🔥January 23, 2016: 20 Year Old Half Asian Thomas Wagoner Commits Suicide

This is the second public suicide of a half-Asian in one month.
Imagine if something was true: i.e., that half-Asians are born from Asian women who believed Asian men to be inferior, that integration was integral to a life of happiness, and give birth to half Asian sons who get bullied, consistently reminded by their own immediate families of their low self worth, and yet people refused to admit this could potentially be disastrous for their young sons because it would mean they had to deprive themselves of pleasure. How predictable.
“Wagoner, who was half-Asian, experienced bullying and racial discrimination as a child and teen”. Thomas Wagoner. Hapa ASU student that committed suicide by jumping off a building this month.
Archive here.
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Growing up in the tiny town of St. John’s, Wagoner, who was half-Asian, experienced bullying and racial discrimination as a child and teen at St. John’s High School, according to his family.
Still, when Thomas got to ASU, he seemed to thrive, Carey says.
“When he got to college, I asked him if he was still experiencing discrimination,” Carey says. “He said, ‘Once I got to ASU, I wasn’t a minority anymore. So I’m not discriminated against anymore.’”

Maybe not, but maybe he realized that like his mother, the majority of Asian women refused to see Asian men as human beings; a brutal nihilistic truth shoved into his face.
Well done, folks.

12 thoughts on “🔥January 23, 2016: 20 Year Old Half Asian Thomas Wagoner Commits Suicide

  1. The Eurasian mental health crisis, is part of the greater Asian women’s mental health crisis. Tiger parenting plus European colonial issues = molotov cocktail.
    The world’s multi-billion plastic surgery, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry targets Asian women specifically and profits from Asian dollars + low self esteem. These are Asian owned companies, Western companies, any other companies. It is not in the interest of corporate profit for Asian women and men to have high self esteem. I read that 50% of Korean women under 30 have plastic surgery, and up to 15% of young Korean men. There is definitely a global mental health crisis in most Asian communities, in large part because of the media produced by these companies, which needs to be addressed:


    • Yeah but that’s a huge oversimplification of it. The white daddy thing is enough to just destroy a lot of Hapas mentally.


      • I agree. Just knowing that your mom is asian and your dad is white, same as millions of other hapas, is enough to question why you exist in the first place and lead to mental breakdown.


      • EW,
        If you don’t mind me asking. Did your dad ever bully you? Did your dad ever call you racial slurs? Just curious, if you don’t feel comfortable answering, that’s fine.


      • No actually, I never was openly attacked for my race until I was in my 20’s. I looked majorly white when I was younger. As I got older I guess it changed. If I had so many emotional problems and was able to pass when I was younger I can’t even imagine kids who look totally Asian and get bullied by their dads. But you never know, a lot of hapas just really look up to their white daddies, in a slave-slave master thing.
        Best thing you guys can do is go out and meet these hapas. Pay attention to the ones who don’t really pass versus the ones who do.
        My dad was and is a huge asiaphile, a major Christian to the point of refusing to watch post-40’s movies, and a conspiracy nut.
        One thing I noticed that if even half the time people consider you white and the other half they consider you Asian, then you can’t just say, I’m half, half. You have to compromise in order to deal with the brazen insults to your face. Even if you look a little bit Asian (which I do) you’re gonna be treated as such, and a lot of Hapas just can’t come to terms with that.


  2. What was the race of this guy’s father? I think once he got to college, there were a lot of Asians. However, the Asians might not have accepted him.


  3. Being a hapa myself (WMAF), I don’t get your complaints about being rejected by white girls, when you, yourselves, reject asian girls. You are not being consistent.
    Start working on your own superiority complex before you attack others.


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