Even the so called “most handsome” WMAW Eurasians can’t break the mold



Just saw this guy Max Ando’s Instagram. Even the so called “best” half-Asians, who are models, still can’t break the mold that I’ve been talking about for years. Asian women really have a lot to answer for.

One would say – wow, such a handsome Eurasian man. The thing is – he’s still an Asian guy, and Western society never lets you forget it. You’ll just be handsome for an Asian guy. That’s it. You’ll never be better than that – and never be better than mommy’s passion for white males. It’s his gimmick. He keeps hashtagging #asiansloverice because he thinks it wins him browny points. Asian women love white men. They do not love anything that resembles an Asian man – nor does the rest of society.

This guy ticks all the boxes.

  • Divorced mom ☑️ (Japanese moms are famous for getting half White babies then becoming totally banshee-like, and forcing the yellow-feverist to leave).
  • Takes mom’s last name ☑️
  • Covert incest ☑️ (Mom’s white husband left – or was forced out – so she develops bond with her Eurasian fashion item of a son)
  • Gay ☑️ (Emasculated by mother’s fetish for asshole white men, during his formative years, confused as to own Asian identity, gay as a result)
  • Rips on Asian people ☑️ (Hangs around white people, self-deprecates, bashes his own heritage, finds validation in white men’s pants). Where would he learn self hatred from? Oh right – the fact that Asian women like my mother are desperate to sleep with even the most racist, antisocial men on the planet. 

8 thoughts on “Even the so called “most handsome” WMAW Eurasians can’t break the mold

    • You ever heard of “sardonicism“? Vid is corny and humorous to some (such as yourself), but there lies the “darkness” if you listen close and take him seriously.


  1. I wonder if part of the reason a significant number of wmaf hapa boys become gay is bc the covert incest btwn mom and son makes the son turn to other men in order psychologically not to betray their mothers?


  2. Wow you would have never thought that amy chuas daughters were even related to her. They just look like any other white American girl not a single asian feature to be seen ! And I’m white myself lol. You would be suprised at how many hapas are called liars because they look so white.
    I dont know if you heard of a british fashion celeb named Alexa Chung many other white people think she picked the surname to try and look exotic. So Im pretty sure eurasians are not seen as Asian in western society because they dont even look or act Asian.


      • EW, I get the feeling the most recent comments of today have all been posted by the same person under different names. Perhaps I am mistaken though.

        I don’t care whether Eurasians look white or not (even though many clearly don’t, including Amy Chua’s kids, one of whom is admittedly more ambiguous in certain photos), I care about supporting Eurasians who face or have faced the same issues.


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