Half Chinese girl unintentionally confirms everything I say about WMAW and their children

White father, Chinese mother. Posted on March 23rd, 2016.

“I hate my father, he’s a really, really bad person.”

“My Shanghainese family are extremely selfish.”

Father is obviously nowhere in the picture.

The girl calls herself “little princess,” yet this is probably a name given to her by the Asian women in her family, who obviously see a Eurasian child and being the monumental, soulless egotists that some Asian women are, deem her a princess – because she’s half white.

But no – they also remind her that she’s not Chinese.

Despite the fact that she looks very Asian, like most Eurasian children do. This confusion – being treated as Asian by white people, dropped off completely alone in a racist white country, and then told she’s not actually Chinese causes her immense internal pain.

Again, egotistical, sociopathic Asian women (especially from big cities) whose only goal is to gain status and integration with their white (and ALWAYS white husbands) are responsible for throwing another Eurasian down the well.

What the HELL are we supposed to do? Why do we have this horror foisted onto us?

Then there’s her dad. Obviously he’s not there. Why? Because like most Eurasians, our fathers were bottom of the barrel losers who couldn’t get white women, picked up a white worshipping Asian woman in order to pad their egos and take the easy way out of being celibate, and found out down the line that their mothers were vicious, petty people who used white men to increase their social status, to integrate into “superior white / European culture” with its beautiful accents and beautiful Parisian buildings and its afternoon tea culture, and more likely these men were incredibly racist against Asians and didn’t want the responsibility of raising a half Asian child.

White men and Asian women pairings are uniformly, and I mean uniformly, based on race and racism – the “submissive Asian woman” (submissive just means easy sex as long as you’re a white guy) and the White male. I am the son of a Chinese woman and a white man who fit this bill, and I’m not alone. There is a forum filled with thousands of us saying the same thing.

Look at the idealization of the Asian man as evidenced by the pictures on this young woman’s wall. She wants to return to Asia, to have an Asian man – a rejected Asian man – in her life in place of the sickness that her mother sought out, not giving a single FUCK about the emotional or mental wellbeing of her children.

Then there is the dressing and haircut to distance herself as far as possible from the Asian woman, the object of the father’s fetishization. Instead she seeks to replace the white male as sexual predator, the object of her intense hatred, with an Asian male – in herself. Seen it before. The product of an insane status climbing Chinese woman and an abusive, petty, and likely racist white male. If you think about how crazy the white man / Asian woman fetish dynamic is – wouldn’t you at least think that its effect on the children – having never been written about – would be HUGE?

Where have I see the disassociation from WM/AW parents before? Oh wait, everywhere.

White men and Asian women are breeding a new race of incredibly damaged, fucked up children.

And it is not our fault – we are Asian looking children born exclusively to white, racist fathers; delusional, egotistical and narcissistic Asian mothers who believe any white man is more valuable than any Asian man, and completely rejected from both sides while being told that we’re special, unique, and beautiful – even when we’re not.

Imagine if this girl was in fact a boy – what would his life be like?

Everyone on this website has been warned…. if you think about the intense fetishization and dynamics of White males / Asian women relationships, just think about the tremendous burden onto the children. Just think about it.

This is the top half-Asian website in the world. Deal with it.

I’m going global with this.


26 thoughts on “Half Chinese girl unintentionally confirms everything I say about WMAW and their children

  1. Her Chinese is crap! It’s sheng1huo2 (Shanghai people might pronounce it as sen1huo2) not shang4huo2. Jin1tian1 gao4su4 ni3? Try, “jin1tian1 wo3 yao4 gao4su4 ni3men2…..” It’s also too Chinglish and grammatically incorrect. You can tell from her western accent that she is not a native speaker of Chinese. Eurasian Writer, is your Chinese like hers?


    • She’s….. A half Chinese kid born in America to a Chinese mom. Why does it matter what her Chinese is like?


      • Wow, I mean that anonymous commenter is technically correct about his grammar points – but who cares? You can understand what she’s saying right? For being born in America, her Chinese is fine comparatively to some of my ABC friends who can’t even speak Chinese. Sour grapes for real.


      • Look, if you are going to do something, do it RIGHT! Her Chinese is crap, it’s not “fine”! She said, 上火,it’s suppose to be 生活。People will think she said the former, not the latter. Many Chinese people say sank you instead of thank you or lame instead of name. Is this right? Is this “fine”?


      • Who the fuck cares, that’s not even the subject at hand. Why teach a kid to speak Chinese if you’re gonna fuck a white man?


      • It fuckin matters! If you are going to post videos on Youtube or anywhere on the internet, do it right! Expect harsh criticism if you don’t do it right. It takes two native Chinese parents to teach their children good oral Chinese. If you have one native Chinese parent and one white cracker parent, then their children’s Chinese will be half crap!


      • What the fuck is wrong with you Asian people? Do the core issues just go entirely over your head?

        Did I MAKE this video? Is this MY video? I posted a fucking video featuring an obviously troubled half Chinese girl raised by two pieces of shit and now you’re talking about her Chinese skill?


      • I agree with you on one point. Most WMAF relationships are a complete fraud and it’s sad that their children have to suffer from this. These relationships are not based on love, it’s based on a common hatred, money, and status.


  2. I personally think Identity politics in the US may be contributing more to the mental health issues with Eurasians than anything. From the WMAF couple’s perspective, they may have gotten together out of mutual attraction and the desire to be happy together. Yet now, it’s become a symbol to others that just reinforces the validity of racial hierarchies, and a way to extend the white man’s guilt to Asian women as well. I mean, was it white men that told you that you were fetish kids? Or was it the Asian kids who joked about that more?

    Maybe the biggest problem is that hapa’s being a small group currently, don’t seem to have much of an identity of their own, but things might start to look up in a generation or two when their numbers grow. Maybe many Hapas will choose to marry each other and their kids may be more well adjusted. This might also indirectly help WMAF hapas, because they’ll feel less like outsiders and have a more healthy association with all aspects of their identity, rather than feeling they have to pick one side, or being told that they’re fetish kids.


  3. I am a Korean-American male, and most Asian American males I have seen in my life are self-centered, full of themselves, sneaky, and inconsiderate of others time, opinion, and over-all-well-being. So, generally, Asian American women who grew-up around that environment all of their lives are going to seek-out someone who is more secure with himself and has “more social reach” than your average, insecure Asian American man. It has nothing to do with money. These Asian American women “want some sort of peace” in their internal, private lives, and Asian American for the most part fail in that regards in the estimations of these Asian American women who seek-out white men. Now, when an Asian American man and an Asian American woman both fall in love and marry, that is a real blessing, and with a long-term marriage means that they both have found a match and many are gladly happy for them. The white men who are divorced from Asian American women turn-out to be assholes, and the similar type of self-absorbed, paranoid, insecure, control-freak assholes that Asian American men are. So, in the case of that pairing, it is better-off that the white man ends-up not marrying again, and same goes for the Asian American woman. Not marrying would end that perpetual cycle, because both parties are both selfish in a way that is not viable for a compromising, long-term relationships. It’s too bad that the children end-up suffering there, and some of them end-up “acting out,” doing drugs and trying to live life on the edge, filled with confusion and self-hatred. However, there are also happy white male and Asian woman marriages, because both parties have decided to really compromise and be really considerate of each other. There is a strong, and open communication there, and a willingness to understand one another. To be there for one another no matter what. In other words, in a white male and an Asian female relationship, both parties have to try that much harder than a same-race/same-culture relationship. When they do, there is a winning marriage. And, they also have the grit to be prepared to answer any types of questions their mixed-race offsprings have throughout their lives. The world is filled with very selfish assholes, with very few genuninely kind individuals. If both parties are not willing to work at the relationship, whatever race they are, they are both better-off bailing out and never marrying again. Marriage is for the considerate. Marriage is not for the selfish.


  4. Just think about how much worse selfish-assholes the Asian American men, grandfathers, fathers, uncles, brothers, male cousins, male pastors, pastor’s sons, pastor’s daughters, stuck-up Asian American girls, etc. are all around that Asian American woman all her life “outside of the everyday public school system” for her to seek-out a hopefully decent white man, who is more compassionate, understanding, being there for them, and has a farther social reach than the average Asian American man around her and his inconsiderate-asshole friends. So, it is the failure of the Asian American men all around her that made her do it. It was all too much suffocating, and she had to get out.


    • Another Korean here:

      I think you are ignoring a point that ET was trying to argue all this time.

      Sure, you can blame it on Asian male, I will buy it.

      If White male can provide such a security and marriage is really based on a love, why is that half-Asian kids suffer so much and becomes mass murderer and commits public suicide more than mono-racial persons.

      Perhaps, it is not what you are thinking.

      I’ve encountered many cases, while Asian women hugging White male than winking at me at the same time. Sometime, random Asian women whom I’v never meet invited me to her apartment while her white boy friend is in her room. It was most creepy moment I’ve ever seen.

      Asian women will pick and choose whatever is favorable to her.

      Also, if I wanted, I could take those women away from White male. I just felt too creepy and believed they deserve each other.

      Believe me, you are ignoring something big here.

      Good number of Asian women can marry anyone, if she believes male can provide good environment for her and it is favorable to her and provides exit to her problem.

      Also, she will do anything to avoid Asian mother-in-law. She isn’t running away from Asian men, it is mother-in-law.

      If you are Korean, you should know about this. This is same in all Asia. I am surprised you are only pointing things to Asian male.


    • Biggest problem of Asian women and also men is that, when it comes to marriage, often Love is not always biggest reasons why they marry. This is no exception when Asian women marries white male, also(which you are grossly overlooking)

      What ET is trying to prove is that:
      – so Asian female married white male and possible he is even a foreigner,
      – but was it really for a love or something else is playing here? Have they thought about the kids?
      – Do they know how to raise a bi-racial kids? Where they will live will be a good place for a kids?
      – If half-Asian kids face a problem, can Asian mother and White father is capable of providing good support to the kids that can ultimately solve the problem?
      – If a problem can’t not be fixed will they move to another places, possibly even oversea, that are good for bi-racial kids.

      Most of all, ET is repeatedly saying that
      Asian often women overlooked the fact that
      half-Asian male will be viewed as Asian male.
      Kids will go through same alienation and rejection as Asian male,
      coming from both Asian and White female,
      which can drive kids crazy. Despite he is after all half-Asian and half-White,
      Can half-Asian kids grow up normally in USA?
      If not, is it still worth while to go through a inter-racial marriage? If so what is it?

      Perhaps, melting pot is available only a few places and the rest of places are just plain vanilla which hasn’t changed much last 50 years. Given these conditions, this inter-racial marriage is something very dangerous ideas for the kids. It may be good for her but not for the kids.

      You are only thinking of marriage, ET is talking about the outcome of the marriage. There is a big difference here.

      Which part is hard to understand here? Are you a really Korean male? Do you have a kids? or are you just banging a girl?


  5. Either way.. She is not Asian and neither are you. Eurasians are more seen as exotic looking white people. And as an asian i just see them as white. Its weird that the author thinks Eurasians look Asian when they mostly look italian or Eastern European. Jason tobin looks pure white besides the eyes and markipliers brother looks like a dark haired Russian thats trying to adapt japanese style facial hair.





    • I’m guessing this is a woman trying desperately to justify her white fetish by saying her kids are white. This is precisely the reason why half Asian children are fucked, because they have such manipulative mothers who actually believe that their sons re white people.


      • Agreed. Why do Asians keep telling me ‘all Eurasians look white’ contrary to objective observation? Most do not look white and western culture treats them as full Asian even though they are not. That’s partly why there are many Eurasian lunatics. What is this collective wilful blindness and delusion?


      • Exactly hon. It’s this kind of insane Asian female coldness that makes Eurasians so insane…. have you ever seen or heard of those videos where those Asian women sit on rabbits, under a piece of glass? You have to really come in contact with it to understand. Consider that Asian females have twice the rates of abortion that whites do… it’s actually insane.

        Time will tell what happens to the children.


      • Hello, I have heard of, but have not seen, such videos. My logical side gave up trying to understand why on earth anyone would create such videos after about 5 seconds, after realising we are dealing with insanity. Yet another question relating to AW as a collective which I will never get a satisfactory response to. Why o why? Why O why do you think all Eurasians look white? Why o why do you hate yourselves? Why o why do you mock your own men? Why O why do you punish fellow Asians and Eurasians with your self-hate while spreading your legs for and kissing the asses of those who mock your brothers, fathers and children?


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