Family on Australian Wife Swap Accidentally Reveals Bizarre Racial Dynamic of WMAW Couples

Interesting points of note:

  • Mein Kamp on the bookshelf, 9:01
  • 16:41, the Hapa children repeatedly call the white mother “fat,” “you’re fat.”
  • 20:04, repeatedly calls the white daughters fat and overweight to the white father’s face.
  • Utterly derogatory behavior of Asian woman, insulting and demeaning language
  • 5:43, pushing the whiter daughter into modeling – merely just for being mixed

I give my parents this; they weren’t that bad. Violent, broken, and loveless, yes. Their dynamic was strange, incredibly draining, but this is over the top.

On /r/Hapas the suspicion is that Asian women seek to replace the white woman at the white man’s side, as a kind of “superior” coupling, and tend to completely dog out and hate on White women, and Asian men. The fact that they are teaching the half Asian daughters to attack a strange woman for her race – and offer no correction of their behavior, means that it is learned behavior. There have been several comments on my blog left by Eurasian daughters saying they get harassed by their Asian mother for their weight.

Nice comment by /u/whatwronginthemind:

The WMAF family just had no love in it. It didn’t even feel like a family. Just like a business deal between the autistic-ass white guy and crazy chinese woman. White loser gets companionship and Asian wife gets half asian kids. These kids are the ones that grow up and become broken people. You can already tell by how they just attack people for being fat. How sociopathic is that.

I’ll keep this post short but it reminds me of this very telling video and article a while back – both which feature WM/AW couples harassing their white daughters. The similarity here is since WMAW is so reactionary to white women, (look at the Balloon boy videos) – there is latent hostility there on top of being incredibly awkward.


and this article:

White girl with a Korean mom thought she was adopted. The truth was more unsettling.

CULPEPER, VA — Jessica Kern was sixteen the day she found the missing puzzle piece that finally made her life make sense.

Growing up, Kern, now 30, had always suspected something wasn’t right about her household.  It was more than just the emotional and physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents. It was a deep and unsettling feeling that somehow, she didn’t really belong.

Kern grew up in an interracial home – her father was white; her mother, South Korean.  Kern was raised as a half-Korean girl, attending Korean school on the weekends and her mother’s Korean church.  But the mirror told a different story.  Her appearance lacked even a trace of Asian ancestry.  At times, she wondered if she’d been adopted.


At first, “I was relieved,” Kern told LifeSiteNews. “I knew something was not right, and honestly, the household was extremely abusive, so to a point, it was like, ‘Thank God I’m not completely related to these people; there’s hope for me yet.’”

I think everyone should pay attention to this website simply because the dynamic of WMAW is so unique that it is hard to say what will come out of it.

45 thoughts on “Family on Australian Wife Swap Accidentally Reveals Bizarre Racial Dynamic of WMAW Couples

  1. The guy that’s married to the AW in the video is definitely a racist and a monster. He is so weird and creepy that I’m afraid for their kids. It’s so obvious that he is emotionally disturbed…..I really don’t know why she would choose to have kids with someone like that. If Asian women like her are attracted to white men aren’t there some non-racist emotionally healthy men that they could date and marry? I really don’t understand why Asian women like her would marry a racist white man. It also seems as though she has some real self-hate issues. How can you raise healthy kids if you’re not comfortable in your own skin? Her kids will sense that and in the end they are going to grow up hating both parents.


    • — “…I really don’t know why she would choose to have kids with someone like that.

      — “ I really don’t understand why Asian women like her would marry a racist white man.

      — “It also seems as though she has some real self-hate issues.

      You answered your own suspicions about White-worshiping Asian women with your last bit above. Also, it should be dead obvious by now—with the very existence of this blog alone—as to why numerous (HORDES, in fact) Asian women are “the way they are” toward White males.


    • As a general rule, white people who marry interracially still like to consider themselves part of the white community.

      This is why white men with asian women tend to bash asians and asian men in particular. Even though they are married to an asian women they are still disgusted by asians as a whole, so they seek to distance themselves from asian men.

      A similar dynamic is seen in other non-white/white relationships.

      Imagine if you told a white man married to an asian woman that he would make a ‘good asian father’, he would likely be disgusted…


      • What offends me as a woman is how women like this would even consider marrying a man that hates or looks down upon their brothers and fathers. To marry and procreate with a racist is the ultimate betrayal for a woman of color. I know Asian women consider themselves to be white but the reality is that they aren’t, and neither are their mixed race kids. The fact that they hold so much hatred towards themselves and men of their race is actually quite sad because there are so many good Asian men out there. What these women are worshipping is lie. I can only imagine the conflicting messages received by children of these self-loathing and racist people. I understand that people date and marry interracially for a bunch of reasons. But doing it because you hate yourself or you hate the men or women of your own race is the worst reason of all. I date interracially, but I would rather die alone than to marry a racist or a misogynist for that matter.


      • So many people who date/marry interracially, do so as a way to ‘get back’ at the opposite gender of their race. Sad. And they then inflict that attitude on their children.


      • — “I know Asian women consider themselves to be white but the reality is that they aren’t…

        Oh, they KNOW that damn well within their kooky little heads. So, it’s not that they (Asian women) “consider themselves to be White”; it’s because they want validation and acceptance from White society—and by “White society”, I mean, specifically, from White males (they could care less about White women or Asian men, and these self-hating Asian women crave attention from White men, no matter “what kind” of person he is inside—it’s like winning the jackpot for them). Here’s the bloody truth about Asians within Western societies: Many individuals (especially among Asian females) measure their self-worth by the level of acceptance and/or validation they receive from White people. The more they feel accepted/validated, the more they feel “happy”. For them, this is empowering/intoxicating—and can result in betraying/forsaking their own “kind” just to “get ahead” (hence self-hating tendencies, internalized racism, inferiority complex, etc.). Don’t take my word for it, though… if you grew-up or immerse yourself within Asian communities and/or societies, you will see and experience this “phenomenon” (i.e., sickness) first-hand—up close and personal.

        Just curious, Natalie, are you a White woman? Assuming you are, you’d be surprised (and appalled) by how Asian women perceive White women (let alone their demented selves)—especially the ones who try to compete for White males (and demean Asian males). Heed this as a warning: Asian women DO NOT see themselves “eye-to-eye” with White women and have VASTLY DIFFERENT upbringings and viewpoints (morals, values, ethics, etc.).


      • I am an African American woman that used to teach Japanese. I was drawn to this site because I witnessed most of what Eurasian Writer speaks about. The mentality they have is definitely pathological. When I went to Asia I mistakenly thought that the white people worshipping wouldn’t be as bad as it is here, but I was wrong. In some ways it’s worse. My Asian friends are not this way. The ones that are still single desire to marry Asian men. But then again, if they were White people worshipers there’s no way we would be friends.


      • — “The mentality they have is definitely pathological. …but I was wrong. In some ways it’s worse.

        You’re damn right, girl—I’m glad you noticed (White males—along with White females, to a lesser extent—are oblivious to these as they are solipsists). Let me reiterate that Asian women DO NOT see themselves “eye-to-eye” with White women (nor with women from other racial backgrounds). In fact, depending on their social status, Asian women either see themselves as “inferior” or “superior” to White women. Worse more, they see themselves as “far superior” than African (Black)/Latina/Arab/etc. women. I bet you received awkward stares and, perhaps, even subtle forms of racism or discrimination while in Asia, huh? I know I did while traveling across East Asia (and even in my OWN damned Southeast Asian country), as I’m an Asian man myself—tall, golden dark-brown skin, well-groomed beard (I stood out like a sore thumb). That recent “laundry detergent commercial”—from China (for example)—paints a picture in regards to how the mind of an Asian female ticks (and their perceptions and demeanor toward non-Whites and/or “darker-skinned” people). Maybe you noticed that skin-whitening products (prevalent across East and Southeast Asia—even in India) are marketed via commercials, as well, in Asian television… yes?


      • I’ve experienced this as well. I look like someone from the Xinjiang minority in China and get ignored in favor of balding blue eyed white men.


      • — “…in favor of balding blue eyed white men.

        LMAO! Typical “shit-mentality” from Asian females across Asia orient (East & Southeast)—as you’re aware already, bro.


      • I’ve experienced all those things and I was really surprised to see that people from poorer Asian nations were very discriminated against. There really is a racial hierarchy. Yes, I have met racist Asian women, but they are pretty much passive aggressive about it. I think what caught them off guard is that I was aware of their tactics. It used to really upset me. But now I’ve learned to just let it go. If they want to be racist and believe that Africans are inferior to them, then they have a right to their opinion. And that’s all it really is, an opinion not fact. They’re simply not worth the time and energy needed to sit and worry about. Racist people in general are extremely insignificant to me. I’m only concerned about the opinions of the people I love and care about. Now, I have noticed the skin bleaching creams and it’s unfortunate. Those creams can do some serious damage to your skin. When I was in Asia a lady at the makeup counter even asked me if I’d be interested in purchasing some bleaching cream. I told her no thank you I’m more than happy with the skin I’m in. Anyways, I feel that Asians (especially Arabs) are in many ways THE MOST racist toward Africans. That’s why I was so shocked at how Eurasian Writer just calls them out on it!!! I’ve seen for myself the twisted dynamics that he’s speaking of. I felt I had to let him know that I agree with what he’s saying. Some play it off as though they have perfect families. But I had know idea how soul killing that environment is for their kids. It’s really tragic when you think about it.


      • Yup… I can agree with much of what you’ve stated.

        If Asian (along with Hapa) men are to find a lifelong partner, inter-racially speaking, I’d think Black women are THE most suitable (as Black women are more able to “connect” with an Asian man’s “soul”). Know what I mean? Too bad that most Asian men are too “gaga” for White women (in particular), and fail to see the high divorce rates of AMWFs and the “potential” they can create with women of other racial backgrounds (in this case, with Black women).

        I, for one, am very attracted to East African women and Arab or Persian women—as, culturally, I can relate to these women to some degree… myself stemming from a Islamo-Christian, Southeast Asian background from Mindanao, Southern Philippines (although, I am irreligious and now a fervent atheist).


      • You would be surprised if you know just how many Black women are attracted to Asian me, and prefer them to white men. It would shock you. Even though that demographic seems to be increasing slowly I feel it will still be very rare. There is a fashion blogger I follow ( who is Black, her husband is Korean , and they have two beautiful kids together. They really are an attractive couple. They appear to be a very loving family.


      • — “You would be surprised if you know just how many Black women are attracted to Asian me[n]…

        Myself, personally… not at all, actually—the Asian men who’re often seen with Black women are either Philippine, Chinese or Korean men. Simply searching for “AMBW (or AMBF)” on YouTube will show you just how many Asian men are in actual relationships with Black women or express the desire to be with a Black woman.

        For example, there’s this Korean guy with his beautiful Ebony queen (West African ancestry, I think) on YT and they’ve got quite the following and popularity. They just had a baby approx. 2 months ago—you can see the vid itself on their channel ( They’re a sight to behold and quite the loving & inspirational Afro-Asian (AMBW) couple, with a happy family of their own. Enjoy.


      • I’ve seen it a few times. Personally I love black women, I find them more attractive than white women but it’s to deal with the racism from WMAW parents in this regard.


      • Nope… your 2009 source is still quite high (50/50 chance and higher than WMAFs), and it shows a slight decrease from the info I gathered from my source (here [2002]: at an almost 60% rate for AMWFs at that time.

        Remember, times change, so if you can find a more recent study (2014–2016), share the source, as that’d be even better (I have yet to find one myself).


      • What you guys fail to mention is that across the board the WMAW marriages are only 2% – 3% lower than WMWW divorce rates.


      • EW, you’ve mentioned before (correct me if I’m wrong) that your mother never divorced your father—even after all the contempt and disdain your mother exhibited toward him (and the hardships you and your brother went through ’cause of your parents). Can you explain more on that (as to why she never divorced him)? An Asian man would’ve been immediately “sacked” if he exhibited your father’s traits and behaviors.

        There are more WMAF marriages than AMWFs (and, also, less divorcees among WMAFs), but—as your site and other WMAF Hapa males have proven (on Reddit)—there are also more WMAF families that are straight-up broken. All I can do is express my disgust and disappointment toward these types of Asian women (as these problems mostly stem from them).


      • @Z.J. You’re fucking dumb, redneck trash. You can’t even read and understand statistics. LOL

        “The stupid meme about AMWF having a higher divorce is debunked white man’s bologna. It was from a survey in 2008 composed of less than 100 cherry picked couples. Surveys with much larger surveys always show the opposite. WMAF marriages are significantly more likely to end in divorce than AMWF marriages.

        In most studies, AMWF couples are the least likely pairing to end in divorce other than AMAF.

        From here:

        There was an article published in 2008 that claimed AM/WF couples are 59% more likely to divorce [8]. Upon closer inspection, we find that their study had a sample size of 1,606 men and 4,070 women with a small % of Asians.

        A much larger study published in Feb 2009 with sample size of 23,139 couples (46,278 people) showed that AM/WF and WM/AF divorce rates were roughly equal. Asian/White marriages are more prone to divorce than AM/AF couples, but less likely to divorce than WM/WF couples [9]. What do all these numbers mean to you? Do you see yourself as a person instead of a dot on a chart? Rather than worrying about what percentage of people did what, you should be investing your time and efforts in finding, and improving your relationship with your GF or spouse.”


      • @Tim

        Oh… now I’m a rural, Southern White person, huh? Calm down, li’l miss princess (_LOL_). I’ll admit that, when I initially saw your short reply, I deemed it insignificant and didn’t really bother analyzing—thoroughly—that little image you showed (as I was too focused on my more extensive source).

        But, hey, now you actually shared a better and more recent source (more recent than mine, at least). Much obliged.


      • I know Asian women consider themselves to be white

        A few years ago, I remember reading a conversation between two asian women talking about interracial dating and their men. As far as I can remember its a link a friend sent me, it was a blog. And then one of the girl stated at some point that at some event or whatever she went to with her guy she “forgot she wasn’t white”, the other girl replied that she experienced that as well. WTF! It’s not even about obsessing over race, it’s just insane to think that way. It’s like me saying one day “I forgot I wasn’t a man”, look I don’t spend my entire day thinking about my gender, but you won’t catch me saying I forgot what it was. Again, WTF!


    • ” If Asian women like her are attracted to white men aren’t there some non-racist emotionally healthy men that they could date and marry?”

      Oh, plenty! They’re the ones married to white women.


  2. Right, so the asian women in relationships with white men see themselves as ‘replacement white women’. Interesting.

    I never really understood this perception of asian women being more traditional than white men. Asian women only have lower divorce rates when they are with asian men. Asian women with white men have about the same divorce rate as white men/white women.


  3. Dude, I’m not watching a 50min video, but from what I briefly saw the Asian woman had some valid points. Sure, some of your points might be valid as well regarding autistic looking white guy, but stop being a total beta bitch. That white mom looked absolutely atrocious, especially compared to her decent looking husband, and then what is being done to the daughters should also be considered child abuse. No decent, mindful parents would let their young daughters get that fat, significantly decreasing their potential for happiness as an adult, without some sort of action.

    Obesity is an epidemic in the west, and more shame, not less, is needed for this problem. Just today I was at my apt complex pool and in came a fat mom with her 30lb overweight 10yo daughter who was drinking a large Starbucks milkshake (extra whipped cream). The little girl had a huge gut that would make Buddha blush and that her shirt wasn’t even close to concealing. Horrendous parenting.

    As well, these types of videos do not prove your point at all, which I would think you’re smart enough to understand. The producers always try to find the most fukked up in some way couples they can find, and they could have just as easily found a white supremacist couple, or super studyAsian couple, or dumb nignog couple.


      • I think of race mixing in the context of “is the connection/love genuine?”. This is where I think EW and I would agree (correct me if I am wrong EW), although I don’t believe this is The predominant situation in mixed race couples.

        First, let me start with saying that I think most people would like to find someone of their own race, as this is only natural although MSM and advertising would have you think different. So in my experience most race mixers mix because they can’t get as good a quality mate as they can in their own race (fat, trashy white women with black guys; status conscious Asian women with loser white guys; educated professional black women that aren’t exceptionally attractive with hipster white guys, etc.).

        I don’t begrudge any interracial couple that has a true connection/real love, and of corse there are plenty of these couples out there, but I don’t think this is the majority of cases as EW has noted in WMAF couples. Add to the fact that the media pushes race mixing and globalism propaganda for the purpose of producing shekels, and we have dysgenic epidemic on our hands.


      • Haha, yes the media is pushing race mixing very hard. I think behind closed doors, most normal people want someone within their race/ethnicity.

        I agree with you on race mixers settling for less. The only attractive interracial couples you see are celebrities and I wonder sometimes whether those celebrities are paid to race mix, for the sake of career advancement.


      • Nah, not really. You clearly have no idea how TV works. The producers likely interviewed ten different WMAF couples for the show and these people were the shiniest turds of the bunch. TV shows are meticulously outlined and storyboarded months in advance, and the producers were specifically looking for this kind of WMAF couple.

        A Dartmouth educated studyAsian should understand the concept of ‘selection bias’.


      • And you clearly have no idea how the mind of an Asian female works. Regardless of the irrelevant crap that you yap about (which no one cares), WMAFs—the vast majority—are toxic, hate-filled relationships. Get it? Eurasians from this demographic—especially the males—with troubled upbringings and mental issues are the “outcomes” (and there are MANY of them—MANY). You see it here; you see it on Reddit; you see it on YouTube; you see it now, increasing, on Western television (regardless if it was fuckin’ planned); and all this will soon expose the true nature of WMAFs to the entire world (specifically and with greater emphasis within the Western world)—your solipsistic, low-IQ, White male brain refuses to acknowledge it.

        Now, you should change your username to “TriggerShit-for-Brains“—it’d suit you well, buddy.


      • Jesus you’re a dumb fuck who sounds OCD. Based on many of your comments you sound like a psychotic prime candidate for shooting up an office building or college campus. Stop being bitter that you were a terrible studyAsian too dumb to get into anything but a shit tier college. Now go back to 4chan.


      • LOL… the butthurt is strong in you.

        Listen… calm down, give it a rest and stop talking about yourself. Alright, “TriggerShit-for-Brains“? You are one pathetic White male bastard.


      • using racism to respond to a comment confirms that you feign ignorance, mock those who raise the issue that you ignore to keep the status quo (which of course favours white men)


      • @Anonymous

        You’re responding to an individual who hasn’t commented on this blog since June 9, 2016 at 7:55 PM (LOL). Prior to that, he was quite the “nuisance” (i.e., racist/bully) around here… until I taught the little shit a lesson on that very day. His last (and final) comment, above, shows that he’s lost, having to resort to a one-line racial taunt associated with negative Japanese stereotypes—which, by the way, I’m not (although I am an Asian guy myself). Very typical “bait” tactic White males use to further provoke Asian males when they’re losing a conversation online (along with “ching chang chong”, “small penis”, “eats dogs” and so forth). Once the White male has stooped down to this level, then he is not to be taken seriously—left only to be ridiculed or ignored.

        Racist White males—being the emotionally fragile creatures that they are—and when confronted by a strong male individual “of color”—will cower in fear and curl up into the fetal position, not knowing what to do nor how to properly respond (exactly like that White fuckboy above). Hence he is a bitchMY bitch. Now, I leave you with this YouTube video below (LOL).


  4. Ok, yeah the white mom and her daughters are fat. That’s beside the point. You NEVER say, straight to someone’s face like that, tell them that they’re fat. If you do, you’re either autistic or just a nasty, awful person. If you talk like that to people, like this asian woman on the show, to point of making them cry, there is something very, very wrong with you. I think the lady in the video is a very disturbed woman, why is anyone’s guess…? the kids catching on to it was horrible. Fat-shaming, and even thin-shaming, body shaming of any kind is just not socially acceptable. I’m willing to bet this couple has no friends because you have to be seriously socially retarded to act like this.

    She wasn’t saying, “you need to take better care of yourself” or “you need to eat better.” She and her kids just flat out said, “you’re all fatties.” In a nasty, demeaning way too. That isn’t concern, that’s contempt.

    Notice how she was nice to the other white dad, and carried herself differntly with him, but even she said to his face “your wife is fat.” And he’s just like “wow wtf is wrong with this lady I can’t believe she just said that.” The asian woman is probably thinking that he’s gonna be just like her white husband. She and her autistic husband don’t know how fucked up they truly are.

    I wonder why they reserve such contempt for white women?


    • That’s just how the average Chinese psycho bitch talks. Not so much in HK or Taiwan but from mainland…this is what you get. Only a retard would marry a cunt like this. Hence, she is with this fat German fucktard.


      • STFU, you fugly Hongkie scum. Hongkies, Taiwanese, Japs, etc. are ten times more white-washed and self-hating than mainland (read: REAL) Chinese.

        You mad that you are an insignificant little cockroach that the Chinese government can exterminate at any time it sees fit? Lol.

        Hongkies and Cantons are short, brown, flat-faced, and fugly.

        Your entire existence is predicated on licking the white man’s ballsack.

        More than sixty percent of Hongkies are utter phucking whores, despite a measly population of seven million.

        You were cucked for a century by white imperialists. Now you get to be cucked into oblivion by the CCP.

        Get phucked, ugly phaggot.


  5. As a white woman who married an Asian man, I will educate our son and daughter about racism when they’re old enough to understand. If my daughter decides to marry a white man, I will make sure he actually loves her and isn’t one of those loser waifu hunters. Of course, I assume she’ll attract higher quality guys than this incompetent buffoon.


    • this is one of the key differences of children of AMWF vs AFWM – I would imagine asian men, far from wanting their kids to shy away their roots and avoid trouble, will be more likely – along with their white wife – with teaching them how to prepare themselves for life as a mixed kid. An asian wife meanwhile, will want to whitewash their kids altogether.

      This stems from the social dynamic of such relationships – for white women wanting to be with an asian men, it is obvious that his race is not an issue. And for asian men to “get” a white woman as a partner, it’s obvious he’s come over some negative stereotypes created by white men, and is still socially confident enough to talk to said woman. Another words, they’re well adjusted.

      White men who seek out asian women do so because they are unable to be in a relationship with white women. They are social disasters, emotionally fragile, and were it not for asian women being obsessed with having whiter kids and seeking white men as partners for status, they would forever be single.

      As a result, those kids will be raised hating half of who they are, with no proper guidance to deal with outside stereotypes and influences e.g. Eliot Rodger


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