White Redditor With Asian Girlfriend Makes Small Asian Penis Joke

Another one from Reddit. Here is the archive. The guy’s name is Jeremy Haakma. His Asian looking children (most half Asians look 90% Asian) will know that their father said this about them.

His comment on another thread. This wasn’t from years ago – it was from 2 days ago (June 7th, 2016). Meaning that this man is married to an Asian woman – will have half Asian kids – and will be bringing damaged children into this world. Keep in mind it takes a special kind of man to have a penchant for Asian women – usually the most insecure kind who attempts to demean his only competition – for the race of women who are famous for being the most lenient on non-Asian men.


This is precisely why half Asians with Asian mothers and White fathers wind up being blow outs. No matter what we do in life – we will have a perpetual knowledge that it is our fathers who are White. And remember, it is literally the worst, most disrespectful people raising half Asian sons – so you wonder why every single criminal who was half Asian in this world has a white father?

These same men try to raise us as white, as “better” than full Asian men – but the world treats us exactly the same. My dad never said things like this (that I know of) but I internalized my anti-Asian hatred for a long time, not limited to but including the fact that I denied I was Asian for a very, very long time. I even joined White Nationalism and turned on all my black / non-white friends in an attempt to be whiter. The reason is fairly simple; nobody wants to be part of the losing team, for which women would rather take the most vicious, petty, and racist white men over an Asian male.



14 thoughts on “White Redditor With Asian Girlfriend Makes Small Asian Penis Joke

  1. White guy+asian girl= Socially progressive. Acceptable. CUTE.
    Asian guy + white girl: people say “does he beat you?” “does he make you do all the dishes?” He’s adopted for christ’s sake anyway…he does the dishes for me like a NORMAL, loving, white dad would! But this is people’s first impression: “does he beat you?” It’s quite the opposite, and kind of ironic, but geez, do we live in a sick society. Any white douche is the moral authority.


    • — “Any white douche is the moral authority.

      More Asian men need to grow a fuckin’ backbone, stop their pandering to White society and become their own moral authority (as Asian males have better sense of morals than White males). Exert Asian male masculinity—especially Asian men who KNOW they’re masculine—and become role-models for fellow Asian males, as well as for Hapa males.


      • Not only that Asians needs their own global dominant institutions as well like an Asian version of Hollywood and i’m not talking about Bollywood.


  2. You see these White males who sprout pre-programmed generic Asian jokes such as the small penis are actually deeply insecure inside. They are afraid and actually defeated souls. They lost out and could not obtain their own blood “the hot white European women” instead Blacks are running trains balls deep into these “hot white European women”.

    This small penis joke is just so desperate, is this all they can intellectually muster up??!!
    There are small penises everywhere, like how homo are these White males who are volunteering to be so called dick experts (LMAO ROFL).

    This Reddit guy looks like a total racist douche bag, you can see the fear in his eyes.
    This guy should go jerk himself off to this!!!!


  3. I never understood this obsession with dick size. If a woman told me she liked me for my penis length, I would be seriously creeped out!


    • Folks, it’s not size that matters to a woman. It’s how you use it. Not all tall people are good basketball players, not all short people are bad basketball players.


  4. Yap, Asian’s needs better representation in American porno industry. That’s the missing link here. Don’t need to make a whole lot of money, or become a lawyer. Asian male porno star is going to change everything.

    You guys want to really impress women?

    Learn how to do massage. If there is a class, please go there and a take it. Do yoga together. There are thousands of thing you can do with women at the bed.

    Believe me, there are thousands women who do not speak out but willing to marry certain Chinese guys because they are known to be more family oriented, supportive of women, wake up before women does and cook food. These women who marry Chinese guys from certain region tends to be mega rich, carrier oriented and very smart, successful and also beautiful. Words are spreading quietly.


  5. Believe me, whenever my wife’s friend marries Chinese guys and she tells nice things about his Chinese husband to my wife, it makes my life difficult.


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