Celeste Ng claims to be trolled and refuses to provide proof; The “Everything I Never Told My Twitter Fans” Saga Continues.

Celeste Ng reminds me of my mother, right down to the bright cherry lipstick.

Unfortunately for her she cannot control me with her guilt trips. When I refused to play oboe my mother would scream “you want me to die, is that it?” She fails to mention one thing – I’m on the far left. 

For those who don’t know, somebody emailed my cartoon to someone else. I don’t know the details of who or what did this. Please, please, stop doing this. There is no reasoning with people like Celeste.

Twenty four hours later I emailed Celeste two times – though it was more like one email, part of the same thread, explaining what happened. She then mentioned that I emailed her. I also made a video explaining that the cartoon was mine and that blame should be mine.


I logged onto Twitter for the second and last time in my life to call Celeste out and claim responsibility for the cartoon. I did this with about forty five tweets on two accounts. I was muted after the first thirty five. Celeste was actually right – but they were all from one account, whereby she is lying about who was doing it. It was just me.


She lied about it – saying that I demanded anything of her other than she stop mentioning me.

Another twenty four hours later she was still attacking me on Twitter. Her and all her friends were discussing this website. They have since deleted those tweets.

I emailed her AGAIN, ONCE, telling her to stop mentioning me, then went to sleep. Ten hours later she CONTINUED to cry harassment. I actually just woke up and the woman is still saying that I was harassing her.


Twenty four hours later I then decided that in order to PROVE that the cartoon came from me; I create a new account on Twitter called “Rogue_Tiger_Cub.” I sent a single message with a new cartoon.


A single Tweet earned a barrage of cries for help from Celeste. Celeste, if you’re getting trolled by anyone other than me (this “troll” being having been to $100 plate dinners with University presidents and Amy Chua’s family), then post proof.

Celeste is now posting 5-10 tweets per 1 tweet that I send.


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