Critiquing the usual “excuse” of Asian women who only date White men

  • No other ethnic group in America divides itself as much as Asians do
  • No other ethnic group prizes it’s half-white children as much as Asians do
  • No other ethnic group constantly talks about how beautiful their mixed race children are and how their children will all be models. I literally challenge anyone to find another ethnic group that says these kinds of things – literally promising that their children will be models. No other ethnic group (other than Hapas) are filled with average looking people trying to become “models.”
  • No other ethnic group takes as little pride in their appearance as Asians do
  • No other ethnic group tries to “blend in” and assimilate as much as Asians do

As a result – half Asian identity – is all about looking as non-Asian as possible. It’s about blending in; i.e., removing all traces of your Asian features. So Asian mothers are actually complicit in demanding that their children be white. No other group of children on the planet endure this kind of mental torture. No wonder so many half Asians go insane.

Tracy Chou on Quora had this nice little tidbit to explain about how White men are universally more appealing to Asian women than Asian men.

I did notice that not once did she even mention true love. And my mother’s marriage to my father – based on the ideal of assimilation and lust, was one that came crashing down at age 30 when she realized that he was a loser. It was never love. For some reason – for all of the excuses that Asian women throw at their choices, there never is love involved, and looking back at my family photos I noticed that love was entirely absent from my mother and fathers’ relationship; just as it seems to be absent from Amy Chua’s photos, or from Amy Tan’s – it’s was all just an elaborate plan. 

White men can’t possibly imagine that “love” itself, from a woman, can be plotted, and that plot is deeply rooted in Asian American insecurity. Their confusion comes from their own understanding of white women – who they interpret “love” for black men as being about dicks. 

Assimilation into Western society. Having grown up in a Western society, Asian-American girls sometimes identify more with “white” culture (defined by things like than with Asian culture — as such, referred to as “bananas”, for being yellow on the outside but white on the inside. A girl who perceives the world from a Western point of view is naturally drawn to others who she perceives to belong to Western society. Unfortunately, a whitewashed Asian guy still looks Asian.

And so my mother, feeling as if she had the opportunity to assimilate, assimilated. The problem was that my brother and I did not. She mistakenly told us to take pride in our Asian heritage – despite marrying a white male with copies of Enoch Powell in his library. Neither parent was prepared to help us deal with racism, to deal with feeling like we were less.

Asian women actually want their sons to hate their own Asian features – because to embrace them is to go against assimilation. Asian women actually teach their own children to hate themselves. Half Asian pride is a joke – if assimilation is the plan – then wouldn’t the child have the ultimate aim of looking white?

Asian women actually view half Asians sons who look Asian with the same disgust. And you wonder why half Asian men want to be white so bad – or why madness is almost inherently built into our community?

3 thoughts on “Critiquing the usual “excuse” of Asian women who only date White men

  1. All of the points you listed about Asians are not unique to Asians but can also be applied to blacks:

    1.) Blacks are divided along color lines. Lightskin vs. Darkskin. And also along ethnic lines. Recent black immigrants from Africa and American black people don’t like each other and don’t get along generally speaking. Africans look down on American blacks as being criminal, lazy and ignorant. American blacks look at Africans as being fobby and uncool. Blacks are also divided along socioeconomic lines. The old Will Smith vs. Carlton Banks dichotomy. Suburban whitewashed blacks are seen as “not black enough” by whites and blacks alike.

    2.) Black people prize half-white children. If anything, it’s worse in the black community because half-black/half-white children are given an elevated status in the black community if they are lightskinned. Light-skinned half-black/half-white men and women are seen as superior choices in dating in the black community. On the other hand, hapa women are celebrated while hapa boys are often outcasted unless they look 100% white.

    3.) Half-black/half-white children and adults are overrepresented in the modeling world. They use the same Eurasian woman for every ad, but there are literally thousands of half-black/half-white male and female models using their hair, faces and bodies to sell every product under the sun.

    4.) Blacks also take little pride in their appearance. It is so bad in the black community that you have black kids placing their entire self-worth on $200-400+ slave labor produced Nikes that cost $5 to make in China. In the black community, you’re entire self-worth is based on your shoes and the freshness of your haircut. And having on a brand new pair of $300 shoes everyday is unsustainable in a society where young black men have the highest rates of unemployment, lowest wages etc.

    5.) Black people also go through desperate measures to blend in. Black women are the only race of women to adopt a different hair texture en masse to fit in with white society. Most black women’s hair is thick and densely coiled. But black women buy weaves that resemble the straight hair texture characteristic of other races.

    So as you can see, your logic is bullshit once again. Your logic has been swisscheesed like it got shot up in a California drive by shooting. Eurasian Tiger is GAY!


    • You fuckin’ low IQ imbecile… all you did was illustrate that Asians and Blacks have commonalities in regards to the socio-racial issues in which both of the respective racial diasporas face within the White-centric, Western world.

      Hence your logic is bullshit and his logic—this post—makes complete sense when it comes to Asians (specifically Asian females)—and Asians (who aren’t full of shit) can confirm this 100%.


  2. I don’t mind banging Asian women. The are usually Petite and have tight boxes. If she doesn’t love me thatsome fine. She’s just an object to me.


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