Hapa Krit McClean makes the news for public psychotic breakdown about Trump and being a virgin 


Original Daily Mail Link Here

Nobody will listen to us. Thanks to two commenters who sent me this.

Why do people think the children of the most one-sided, unbalanced, politically loaded, racist, eugenic relationship on the planet will all uniformly be okay? Confusion, self-hatred, self-loathing, having other Asian women make fun of you for being Asian despite having a white father, etc. etc.

Being the son of a white man / Asian woman can be incredibly, incredibly damaging. Especially with fetishes, racial hierarchies, latent racism (conservative white dad, abusive or mentally ill, cold, money / status obsessed, or dismissive, white worshipping Asian mom complicit in supporting an asshole). Nothing like it on earth. I explained it to death elsewhere.

I predicted much more, and I will stand by it. He had a psychotic breakdown as did my brother and I would have had I not distanced myself. I predict more. If a male model does it imagine the ugly / average looking Hapas. He looks more Asian than me but better looking. Imagine looking Asian as a Hapa, being constantly reminded that white men – even the worst, worst, worst ones like your father – are better than you. Keep in mind that Krit also identified as Asian. Imagine looking Asian as a Hapa, being turned down by Asian women and white women, being told to be proud to be Asian yet Asian women throw themselves at white men, yadda yadda yadda.

Reddit discussion here.

Whatever it is, it’s not love bringing these people together, so expect the children to reflect that.

26 thoughts on “Hapa Krit McClean makes the news for public psychotic breakdown about Trump and being a virgin 

  1. The general public is not getting it. They still think it’s because he’s a “crazy liberal” or something. This stuff is crazy.


      • Doesn’t matter. Read the Reddit thread on it. The mental damage can be excruciating. Especially with self-hatred and self doubt sewn by society. I have very strong intimacy problems as well. My brother is 34 and a virgin.


      • Also remember society sees him first as an Asian male. They don’t care that he is half Asian. Asian women hate him, white women generally will hate him too unless they are a rarer breed.


  2. I wonder what the Asian females would say about this? “Why bother censoring certain parts of his bod, it’s too tiny to notice.”


  3. I don’t see much about black women on here. Do you believe half-black and half-asian children suffer the same as their half-white counterparts.


    • — “I don’t see much about black women on here.

      You shouldn’t take it as a bad thing… know why? ‘Cause MOST of the problematic half-Asians come from ASIAN FEMALES & WHITE MALES. Their problems stem from a multitude of factors—parental, societal, environmental, racial, etc., etc. Essentially, their upbringings—and, quite frankly, neither of their parents give a shit about their half-Asian child’s overall well-being (because they’re mentally ill themselves). Krit McClean, above, is a recent and shining example of this (as in the past with Elliot Rodger, Daniel Holtzclaw and so forth). When’s the last time (or even in recent times) you’ve heard of a Hapa—with an Asian father and Black mother (or vice versa), for example—make the headlines for some crazy shit? Exactly.

      Asians and Blacks (in the U.S. or any Western society) know “what it’s like” (i.e., the struggles and whatnot) within White-majority, Western societies—and it’s deeply embedded in history. That’s why half-Asians, with Asian/Black parents, don’t suffer (mentally/psychologically) as much as half-Asians with Asian/White parents—and by “Asian/White parents”, I mean, SPECIFICALLY, the Asian female and White male parental dynamic (which is EXTREMELY detrimental and loaded). With that in mind, even half-Asians—this time from an Asian father and White mother—don’t suffer as much of the mental turmoil that WMAF Hapas do. Don’t take my word for it, however (as it goes much deeper than what I’ve just made clear to you)… read what this guy—the half-Asian author himself—has to say about all this (along with other commenters who agree—Asian, White, Black, etc.). Funny thing is, White males NEVER agree (and only a few Asian women do)… go figure.


    • I don’t know anything about them. I haven’t see some BMAW kids having blowouts, so they must be doing alright.


    • @Gabby
      No, I don’t think that Blasian kids have the same issues because their fathers (or moms) are well equipped to deal with racism and pass that on to their kids. They aren’t problem free, but I don’t believe they are nearly as damaged as many Eurasian are.

      Look at some examples:

      Tiger Woods
      Karrueche Tran
      Lisa Wu Hartwell
      Denyce Lawton
      Kimora Lee Simmons
      Yoon Mi Rae (Natasha Reid)


      • — “…well equipped to deal with racism and pass that on to their kids.

        Yes, exactly. The same can be said for AMWF couples—as it’s obvious, by now, what Asian men go through in the West, and White women know well the minds of these White males. These individual White (or even Black, Latina, Arab, etc.) women, who’re in loving relationships with Asian men, often exhibit high(er) IQs and/or EQs and are more able to empathize/sympathize for their Asian man—and, in turn, for their half-Asian children (thus nurturing a more healthy environment and upbringing).

        Hence it is Asian females and White males who ARE the real problem here (with their racial fetishism, blatant racism, narcissism, solipsism, philistinism and so on and so forth). Their messed-up children—who they’ve carelessly brought into this world—are but innocent victims of THEIR ineptitude. Dysfunctional WMAF pairings (which comprises the vast majority of WMAFs) deserve all the contempt and misery in their lives.


      • @Z.J.

        I’ve seen for myself how some Asian women will grab up THE MOST racist and hateful white men they can find. In fact, an East Asian girl I used to work with a few years ago married a white guy and had a son. But something just felt off about the whole thing. I KNOW for a fact now that she married out of desperation and she chose an absolute moron for a husband. She seemed to be really sweet, but I’m 1000% sure she’s not equipped to deal with the issues her son will encounter. For all I know she’s probably contributing to them. Her son, a cutie for sure, even in infancy, INFANCY, seemed to be emotionally disturbed. And it just always stood out to me because I would wonder how could a toddler be so emotionally disturbed? Anyways, as he got older it just got worse and I still have memories of her wrangling and fighting with him. Poor baby……. he just seemed so angry, angry at her, just angry at the world. And I was thinking what in the world does this little cutie have to be angry about? Now that I understand the dynamics of many of those relationships it just makes me think about her and her son. I’m pretty sure that he’s in a bad way, or will eventually have some sort of psychotic break. He was about 6 years old the last time I talked with her. Now that he’s entering adolescence and since I’ve been following this blog, I’m afraid for him to be honest.


      • — “Her son, a cutie for sure, even in infancy, INFANCY, seemed to be emotionally disturbed.

        There is a scientific reason for that that is linked to the biopsychosocial cycle/model intrinsic within all human beings. Hence infants are NOT just empty nor mindless “shells”. For example, if an infant was abused or has experienced any form of stress (even prenatally whilst developing within a woman’s womb), these experiences will be “BURNED” (forever) into the infant’s psyche—which WILL affect the developing child, into adulthood and until death, on either a subconscious and/or unconscious level (and I’m telling you, Asian women can be cold-blooded as fuck—even to their own flesh & blood offspring). This is an extremely deep and complicated topic, so if you want to learn more about it, I suggest you look-up Dr. Gabor Maté (the man in which I’ve learned all this from) via Web search or YouTube. If you want to be or plan on being an exceptional parent (and, overall, better human being), then take the time to hear or read what he has to say (accumulated from his research). Sample vid below.


  4. The comments here prove how most people just don’t get it. They think good looks = get laid often, and vice versa. The fact is, you need both looks (or social status or money) AND the mentality to get laid.

    Having looks means nothing to your sex life if you hate yourself and don’t talk to others as a result.


    • People don’t understand how rep the self hatred can be in half Asians. Especially when literally all your friends, your family members, are married to or dating white men. Asian women are explicitly white supremacist and treat half Asian men they don’t know with the same disdain. The feeling of helplessness and wanting to escape can be overwhelming. He won’t be the last one to act like this.



  5. This is just so incredibly sad! I just wish there was a solution, a way to get him some help so that he could work through his issues. He has his whole life ahead of him and he can still have a bright and reasonably happy future if he gets help ASAP. I honestly don’t know what can be done to help hapa men given that their environment and the people closest to them are so very toxic. I can only hope that somehow they are able to build solid friendships and use them as networks of support. Hopefully one day he will be able to heal emotionally and mentally.


    • After what this boy just did… he, most likely, will NEVER heal mentally (and, probably, has thoughts of suicide running through his head right now). What the ignorant and common masses just don’t understand—in regards to WMAF Eurasian male issues (which, essentially, stems from their parental dynamics, how Asian men are treated and perceived within Western societies and among various other factors)—is that some people can NEVER be “fixed” (after such traumatic experiences accumulated throughout one’s life).

      I do agree with you, however, that he needs “solid friendships” (pretty much the only way to help/save him now)—once he’s emancipated from police custody, that is, along with all that legal bullshit he now has to go through. His life, after this fiasco, will NEVER be the same again—self-aware and enlightened Asian and Eurasian men are the ONLY ones who will be able to truly understand what the hell he’s been through (and, thus, remedy some of his internal pain by “expressing” it). Hence the best form of therapy is, simply, via talking—talking to individuals who will understand him (Asian and Eurasian men). That young man, being half-White/half-Thai (yet “looks Asian”), certainly has a lot of bottled-up pain, anger and frustration… sucks for any man to be a virgin at his age (and up), but why the hell is he screaming about Trump? There’s “something” going on within his mind there (and more), that’s for sure. Therefore, men, such as “us” (not you, of course, Natalie), will need to reach out to him (once his ass is out of custody). After that, it will be up to Krit, himself, if he even has the willpower to express his mental agony. As for you women who’re concerned and what you can do to help him? Simply listen and show emotional support—women are (more) emotional creatures, after all (with men, usually, being more logical and emotionally repressed).

      It’s not easy being an Asian man in the West; neither is it for a Eurasian man—who’re essentially seen as an ASIAN MAN. Makes sense?


      • Well, I definitely hope some enlightened Hapa or Asian men reach out to him then. He really needs yhe support!!


    • I have never known one WMAW Hapa who did not leave or plan to leave the west for their “motherland” (East Asian or South East Asian country), male or female. My hope is that they make it although I assume many won’t be able to. I’m afraid there is no way WMAW Hapa men can hope to gain back their sanity unless they leave the white country they live in. This is what Krit absolutely needs to do. Even if they completely cut ties with their immediate environment and start hanging with a total different community altogether (black people or hispanic people etc), not sure this is going to work, as they have not been nurtured as kids and equipped to deal with the anti-asian men sentiment that permeates white countries (like AMWW Hapa men have been), and might still feel too inadequate seeing their non-asian male friends living a different experience.


    • It’s just super heart-breaking. I feel like to give him a tight hug. Somebody help him, please…
      If a good-looking, wealthy, educated hapa man like him, feels so terrible about himself, then what might feel those ugly or poor hapas. 😦 Inteligent people are aware of their problems and usually get depressed easly. That’s true that silly people have happier life.


  6. Hapas face discrimination everywhere. It is very psychologically damaging, no matter how much success you are able to achieve. I have received so much discrimination, social shunning, negative comments from asians, whites, and other ethnicities who do not agree with race mixing. We are often not treated well by our own WMAF parents. So there is no safe place for us, either at home, or outside the home. This can lead to mental break down, especially if your parents do not prepare you for how society will really treat you. And most WMAF parents will NOT prepare you for the discrimination in the cut throat, vicious world out there, because they are under the delusional belief that you, as their darling Eurasian, are “the best of both worlds.” And discrimination starts at an early age. I remember, already in grade school, being taunted, and called “mutt” by arrogant, snobby, blonde-haired blue-eyed little girls. The same social shunning continued through high school. And in college, I tried to join some asian/filipino groups, but received mixed acceptance. Some people were very nice, some people all out rude. I was told “well, you don’t look filipino” in a very nasty way.

    Like many hapas, a long time ago I once tried moving back to my mother’s country, but I could not adjust. I could not learn the language well (tagalog), I had massive allergic reactions to certain insects, and even my own family there was suffering from the corrupt government and social structures. So I came back to the United States. But every day, even at work, I am not part of the ethnic social cliques, and am subject to passive-aggressive snide comments from people who are NOT even Asian or white, such as “I did not intermarry because I want my kids to have an identity,” implying that I don’t have one. The full asians all hang out together outside of work, as well as all the other ethnic groups. Everyone sticks to their own ethnicity only. That’s just one of the many reasons my work sucks, and I’m looking for a new job. But it seems like it’s like that at most places.

    I have managed to find a few friends in my lifetime. They are either mixed themselves, or left wing, liberal whites, or minorities who are in some type of inter-racial relationship. It seems like those are the most easiest types for me to be friends with.


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