Remember “Balloon Boy?” He has more in common with WMAW Hapas than I realized; a Mega-Post on the Half-Asian Heene Family.

I figure now that I’m the top half Asian website in the world that this should be written about for posterity. I suggest if anyone knows of any half Asians to please be civil with them, there is much more to meets the eye with us. Majority of white male / Asian women couples are hinged on race… they know it, and we their children know it.

I remember when balloon boy happened – how crazy the story was. This was long before I started writing or realizing what was wrong with me, but when his parents showed up on TV – I was hardly surprised. I cringed just as I, as do a shitload of half Asians, cringe when we see WMAW couples. My background was crazy. Ultra-conservative white dad, conspiracy theorist, extreme anti-black racism, anti-feminist beliefs, and obsession with Asian culture because he believed Asian culture was more “traditional” and “honor based” and not as “degenerate” as Western culture. Then came a deluge of half Asians saying the exact same thing as I was.

Then came Elliot Rodger, Daniel Holtzclaw, Justin Novan Sullivan, and a slew of other deranged, damaged Eurasian males who all felt uncomfortable with their appearance and background.

actually just became informed today of how similar his situation was to mine and to other Hapas I know of. I will cut to the chase and use what other Reddit posters have written.

From Reddit user /u/Chasecross.

“Balloon boy” was more than just a hapa, he was one of the sons of Richard Heene, who was a racist, sexist, chauvinistic lunatic of a man who had absolute control over his Japanese wife and three hapa sons. And he was never above exploiting and, literally, capitalizing every single member of his family. Asian women love complaining about Asian men being patriarchal? They haven’t met this man yet

The Village Voice weighed in on it in an article called “More balloon family drama, now with creepy racism.”

Another former business partner, Scott Stevens, also clearly a deep student of comparative ethnology and the dynamics of abusive relationships, came up with “It’s a cultural thing, and he leveraged that knowledge. He believed that Asian women can be subservient, and that’s what he wanted. But it takes two to tango, and she was with him for more than a decade. Every day that was the dynamic in play.”

Of course, that’s what Richard Heene thinks too, only he’s pretty much good with it. Heene, apparently, snapped when his Wife Swap “wife” wasn’t deferential enough, and told her “You’re a man’s nightmare. I’m so glad my wife was born in Japan.”

Exactly what I’ve been saying on this blog, written 5 years after this article. I have said verbatim that White men know they can leverage their whiteness to get Asian women – and use this to get a “substitute” woman who will not balk at their extremist views or character / physical flaws.

More from /u/chasecross.

This is the first time I’ve seen you directly ask for proof for something like this.

Unfortunately the Wife Swap episode where the evidence came straight from the horse’s mouth has been removed from youtube. He was speaking of how his wife the perfect wife because her background and role as house keeper

All that’s left are some personal testimonies from an individuals who identified herself as a “former friend” and neighbor of the Heene family.

She’s a highly intelligent woman, a lovely soul. Man, she’s gotten herself into a situation with Richard and the kids. Whatever he says goes. She’s basically his slave.

“She so needed a friend. He kept her isolated and separated from everyone else. She honestly asked me one time, ‘Is there something wrong with way we live?’ She wasn’t sure that American women lived this way with her husbands

It doesn’t surprise me that there was a domestic violence problem.”

Another former acquaintance of theirs made a similar statement:

It’s a cultural thing, and he leveraged that knowledge. He believed that Asian women can be subservient, and that’s what he wanted. But it takes two to tango, and she was with him for more than a decade. Every day that was the dynamic in play.

Also note that since then the Heene boys were put into a “Heavy Metal” band by their father, exemplifying the objectification of Hapa children by WMAW couples whose combined narcissism at their “superior” half-Asian offspring often manifests in certain ways. It reminds me of how my father places so much hope in me in carrying on the legacy that he failed at, such that me, his replacement “white” son will be able to fulfill his dreams.

The ultimate irony is that the boys make “music” about how they have no been pacified by society – the ultimate white man’s dream – to be able to fight back against a society he feels pussified – and again, relying on the age old trope – how can you feel like a man, without having to be one? Marry an Asian woman.

Reddit user /u/digitmanner says it:

It’s a textbook case of WMAF. And the Hapa kids are dragged into it, and treated as props in all his insane projects. Obviously the 7 year old didn’t come up with the script of the “Not Pussified” music video. That was the white dad’s own rant against white feminist society, just using his Eurasian sons as toys.

The Asian wife and Eurasian sons, are just tools in the White dad’s war against white women and their Feminism. He was on Wife Swap twice, with white moms, and it was like a science experiment in proving that no white women would ever put up with the antics of White men in WMAF. The stuff he expects of his Asian wife, is like from another planet for white women.

He continues to exploit their Eurasian kids, putting them up to a heavy metal band. Even the magazine that covered it called it

The Heartbreaking Heavy-Metal Ballad of Balloon Boy

I don’t think Falcon just slipped up when he exposed and humiliated his parents on national tv. I think it was either his defiant intentional or passive aggressive attempt to rebel against being a mere prop in his white dad’s exploitative schemes.

Remember I said I had flirted with white nationalism and white supremacy? Famous half Asian criminals – from Daniel Holtzclaw, to Elliot Rodger, to Marcus Epstein – also did. It’s because we inherit our white fathers’ racism. Again, WM/AW, simply by being so common and aligned with similar goals (i.e., the white man as king) – produces children who carry on the white fathers’ political legacies.

“Balloon Boy” endorses Donald Trump for GOP nominee

Here again is the father, operating the sons’ Facebook page, making racist remarks against Jews. So yes, racism still is pertinent when a white man is in a relationship with a woman of color – particularly an Asian woman.


3 thoughts on “Remember “Balloon Boy?” He has more in common with WMAW Hapas than I realized; a Mega-Post on the Half-Asian Heene Family.

  1. I don’t see through problems you say here about Hapa I known as lot of afwm couples with male children they are pretty normal actually the ones I see with problems are the afbm children both male and female sorry to get anyone upset that are in a afbm relationship I have been in a relationship with my asian wife for a very long time we have 2 children one is a doctor and the other is a teacher


    • Well shit, commenters doing work and proving your points for you EW.

      Anyways EW, do you have any posts regarding feminism and/or race relations not in the context of hapas? Just your general thoughts? If not, it might be worth an effortpoast.


    • — “I don’t see through problems you say here about Hapa…

      Unsurprising… you don’t because you can’t. You’re just another solipsistic White male with an Asian trophy wife. You see Heene’s treatment of his Asian wife and Hapa kids as “normal”. You best keep quiet if you’ve got nothing to contribute here other than small talk and bragging about your “relationship” (as you did here: and putting down BMAF couples (whose Afro-Asian Hapa children actually have it better, on average, than children from WMAF pairings). Funny that you even mentioned BMAFs, but then go on to say “sorry” (LOL… you pansy chump)—which you’re really NOT, of course. You know that ,deep down, you hate Black males—and more so when you see them with Asian (or even White) females. You’re the typical racist White male who is afraid of Black men. And you’re no different from Heene, buddy.


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