?Why you should be very, very concerned about the behavior of half Asians with white fathers.


Sex doesn’t care about racism.

Many Asian women want white men. Fair. Many white women only want white men. Also fair. But many half Asian sons look very Asian. And they have two parents who push a gag order on us. More often than not these couples are together out of a uniform hatred for Asian males. Nobody hates Asian men more than the white guys who love Asian women (or the white males who see Asian men as the only competition for the women that they can get, being autistic, ugly, short, emotionally damaged).

Now imagine this, times 10,000,000 across the world. There’s a bad thing coming.

There’s a reason why Half Asians with Asian dads grow up to be Bond girls and NASA scientists and economists, while half Asians with White dads grow up to shoot up – either schools, or drugs.


23 thoughts on “?Why you should be very, very concerned about the behavior of half Asians with white fathers.

  1. ‘My son will have a big dick too. Just like papa :’)’

    I honestly don’t know how such people can live with themselves…


  2. These white males who say that stuff are deeply insecure and frustrated.
    Their main enemy and hatred is for Black males but they are too chicken shit so they vent all their anger and racism at Asian males.


    • Their “main enemy” is ANY male who ISN’T White.

      May the Gods have mercy on the innocent Hapa boy(s) who will spawn from this White male bastard and his Asian trollop. Best of fuckin’ luck for the shitstorm they’ll be facing.


  3. If he had a big dick – or a normal sized dick for that matter – he wouldn’t have gone for an asian girl. HW would be able to satisfy white and Latino women


  4. This guy is a white trash hillbilly with no education and no career. His wife will divorce his poor ignorant azz in the future.


  5. “There’s a reason why Half Asians with Asian dads grow up to be Bond girls and NASA scientists and economists, while half Asians with White dads grow up to shoot up – either schools, or drugs.”

    Or have a load shot into them, refer to Kelly Baltazar


    • Kelly B had a white dad, not an Asian dad, which the reason she threw away her promising prospects to become an amateur gonzo porn actress.


  6. BMWF cuckold porn is booming and exclusively for White males.

    I can understand why White males are so angry.

    But they’re angry at the wrong group of people.


      • There is some BMWF porn, not a lot. It’s not booming. Simon134, I think you are black, not that there is anything wrong with that. Why would you bring up BMWF porn?


      • Lol I’m not black for the last time.

        I brought it up to highlight the fact that white males have a great reason to be angry and frustrated.

        *** rubbing it in ***


    • Serious question: Why are people always bringing up blacks on this page?

      Isn’t this page supposed to be about white men, asian women and asian men?


      • It called equal opportunity. If blacks aren’t included they might riot and protest.


      • What do you think of black-white interracial couplings by the way?

        Do you think they are a good thing?


      • I don’t know anything about them, my first girlfriend was black, she was really intelligent and valued education.


    • Seriously, I think AsAm cultural production needs to start countering this tsunami of awwm porn with erotic fiction featuring Asian men seducers of women if all races including cuckolding white dudes. It happens in real life, it’s just not being produced. See Matgarite Duras “The Lover” as an example. Make a tumblr. In addition to protesting, we need our own counter attack with positive indigenous cultural production. Don’t wait for mainstream media, it will never happen. Who wants to take up the project???


  7. Asians and Asian males need to stop being soft targets. They need to stand up to this racial bullshit. If that white guy above (Alec Blyth) made a racist comment about blacks it would be all over the media and there might be riots. If Asian people are shit on by white people, nothing happens. This is not right.


  8. Hey there, this blog comes up every once in awhile when I search for something related to being asian or half asian. For the record, I want to tell you, the world is a shitty place, and we all fall prey and emphasize beauty, power, sex and sexuality. We are living life for all the wrong reasons. I’m sorry about your hard childhood.

    But I know the grass seems greener on the otherside had your father been asian, and I would agree with you. But as a mixed male mutt myself, my father is asian american, and my mother is mexican american, but let me tell you, my father emasculated the fuck outta me.

    Yes, we have our stereotypes about race, and yes sometimes the world lives by this unofficial hierarchy of sexual virility and physicality. But in the end, your personality is going to shine through. I read an article on attraction and first impressions, and basically everyone is going to choose the most physically attractive person as mostly the one whom they like, but in the end, the article revealed that most people didn’t rely solely on physical attraction, we all have to take personality into consideration. No one in the end wants a fuck boy or a fuck girl and then get left in the dust. We need meaning, we need connection.

    I had a funny moment, this really nice customer who was an attractive tall white looking guy was super friendly to me when I rang him up. And I was caught off guard, tall straight white males are always a hit or miss (but who isn’t it). Anyways, I was somewhat surprised by his kindness, but I was totally standoffish and rejecting because he was just another attractive tall white dude in my eyes. But for some reason, he caught my attention. Anyways, I stalked him and looked his name up and found his instragram. And much to my shock, I found out his father was actually asian, and then I started to see the asian in him. What I learned from this lesson though, is to continue to find worth in myself, to stop the lies, stop the hurt and the pain. And I don’t have to keep rejecting and hating others because what I lack in myself. Stop comparing yourself to others. You’re beautiful. Spend time cultivating friendships and relationships. If you ever need to talk contact me.

    Take care.


  9. One of the most famous AMWF daughters is V-Nasty from the White Girl Mob in Oakland. She is a half-Asian criminal too and was a national laughing stock a few years ago. I guess you need to ignore AMWF’s failures to maintain your delusions. Also, your parents don’t determine everything. Grown men and women are responsible for their own actions. For someone who is “Ivy league educated” you are incredibly stupid.


    • Nice to see you SanFranPsycho, glad to see you’re using grade school insults to attack me when you know I’m right.


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