White men and Asian women are the Last People who Should be Raising half-Asian sons.

“My son won’t be Asian!”
When a white man wants an Asian woman – first thing he will do is try to bring down his competition.

Hence “Asian men have small penises,” etc.

Just think about that for a second – and then multiply it by a million.

Think about how a half-Asian kid at school hears “you’ve got a small dick” at school, and “you look like a gay Asian.” Then he goes online and sees pornography with white men fucking Asian women. Then he goes home and sees the same thing.

White dads will say: “you need to take responsibility for your actions. Everyone has it hard.” 

So we need to take responsibility for the self-hatred and race fetishism people like our parents created and forced onto us? Really?

We need to take responsibility for white men – who refuse to see that Asian women use them specifically for their race and half Asian status babies – and then have this nihilistic slap in the face – and just move on?

Is it any wonder why we’re such a failure as a whole? Asian women and white man actually are stealing from the Asian man / white women grab bag of celebrities in order to fill out their “beautiful half Asian” wishlist to justify their fetish.

My question is – why would a white man ever admit to this? He has zero reason to admit that his relationship is based on race, zero reason to admit his children will have problems, and zero reason to admit that it’s a little unusual that WMAW is the most common interracial pairing on earth, bar absolutely nothing.

White males have this overwhelming need for control – and they get that through their control of Asian women and their control of their half Asian sons. I expect more and more of them to come out and try to shout us down / get involved in the Hapa dialogue / bring me under control for pointing out the obvious. Half Asian children are a result of the white man (desire for control) / Asian woman (desire for status) ego, nothing more, nothing less.



19 thoughts on “White men and Asian women are the Last People who Should be Raising half-Asian sons.

  1. I have come to the conclusion the WMAF movement is a form of eugenics. We are products of a eugenics movement, and we bear many the psychological traits and issues of children who were born from those movements. The difference is that most eugenics movements have been to promote one race only, and have been heavy institutionalized such as promotion of the Aryan race during the Fascist movement in Germany. WMAF is different because it promotes Eurasians as a superior new race based on out-breeding, rather than single race in-breeding. As such, it is easier to justify because the pseudo-scientific logic is that out-breeding creates genetic diversity and therefore resistance against disease, higher intelligence, better physique, and so on. However, as a pseudo-science, all eugenics movements, in their narcissistic and insecure pursuit of perfection, have failed to acknowledge the long-term emotional, spiritual, and psychological consequences on its victims, including the children born from such ideologies.

    While WMAF ideology is not institutionalized on the level of the Lebensborn movement during the Fascist era, I have seen evidence of institutionalized promotion of WMAF during the U.S. military presence and occupations of Asian countries. I recall seeing one U.S. military video promoting the marriage of American soldiers to women in the host country, which was Korea. The video showed how the Korean women would be assimilated into American culture by way of cooking classes, English lessons, home skills, and so on. It was all about getting the Korean woman to adapt culturally to her American husband, not the other way around. I am sure that the U.S. military must have had more than one video put out like this, in multiple countries. Promoting these ideals was a way to get single, lonely military guys married and “out of trouble”, meaning out of the brothels in the host country where they could cause scandals strain international relations. This video was online at some point, but I tried searching for it again, and could not find it.

    WMAF is further institutionalized by propoganda in the media. Therefore entire billion dollar industries have arisen, such as cosmetics and surgery, to push Asian women to look white, be white, and want white children.

    I would not be shocked if someone develops a form of genetic engineering so that Asians can choose to have white features in their future “Asian” babies, by splicing white genotypes into Asian chromosomal material. The physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual fall-out on these designer babies would be disastrous. This is because any child born under either unethical, or ethically ambiguous circumstances, is bound to have major psychological and emotional issues, and possibly physical issues as well, if only due to stress alone.

    Children born from eugenics movements typically experience feelings of isolation, confusion, insecure identity, not knowing their place in society, coming from broken homes, not knowing who their parents are, and being raised distanced from one side of their family, such as the Lebensborn children. We exhibit many of these traits.

    Ironically, many of us Eurasians are also born to Jewish fathers, if they look white enough, which completely goes against the grain of Jewish outlook and history. An Asian woman who marries a Jewish man for his “whiteness” is a painful irony and soul-killing for her children, since the Jews have been trying to escape Aryan ideology and persecution for millenia. I can testify to this, since I’m a Eurasian with a Jewish father.





  2. I am a white guy currently dating a vietnamese girl.
    We’re both 30.
    I am a liberal, humanist atheist socialist minded kind and empathic person.
    I would never hurt a fly intentionally.

    I do not date as asian woman because she is “submisdive” or “conservative”, but because european women are money hungry and i sm poor.
    Moreso i suffer from a disease that prevents me from having children.

    And she was the first to agree with an IVF procedure to have a child.
    Yes it will be only half white?
    So what?

    People who think he/she is “less worthy” are not people i want him/her to hang out with anyway.
    Chin up!


      • No it won’t.
        He will have the best education and oportunities i can get him and special training.
        And he will be able to move to any country he wants and be accepted.

        You speak out of ignorance.


    • @Adrian

      You didn’t seem like a bad guy. And not every single last person involved in WMAF has to be.

      But then you make a comment like

      >I do not date as asian woman because she is “submisdive” or “conservative”, but because european women are money hungry and i sm poor.

      So then its not about how you “just happened” to meet a woman who happened to be Asian. But there is racial baggage involved on what a European woman is, what an Asian woman is. Apparently you believe that Asian woman have less strignant standards than European women on a financial level. They expect less from European men than European women do. That is about race and gender and class, no matter how you spin it.

      You seem to be a decent person, but even you can’t say it has nothing to do with race. Since you put Euro and Asian women into totally different categories. With Asian women as the one who are more willing to accept a poor white man.


      • No, Roger it is not about “race” no matter how hard you try to paint me as a racist.
        I simply concluded that western women have behaviors that are not to my liking.
        They non commital, have too much random sex are dismissive, demanding and materialistic and YES i have met plenty of asian women who were like that too.
        But overall the “ratio” was far better.
        Religion is another factor.
        I’m an atheist and she is too.

        I simply don’t want to…PAY for my relationship with a woman through cut throat corporate competition for a soul crushing career.
        Something which ALL western women demand of you – no discussions.

        I want a simple modest happy life. Full of little pleasures of life.
        We talked this over and rather than moving to Europe ( which is a materialistic dump ) i’ll move to Vietnam and live with her.

        I really don’t understand the anger towards WMAW pairing.
        I’m guessing it comes mostly from asian men who have this strange idea that we “steal their women” or something.

        If so…then this would make you the racists by differentiating by skin color and sexist by thinking said women owe you pity sex.

        I came here with the intentions of understanding and support. So the abuse you hurl at me was expected as a defensive reaction.


      • Yes, it is simply true that so many White Western males around the world (i see Indian males running away from their women as well to Asian females since they cannot get White women), especially in America, are running away from their overweight loud obnoxious feminist women. I wouldn’t go near them either unless you’re a beta chump which in fact many White Western males are contrary to the mainstream Western Media especially loves to hypersexualize the White Western male.

        Whenever Asian males talk about interracial dating they are slammed as racists and losers but when Whites and Blacks talk about the same thing then it’s all fair and injustice. The mainstream Western media doesn’t do any favours for the Asian male.

        The Asian male has been degraded and desexualised by the mainstream Western media to a point where the majority of the population has been systematically brainwashed into believing all these false and misleading stereotypes.

        This is really deep ingrained insecurity of the White male. They are already dominated economically/politically by the Jewish and now sexually by the African Americans who run trains on White women. A lot of insecure White males resent this and take it out on the Asian male who is not as obnoxious and aggressive in nature.

        Everyone should be left alone especially the Asian male. Stop trying to desexualize and degrade the Asian male.


      • This guy has absolutely no idea what it’s like being biracial yet is convinced that he can raise a half Asian son fully under the conditions of his extremely passive aggressive racism.

        Hey Adrian you fucking asshole, I’ll make you famous by reposting this on reddit. It’s so funny, you literally cannot find a white guy interested in Asian women who isn’t a sexist, racist against Asian men. Literally all of you are the same. My dad wanted that “simple life”, in other words he was a racist who took the easy way out and got an Asian woman who wanted whiter kids.

        Your son is going to be fucked. Trust me. There’s a reason despite there being hundreds of thousands of them you can’t even name more than a handful of successful white father / Vietnamese mother children.


      • These fucking white men will swing racism as far as they can in order to use the term to benefit them. It’s so obvious that white men that love Asian women are the real racists, but try to play victim (even though they hate feminists, black men) when they are confronted with their yellow fever.


      • I didn’t hurl abuse at you. When you said

        “I am a liberal, humanist atheist socialist minded kind and empathic person.
        I would never hurt a fly intentionally.”

        I thought you might be a decent person, if a bit confused. I pointed out how some of your statements didn’t match up with a humanistic approach. But you reply to me with a very hostile, racist and sexist comment that just expands on your hatred. Now I have been disillusioned about your position. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt and not assume you were a bad person just because you were in WMAF. But then you prove yourself to be a bad person, with the racist and sexist ideas you spread. All while accusing Asian men of being the racist and sexist ones.

        If Adrian is the “best” WMAF has to offer, it just highlights the problems that the offspring of WMAF face.


      • The mind of the White male is that of solipsism & indifference when it comes to the struggles of Asian men—they refuse and are incapable of putting themselves in an Asian man’s shoes. Hence why the fuck even bother? Shit’s been goin’ on for decades.

        I say, let the White male and Asian female go about their “ways“; let them raise more “Elliot Rodgers” and/or cum receptacle daughters. This is the end result of their twisted racial fetishism.

        If you think about it, it’s really up to enlightened Asian & Hapa men to reach out, educate and, thus, prevent these “lost” Hapa individuals from going down the path toward self-destruction.


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