🔥Are Asian women intentionally aborting Eurasian sons? And Asian female celebrities not having kids.

Woman shocked she had a boy, making global news for a photograph.

This post does not advocate sexism, merely sociology with regards to Asian-white mixing.

In my studies I’ve noticed both from personal accounts and from research of several Asian “celebrities” that many of them do not have children. From my personal account, I have noticed that several of my female Asian cousins are in their mid-30’s and unmarried, while one of my mother’s sisters is mid 50’s and married twice – both to white men – but has no children; my suspicion is that she saw how my brother and I turned out and didn’t want any. I also noticed a prevalence of biracial WMAF girls while at university, while there were no men at all, other than me, and another Hapa with a Chinese father, odd, since there are so many of us.

I’ve also noticed several prominent Asian American “figures”, and several peripheral Asian “writers,” who have made careers of saying terrible things about Asian people, yet have no kids – or had only daughters. My suspicion is that Asian women, being intelligent, recognize that a biracial son who looks Asian will not be white, and will not enjoy the privilege that they had, and will belong to the ethnic-gendered group most hated by society, and at very least, will suffer under the highly psychosexualized dynamic of White men / Asian women.

Amy Tan, (Joy Luck Club), age 64, no kids.

Maya Lin (architect of the Vietnam Wall, a memorial dedicated to the loss of life of Americans who slaughtered Asians) – two daughters, after whom were born she began to “reclaim” her heritage.

Lucy Liu, who had a male child via surrogate.

Poh Ling Yeow, who said repeatedly that she did not want to be Chinese, and is now 43, and childless.

Margaret Cho, 47, and childless.

Esther Ku, 36, and childless.

On abortion:

One of the telltale signs that Hapas with Asian mothers are worse off is the fact that we might even be aborted by the millions. In fact the abortion of female babies in China was long a subject of contention among white racists, yet they failed to mention that women were willingly having abortions rather than being dragged into it – indicating the almost callous, casual nature of the way fetuses were aborted. I am neither anti-abortion nor pro-abortion but I might add that when you have an abortion, it essentially means you don’t want the thing to exist. 

Asian American women have abortion rates second to only black American women. They have DOUBLE the rates of abortion of white women.

“Asian-American women have twice as many abortions as White women. “In 2000, about 35 percent of Asian-American pregnancies ended in abortion, the second highest rate for all racial and ethnic groups behind blacks, and almost double the 18 percent rate for whites.”


When you look at who is getting abortions in Australia, it is massively overrepresented by overseas Chinese students. Given that 68% of third generation Chinese marry Whites – (the bulk of which are Chinese women), that means that these women are generally sleeping with White men.

It is also verifiable fact that Asian Americans have more girls on average – yet this doesn’t specify whether these Asian Americans are married to whites, or other Asian Americans.


Such cultural misinformation has been used to pass sex-selective abortion laws in eight states and bring them up for consideration in at least 21. But the racist accusations of proponents of these laws are false. In fact, Asian Americans have more girls on average than white Americans, according to a recent study by the University of Chicago School of Law. Still, sex-selective abortion laws were the second most-proposed abortion ban in 2013 and 2014.


In short, I do suspect that Asian / Chinese women are very much aware that A) they have a strong sexual preference for white men, and B) that this could possibly negatively affect a Eurasian looking son. My suspicion is that Asian women, being highly intelligent, also seem to coast by on their privilege of being “almost white”, but on getting pregnant – realize that their children will carry on their Asian looks, complete with the knowledge that their fathers were uniformly white.


10 thoughts on “🔥Are Asian women intentionally aborting Eurasian sons? And Asian female celebrities not having kids.

  1. They are destroying their own people. That is not intelligent.

    I don’t understand how anyone could want a child, descendants, who look nothing like them. It goes against human nature.


  2. EW, why do you suspect that Asian women are ‘highly intelligent’? Perhaps, cunning or calculating would be apt, especially to describe Chinese women.


  3. So when did your mother have you? My older sister was born once my mother was past 30. She said she didn’t want kids initially, but my father did. I even got her to admit to feeling guilty about it once.

    She spent my whole childhood working in corporate. She was fired in the 08 crash, then got cancer, divorced, and reflected on her life. She’s been a much better mother to me since. Unfortunately I was already 18 when this happened, but at least we can have something of a relationship. We still argue because she hasn’t reformed as much as I’d like though.

    So basically I have one parent who’s an enemy and another who’s a weak ally. She needs to be reminded from time to time of why she should feel guilty.


    • u dont like ur dad ……. k cool but why the fuck would u marry a person who dont want sex if you wanted some. and then make someone feel bad about it. ur dad should be asshamed .and people hardly ever fuck after 30 anyway so eww ti ur dad


  4. In my family, on my mom’s side, the Eurasian children total 13. Eurasian girls outnumber Eurasian boys by 9 to 4. Of the 13 children, 1 girl is born to a Eurasian father/white mother, 2 girls born to an Asian father/white mother, and 1 boy, from the same Asian father. This means that 9 of the other children were born to Asian mothers and white fathers. I do not know why the Eurasian girls outnumber the boys in such large numbers in my family, whether or not they have an Asian mother, or an Asian father. In many countries, including Asian ones, the boys are usually favored, and the numbers are more likely to skew in favor of male births. But the opposite seem to be true in my observances here in the U.S., especially of relationships with Asian mothers / white fathers.

    In my case, I am an only child, so I have zero Eurasian brothers, only Eurasian male cousins.

    My mother once told me, “Since your father has ADD and Aspergers, I did research and found out that boys are much more likely to inherit the condition than girls. So I did not want to have more children after I had you. Your father was already very hard to deal with. I am thankful I did not have more children. Imagine dealing not just with a husband, but a child with Aspergers or ADD coupled with extreme emotional problems.”

    Somehow I managed to be born without ADD / Aspergers.

    I don’t think my mom ever had any abortions. But by deciding not to have any more children after me, she eliminated the possibility of having a Eurasian male child. I cannot say if there are other Asian women who feel the same way my mother did, but as a wife, if you feel that your husband has severe problems, it makes sense that you would not want to have a son who might turn out like him.

    It took me 20 years to recover from my parents. Even then, I still have some lingering issues, but not nearly as severe as they used to be. If my mother had a son, I don’t know if he would have ever been able to recover or establish some sense of sanity.


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