My theory on Krit Mclean, the naked Eurasian model – and his conservative white dad / Thai “submissive” mom, and how he tried to make them lose face


200a19c27aa22a7a41ca941bcdded707 (2).pngSomebody posted this link on Reddit. The NYPost featured a front page article about him, stating that his fight began in his parents’ Manhattan home– his father being a (presumably wealthy) 70 year old white man with a much younger Asian wife and a 21 year old Hapa son.

I also have a conservative white dad who deliberately married an Asian woman for her “traditional” values; and I have an Asian mom who deliberately married a white man for status. I’ve explained how this happened over and over on this blog. Just search for it. I dealt with many issues with my looks (I look Asian enough for people to use it as a point of disrespect and denial), but more so coming from a loaded home.

There are immense expectations to be a good little Eurasian child, to “represent” this pairing, to “represent” a merger between East and West, and to be a “master race” replacement child for both pure white children (since the White men hate White women) and for pure Asian children (which the Asian mom hates). White conservative men will attempt to “shape” or “mold” their biracial children to be perfect, as do Asian women, and the two parties are together, complicit, in a very, very political agenda.

Given that the fight started at home, and that Krit mentioned Trump, my guess is that Krit’s father was a Trump supporter – ironic, since Trump supporters are famous for being racist and for loving Asian women, and no non-white looking half Asian son would ever support Trump.

Realizing he would never be able to convince his parents of his pain, he did exactly what someone should do to hurt, as bad as he can, a conservative Trump-supporter-cum-white-dad and his conservative trophy Asian wife, one of the most loaded, status oriented pairings on earth. 

He lost face, but this time in front of millions upon millions of people.

Sound familiar?

The Columbia / Notre Dame educated daughter of a millionaire / billionaire Goldman Sachs Vice President and a Chinese wife did the same thing.


As did the Princeton educated son of a famous Oriental scholar.

What Krit did was essentially a Kelly Baltazar. I can’t believe it.

All of these crimes / outburst are starting to show a pattern;

  • Psychosexual / sex based crimes (Kelly, Daniel, Elliot, now Krit)
  • Self destruction
  • Disassociation
  • Large scale exposure to effectively destroy the parents’ image forever. (Sulk, Kelly,

Daniel, Elliot)

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87 thoughts on “My theory on Krit Mclean, the naked Eurasian model – and his conservative white dad / Thai “submissive” mom, and how he tried to make them lose face

  1. Just look at that damned video (along with other media outlets talking about him)—they treat him like he’s a fuckin’ clown or something. The Western/American media and society… tsk, tsk. Anyways…

    Krit’s Outburst — Trump — His White Father (a Trump Supporter)

    Your theory makes sense. And, now, he’s going to have to go through the corrupt U.S. legal system (via trial), where they’ll milk him for as much money as they possibly can, further causing mental trauma for the young Hapa (plus a permanent criminal record and loss of his modeling career). Afterwards… who knows what he’ll do next.

    Plus, I bet his White father met his mother through a Southeast Asian mail-order bride service—saw her pic and she just has that “look” about her (LOL). Poor kid… as he even proclaimed his love for his mom (and fashion) before jumping. “Broken for life” is what he’s going to be now.


    • Southeast Asian mail order bride?? Ru fckn kidding…. I’ve known Krit for years. his parents met just like any other couple. She was not ‘mailed’ to him. What do you mean she has ‘that look’ how could u possibly know what a mail order bride is? Smh


      • — “She was not ‘mailed’ to him.

        For you to even point that out shows that you’re a dumb fuck. Okay?

        And you’ve known Krit for years, huh? Do tell.


  2. I’ve read through some of your blog posts. Although many things you said I agree with, I find that you’re desperate to spotlight hideous and unsuccessful WM/AF offspring, which stems from your ongoing affliction because of your upbringing.

    I do agree that many degenerate or limp-wristed white men flock to Asian women because of their easy access (white-male lust). Such couples often spawn damaged children because the parents are inherently narcissistic and weak-willed from the very start. It is a wonderful formula for a destroying childhoods.

    However, this isn’t a unique phenomenon among WM/AF relationships. This occurs in many relations that vary in racial dynamics and cultural backgrounds. I hate to break it to you, but most people are neurotic and are incapable of raising healthy children. It just so happens that the children of WM/AF tend to look less desirable than expected because such parents were never that attractive to begin with. It was lust that bewitched them into thinking they found their very own diamond.

    All in all, you need to absolve your anger and any afflictions you have because of your upbringing. I grew up in an abusive environment very similar to your own, and my parents were both white. I was quite cynical like you until I swallowed my pride and self-pity, and sought to better myself in all facets suitable for my strengths. You look pathetic when you desperately try to rationalize your short-comings time and time again by highlighting other afflicted offspring. It’s saddistic, and your projecting your insecurities.

    Be a man and overcome. One reason you’re undesirable is because you have become a male shrew.


  3. Eurasian Writer, I’m hapa WMAF and want to get your take on things. I’ve known about this site for a while, but kind of dismissed it. With a title like that it just seemed like Elliot’s manifesto. I do know the hapa community has issues and I’ve certainly suffered from them. What caught my eye was another post where you mentioned moving to China. Did you write a post on your rationale?

    I’ll explain my situation.

    My dad is a Jewish beta guy. Growing up he’d always go off on how he hated White women and only found Asian and Black women attractive. Even then, he’d say he liked my mom (Hakka) because she doesn’t look like other Asian women (I assume he meant Thai). Grandparents on my mother’s side were angry about their relationship and didn’t want them to marry. They only softened once my older sister and I were born.

    Older sister is now a liberal feminist high school teacher. Her students are all poor blacks.

    Growing up my dad was basically a loser. My mom worked in corporate 60 hours a week in her home office. She’d be in the house, but always working, so I never saw her. It was like a mockery to know she was there, but not being a parent to me. My dad also worked, but made half as much money as she did. I ended up identifying with him a lot because he’s male, of course, but also because he was around more often. But I also felt kind of uneasy about looking adopted next to him. He’s blonde and I look…kind of like Elliot, really.

    I was raised Jewish. At my Bar Mitzvah, 75% of the people were Chinese. The after party was held at a Chinese restaurant. Later on I would reject Judaism, a religion that no one else in my family follows. My Chinese family is Christian and my dad’s brothers converted to Christianity too.

    I also grew up in a 99% Italian Catholic town. Not only was I the only Hapa, but also the only Asian in general. It was extremely isolating.

    My father used to say how much he hated China for being a communist country. I guess he saw himself as some kind of White savior for marrying my mother? My mother went to China for a month when I was about five. My father had a nervous breakdown and thought she was going to leave the family.

    As a teenager I was extremely depressed and had no goals or direction in life. I was just completely empty. My mother was always working and my dad was too weak to be a proper father. I had few friends and was terrible with women. My first crush was a Polish immigrant, but I felt guilty considering all the bad things my father said about White women.

    I went to one of the best high schools in my state; it even required an admissions test. But I had no direction in life. For college, my dad convinced me to live at home and go to a cheap local college. At the time, my mother wasn’t around and he was the only male role model I had. I didn’t realize yet what a toxic influence he was because there were no other influences at all. I would drive from my house to college every morning and imagine crashing my car into a wall. I was deeply depressed and suicidal.

    Five years ago, I was nineteen years old, and I finally reached my breaking point. I decided that I couldn’t get any more depressed, so I’d either turn my life around or kill myself the next day. I dropped out of school to reevaluate my life and have done pretty well so far. I’ve cured my depression and returned to college. I graduated last year.

    My parents divorced when my dad started having affairs with poor Black women. He was emasculated by my mother always making more money than him. I cut off contact with my father afterwards and haven’t spoken to him in two years.

    My mother was laid off in 2008 and my relationship with her has improved. After divorcing my father, she’s realized a lot of her mistakes. I want her to understand hapa problems though and I don’t think she really does.

    Right now my plan is to find a better society and move there. I grew up in an Italian-Catholic town and never fit in. But I studied abroad in Shanghai for two months and had a great time. My Chinese host family were incredibly kind and welcoming. I went to China with almost zero Mandarin skills, but have studied a lot over the past two years. Now my plan is to go back to China for a year of studying Mandarin. Honestly, I want to find a Chinese woman to marry, so if I have children, they’ll be 75% Chinese and look almost 100%.

    But to do that and really integrate in society, I need to learn Mandarin. Also, I went to an underwhelming undergrad because I listened to my father’s bad advice. I actually had an argument with my mother recently. I told her that I wish she had been a tiger mom, so at least I’d have some success under my belt. So now I want to get into a good master’s program in China like Fudan University.

    But I heard you moved to China. Is this all fantasy? Or is it a real solution to hapa problems? What is the solution? I’m new to the site, so if you can suggest some of your posts I would really appreciate it.

    I also heard Hawaii might be a good bet due to the mixed population…it’s where the term hapa comes from after all.

    Would it make more sense to learn Russian and move to Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, etc.)?

    How can I talk to my mother about these issues and make her understand the problem?

    I’m not sure I agree with all your views. I’m new to the site, so I’m not sure what they all are yet
    anyway. But we can agree that there is a serious problem in the hapa community. I applaud your efforts to address it.

    Oh, and I used to post on happierabroad under the same username.


    • Dave, my advice, for your mental state, move to China, make connections, change your last name, say your dad is Chinese, and you’re good. Trust me. Get as far away from your parents as you can.


    • *The username on happier abroad is abcdavid01. Comments on that site may not reflect my current viewpoints.

      I also have cousins who live on a farm in rural Maryland. Their father is Hispanic and mother Chinese. There’s six children, three older girls and three younger boys. Their Chinese grandparents also live with them and manage the farm. I don’t think they have too many problems with being mixed race. They seem well integrated and I feel very sad at having been unable to grow up with them.

      Their grandparents support Trump. So do I. Actually, I’m a pretty hard conservative on things besides my liking for Communist China. Culturally, China isn’t as liberal as America and the Communist Party actively tries to suppress that kind of thought. Instead I’m used to American-Chinese, especially women, being hard Democrats and advocating for social justice crap. They’re the same type that go on about Free Tibet, which I view as CIA propaganda from the Cold War. I don’t like the idea of multiculturalism because it separates the races. Hapa can’t be fully White or Asian, so multiculturalism leaves nothing to identify with. Instead I prefer nationalism. Under nationalism, I could have an identity as an “American” regardless of race. That’s why I like Trump.

      But I suspect you have a different viewpoint? Can you explain what I might be missing?


      • > Can you explain what I might be missing?

        If your features were a millimeter off and you looked fully Chinese your life view would be entirely different. Look in the mirror next time and think about that.


      • Okay, I’ll think about that.

        But your father was conservative, right? That might explain our different experiences. My father hated Communism, but he’s pretty liberal. He’s the type that only dates minorities and thinks he’s a better person for doing so. Like he’s combating White supremacy by hating his own race. According to him, my sister and I are supposed to represent some kind of enlightened, liberal, multicultural future. Reality paints a different story, as you and I both know. His views are just as racist, but in a backwards sort of way. So maybe that explains why we have a different perspective too, what with you having a conservative father.


      • Listen, I’ve been working on the ultimate guide for Half Asians the past month. I’m working on polishing then I will publish it. I highly recommend that you read it for the sake of your sanity.


      • I will, certainly. You’re doing good work with this site. Hapas are such a small population anyway, so it’s pretty hard for there to be any sort of voice. People of all races in America hear about Black problems or Hispanic problems, but never Hapas. We’re too small a population to matter.


      • Thank you. Ultimately the point of this website is: A) help other Half Asians who have bad parents, B) help other non-interested people who feel slight twangs of discomfort seeing these couples, C) explain Eurasian outbursts like ER or more recently like Krit McClean.


      • Okay, so I read the sticky. I think the most interesting thing is, we seem to have had inverse experiences. My mom may have wanted to get with a White man. But far more explicit was my father’s self-hatred and fetish for minority women. It’s just as racist and has just as bad consequences. Instead of being an anti-Semite like your dad, mine was a Jew. He thought he was doing the world a favor by fetishizing minority women and hating Whites. But he also lacked confidence, didn’t have many friends, avoided eye contact, etc.

        Growing up I took after my father in a lot of these traits. Lack of friends, awkwardness, avoiding ere contact. My mom thought the problem was “autism” and I used to have violent arguments with her about it. I knew I wasn’t autistic. You’re a little older than me, so that whole “autism” phenomenon probably wasn’t as prevalent in your time. But it wasn’t until five years ago I that started seeing the real problems with race. I’m far more confident and nobody would think I’m “autistic” now, which is practically a racist label for awkward Asian IT geeks.

        Instead of being a Tiger mom, my mother just worked in her home office. I never saw her besides when she tried to take me to psychologists for my supposed “autism” problem, So I came to resent her for not guiding or encouraging me. Even with a tiger mom, at least I’d have had some accomplishments. It’s not like I could have hated her much more anyway. Instead my childhood was largely worthless. It doesn’t matter how smart or naturally gifted someone is when that talent isn’t nurtured. Instead of being a tiger mom, mine was neglectful.

        But my mom was dissatisfied with my dad too. He’s White, but as far from “prince charming” as can be.

        Like I said, it was my dad in particular who had problems with fetishization. He thought he was being a real “progressive” by having mixed race kids. Once I grew up and realized how messed up our family is, I started arguing with him about it. What’s the best way to attack a supposed “progressive” Jew? Well I scared him empty by acting like an authoritarian. I wanted to become his worst nightmare. A real Nazi, haha.

        So it’s interesting to see how our experiences were almost mirror images, but also so similar.

        I suppose you see conservatism as promoting White interests. The kind of White supremacy and propaganda that leads to Asian women having fetishes. But for me, it was my father who had the real fetish. I’m sure both of my parents did, but he was by far the most blatant about it. Unapologetic even. He hates White women like so many Asian females hate Asian men. And I came to hate liberalism for promoting race-mixing as if it carries no consequences. I came to hate the liberal idea that “tolerance” and “multiculturalism” could solve my problems, when reality told a very different story.

        Instead I found myself longing for a monoculture where I could fit in: China. It’s pretty nationalist these days too.

        So maybe it’s fair to say that the messages from both sides of the aisle are bad. In America, conservatism and liberalism have no way to really help Hapas. They both promote bad messages for us. Anti-China propaganda is still rampant from both sides. Republicans hate China for being Godless, soulless Communists. Democrats hate China for not being democratic and human rights issues like Tibet. That’s one thing Republicans and Democrats can both agree on: China is a bad place.

        I get mad at my mother and other members of my family for promoting it. It’s the kind of attitude where they think they’re so much better than those unrefined mainlanders. Diaspora who are quicker to look down on their fellow Chinese than take pride in China’s accomplishments. That makes me sick too.

        There’s really no winning.


      • I hope one of your goals ultimately becomes how to help WMAF parents navigate through parenthood and raise successful children.

        I am a white American man married to an Asian lady with young sons. I spent most of my adult life living in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Unfortunately, it’s obvious to me that you are correct. I know so many boys and young men from from WMAF couples living both in Asia and the US who are totally screwed up.

        I stumbled across your website because I was trying to better understand WMAF family dynamics in an attempt to be a better parent and raise confident, successful sons.


      • Do your kids look more Asian than white. One thing you could do is quit being racist towards Asian people.


      • Although my son is an amwf Hapa, I earlier did ask for help and advice, but unfortunately I did not receive it. Although I am told he will be OK because the pairing he is from is not toxic or based on hatred, I am still concerned with how American society will see him and treat him. From reading the blog, beyond generalities there is not a ton of advice that is geared towards white parents.


      • Hapa males can become successful provided they’re well socialized. We have enough of our own communities now to help. R/hapas seeks to mobilize them in order to help each other.


      • @svetasbooks

        — “From reading the blog, beyond generalities there is not a ton of advice that is geared towards white parents.

        This is, after all, primarily about exposing “The Truth About Asian Women and White Men” (and the effects of THEIR toxic racial dynamic on THEIR offspring). Many WMAF Hapas, as it should be obvious by now, come from broken homes/families (and with tumultuous upbringings), so many of ’em—as a result—are unable to truly grasp “what it’s like” being raised with loving parents and from a nurturing & stable home environment (hence, for example, their more successful & healthy counterparts: AMWF Hapas). With that in mind, how can a WMAF Hapa—who’ve suffered from his/her parental dynamic and host society (most Hapas are born and raised in Western societies)—give sound parental advice to the White parents (male or female) of half-Asian children? Many grow up to be failures or mediocres themselves (not entirely their fault, of course). Although, there are exceptions among the downtrodden WMAF Hapas who exhibit the mental acuity to see their parents (and society) for what they truly are—hence Eurasian Writer, for one. While, indeed, “there is not a ton of (SPECIFIC) advice that is geared towards white parents“, however, the truth that’s being shown (and discussed) on this blog should also serve as a means of educating the White parents of half-Asian children (and what they can possibly and/or eventually go through)—thus, in a way, it IS advice—with White women, such as yourself, being more receptive & considerate to what’s being said here (the same can seldom be said for White males and Asian females, though—seen time and time again on this site via their constant denial and bickering).

        — “…I am still concerned with how American society will see him and treat him.

        It’s not just the American society but Western society as a whole. Know now that it’s not easy being an Asian male in the West; neither is it for a Eurasian male (which your young son is and will eventually realize)—with the latter who’re essentially perceived/seen as an “Asian male”, as well, within the minds of “Westerners”. Since you are the mother of a half-Asian boy, I recommend that you have some alone time with your man… have you ever discussed with him how his experiences were like growing up as an Asian male in America/the West (that is, if he grew up within America or any Western country in the first place)? Your primary source for “help and advice” is right there by your side (unless he left you/you left him, he’s unreliable/a deadbeat or whatnot). You can also do some self-reflection—e.g., how did you see Asian (or Eurasian) males whilst growing up in America(?); your thoughts regarding how Asian males are treated within the West(?); or how do others treat you and your man (and son) when out in public? Learn from these experiences and impart them with your child. Additionally, it’d be wise if you seek or stumble upon advice (online or not) from other AMWFs (with Hapa kids of their own) and/or other Asian or Eurasian men who know “what it’s like” persisting in such societies (i>Reddit’s /r/Hapas or /r/AznIdentity are just two examples). To sum up this paragraph, while it’s often true that White mothers & Asian fathers produce exceptional Eurasian children (in contrast to WMAFs), that is often due to the Hapa child having an Asian father present in the first place—for Asian men know, firsthand, the struggles we face within the Western world and how to cope (with the White mother following suit, showing understanding and support for their Asian man—thus carrying unto their kids). Not the case for many WMAFs (and, unfortunately, THEIR children)… remember the mentally ill “White Chasers” and his nonsense on “fetishes are normal”? Yeah… THOSE are the “kinds” of White males that often go on to raise, likewise, mentally ill Hapas with Asian females.

        This has been lengthy, but more advice can be read with the following link below—if you haven’t already, EW’s post explains, in detail, why WMAFs are so toxic (thus alluding to the fact NOT to emulate such “toxicity”). Furthermore, in the comments section, I expand upon it via discourse with Duoduo (another White female in a relationship with an Asian male). I suggest you check it out for further insight and understanding. Use the knowledge that you’ll gain in order to better the life of your Eurasian child—you will never encounter a White male (online or otherwise) discuss in depth what I am specifically discussing with you right this moment.


      • Svetas, the issue isn’t being so much Eurasian as it is having retarded parents who were together for the wrong reasons. Assuming you don’t do that you’ve already won half the battle.


      • @Z.J both the father and I are immigrants; I am an ethnic minority from Russia and he from Hong Kong. Both of us lived in America since 1994. He came to U.S at 17 and I was 8 and a half. While I am interested in learning about racism as well as history behind it, baby’s father is not and doesn’t talk about it.

        All I can say is good suggestions. I am not perfect and it would be wrong of me to claim myself as perfect or never making mistakes. Father is in baby’s life, and from my personal observations of him, father is a workaholic who, I feel, puts work and studies first above everything. He does not share much about his personal life nor experiences, and from what I can see, he and I are different people when it comes to priorities or even enjoying things.


      • @svetasbooks

        Hmmm… seems like your guy is the typical Asian male from Asia (what Asian-Americans would jokingly or derogatively call a “FOB”)—cold, aloof, stern. Have Asian male friends who are like that as well and, to some degree, I’m the same (despite being a 2nd generation Asian-American myself). For the most part, it all has to do with our Asian parents and upbringings.

        Keep in mind that your s/o is an “Asian Asian” and not an Asian-American—he DOES NOT have extensive knowledge nor the experiences that many Asian (AND Eurasian) males have gone through in America/the West. You’re gonna have to rely on the knowledge and experiences provided by Western-born or raised Asian men (such as myself) or Eurasian men (such as EW)—hence where Reddit’s /r/Hapas or /r/AznIdentity comes in.

        At least, though, your child has his father—and mother—present (that’s already a “winning” sign). Hell, if I was in your man’s shoes, one way to make me open up to you is right after an “intimate moment” (use your imagination… LOL). Y’know… “pillow talk”. But hey, that’s just me. All Asian men have different personalities and backgrounds, yet we also have a “deeper side”… “poke and prod”, see what you can get out (don’t make it feel like an interrogation, though).


    • According to various news sources, “only minor injuries”; kid, apparently, has a strong body—and the drop wasn’t that high (for any physically fit male). Currently, he’s in police custody (and should be awaiting trial).

      If he’s mentally strong, however, that’s another story (his mental breakdown shows that he’s not)… guaranteed, his proceedings in court will just add to his already crippled mental state. With that in mind—and just how volatile WMAF Eurasians can be—just imagine what he can possibly do next once that’s over…


      • Glad to hear that he’s in one piece. I’ll read the updates here and on reddit, I’ve stopped reading comments on the subject on other forums because the (mainly white) guys are too happy to bash yet another asian (looking) man.


      • — “…because the (mainly white) guys are too happy to bash yet another asian (looking) man.

        You know how it is, girl… White males and their mental issues and deep insecurities (White Chasers, I’m lookin’ at YOU, stupid White boy).


  4. Your blog is the saddest thing Ive ever read. Im a white girl who has been with my boyfriend (who is Japanese) for two years. My boyfriend before that was Korean and I was with him for 9 months. Its so sad that you feel these things about Asian men that are NOT TRUE. TONS of women LOVE Asian men. maybe its just where you live or maybe you have these fake perceptions from your parents. I feel so bad for you that you feel this way. Tons of girls loooooooooooove Asian men, even that playboy bunny (i forget her name) she loves asian men and has made several youtube videos talking about asian men. its really sad that you feel this way, i hope you can see the light. good luck<3


    • Well you seem like a sweet girl. I’ll give and example:

      My father is White, but he always used to say how ugly White women are. That’s why he married my Asian mom. So when I went to school and had crushes on White girls, I ended up feeling guilty because my dad said they’re ugly. My sister’s half-White, so my father was even being racist towards her too.

      There are far too many instances like this. Either the Asian mom hates Asian men and marries a White man because of that. Or the White man hates White women. Then when they have a family, it’s like they’re being racist towards their own children. You’re right, this is a terribly sad situation.

      It would be a very good thing for the Asian community if there were more relationships like yours. Relationships based on love instead of hate. You’re right – Asian men like myself are pretty great. I think White women are great too! But far too many people don’t feel the same way.


      • Where do you live David? Is there any diversity at all? Here in the SF bay area its very common to see Asian males with Latina/white/ and even a few black women. It’s absolutely nothing like the way you make it seem. Go somewhere that isnt your little corner of the world. Look up US demographics based on asian ethnicity. Here in the Bay area is a very good example because two of the largest Asian groups in America live here (Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese)


      • Yes, I’ve been to different parts of California multiple times. But I live in a White town on the East Coast.

        But looking at US demographics, it’s clear that there’s a heavy balance towards more WMAF relationships than AMWF. Many of those relationships are like my parents’ or the author’s parents. This whole website documents children of racist parents like I just described my own. You might not see it as much, but this is a real issue in Asian American community. The most famous example from California is Elliot Rodger. His parents also had an unhealthy relationship like mine.

        I don’t think the author is being close minded. His bad experience with his parents is similar to my own. All the stories on this website offer proof as well. Not all mixed relationships are based on racism. But a very large number are, especially WMAF, and the results can be devastating.


    • In reality, it IS true. It’s nice to hear that a White girl, like you, is with an Asian guy; however, most Asian males—within Western societies—still very much struggle within the dating scene (’cause most women simply have no desire for ’em—even Asian-American females themselves, for example). And since most Eurasian guys “look Asian” themselves, the struggle affects them, too. You see?

      And best believe us, we Asian and Eurasian men have definitely seen “the light”… if you truly love Asian men, then you would put yourself in the shoes of one (that way, if you plan on having kids with your man, you won’t raise a mentally ill, delinquent Eurasian who hates his/her parents—like with the many WMAF Eurasians that have already been pointed out here).


      • I’ll go out on a limb and say that she is very pretty, very kind and loves her boyfriend very much. Compare that to the utter viciousness of WMAW couples and you won’t be surprised why AMWW Hapas turn out better.


      • — “I’ll go out on a limb and say that she is very pretty, very kind and loves her boyfriend…

        They usually are… you know… like Olivia & Jeff, the AMWF couples I’ve seen on Tumblr and whatnot. Compared to these Asian females (with their fetish White boys), White women, who’re with Asian guys, have this eye-catching sweetness & demureness—a muliebrity that most Asian females just don’t have.


      • smh. So closeminded. Wth do you know about WMAF vs AMWF relationships besides your parents? Have you interviewed many couples? If not you shouldnt be making these kinds of assumptions. I’ve come across young WMAF and AMWF couples and you know what, they are no different. If I was blind i wouldnt be able to tell the difference between AMWF and WMAF. If they are born and raised in America, they will have been brought up in the same culture and will have a ton in common, amd thats what brings interracial couples together. If a white man travelled to Asia for a wife the two will have a culture clash and probably wouldnt get along too well.


      • — “So closeminded.

        You’re talkin’ about yourself there, boy. You’re new here, as I can tell. From what Asian country do you hail from? I’m gonna lecture your dumb ass.


      • Wrong. If you’re a good looking Asian American male, BORN and RAISED in the US. You will have NO trouble finding a partner. Being raised in the Bay area i’m completely assimilated into Western culture. If a white Female decided to get to know me she would find I’m very much like the American born white male, in terms of the way I dress, speak, carry myself etc. the only difference being my skin color. I’ve been with a white and latina women and we connect on so many levels. If youre an asian male struggling to find a partner, you’re probably not fully integrated into western idealism. Women do not want to be with a man that they have nothing in common with. Period.


      • — “I’ve been with a white and latina women and we connect on so many levels.

        LOLZ… clearly on a superficial level. Key word is “I’ve been“. Hence you didn’t last with any of ’em (haha). Pathetic.


    • D7omalo77. I totally agree with you. The writer of this blog needs to travel somewhere there is actual diversity. Asian males born and raised in America will have a 1000x better chance of finding a partner; no matter the ethnicity, because they have fully integrated into American culture. The ones that have trouble finding a partner are NOT assimilated to Western culture and therefore have a much smaller chance of connecting with anyone besides someone from their own culture. Its very common here to see AM/WF couples here. Go out, TRAVEL. Stop bein so closeminded


  5. You’re view on Asian/White interracial relationship is very skewed based on your personal experiences. I’m an Asian Male living in the SF bay area and let me tell you something about this place. It probably has the most doverse group of people in America. And with that, comes many interracial relationships. Although WM/AF are common, there are also TONS of AM/WF here, particularly Filipino men and white women.


      • If by white washed you mean Born and raised in America to parents that speak fluent english and have typical middle income jobs then yes. Im white washed. Why would any American born female (white, black, asian, whatever) want to be with an Asian male who isnt integrated into Western culture. What would we have in common?


      • — “Why would any American born female (white, black, asian, whatever) want to be with an Asian male who isnt integrated into Western culture.

        LOL… say that to the Asian men—from Asia—who themselves have a beautiful and loving Western woman. It’s more than just “integrating” into Western culture—there’s a deeper level of connection that deals with values (and more). Obviously, you’re a “White-pandering” Asian male and are naive, as well.

        Now, answer my question… you’re a Filipino male, yourself, huh?


      • Yeah dude im filipino. I’ve never met an American women with a foreign asian male boyfriend… Being from Cali you see alot of interracial relationships. yes, they must share the same values, but what keeps them together is how much they have in common. Born, raised in America, and instilled with the same values, idealogies etc.


      • There ya go… so you ARE a Filipino male—Filipino-American, that is. That says a lot (LOL). No wonder you’re like that.


      • Whitewashed… So because i’m asian I shouldnt be assimmilated into western culture, and if i do, i’m ‘whitewashed’? no dude, its called being American.


      • Yes, White-washed—YOU ARE (you’ve even admitted it). You’re an Asian male who “assimilates” (i.e., panders to White society). Got that? Let me guess… you have no fuckin’ idea how to speak your ancestral language nor do you have any clue your history? (LOL)

        Here… watch this video below from the FungBros (educate yourself a bit, boy).


      • Assimilates into western culture. Yes dude, i was BORN IN AMERICA, THERFORE IM AMERICAN. Yes i have white friends, i also have black, asian, hispanic friends as well. Yes i can speak Tagalog, and yes i am educated about my heritage. But on top o all that, IM AMERICAN. A blind man wouldnt be able to tell the difference between me and a white american male. Idgi, just because im asian american I shouldnt be assimilated? I should stick to being asian or something? Lol


      • Ok so since i’m not white, I shouldnt act like any normal white american does? Or else it’s ‘pandering’ white culture? Oh shoot i’ve been doing it wrong then I should be ‘pandering’ asian culture here, in AMERICA right? You’re an idiot. If i acted completely the same as I do now, except my skin was white, i wouldnt be whitewashed, correct? How does that work out…


      • So an Asian American male, born and raised here in America, should carry themselves totally differently than a White American male, also born and raised here? My friends are Irish american, african american, and Chinese american. Guess what, we have the same sense of Humour, and have so much in common being all born here and attending the same schools. But all of us, excluding the white male, are ‘whitewashed’ and should instead stop acting ‘whitewashed’ because our skin colors differ? I feel sorry for you, for seeing the world like this.


      • Hmmm… I have a huncn that you and “Jeremy”, are one in the same? Anyways…

        Let me put it this way… with my observations of Asian-Amercans… many are brainwashed into measuring their self-worth by the level of acceptance they receive from Whites within Western society. You can’t deny this. And Filipinos are NOTORIOUS for this kind of behavior.


      • ‘Pander white culture’ listen to yourself dude. You make it sound like we should be divided by ethnicity… I was born in America. I’m not gratifying white culture. I’m asian so i should ‘pander asian culture’? Theres a balance. Im in touch with my filipino roots/traditions. But I live in America. Should i go into my job interview in my tradition filipino clothing and answer all questions in Tagalog? is every asian american also white washed because they dont 100% embrace and act like whatever ethnicity they are? You’re so close minded dude…


      • LMAO… what the hell are you goin’ on about with “my job interview”, “Filipino clothing” and “answering questions in Tagalog”? You’re being scatterbrained, you damn fool. Just for your info, Filipinos are one of the most White-worshiping demographics—in the U.S. and Asia. Don’t tell me this ain’t true (especially with Filipino women). Go on /r/hapas and see what they have to say about Philippine women (LOL).

        The point—which you’re not getting—is the issues that are being discussed on this site (how White/Western society treats the Asian male—in turn, the Eurasian male). Do you understand?


      • Do you not understand what i’m getting at? I’m not Glorifying white culture because of the way I carry myself. Just because I dont conpletely immerse myself in my culture means i’m glorifying white culture??? Am I supposed to force myself into the stereotypical views of Asian men? If I dont then I’m ‘worshipping white culture’? Do u get it?


      • Filipino’s don’t ‘worship whites’ you fckn moron. Being integrated into Western Ideals isnt worshipping white culture. Theyre ADAPTED.


      • — “Filipino’s don’t ‘worship whites’…

        You sure about that, Jeremy/Jay? Watch these videos below… haha!


      • Damn ZJ. You just categorized every single Filipino American based on youtube videos. I guess these videos represent 100,000,000 filipinos


      • Oh, c’mon… even I know not all Filipinos obsess over Whites/Whiteness (them I;m good with). But you can’t deny those videos… you know it’s true about most Filipinos (many Asians, as well).

        Why are you so butthurt, by the way, that you have to use different screen names?


      • You obviously are butthurt if you keep on responding like that. By the way, I’m Asian (of Philippine ancestry)—you accusing me of racism (LOL). The irony (Pinoys are good at throwing the “racist card” toward fellow Asians, you know—especially if they are criticized). This is why I know so much about Asians and their behaviors—especially Filipinos.

        And by the way, everyone’s IP is visible to the owner of this blog… so let’s see if you’re telling the truth about your “identity”… “Jay”.


      • Really dude. Based on skin whitening? I guess white people that like to tan worship black people as well haha


      • I’m not butthurt. Its just uncommon for me to come across someone who stronly believes in Steretotypes because most people just dismiss them as Stereotypes. Also, i’m not invested enough to switch between 3 accounts. Everything i have to say is listed under my name. But really though, you’re views are all stereotypical and are actually comig off as racist. If we labelled every ethnicity based on their stereotypes the world would be divided. Oh wait.


      • ZJ.. Omg where do I begin. you’re so narrow minded. you cant say that filipinos ‘worship white culture’ when they’re actually just assimilated into western culture. Its who they are and how theyre raised that makes them seem like theyre glorifying white culture when really they’re just fckn acting the way any typical american raised HUMAN would act.


      • Damn i’m Chinese Born in America. I have no chinese friends and I dont know chinese. I guess that means i’m ‘whitewashed’? I dont even like white ppl lol. Z.J has a fucked up view of the world, influenced by too much Reddit surfing. Go outside, get to know an Asian American who speaks fluent english. You will find that said Asian does not in fact worship white ppl. Lol


  6. For ZJ. Just because an Asian American is adapted to Western Ideologies does not mean he ‘worships whites’. You might think that Filipinos who are assimilated are whitewashed but in reality they are adapted to normal social cues. Those who do not Adapt, will be left behind. Those that embrace their American side are not trying to ‘please’ white people. Lastly, videos that you find on youtube do not represent an entire Nation.


    • LOL… you’re so defensive. You’re right—on some points—however, you know that vid I showed you from the FungBros above? I posted a comment there (couple months back) regarding Asians who “assimilate” (i.e., pander) to Western/American society (like yourself)—and a good hundred or so agreed with the usual “thumbs up” (Asians AND non-Asians). Let that sink in (too bad the comment is gone, through). Now, stop being so butthurt.

      Anyways… you didn’t deny nor respond to my comment up there regarding your “identity”. Again, the owner of this blog can see EVERYONE’S IP address—you wanna explain yourself… “Jay”?


      • I’ll take a look soon. I banned a person who was using different names. It’s not difficult because there’s no sign up required.


      • I knew you had that “ability” from the start—and, I, myself (when I first found your blog), admit that I’ve used different screen names here before (just to troll some fools… LOL). Anyways…

        — “I’ll take a look soon.

        I didn’t ask you directly, but hey… appreciate it, EW/ET. Also, feel free to delete my comments along with these unnecessary comments with “Jay/Jeremy/Abby S./Kevin” up there—what a mess.


  7. I’m a female from a WM/AW marriage, half Japanese/Filipino and Scandinavian. I’m very lucky in a sense because both my parents were extremely attractive and thus, my siblings and I came out looking attractive. I’m also lucky that I look more white than I do Asian and therefore haven’t had any problems integrating into Caucasian culture so much that when I tried hanging out with Filipinos they never accepted me as Filipino. In fact, they called me a “white girl.”

    I will say however my parents were aholes. My father seemed ashamed of us and didn’t want to spend any time with us and my mother was a c*nt from hell. They were terrible parents and I consider myself and my siblings very fortunate we turned out to be decent, productive adults. My brother is very smart, successful, rich and attractive which is quite the turn around from being a juvenile delinquent in and out of jail.

    If I had a choice, I would have chosen to be born full Scandinavian and never would I choose to be Asian. Being Hapa hasn’t been a traumatic experience overall for me but that’s only because I can fully pass for Caucasian. Like for instance some of the Hapa commenters here say they’d be better off in China, where I’d be better off in Scandinavia. I’m so thankful I don’t look awful like many hapas, I’ve been blessed with good genes.


    • — “…I tried hanging out with Filipinos they never accepted me as Filipino.

      Just curious… were these “Filipinos” males, females or both? As a full-Asian male myself (Philippine ancestry), I know these people quite well when it comes to their mindset, behaviors and mannerisms. From my experiences and observations of Filipinos, males are, usually, open-minded and accepting toward Eurasian females (“White-passing” or not); the females, on the other hand, often harbor feelings of straight-up envy/jealousy—or even hatred and disgust—ESPECIALLY toward “White-passing” Eurasian females. On the contrary, how’d your experiences go with the Japanese (if any)?

      Anyways, here’s a popular AMWF Eurasian girl on YT—with her Fil-Am s/o.


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