As if Eurasian identity couldn’t get any weirder

Really really creepy “scientific” experiment regarding Eurasians and Jews. Must see.

What a weird part of history Eurasians occupy. Where’s the Master Race?

The real issue here is that Eurasian identity seems to fit a nice little peg of Western culture – where the women almost fit a very specific niche for the white dudes slightly more confident than those who go for Asian women. Literal slave-babies whose entire value is our “looks” – note that this woman is a scientist and all this emaciated prick does is want to sniff her panities. 

Of course he’s not going around sniffing Eurasian male underpants. In fact, nobody seems to want to do that. This was 5 years before the first thunder claps of the Hapacalypse began with Elliot Rodger.

I’d feel bad for Eurasian children on the whole – oh wait, I am one. The only reason I’m still alive is because I was tall and masculine enough to weather the terrible storm that I was subjected to. I literally tremble in fear for those coming after me.

4 thoughts on “As if Eurasian identity couldn’t get any weirder

  1. Oh god. Why did she humor him? How did he get her to do this? Is there another clip? I’m glad she at least didn’t given in when he asked for her panties…what a creep. The way he talks is just creepy. Seriously, wasn’t funny, just weird and awkward.
    This dude reminds my old high school janitor. Younger, creepy white guy. He got caught in the girls locker room…sniffing panties… joke. He got fired. Always saw him walking around downtown the same time every evening, sporting dark sunglasses, long hair, and no shirt.
    The white people that raise sick manchildren like this, are of course mentally ill themselves. I know because I came from one of those families 😦 and now every one of my female relatives is dating/married/ has a kid with a black or hispanic man. I wonder if there is a connection with lots of white women rejecting these creeps and turning to other races, because in the past we couldn’t do that and we were forced to marry creeps like this by our families. So is the result, angry, weak, ugly, mentally disturbed white men turning to asian en masse as a replacement? We have the data, but what exactly is it telling us? I think it may be worth looking into, since people marry who they want to now, versus 60 years ago (where if you got pregnant you got married, or an arranged marriage….they were more common than you probably think, my grandparents were in one) and this is leaving a population of “undesirables” and with immigration, cheap travel, the internet, etc. The ones that got passed over are now hooking up. With each other.


    • Well, part of the problem is that the legacy of white supremacy still exists in certain populations, i.e., deep in the Asian hinterland. So a white creep who comes to China with subconscious thoughts of molesting little girls could easily find a naive woman who still believes white is right. And the thoughts of them raising a child is terrifying to me, hence it’s important that Eurasians have outreach groups for one another.


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