Why do the sons and daughters of Black men / White women and Black men / Asian women eclipse those of White men / Asian women?

Just think for a minute. Growing up under a fetish couple. A white man who is racist and just loves Asian vagina. An Asian woman who caters to his tastes. Imagine the psychological effects of that. And the way these specific couples are – it doesn’t even begin to compare to other interracial pairings.

The man pictured here, as my dad would call him, “Barry Obongo,” the president of the United States.
It’s funny because both white nationalists and feminist Asian women seem to push for the “superior” Eurasian child – above the children of black men – especially those with black fathers. It’s also funny how neither white nationalists nor Asian feminists are adamant about marrying black people.

The source of this comment: Voat.co, which featured a half Asian young man asking white nationalists if he was welcome in Europe.

Regarding this – it is quite easy to name world famous children of black men and white / Asian women. These are all household names.

Let me start.

Barack Obama, Alicia Keys, Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin, Prince, Tony Parker, Zach Lavine, Vin Diesel, Halle Berry, Boris Kodjoe, Derek Jeter, Lewis Hamilton, Leona Lewis, Melanie Brown, Rick Fox, The Rock (Black man / Samoan woman), Tiger Woods (Black man, Asian woman), Tyga (Black man, Asian mother),  Mariah Carey, Rashida Jones, Key & Peele (both biracial), Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, Doug Christie, Shemar Moore, Tim Howard, Wentworth Miller.

How many famous half Asians people can you name that the majority of most people would immediately recognize? And how many of those have Asian fathers (i.e., Bruce Lee)?

Literally the most successful, world renowned Asian man of all time comes from a Hapa mother and an Asian father – and the best white men can do is list off criminals and steal from 1/4 Asians.

The answer is because the majority of half Asians are simply born from white fathers – who more often than not are unable to shape Asian looking children into useful members of society, especially considering that many White fathers think that Asian men are a joke and Asian women there for the taking.


37 thoughts on “Why do the sons and daughters of Black men / White women and Black men / Asian women eclipse those of White men / Asian women?

  1. This can be slanted: in first place, be successful in life has nothing to be with being famous. So, I’m not sure of qualify people live by how much people knows them (Maybe you can say how much a group is being represented in TV, for example, but that is another matter)

    And, I think there is a lot of black/mixed criminals too. Or latinos. Or whites. Or any type of race. I can do a list of latinos criminals, then do a list of how much latinos won an Oscar awards and get the same conclusion.

    BTW, I followed your blog by a while. I understand your point, and what you want to prove. I read you exposing all the problem, the origin, the consequences.. all over and over again. That’s ok but, what is the solution apart from doing public white/asian dysfunctional families to stop it?

    You say you want to help to half asian people. Suppose a half-asian comes here, and read everything. He/she can conclude that is not his/her fault, but racism and sick behavior from his/her family and the rest of the people. And now? This half-asian is still feeling bad. With a different view of the world, but still bad. And now? How you can tell to this people how to cope with their lives? That is a really important thing.

    It’s not only “why me?” all the time. What you should do when the damage is done is very important. I think is not so good telling to that half-asian “statistically you will be not more than a looser” with slanted data. You even say in another post “this troll being having been to $100 plate dinners with University presidents and Amy Chua’s family”, so you don’t seem to be a “catastrophic looser”, right?. Don’t you think these things are better to say more frequently?


  2. He has still yet to fully understand that what holds hapas back is that they are often times the only mixed blood people smart enough to intuitively understand that they aren’t equal to anyone, but live in a society that is hellbent on convincing them that this is not only wrong, but that it’s their fault for thinking this.

    Half black people typically just identify as black, which is not only disingenuous as all hell, but takes them under the umbrella of so-called “black society”, along with all of its expectations and double-standards. The ones who aren’t very smart end up being more or less indistinguishable from the average black person, but the ones who are smart use this lazy classification to their advantage and allow it to propel them to positions they wouldn’t have come close to otherwise. This is really no different with mixed Latinos either, albeit they are less of a prominent force in Western media.

    What’s special about mixed Asians, then? First and foremost, they are often times too smart to believe the complete and utter lie that they are equal to anyone. Nevermind how different your parents look, you look different from practically anyone else on the planet. You instinctively know that you aren’t like white people or Asians, but again, Western society is hellbent on telling you that you’re equal, deserve equal opportunities, etc.

    You’re left caught between Asian expectations of success and Western expectations of doing what you love, and no doubt the relationship between your parents (regardless of who wears what skin) takes both ideas to their extreme. So I definitely can’t blame younger hapas in particular for feeling like they’ve lost their identities, because when you’re young you often times have a hard time self-identifying to begin with.

    The problem is when grown adults are still sitting around like reactive teenagers, blaming the world for their problems, which is regrettably what Western society seems to be grooming hapas to be. I make this distinction because at least in Japan, there is no such massive propaganda machine telling people they are equal from the moment they’re born to confuse these kids and young adults, so they adopt more of a nationalistic identity in their youth and go from there. Surely there are exceptions, but overall I have noticed that hapas raised in Japan have gone on to be pretty successful people, and that’s regardless of which parent was Asian.

    I went over this before with this guy, but he missed the most important part of what I was saying, which was that in the absence of an assigned identity (which, really, especially in modern America, is going to be a fucking farce regardless of what you are), you have to self-identify. I don’t doubt that it is harder for hapas to do so, but it’s the only way forward at this point. Become a beacon of self-preservation is a society that constantly reminds you of how wrong you are for doing so. Perhaps a good starting point is acknowledging that you actually are that much smarter than most people?


    • Ok, I agree with self identify. You need to stop trying to fit or paying attention what people says of you, and start to think in “who you are” and “who you want to be”.

      I think we have to stop to telling people “you are a hapa, so you only can be a loser, a murder, a suicidal, or all at same time. And all is fault of your parents”. I don’t say denying these facts, but giving solutions, not only dead ends.

      And thinking in this, maybe that’s the reason some people feel attacked by this blog. I felt that. I have mixed blood (including asian) and I know that I am not and don’t want to be a murder. I’m a woman and you can say I am latino, and the world says I am equal to anyone when in reality I am in lowest stratum and purebred (including asians) look at me over the shoulder. I know all of this, and I know who I am without trying to fit in any race or whatever.

      Anything of this will do the society accept you, just like you said. I know equality is a farce, but when I see an injustice I denounce it, that is my contribution to do this place a little better.

      I understand there’s a lot of people, specially young people, with identity problems. This blog exposes these problems and concludes they come from sick society behavior. We have to start now giving solutions to these young people: you didn’t choose the way you look, but now that you know the problem, you can choose be a better person and have a successful life.

      Self identity is a good starting point.


      • The problem is that his stance on self-identifying is reactive; he self-identifies as the guy whose mission in life is to antagonize white men and Asian women. He only gets away with the former because it’s become acceptable to do so, while the latter, as he’s noticed, play the victim and essentially shield themselves from criticism.

        Whereas if he actually realized how good he has it (being born in a first world country, having better genetics than most people, etc.), he wouldn’t have gone down this road to begin with. It took me stirring him up some months ago to get him to begin to acknowledge that in and of itself, there really isn’t anything wrong with being hapa or even the principle of the relationships that create them; it’s the framework around it all that’s shit and benefits entirely the wrong people at the expense of those who actually deserve chances at success. This is why, in his warped view, it’s better to be half black than half Asian: because he sees that society favors the former and gives them more opportunities, but doesn’t bother to begin to ask why.

        What he doesn’t realize is that his place in society is much closer to that of a low/middle class white than it is of most Asians. He gets the token minority perks (of which Asians get the least, because they are the most successful), but past that he is ostracized in many of the same ways white men are these days. “Well, you’re half white, so you’re more attractive than I am”, says the resentful Asian. “Well, you’re half Asian, so you’ll make more money than me”, says the bitter white. People on both sides will be quick to attribute whatever accomplishments to belonging to a certain group, as way of reinforcing the other in their minds. This type of knee jerk judgement can happen to anyone, but undoubtedly happens to whites the most these days, with Asians in a distant second.

        If he understood this, he would know that perhaps his only real ally in the West is the working class white, and wouldn’t be so hellbent on trying to take them down a notch for dating Asians. But there’s a good amount of ressentiment he has to overcome before he can really see this.


      • I see. I agree with you. He can’t help anyone if he doesn’t want to play another role than victim and only hear what he wants to hear.

        I was trying to tell him he could help more offering solutions than insist so much in the problem. But you are right, he must overcome these ressentiment first. I can even see him saying “you don’t know who I am, you can’t tell me what I have to do”, because it’s the sort of things he doesn’t want to hear.

        Thank you Dio Brando, I realize there is nothing to do here. It’s like go against the tide until he stops complaining. I hope our comments here helps him and the people that supports this blog, but I won’t read this place anymore, these problems are not mine. I won’t have to worry anymore about this.


      • Brando is full white and biased. Based on this he doesn’t know jack sh!t. Trying living for a long duration in a country where you are a minority and despised. After that you will probably not be so optimistic.


      • Do tell. I’m all ears.

        While you’re at it, tell me how non-whites living in a white society while openly despising them isn’t a problem.


      • America isn’t a white society and never was. White society proper is limited to a very small geographical area of Europe and even then some of your so called white friends (Spaniards, Italians), would be called “Muslims” if they spoke an Arabic language..”


      • “America isn’t a white society and never was.”

        LOL. Even today whites are still the majority of the population. But no, it was clearly the African slaves and Chinese laborers that made America the world-dominating superpower it is today. They’re the ones that brought manifest destiny and Western democracy to the New World. It wasn’t those white people who came and settled and founded a nation. Of course not.

        You’re a joke. Your ivy league “education” has served you well.


      • Uh. Except you forgot, pink man, that huge swaths of American industry was built on the backs of minority labor. Much of it free labor. American “industry” hasn’t even been a thing since the 60’s.

        America isn’t a superpower because of white men like you, it’s because of a small group of oligarchs controlling its wealth. Average Muricans like you haven’t done shit but beat your chests and think owning a gun and watching football makes you part of a superpower.



      • I can even tell by the way you write you’re an Anglo. Ticking time bombs, like my dad. Either that or you’re one of those ethnic whites who overcompensates for his lack of Aryan phenotype with over the top racism. It’s so FUCKING FUNNY how literally EVERY GUY WHO IS INTERESTED IN ASIAN WOMEN IS A RIGHTWINGER.


      • If all it took was labor, then why hasn’t China been a superpower in hundreds of years? Why haven’t the Africans who have been using slaves for years gone anywhere?

        It is Western values and the people that created them that made America a superpower. Labor was but a means to an end.

        I will give you the smallest bit of credit for pointing out the disdain the ruling class has for working class whites, but past that you are entirely off base.

        Most white men that actually marry Asian women are left wingers, idiot. In a right wing society miscegenation wouldn’t even exist.

        You “not being interested” in anything is a farce, too. You can’t even succeed a being a nihilist! You are clearly interested in creating a pity party for you and those like you.

        Note how you even tacitly admit you don’t have any solutions. I’ll give you the two solutions to the hapa problem:

        1. Dismantling the identity manipulation propaganda machine, allowing people to trust their instincts and become more self-aware, leading them to acknowledging the inherent differences between people.

        2. White nationalism.

        That’s it!


      • Also, I am primarily Scandinavian. It is the Anglos and their brutish thought syntax that has lead people to believing that equality is not only desirable, but possible at all.


      • This is an automated post to my detractors.

        It’s funny how almost everyone agrees with this website.

        * white women agree
        * black women agree
        * black men agree
        * Hispanic men agree
        * Hispanic women agree
        * Asian men agree
        * even Asian WOMEN agree

        But for some reason white men disagree. I wonder why?


      • Looks like mom and dad are here to castigate their wayward son. I’m not interested in anything. All I’m interested is highlighting this issue so people can have a vague idea of what’s coming, and if you haven’t noticed a young hapa man just got found NCR for murdering five people in Canada. A nice taste of what’s coming.

        As you said. Hyper intelligent is not always a good thing. Combine that with fucked up racial dynamics within the home. Yeah.


    • “Hapas are the only mixed-race intuitively smart enough to…”

      Lol Gee, here I was thinking that I’m an intuitive and intelligent biracial individual. I guess I shouldn’t twaddle with sarcasm. Afterall, I am not hapa, so I can’t be intuitive or smart.
      People with low self-esteem often convince themselves that they are superior to some (over inflation), but their low self-esteem prevents them from feeling they are as worthwhile as some others. This is what creates the internal conflict…not the false claim to superior intellect or intuition. They don’t feel good about themselves so they try to create a sense of superiority to others. I’d say work on your self-esteem instead of making claim to superiority based on feelings of inadequacy.


    • It’s all about that status. I’ve had discussions with an older chinese man about my having our daughter raised by my wife and not some daycare/public school. His argument was that we should both work and provide more(money) for her. His own daughter turned out decent graduating UCLA and being a succesful pharmaceutical researcher something or other. She has admitted to him although she did not care for her being raised by someone outside their family back in Hong Kong while her parents were always away working that she understood. WTF kind of advice is that to me. He was told that his choices sucked from his own child’s mouth and yet he tries to advise me to do the same? His line was something like, “…she will have a higher status…”. Fucking retard. I respect the man and any man for doing what he needed to to provide for his family. But my life would be incomplete just ‘providing’ financially for my child. Both parents should provide that AND everything else. Not just toss money at them. This is so common in the korean community with parents working 18-20 hour days to provide their kids with BMWs and cash to study harder. These fucktards go out and blow it all at clubs and other stupid shit. Rather than equipping their kids for the real world they toss money at them and wonder what happened when these little fucktards screw up.


    • True, I’d need to see his parents.

      I’m not gonna make excuses but since Yu is super Asian looking I assume his mom was one of those really unattractive women who took what she could get. Unattractive women can and usually are REALLY sweet. There’s another guy who just got drafted into the NFL who looks 100% Asian and whose mom is really, really plain. It’s very different from those “hot Asian women” who date white men, kinda like my mom did.


      • His parents don’t look particularly unattractive to me:

        But then again Yu grew up and Japan and not in the West, so he shows no hate towards his Japanese side. And his father isn’t White European but Iranian, so maybe that’s also a factor.


  3. Most of them are financially successful but psychologically damaged or strange : Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Prince etc. The biracial daughters keep having issues with men or choosing losers as boyfriends and husbands because of daddy issues, often times they grew up without their father. Alicia Keys come to mind. Financially successful yes, but normal I think not. They remind me of Eurasian boys, the only difference is, they hurt themselves (Halle Berry chose abusive men constantly) rather than shooting at people. BMWW may be less toxic because the mother is less extreme in her racism I guess? But they seem similar to WMAW in many ways.

    Barack Obama was raised by white people and had an asian father figure. He doesn’t count.

    As for Tiger… I could be wrong but I never found BMAW couples healthy for the most part. They generally BOTH hate AM and BW, see themselves as “the most masculine and feminine combo in the world”, which makes them laugh at AMBW couples for some reason, and take pride in thinking they’re so great because they don’t date WP like most AW and BM (this is too much of an obsession not to be suspect). It’s a different kind of crazy if you ask me. Tiger Woods may have the cash but he became white washed and white obsessed. He was a ticking bomb and exploded. I respect preferences but here??? He’s just as obsessed with white girls (blondes) as asian women are with white men. So something went wrong in his upbringing. The only reason I believe his parents cared for him was because he looked more black than asian. Again, most BMAW think they’re the “antithesis” of AM and BW, in other words, the epitomy of the perfect male/female combo. The tragedies of black looking blasian girls raised by them for instance, are real.


  4. I hate to break it to you, but athletes, rappers, actors and actresses produce NOTHING for society. Does Derek Jeter fix your car when the alternator goes out? Did Tiger Woods create the medicine that stops your sick relative from falling over and dying? Does Halle Berry patrol your neighborhood with a gun and badge to make sure it’s safe every night? The problem with America is that we deify worthless celebrities. Like Sonny said in the movie Bronx Tale “Mickey Mantle doesn’t care about you”.

    Society needs electricians, engineers, police officers, firemen, doctors and garbage men. Society doesn’t need overpaid false idol rappers, actors and athletes. Even Obama is more of a celebrity and an unnecessary figure head than someone who actually makes a real difference in the lives of his fellowman like most worthless paper pushers and glorified waste of space high status title holders in DC.

    The overrepresentation of blacks in pro sports and entertainment is actually detrimental to the average young black kid in America. Black boys grow up believing the only route to success is becoming a rapper or a NBA or NFL star; which is highly unlikely for the average black boy in any town, USA. The most popular and successful rappers promote an unrealistic life-path of promoting gangsterism and drug dealing and eventually transitioning into making music which just helps feed the prison industrial complex with more lost black men. And it is easy for black boys to believe becoming a famous rapper or an athlete is the only route to success because the average black man in many, many areas of the country is down and out, unemployed and broke, stuck in a cycle of poverty, crime and underachievement.

    The truth is that the average child of a BMWF relationship is at a significant disadvantage compared to the child of a WMAF relationship. WMAF are statistically the highest earning couples. It is much more likely for a half-white/half-Asian child to pass as white. Even if a half-Asian child looks more Asian, looking Asian in America, even as a male, is not as oppressive as looking black. Just look at the data. Black men have the highest rates of unemployment, incarceration, murder compounded with the lowest salaries. And half-black children are much more likely to be raised in socially disorganized inner city environments where they will pick up on the same pathological behaviors rampant in their environment that lead them down the path to prison, drug addiction or an early grave. All of this complaining that so-called WMAF sons are the most oppressed is a flat out lie. The only arena where Asian men lose out the most is in sexual selection. And not at all “hapas” even look Asian at all.


  5. I am reading the comments here and I am laughing hysterically. You’re forgetting the most powerful determinant of someone’s personal qualities once environmental factors are properly controlled for–your genes. I’ve noticed that Eurasians tend to be not as successful compared to Whites or Asians. An alarming number are drug dependent, academically unmotivated, mentally ill, violent, law breaking and shockingly racist. Polish and many Slavic people exhibit many of these qualities as well and they are genetically Asian and Caucasian. Eastern Europe has a very high rate of crime and social dysfunction compared to the rest of Europe.

    When you look at Blasians, however, they are at the other extreme. I am surprised by the number of super intelligent and succesful ones I’ve come across in person and that I’ve read about. Many are highly talented and high achieving in all areas including the arts, sports and science. I’ve come across numerous stories of super gifted children who are Blasian and at least a couple who are in the Fortune’s 100 list of billionaires. Years ago there was a international headline story about a Blasian girl living in China who was the victim of horrible racist tweets when she made it as a finalist for Miss China. What the stories didn’t mention was that she was a top student at her province’s most prominent university. She was able to attend the school by having the seventh highest score on her entrance examinations. This level of achievement is even more stunning when you consider she was not only black, but also a female from a low socioeconomic background and competed against over 100 million applicants! I’ve read stories of other Blasians such as You (Anglicized version of Yu), an 11 year old boy who was working on his bachelors degree in physics. He also has a brother who is only 5 years old and is completing high school. Finally, there is a 2 year old Blasian girl who has the highest known IQ score for her age. What is also striking is that Blasians have a kind of intelligence that is rare. I’m not talking about book smart, but out-of-the-box smart along with a warm and socioable personality traits.

    You could say that these are isolated cases, but there are many more that I cannot list here. Many of them are offspring of Black males and Asian Females with a few, Yu, an off spring of Asian male and Black female. Clearly, the number. of Blasians is tiny, but even if the examples I gave are the only ones, the number is very significant given their respective population size.

    I believe it can only be explained by genetics. Asians have a very small gene pool, even smaller than Whites, Blacks who are Africans and are where all “races” originate from. Their gene pool overlaps both Asian and Caucasian genes pools. When two small gene pools combine, you essentially increase the probability of dormant and undesirable genes. When you combine a small gene pool with a larger one, it lowers the probability of the undesirable genes expressing themselves, Conversely, it increases the probability of desirable genes such as high intelligence and other positive personality traits.

    I’ve seen Zarathustra and it is the Blasian. With increasing trade and cultural relations between Africa and China, there is a small emerging population of Blasians in Africa. It will be interesting to see how this group plays itself out in Africa’s future.


    • You also don’t mention the shocking number of successful children of black men and white women, and even white men and black women, compared to the lack of white men / Asian women children of any measure of success. Why? Despite WMAW being literally a massive, giant demographic, the children are nowhere to be found… you can spend hours and hours of every day scouring news articles and Youtube videos for any sign of them, and yet you won’t find them, or you’ll randomly find some high profile property developer or author who has an Asian dad.


    • Joe,
      The mother of the girl who was a finalist for Miss China cheated on her Chinese husband and got pregnant. I’m not quite sure about the other stuff you wrote. I’m researching it to see if there is any truth to it.


  6. As a BW I’m here to tell you that BMWW is a facade much like AWWM. In fact that pairing, in fact BMWW and WMAW are alike in MANY ways. BM who get with WF tend to bash and degrade BW, you see evidence of this all online. So please do not glorify this pairing. They also tend to get with very racist WW who ends up calling BM and her mixed children degrading racist names. The adoption centers are filled to the brim from BMWW pairings. Most of their children turns out severely f’d up in the head as well.
    BM tend to choose bottom of the barrel WW, much how AW tend to choose bottom of the barrel WM. They are alike in many ways. This is why I feel for AM so much, because BW knows what it feels like to have those who share your race and opposite gender degrade you.
    The same how AWWM react with extremely jealousy towards AMWW is the same way WWBM react to BWWM. BM with WW who has seen BW with AM has literally made small penis jokes as well. They are not innocent either.


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