Ripping into my commenters 2; Asian woman proves how fundamentally “White is Right” they are.

I no longer have to even try to prove Asian women are white supremacists. They do it for me in their comments.

I have to disagree with you saying that most hapas look Asian. They look completely caucasian to me just look at chloe wang daniel henney and shannon williams etc.

Chelsea S / Pho (In all likelihood the same person)

The actual reality is that most half Asians with Asian moms look very Asian and are uglier on average than those with Asian fathers, and even if Asian women like her – who have every reason to hope that their children will be white – the real world (outside of the deranged, knife swinging world of my mother), treats me as Asian.

Again, Asian women are adamant that their children will not be Asian, and they truly want to believe it – my guess is that this isn’t because of ignorance, but actual willful desire that they enforce upon themselves in order to psychologically console themselves and justify their “white preference.”

The more they believe that all half Asians look white, the less guilty they feel about exploiting their high desirability in the Western world while leaving Asian men to die. The problem is that at least half the time, we look Asian.

Remember, white men and Asian women have aligned goalsto have white kids, without having to put in the effort for the real thing, and to minimize stress in their relationship by going for their easiest / best option. It’s not a surprise that my father is so fundamentally weak, low confidence and obsessed with conspiracy theories – and my mother dyed her hair and wore colored contacts.

Two completely Caucasian white guys.

So, this, combined with the liberal or conservative white father’s endorsement and enabling of her extreme racism – creates children exactly like Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw. Ones who are told from birth they are white – but unable to properly deal with the fact that they are treated as Asian, hence extreme self hatred manifested in dyeing hair, and latching onto extremes, such as white supremacy, or better yet, the Eurasian lie.

Also white men make better father figures than Asian men since Asian men are narrow minded basic losers with some sort of addiction and they punish their children horribly.

Majority of WM/AW couples are racist, enabling losers who use Asian women to bolster their self esteem. Literally all of the AM/AW couples in my family are still-married millionaires (albeit with inevitable problems); while the WM/AW are lower middle class or languishing in poverty.

There are far more famous and successful hapas with white fathers and their parents are still married compared to Amwf couples which are very rare and short lived. You shouldnt hate yourself for who you are and the fact you are white.. stop identifying as asian when you have your fathers white genes it screams self hate.

Who? Like Zach King, king of vines? Berenice Marlohe, one of the few Asian Bond girls, and whose father is Cambodian? Elodie Yung, who almost got pegged for Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman? Dean Cain, the first Superman? Keanu Reeves – Asian father – who is a media giant? Asian men and white women have literally produced top feeding household names who represent American icons – and Asian women and white men have produced some of the most vicious criminals of all time, and at very best, very mundane, boring people who contribute the bare minimum – essentially maintaining the white picket-fence Joe Everyman.

She listed Chloe Wang, who looks white and has an Asian father, and then listed Shannon Williams and Daniel Henney who both look definitively Asian as hell and have White fathers.

So now Asian women, who actually seem to produce the most Asian looking children EVER, swear up and down that their kids are white; except when they do something bad, then Daniel Holtzclaw becomes Asian. Or Elliot Rodger becomes Asian. We literally cannot win.

The ultimate irony is that the sons and daughters of Asian men  / White women are the ones who seem to tend to towards “white passing.”

Emil Chau and his totally white passing son. I’ve never seen a Hapa who passes as well as him.

Want to know the REAL ultimate irony? While writing this post I just looked up “Eurasian” on Instagram, and found this guy.

10 thoughts on “Ripping into my commenters 2; Asian woman proves how fundamentally “White is Right” they are.

  1. I’m still trying to uncover the biological reasons underpinning why white mother seem to nurture better hapa children than asian mothers, perhaps it has to do with prenatal hormone exposure?

    Asians are smaller than caucasians on average, so babies with asian dna will do well when nurtured in the robust environment of a caucasian womb.

    I think babies can be in wombs that are larger than their race, but not smaller, so black women + non-black men equals good, and asian men + non-asian women equals good, but all other IR relationships are biologically weak.


    • Blacks are actually smaller than Europeans in most parts of the world. The only difference is in the United States where black people in the upper end of the spectrum outsize whites. But I would say they are fairly evenly matched, hence you have insanely big and strong biracial guys like Blake Griffin.


  2. Everytime I go out for grocery, if you don’t come across WMAF, I’d feel like something is missing.

    Came across one WMAF, a guy is around 5’8”, and a bit chubby, a girl is like 4’10” or 4’11” at best with high heels.

    What do you expect from their progeny? A white looking hapa that every women all over the world will swoon over?

    That’s where I don’t understand the mindset of Asian women. They are deluding themselves that anything mix with White will be alright and great.

    William Shockley will be pleased to see that his Eugenics mantra is working. He doesn’t need fertility control. He only needs WMAF.


  3. Excellent post and hits the nail on the head. Daniel Henney looks 100% Asian, I don’t know why Asian women don’t own that beauty instead of implying he is beautiful/a model/famous because he looks white (they may not explicitly say this but it seems to be the implication as it is blindingly obvious he does not look white to any sane person).


  4. hi, I found this:
    in short, Asian women have the narrowest pelvic inlet (hip bone) in all races,while white baby are largest. as result, WMAF has the highest c-section rate. remember, c-section has side effect such as inflamation problem, allergies, obesity. in some cases, it relate to some mental illness such as autism, adhd…
    although it sounds…politically incorrect, but remember, c-section is new. it was impossible to do c-section in most of the time in history. could it be that…WMAF is like genetic gamble? by the cost of both mother and baby’s fate.if she won, she get tall child,if she loose…both die…


  5. Did you just say that WMAF kids are uglier and look more Asian than AMWF kids? Please kill yourself ASAP. Nobody on the internet makes these distinctions between AMWF and WMAF kids like you. No one. Stop longing for death and kill yourself already or go out like your hero Elliot Rodger. You are too brainwashed by white supremacy to be helped. Are you gay too? That perspective of attractiveness in men seems a little too sincere, you spoiled little bitch.


    • @EurasianTigerisGay He is happily married man who is fighting against white supremacy …He will never kill himself because he has various missions/goals in his life…And now you go and kill yourself instead…


      • He’s mad that anyone can literally search “half Asian” and wind up here. Yeah, he’s mad.


  6. @EurasianTigerisGay He is happily married man who is fighting against white supremacy …He will never kill himself because he has various missions/goals in his life…And now you go and kill yourself instead…


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