the reverse scenario.” If the son looks even a bit Asian he is going to be treated like shit and turned down by women”

    Have you ever thought the son might wonder even though the overwhelming majority of white women prefer white men that his own mother is undesirable and had to ‘date down’ due to being a plain Jane but got white worshipped regardless.

    Or is the mother some amazing special snowflake in your eyes and only went for an Asian man out of true love or some shit like that not due to having to take what she can get or anything negative? You never consider that sons of amwf have any shit to deal with and its all some success story waiting to happen.

    Also you seriously fetishize white women, I’ve seen the number of amwf YouTube channels you follow. It’s not healthy. Loyal Asian women are hard to find but worth it.


    • Agree, hard to find but worth keeping, the rare and endangered specimen … the loyal Asian woman. But such a woman deserves an Asian man who will step up also.


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