The-Toast.Net Rips into My Half Asian Cartoon


The-Toast.Net’s Response to My Cartoon

I’m the most famous half Asian blogger in the world and they couldn’t even bother do their homework? But anyways thanks for publicizing it.

The scenario in the cartoon has actually happened to me and I refuse to back down, no matter what. So the moment that a Hapa does something bad – I immediately become an Asian man – is that it?

What it looks like to me is that the women here (by and large average looking, middle class, miserable) and men here, seem to blatantly ignore the fact that I drew the cartoon. I am Eurasian. Below is a picture of my family. I, like Kelly Baltazar, come from a high class family. Good looking White father and Asian mother power couple. Together specifically for race.

This is just another example of speaking over half Asian children in order to gaslight and throw us off track. Look at my letters of support – they’re ALL from half Asians. Even full Asian women know what I’m saying and agree with me.

Another thing they failed to mention is that my mother and many like her explicitly sought out tall white men with blue eyes because – and she told me this – she wanted integration and whiter kids. I am used to the comments by now about tall noses, big eyes. My father was also a misogynist, a neo-Nazi, a Holocaust denier, and believed Asian women to be more suitable to be at the white man’s side.

They can lie all they want (and they are, which is why they’re so miserable, because being so self-deceiving causes immense misery) but to their children, it’s up to us to present our own voices. And you can bet there are millions of Asian women who only date white men – so what happens to their kids? We’re not allowed to say anything?

And yes – being the son of a white man and Asian woman is a scam. We look Asian and are expected to just ignore this. These women have no idea what it’s like to spend your entire life answering “of course, it’s my dad who is white.”

The numbers speak for themselves – there are almost no successful half Asians with white fathers despite there being so many of us. The reason is because our parents refuse, just absolutely refuse, to acknowledge the power imbalance and prepare us for it, and rather just lie through their teeth even if it means lying to their own kids.

I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life. All over the spectrum. But I admit I did them because I was insecure in who I was, despite being talented and intelligent enough to be extremely prolific in whatever it was I undertook. I apologize for the bad but will never apologize for this website – especially when I know I can help others.

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