HalfAsian.org – Two Half-Vietnamese Youtubers Demonstrate Difference in Those with Asian Mothers versus Asian Fathers

No commentary – merely watch for yourself.

Both have one Vietnamese parent; one has a Vietnamese mother and an (absentee white father). One has a Vietnamese mother. Can you guess which one is which?


10 thoughts on “HalfAsian.org – Two Half-Vietnamese Youtubers Demonstrate Difference in Those with Asian Mothers versus Asian Fathers

  1. I love the blog, glad I came across it. It helps me affirm why I’m a misanthrope. Human’s really are complete shit. I can’t relate to the Hapa thing, but can with many other things. I’m a white male, my mother was married and divorced three times by the time I was 16. I was also not born with the best looks in the world, and have severe allergies. Even though I was raised Christian I am now an atheist. I have a very pessimistic outlook on the world, and stories like yours only confirm my feelings about humanity. I have become an anti-natalist, and believe humanity should just go extinct. Anyway, thanks for sharing your story. Having morons for parents is something a lot of us can relate to, even if we are not Hapa’s.


    • I absolutely agree.

      What’s humorous about this is that white men seem to look to Asians as their “way out” of a shit existence. I.e., white women did this to me – let me go for Asian women. Or, white men feel as if they aren’t being given what they are owed – so let’s take it from the Asians.

      I have nothing against white people; all I’m doing is pointing out cyclical patterns in human interaction, wherein we form relationships and sex according to very animalistic patterns. It’s vicious and brutal and proves how little this world does in improving its lot.

      We’re all fucked, and I truly say good riddance.


      • The problem is, that despite all of our “progress,” we are psychologically/behaviorally still apes. This very obvious fact seems to escape most people. The Asian female/white male is just one example of that, and you’re doing a great job exposing it. Human’s do not like to have their monkey like behavior exposed.


      • Wow… you are THE first White male—at least that I’ve encountered on this site—to NOT throw a hissy fit. You’re a rarity here (LOL).

        Anyways, don’t take this as an offense, but your mother is a selfish and opportunistic, “monkey-branching” ho—there are many of ’em in this world, so it’s not just Asian women. Must’ve been hard for you—mentally—seeing these “strange men” come and go in your life and the thought of them with your mother—I don’t blame nor shame ya if you hate or despise her, and her ex-husbands, either… wouldn’t be surprised if SHE initiated all 3 of the prior divorces, as well (roughly 70% of married women do). If you’re familiar with the inherent nature of female hypergamy, as well as Briffault’s Law and male disposability, then you’ll gain an insight and understanding as to your mother’s “behavior” and her “relationshits”—again, there are many just like her and the children of these individual women turn out to be “wrecks” themselves as they progress into adulthood (kids from single-mother households are other shining examples).

        And I can see why you’re a misanthrope and an anti-natalist… indeed, our species is “complete shit”—just look at today’s “world” (especially the West)… myriads of shallow individuals who envy those who have more, yet also look down on those who have less. Even the most trivial of things can spur fear and/or hatred. What sane, enlightened man would want to bring an innocent child into this world—let alone copulate with the types women you see nowadays? If you’re the average working Joe, one wrong move and she can send your ass to “the cleaners” and you’ll be living in the streets in no time—only to die as a “tool” (hence male disposability). No wonder males in Japan are going “herbivore” and, in the West (as well as other regions of the world), the rise of “MGTOWs”. Of all animals, humans may be the highest and most intelligent, but much of humanity still think with their “reptilian brain” and are no better than lower animals such as mice or rats fighting for survival. With that in mind and how the world is now, it’s only a matter of time before our species will end up like with this experiment below… *sigh* cheers from an ex-Muslim-then-Christian now (fellow) atheist.


  2. “Wow… you are THE first White male—at least that I’ve encountered on this site—to NOT throw a hissy fit.” I’m a pretty philosophical person, so I don’t get too into all of this racial identity stuff. As far as I’m concerned, that’s just more monkey bullshit. I do feel culturally closer to some groups than others, and I think some cultures are incredibly toxic. I am familiar with MGTOW, and in many ways was MGTOW before it ever existed. Growing up the way I did, I saw just how unworkable modern families are. If you think my mom is bad, my dad is on his 7th wife!!


    • All I’m pointing out with my comment there is that most White males, who visit this site, can’t handle the damn truth and, thus, become hissy fits (hurts their fragile egos, after all). You’re one of the few who did not get butthurt and has commented while exercising civility.

      Good to know another who is familiar with MGTOW (as awareness will only increase due to feminism and whatnot)… and, damn, your father is a big time blue-pill fuckboy AND “utility” (LOL).


      • Ha, my dad is a fucking LOSER!! He probably would have ended up in a homeless shelter, if not for being married. He never gave my mom a dime while I was growing up. He finds desperate women, who are single/widowed and not too attractive. I am all about the truth, no matter how ugly. The big truth is that life is stupid! We would ALL have been better off if we hadn’t been born! Check out this book.


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