?Asian Women Don’t Love, Part 2.

Any Asian woman reading this will know this is true. Some, who like Asian men, will read this and agree. Some, who like white men, will read this and get angry, but they know it’s true. For some reason, black women agree almost 100% of the time.

Asian women love an image.

My mother is Chinese and my father tall, blue eyed, bearded, white, with a strong jaw, a large physique, hairy arms.

But they didn’t love each other, and they never did; all they did was fight; all she did was nag him; insult him, degrade him, over, and over, and over. She used him to make herself feel better compared to her Asian peers and siblings. To feel like she was just as good as those blonde girls she saw in catalogues. White guys will deny this till the end of time but they don’t understand Asian culture. How cutthroat it is to one up your sisters, your peers, your friends. If you get a white husband you can do that. Better yet a tall, light haired husband.

I am a Eurasian son of a tall white guy and a cutthroat, soulless Asian woman so I have no reason to lie other than to voice my outright disgust for some Asian women and white men, and my embarrassment belonging to this demographic.

Asian women see that they have high value in the eyes of people like my father. All they have to do is play a game, market themselves as being traditional, subservient and get their “white lover.”

Conservative white men who are “sick” of the “liberated” behavior of white women. “Liberated” behavior pretty much just means: white women won’t be with me because white women have too high standards. They don’t like my meek behavior. 

Asian women have high standards too. 

But to them, a white guy is just a way to circumvent their search for a high standards Asian guy, and “white men” are just a step up, because they’re white. They have blonde hair. This is better than any Asian guy.

Asian women feel better about this. They feel like they’ve “made it.”

But they don’t love the man. They present an image of their marriage to the outside world but inside their homes they nag the shit out of the guy, they bully him, they pressure him to put on a show for their friends. Asian women are bottom of the barrel, mass-produced, white-worshipping trash and yet they expect their own children not to notice.

Look at the photo of my parents. My dad staring blankly at the table while the sisters chatted away. He was an accessory, a means to an end, that’s all. Why is it when you see Chinese women married to white guys, the child is shown off like a handbag – the husband nowhere to be seen? Why is it when you see these couples in public, between the bouts of PDA that makes everyone uncomfortable, they seem miserable?

They will have sex with him a few times but only as long as he keeps up the image.

Look at how many Asian women love taking trips to London and Paris, taking pictures of the buildings. This is just an image. Nothing else. The white man makes them feel like they’re just as good as the Parisian buildings, the Parisian street scenes they’ve seen in movies.

Years ago my mother took a trip to Paris, and she brought along her sister. Her sister, also, was conveniently married to a white man, and a tall one (divorced now). My dad stayed back in the office.

Their third sister was not married to a white guy. She is now a VP at a very large, very powerful investment bank and owns some of the top tier property in New York. Her husband is Chinese. She’s a devout Christian as well and arguably the prettiest in the family.

My mother? She died, she essentially willed herself to death, years after becoming so irate at my father for failing to match up with the “American dream.” He made only $40,000 a year. He was going bald. He couldn’t afford to take her on trips to Paris anymore. He even refused to live in Manhattan for fear of Jews and blacks, the place my mother loved.

When my dad went to go visit his family in his country bumpkin small town, my mother would scream about how she hated it, how she hated that small little town, where there were no street lights. She would beg to go back to Manhattan.

It wasn’t love. She only “stuck” with him as long as he provided an image. After all – she wanted a white man, so any white man could have done.

I’m surprised she didn’t cheat, to get what she wanted. And at the very end, right before she died, she hated him so much for not providing her the life she thought she could get with a 6’2″ or 6’3″ white guy, like she saw in the movies. Like many insane Asian women, she threatened to kill herself in front of me, and my brother; by holding a butcher’s knife to her arm. She would drive our car up to 100 mph on the highway and threaten to crash. She would throw knives at the wall and whisper in my ear before bed about how worthless my father was.

My wife does not like white men. She is Asian. The reason for this is as follows: she has told me that she wants “security.” She wants a quiet life where she can just raise her babies and enjoy a quiet existence. Very different from those women who dream of living abroad and mingling with white people to feel as if they’re better than their peers.

And now, as their son, I’m perpetually stuck in between. Being proud to be Asian is just ridiculous at this point. To this date, I still remember the horror of feeling so completely alone around white people, seeing Asian woman after Asian woman throwing herself at white guys. I had to actually go off to an Asian country to die, due to my self-hatred; a self-hatred instilled in me by the people around me, in my own family.

And now and then when I feel “proud” to be Asian I just think back to that moment that I realized that I was completely abandoned by the same people who are creating people just like me.  Any pride just slips away. I was robbed of a life because my mother had a fetish – that she had to marry a white man, raise me in a racist country; a white man, just because he was white, and turned out to be (since most white men prefer white women) a loser, and left my brother and I with nothing; no bed to sleep on, no roof over our heads, a father who didn’t work, and Asian looks to be humiliated and rejected over, and over, and over.

20 thoughts on “?Asian Women Don’t Love, Part 2.

  1. Are Hong Kong women different than mainland Chinese women? You’re mainly referring to Hong Kong women right? They want money and status.


    • I married a red head and now my son hates me as he was teased at school for being ginger. My wife hates me as she didn’t want a ginger son. She also hates me as she thought my non red hair would mean I wouldn’t turn out a drunken Irish fighter. I hate her as despite her red hair she ain’t hot in bed……What three sad loosers we are….


  2. My mother always showed she loved me when she is with her friends… But she didn’t really love me. She preferred her other children, she has already talked me to go away when I was a minor, but she has never told it to my sisters, brother.

    I am now married a white man, I love him, I love my children.


  3. Most of the white guys I see with Asian women are very liberal extremely feminine betas. I rarely see stereotypical “conservative” white men with Asian women.

    I know of one conservative type with an Asian wife and he is a very strange recluse.

    I’ve come to realize that most of the people of any ethnicity I’ve seen in interracial relationships are defective in some way. Which leads me to believe maybe there is something wrong with Asian culture seeing as how so many Asian women are extremely flawed as people. Or maybe the clash of western society with eastern culture creates this reaction within them but there’s definitely something wrong.

    When you hate your own race that tells me you hate your parents. I myself have wonderful parents who had an ideal relationship and grew up dating those of my race without even thinking about it.

    I know it’s considered a dated and backwards mindset by today’s mainstream media but people of the same race are more compatible and therefore have healthier relationships built on love rather than status or image. I’m quite sure had your mother bore you through an Asian father your mental health would’ve been stable and you would’ve had a higher sense of self worth.

    Either way good luck to you in your life and always remember that none of these circumstances are any fault of your own. As humans we all have problems and see the grass as always greener on the other side. Your situation could be worse. But It’s in human nature to be hardpressed for satisfaction. Which is what makes us great. The need to compensate for our weaknesses. It is what eventually seperated us from the animals if you think it.


  4. Sounds a lot like my situation with your description of your parents. Just wondering if youve got any advice for a Caucasian father of a Eurasian daughter how I can make her life run a bit smoother in a predominantly white western society or do you think the issues you talk about are mainly for Eurasian males?


  5. I’m now reading your blog and it’s breaking my heart how similar the sentiments seem to my friend in highschool – parents in a loveless marriage, mother and father literally sleeping in separate rooms and only together to “provide” for him until he was an adult legally, the mother used the white father’s money on her own luxuries, made the house as Chinese as possible and relegated the father to the couch most nights. And it was sad and obvious to anyone who visited, even long before it came out that they were only together for his sake. My friend is not the most stable man to this day, but seems to have a deep seething hatred for his mother as well – who as soon as she separated from his father, moved interstate to chase more rich white cock while she could still be considered “not *that* old”. I feel more bad for his father, who may or may not have genuinely loved the woman, but either way he has now been flung into perpetual loneliness to die because he married a woman 30 years his junior and nobody will take him at his age now. The whole situation is sad from every single angle, really, and I just wish people who wanted to fetishise the other race and have their cute little mixed children would realise how ugly it is 10 years down the line when the fetish has long worn off and you have no genuine connection.

    Having said all of that, please don’t despair. Plenty of people understand, plenty of people aren’t going to pity you or ignore you, but love you human to human and see past the shit you’ve been through. I know exactly how awful it feels to be a victim of circumstances that weren’t your fault but you still have to suffer through them, but that’s what gives you strength as a person. You are more than a shitty situation. You are more than a statistic. Sometimes those simple mantras have gotten me through when I was on the brink of silly thoughts.


    • “Plenty of people understand, plenty of people aren’t going to pity you or ignore you”

      Hopefully. I actually feel a great sweeping calm over me these past few months. I think this post (the one about love we’re commenting on) really sealed the deal for me. I feel SO much better having it out there in the open. It’s catharsis to me.

      I had a pic up there of my family but I took it down bc I don’t want my dad seeing it. I think during our hours (Oz / China) I will put it up then take it down during American hours.

      If you think there’re any parts of the website that aren’t clear or are too convoluted or unbelievable let me know.


      • I think you have to walked in his shoes to understand his painful experiences. You’re ignorant and living in a fantasy world. You are unable to deal with reality. You find simple answer to hard problems. Get out of your fantasy world.


  6. It seems that you are taking your own miserable experience and making it a fact, for all people. My reality is very different from yours. My parents had a long-lived marriage that lasted until death do us part. And a functional one. You are sadly racist against yourself. It is not “easy” being bi-racial, but I imagine that is is not “easy” being human, in general. Life is complex, and cannot be broken down to your sordid explanation of an entire group of humans. Thanks for spreadin’ ignorance, bro.


    • Oh please. The vast, vast majority of Eurasians are born from white fathers and yet we’re supposed to just ignore this as some kind of irrelevant coincidence.

      Spare me the lies.

      I can even go out on a limb and say that your father is military or some other kind of working class guy and mother a very, very desperate woman who wouldn’t have left him out of fear of being completely alone in whatever strange country she was in.


  7. Oh course we black women know. Hell we been going through rejection by society for the longest. Especially from our own men. Check out Tommy Sotomayor, Sargeant Willie Pete and Tariq Rasheed.
    and for a response from the women check out Brekelen Bleu video especially Stop It https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T715esc8fk and ve marie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXiTMLxdOA4 and we been dealing with sense the 90’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU6M4tORXps. So i right there with you. I understand you ardor for this topic.


  8. I have also felt all of these emotions. As you say, Being proud to be Asian seems ridiculous, after being abandoned by the very people who create people just like us, seeing the way Asians (women but also a far amount of men) throw themselves at white people. Feeling alone amongst the whites and feeling alone among the Asians.

    I’ve experienced more racism from ‘fellow’ Asians than whites. Racist whites are the uneducated losers (who Asian women love to have Eurasian kids with). Asian racists are the majority of Asians, and the worst thing is that they are racist against THEMSELVES.

    Asians are racists, and their racism doesn’t even have any logical consistency. I abhor racism but I understand it’s logic: to hate and fear what is different. The self-hating Asian racism against other Asians is illogical. You hate yourselves, and worship what is different if it is white. Instead of protecting yourself against outside foreigners, you spread your legs wide and kiss up to them. Traitors. Why do American born Asian origin ESL teachers get discriminated against in countries where they look like everyone else? It’s ridiculous. White people go to white majority countries and get treated like they belong there because they look like they do. Asians go to Asian majority countries and get treated like dirt because they look like they belong there. Overlook any personality flaws and moral and mental deficiencies as long as they have blue eyes and light hair.

    Eurasians understand this Asian racism against Asians from a unique and painful angle. Unless there are unusual circumstances in place, they can never escape from this situation. It literally runs through their blood and is reflected in their faces. They are the product of self-hating Asians.

    Eurasians understand they are valued by other Asians only if they look white and pass for white. It’s easy for them to claim to be proud of their Asian culture when Asian culture kisses up to them just for being white. It has nothing to do with the hapa’s asianness. White passing Eurasians KNOW this, and if they claim otherwise they are lying or deluded. If eurasians look Asian, other Asians criticise them for not looking white and asians try to envelope them into self-hatred. The attitude is literally: how dare you have a white parent and not even look white, (even though most Eurasians look Asian). Of course this messes up Eurasian kids.

    Asians want Eurasians to fulfil their own fucked up dreams, of being an Asian who looks fully white because they somehow believe that having Asians who look white will bring them one step closer to whiteness. When the Eurasian doesn’t help them fulfil this deluded fantasy (which is usually the case as most Hapas look Asian, or at least have discernible Asian features), the Asian then criticises the eurasian’s ‘Asianness’ and Asian features, criticises and scorns the Eurasian for having white genes but not looking white and well, for not being white. They forget ‘eurasian’ contains ‘asian’ and is not just ‘EURopean’ or ‘white’. What kind of impact do you think this has on a young child or even a young adult? To be basically treated less well because you didn’t fulfil your ‘white’ potential?

    Despite my many pleas, cries, and conversations, no Asian has every been able to fully explain why they hate themselves and why they take this out on Eurasians, as well as Asian men. Blame the media, blame colonialism, blame Asian men, but never stop to analyse how illogical you ridiculous self-hatred is. I repeat: No wonder so many Eurasians have mental problems.


  9. I just stumbled upon your blog. I am a 100% Asian (Chinese/Vietnamese) male. About 12-15 years ago I was going through a similar crisis as you did Eurasian Writer.

    At 5’10” with a muscular built and near washboard abs, and well paid job, I left my home western country to go work as an expat in Asia. Never in my wildest dream did I ever expected to encounter the level of racism that I did when I go there.

    As I kid, growing up in a nearly total white community, our family were the only non-whites in town, I experienced a little bit of racism but no much. That’s because I was always very sporty and was one of the star players on the high schools sporting teams, like basketball. As a result, I always had respect from both white males and females and there never were any issues.

    As I got older and move to the city where I wasn’t known, the level of racism I faced increased. Dates with girls become harder to get. Chicks, especially the white ones became a lot more hesistant to be seeing around with me. Still, I though life was pretty good.

    I was offered an opportunity to work in Asia a few years after my graduation. The money was good and I didn’t really have any ties, given that I had broken up with my hapa girlfriend over a year ago. That in itself was a tragic mistake!

    When I got to Asia, I started seeing the type of self hate behaviour from Asian females that you’ve described. You know, the I don’t date Asian guy mentality. I did see some of that in my home country too but it was just the odd girl here or there, that you couldn’t give a f**k about.

    Anyway, in the city where I was based, these type of chicks were everywhere you go. At work, in the shops, in the restaurant and bars etc. They were everywhere. Go out for dinner with white work colleagues and you could be guaranteed without failed that you will be served last and your meal will come out last. In the shops, the cute shop assistants wouldn’t even look at you let alone help you. It’s like you’re invisible. In strippers bar, where a lot of my white work colleagues would like to drag me along to, the bar girls won’t even talk to you, while making a big fuss out of all your white colleagues.

    The attitude of girls in normal bars were even worst. There was a few occasions where Asian chicks, who knew a white male friend of ours refused to sit anywhere near me and another friend who happened to be black. They had to drag him to the other side of the bar because they didn’t want to be seen with an Asian and black guy.

    That’s literally how evil and soulless these Asian women were. A lot of the time it was for the bottom of the barrel racist white guys you’re talking about too. My white friends weren’t in that category but a lot of the guys that these girls went for were. At first I was actually pretty naive and tried and explain to these self hating women, that some of these white guys they were putting on the pedestal were in fact total rejects and losers back in their home countries. That they couldn’t get a white women if there lives depended upon it. That of course always fell on deaf ears and made them hate me even more.

    I’ve always asked them too what would happened if they have children and their son was Asian looking. The answer was always the same, they will be white and be better you ie me the full Asian guy.

    Interesting that your blog basically confirmed what I though would happened when these couples who get together based on pure hate have children who look Asian especially males. Keep up the great work in educating people!


    • Are you really black? I’ve lived a long duration in Asia. I see a lot more acceptace of Asian males from Asian females there. In the states, Asian females prefer Asian males. Most Asians don’t like blacks in Asia. Many of the blacks I have encountered there are drug dealers and just out to scam people. The also commit most of the crimes there. Look it up, I’m not making this up.


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