Half Asian Arrogance

Once in a while I will see a video featuring a teenaged Hapa making a big fuss about being Half Asian. You never see kids rapping about being “half White half Persian” – they just exist, and don’t feel the need to brag about it.

Note: “In the Philippines… they like the lighter skin / American girls… they like the darker skin….. to be honest I’m not sure how it works.”

You never see other mixed races doing so. The reason why half Asians are so arrogant, is because:

  • Asian moms and women will hype up Eurasians to the point that their self-image is completely inflated between 14-24 or so. Other races don’t have women in their family saying “so handsome” to average looking or even ugly half Asians just because of vaguely European features.
  • Most of these guys just look Asian, or in many cases, completely non-white, like Mexican, Turkish.
  • In their 20’s, a lot of Eurasians will face racism at the fact they are not white, and this will conflict with their 20-year brainwashing that they are better because they are half white, or that they are superior Eurasianss. This applies to dating and work; but in dating, for example, a lot of Eurasians will feel nonplussed at the fact that white women don’t want to date men who look like Mexicans – or Asians, for that matter, and this causes them to snap or burn out.

15 thoughts on “Half Asian Arrogance

  1. You are 100% spot on here about the Eurasian journey. Shit gets real in hapas 20’s. Completely unprepared for the backlash of life as a coloured person.


    • Yep, Asian males get shit on in western societies. Hapa males have it worse because their own white dads shit on them without consciously knowing. Hapa females get raised bt creeper fathers with a sick Asian fetish.


  2. LMAO… nice find; what a cringe-worthy son of a Filipina bitch that Hapa boy is—and a “White-passing” WMAF half-Filipino/half-White male at that.

    You know what Asian country I hail from, EW, so allow me to explain to you—and others—what he meant by that note up there, as well as expand upon it (for those who don’t give a shit about the Philippines, do yourself a favor and just ignore this lengthy post… I don’t blame you).

    He sums it up with that last bit: “…I’m not sure how it works.” Exactly (LOL)—the half-Pinoy boy is clueless as to the socio-racial dynamics of contemporary Filipino society, Philippine history (particularly its colonial history) and how Whites, especially White males, are revered in said society—by women and, even, men alike. If you, for example, are a White male or a White-passing Hapa male in the Philippines, then behold as you are treated like a demi-god among these low self-worth people (“sir” this and “sir” that); if you are a White female, on the other hand, then likewise with that demi-god shit but with accompanied unsettling stares from randy Filipino males (most of whom are lowlives who don’t come across White women on a daily). Blacks and/or other dark-skinned foreigners (even dark-skinned Filipinos themselves) are treated with mediocrity or face subtle forms of racism (i.e., microaggressions).
    Given the fact that Weston here is a White-passing Hapa, with a White father and Filipina mother, it’s only expected that he doesn’t know his “Asian side” well enough (all has to do with parental dynamics, Filipino maternal upbringing and whatnot). Truth is, the majority of WMAF half-Pinoys just don’t or don’t give a damn—the Philippines, after all, compared to other Asian countries, isn’t really interesting for most “outsiders” and, even, for Filipinos themselves (hence their identity issues, White-worshiping/pandering, inferiority complex, etc.—but I digress).
    Seeing that this kid has been to the Philippines in one of his vids, he either unknowingly (unconsciously) or semi-knowingly (subconsciously) uses his looks as a “stepping stone” within Philippine society to get “preferential treatment” (regardless if a Hapa is “famous/popular” or not)—many WMAF half-Filos, in fact, have done this like Sam Milby and Gerald Anderson, both of whom are just straight-up nobodies when it comes to the international scene compared to the likes of AMWF half-Filipinos such as Dave Bautista and Brandon Vera (both very much in touch and proud of their “Asian side”). Some may argue, as well, that there are very successful WMAF half-Filipinos like Rob Schneider or Enrique_Iglesiasabsolutely; however, as stated earlier, the majority of WMAF half-Filos (even the celebs) just don’t give a damn (about their Asian heritage) and will be biased toward their White father’s “side”, hence in which the same can be said for the aforementioned two (or four—if you count the other two). So, again, it’s only expected from the majority of WMAF Hapas (half-Flips in this case) to be ignorant or, even, downright indifferent of their Asian heritage—and more so for White-passing Hapas such as the one above (all this stemming from the White male/Asian female dynamic). Now, I wonder if many WMAF half-Asian celebrities (from other Asian countries or ancestries) are like this as well(?)…

    Anyways, this Hapa boy is awkward as fuck with his “White boyish” rap style and I’m 100% sure that the (White-majority) audience doesn’t know nor care about what the hell he’s going on about with his insipid “Filipino pride” bullshit. Notice that awkward silence emanating from the room throughout his performance… then all that clapping and cheering, afterwards, just to make him NOT feel like shit… LOL! Poor bastard.


  3. Having an Italian/Scottish father and a half Japanese and Taiwanese mother, I can safely tell you their love is mutual. Your posts do not apply to me. However, they apply to about 80% of my Eurasian friends. If your posts were in a textbook, I can tell you that one of my friend’s family is just a “textbook perfect” example of a WMAF relationship.

    Even though their father is not a racist White supremacist as you describes, I can deduce how his entire family is pretty much “controlled” by him. My family and theirs have gone out to dinner a couple of times, and the guy’s wife just fawns on him nearly all the time. Not to mention how clingy she is. At first, At first, I thought this was pretty strange, as I expected all of these interracial families to be based on mutual love.

    Well, turns out there is the harsh truth. . .


    • I’m sure you look more Asian than white. Do you get depressed seeing all those white guys with Asian girls? Do you Asian girls reject you because you are Asian?


      • I mean, I’ve got pale skin, pretty thin lips and white-ish features. I don’t look more Asian or more White, in my opinion. Many have told me I look more White,coven though I have black hair and eyes.

        Thing is, I really don’t mind. I like my heritage.


  4. I also posted this on reddit, I’m just trying to reach longingfordeath:
    To the blogger of “longing for death”, and everyone else who has posted about hapa realities, I hope you know that you’re very much appreciated for opening peoples’ eyes about a very important (but largely ignored) subject. I know you probably get a lot of hate, but (this sounds really corny), you are changing the world. Change always starts with the individuals, and your blog has been read by many. I’ve always wanted to tell you this, but I’m not sure how to contact you and I hope you see this. Thank you, really.
    I wanted to share a few interesting perspectives with you, and I’ll try to be as brief as possible.
    I went from a very Asian environment to an extremely white, preppy, and rich school. It was a city school, so it was harder to make friends due to the “lack of community”. I ended up joining a social sorority where I was one of three Asians. Throughout my social interactions, I noticed that half of the Asian girls I met did not want to be friends with me at all. In fact, they did not even want to look at me to acknowledge my existence. I think it was because they were afraid that if their white friends saw them associating, or even being with, another Asian, that would “amplify” their “Asian-ness”, and they wouldn’t be as cool or “normal”, which would lead to them being ostracized and even more unaccepted. Hapa girls have looked at my with sympathy, knowing that “I am less than them” because their whiteness grants them more acceptance, but also refuse to associate with me out of social survival. Hapa girls who look more Asian scorn me, because they look more Asian than I do
    (I’m not the typical Asian stereotype. I’ve got huge eyes and double lids. I’m slim, but have curves in all the right places, large breasts, and a voluptuous butt. I’m smart, but I’m also witty and confident. Most people mistake me for being half or a quarter white, even Asians. This may have explained some of the completely unwarranted hate that I got from most Asian girls when they saw me (I’ve literally seen them frown when we see each other [not even meet, see] for the first time), but Asian girls and guys alike both seemed to be embarrassed to be around me.)
    I found that this was also the case with Asian men that I met. There was only one Asian guy (and he was only half but looked completely Asian) who ever *acknowledged* me in these social environments, or even when walking down the street when there was nobody else to look at. I had another Asian friend (who is full Asian but adopted and raised by white, in southern Farmville [100% white basically]) who did acknowledge me privately, but in social environments did not want to be seen around me. From when he met me, he always seemed to be embarrassed by my “Asian-ness” as well. He seemed to be interested in me when we first met in private, but he definitely did not act upon it because of his social anxiety.
    It was really disheartening to go from all-Asian friends to find Asians who literally did not even want to look at you, or even look at you. Literally, to this day, Asian men I have known since freshmen who I see at parties all the time still glance past me like I’m a wall—again, even when nobody else is on the street and I’m looking right at them. I found that the “WMAF” complex that you explored seem to hold true for AMWF couples as well, and to hapa girls and hapa males.
    I believe that a lot of Asian women and Asian men (and hapa girls and gyus) at my school desired a white partner because that almost, “denied their Asian-ness” so they could be socially accepted and “survive” in this environment. For guys especially, it seemed that getting a blonde, white woman was the “top of the social totum pole” and the “maximum masculinity” they could achieve. There are a lot of Asian male celebrities with only white partners (Steve Aoki has talked about being teased for being Asian when he was young, but is married to a blonde model. Nathan Adrian has a blonde girlfriend. Tiger Woods is obsessed with blondes. Keanue Reeves’ girlfriend was white. I’m not saying pursuing white people is bad, but I can’t help but notice this trend. It could also be that in the socially top positions, there are a lot few Asians, so dating options are more limited, or dating Asians is not as socially powerful).
    Throughout the years, I noticed Asian girls becoming more kind to me (those who wouldn’t even look at me freshmen year will now look at me with eyes that almost share a bond of understanding the Asian experience. Although some of them have never bothered to talk to me, they will at least smile now and *LOOK* at me when they’re looking at me and not pretending like they’re looking at a brick wall). One even apologized for being rude to me my freshmen year. She was my literal next door neighbor freshmen year. She had 3 white roommates, I had 4 white roommates. She just looked at me in disgust every time I waved. They’re not as afraid to acknowledge me, or be around me. I think it’s that as they get older they realize more that shunning these complex, racial differences won’t solve the problem at all, and that we’re all in it together. To be honest, this isn’t as true with the Asian men I’ve met.
    You talk a lot about Asian women worshipping white men. As an Asian female, I want to give you an honest explanation why white men might interest us. You are definitely Asian…but your Asian experience was different from a person who is completely Asian. Not saying one is harder than the other, I know you went through so much and I can only imagine the pain…but they are different.
    I grew up with an Asian father, and the Asian culture is that men honestly don’t treat women as well by western standards. Your father might have been terrible, but there are a lot of terrible Asian fathers (and Asian mothers, you know that for sure). Asian women are raised by both Asian fathers and Asian mothers, and sometimes the combination of this Asian parenting can, for lack of a better word, “scar” Asian girls of Asian treatment. I’m not going to get into the details of being raised by an Asian father, and seeing the way he treats my Asian mother, but I’m sure there are articles on that, even scholarly ones.
    The thing is, stereotypes are true for a reason. In Asian culture, males either seem to be sexist or socially awkward because they’ve been raised by a traditional Asian man that conflicts with the ideals of the modern society they live in. Along with being scarred by their Asian upbringing, a lot of my Asian girlfriends just believe—and have experienced—that white men seem to treat Asian women better, by Western standards. (I have to say, I’ve lived along the coasts with more diversity, so more of the white men we are surrounded by are more open-minded than places such as in Arkansas. Geography is definitely a factor in terms of the type of whites that minorities interact with.) Being a white partner also gives them more social acceptance by other whites, and being in America, the majority of people are white, and most certainly the people at the top of the ladder running Hollywood and Wallstreet, are all white. Therefore even if Asian girls like Asian men, it is more socially “helpful” for them to date/marry white men. This explains everything that I experienced in college.
    I agree that there are Asian girls like your mother, but rather than blame her, I really think it’s a societal problem. The world is run by white people, and all of the standards (beauty, social, culture) is white. There is a reason and explanation to your mother’s behavior, that not only affects Asian women, but Asian men and all other non-white people.
    I’m also Chinese, and I have to say that my parents grew up in destitution. The majority of Chinese people, and Asian people (largely due to white imperialism, which for lack of a better way to say it, fucked everything up). did I was born and raised in America, but I grew up poor. I see—and know—what hunger and poverty do to people…This is a concept that a lot of people that I have met in America have struggled with. They don’t realize why my desire to save money is so strong…because they’ve never had to see their mothers being nearly beaten by their fathers for buying a 99 cents cheeseburger from McDonalds. For a lot of people in Asia, they look to white-ness as opportunity, wealth, equality, and most importantly—survival, economically, socially, and reproductively because their own culture has not been able to offer it by western standards (and again, because of white history). The reason why their own culture has not been able to offer it is complex, and I won’t get into that, but they’re things to consider.
    In college, the majority of men I dated were white. Not because I actively sook them, but because quite frankly, they were the people who surrounded me. We are called minorities for a reason, after all. Again, the type of white men you’ve interacted with are probably different from the ones that I’ve interacted with, but all the white men I’ve been with—both with fetishes and those who just ended up with an Asian girl—were respectful and liked me for who I am. I could elaborate on WMAF fetishes for a long time—as well as other numerous points—but I’d be writing for a lot longer, I don’t think all of them are harmful. I’ve dated blacks, Indians, Hispanics, and Asians. I don’t date based on race, I date because a person is a good person, and I happen to like him. (Also, when I mean date, millennials in college don’t really date. They just hang out with people, and maybe hook up if they feel like it. It’s not like you’re girlfriend and boyfriend and exclusive, or go out to dinners. Usually we just “netflix and chill”. There are pros sand cons to this, that I could also dive really deep into.)
    The Asian guy from Farmville ended up making moves on me in public my senior year, before graduation and he left for the army. Whenever he was with me in private, he would complain about how Asian men were the least desirable partner. He didn’t seem to get with many women, and I think he made moves with me almost as a “last resort”. He seemed embarrassed about the encounter.
    The guy I ended up falling in love with was half East Asian, half white. He was that person I was describing before, who was only part Asian but the first Asian to acknowledge me. Being young undergrads, we never really talked about our deep feelings, and I never really got to know who he was (again, millennial “dating”). But he would occasionally slip out things that made me see understand him. He has a hapa sister who looks very white, and I think he struggles with, as you brought to light, the fact that his father is a privileged, rich, white banker who looks very different from him. His mother is born to a very well off Asian family, and I believe she may have married him not out of economic survival as a lot of Asians may do, but social status. He has told me sadly, that his “Asian side took over”, and that he wishes “his middle name were English, not Asian”. I have to say, my friend never, ever made me feel bad about myself directly, but I of his feelings towards himself make me feel ashambed about being Asian. I know he genuinely liked me, but I couldn’t help feel like he was embarrassed of me because I am Asian, and that makes him “more Asian”, or that he couldn’t “do better”. Sometimes I can’t help but feel inferior because of my race, and that some half-Asians or Asians are “settling” with Asian women. I would prefer the feeling of being fetishized by a white male than being made to feel ashamed of my own race (and I’m very proud of being Chinese, and not afraid to talk about it with my friends. Wore a qipao at my graduation.).
    Not talking to him about these problems is probably the biggest regret of my life. We graduated and parted to different cities. I only hope that the time is right one day for me to tell him. In the meantime, your blog continues to inspire me.
    I know that AMWF are much less commonly found than WMAF couples, and I know that a lot of what you have to say is true on your blog, but I the problem of mixed race people—and race in general, is really, really complex. I’m not trying to say that my experiences are bad—they can’t match up to what a lot of people in this blog have experienced…but they are there, and they are a different perspective on what you’ve seen. I might sound like a “privileged (does not fit Asian stereotypes) privileged (Asian female) minority”, but I hope you know I’m not trying to deny anything you’re saying, only share what I’ve seen from where I’ve been in life.
    I know I’ve said that your blog continues to inspire me, but reading about the amount of pain that you’ve been inflicted sadness me so, so…much. I know I am just an online stranger, but I hope you know that I care about you…and every other hapa…I would say I even love you, because you’re my fellow mankind. If you still hate me after this, then I feel so sad that you’ve seen so much hate in your life that you can’t accept my care to you. I know I don’t know you, I don’t understand you, but I sympathize for you, and in that sense, love you.
    I hope you are not still longing for death, because the world needs you, no matter how much it may scorn you.
    I would really appreciate it if you would comment on this—anything really, even like one letter, so long as I know you were able to read this. I’ve been wanting to send you my gratitude and care for a long time, and finally had the time to write to you.


  5. I don’t know how to put this in a nice way, so i’ll just say it directly- you seem very very concerned that White people are not falling all over you romantically. THAT’S a serious problem that needs to be solved by you individually. You said, “… a lot of Eurasians will feel nonplussed at the fact that white women don’t want to date men who look like Mexicans – or Asians, for that matter, and this causes them to snap or burn out…”

    Why are you so concerned about what White women want or don’t want? Men all over the world get rejected EVERYDAY by Black, White, Eskimo, Indian, women and they do not swell up and decide the whole race is stupid or degenerate because of that one person!

    To give you an example, say you come across an Aborigine woman who is interested in you, and she asks you out. Because of one reason or another, you say ‘No, but i’m flattered.’ Well, what if she went and wrote up about the evilness of Eurasian men on her blog after that experience?

    I think your problem is that you are fixated on White people. I have noticed that people who have lived in the US for even 1 year only tend to develop this problem. America is built on unbelievable arrogance, and the vast majority of its citizens probably think people outside the US live in trees or caves. There are more people in this world than the 300 million in the US, and for them, life is not about what White people think, do, are doing at present, or will do in future. Even with the American mass media empire’s cultural imperialism/ McDonaldization which is felt all over the world, other people in other continents still, for the most part, live their own lives.

    Other people can only respect you when you respect yourself. Stop being so fixated on what White women want- or reflecting on if you can get one of them (to spite Asian women for their unabashed worship of White men). If you landed a White woman and paraded her all over town, what would that solve?? It would not stop the other 99.997% of Asian women from hunkering for White males, for one.

    If Asian women do not want their own men, then start seriously considering dating a totally different race of woman. White supremacy has wrecked this planet to such monumental proportions that many men from different races all over the world are now forced to do exactly that just to establish ordinary nuclear families and pass their names to the next generation! The one thing that is clear is that life cannot move forward unless one first gets rid of previously held beliefs (in your case, about dating).


    • Alice, you are naive person. Get out of your white utopia and go travel and live for a long duration in another country. Most Asian women in Asia want Asian men. It’s the bottom of the barrel Asian women who want white men because they want money, status, and/r green cards.


    • I think the point he is trying to make is that many to most Eurasian men envision a white woman as their dream girl, future girlfriend, wife etc. It’s largely in part because Eurasian men are raised to believe they are white by two racist parents who tell them they’re white. Why wouldn’t they believe their parents? In many cases, a large percentage of Eurasian boys can pass as white, well, at least sometimes.

      But as the boys grow older, they often face bullying at the hands of their white and non-Asian peers. The difference between bullying of hapas and bullying of fat, nerdy and awkward white kids is that hapa men don’t grow out of being Asian into being white adults with white privilege unless they don’t look Asian or ethnic at all. This bullying often goes on into adulthood and is also dished out by women who have no qualms about going over the top and harshly rejecting hapa men for being Asian.

      White people see usually hapas as being Asian even if they can pass for other races and don’t look that Asian. Eurasians were raised to see themselves as white by causally racist anti-Asian male parents. Hapa boys grow up envisioning their girlfriends to be white women who accept hapas as white. This usually doesn’t pan out in reality. Many hapa men have very low self-esteem from years of bullying and being the socially acceptable targets of racism as well as years of harsh rejection from women. Most people of other races couple up quite easily, but to be hapa and male is to be rejected on the basis of race much more often than monoracial people not just in terms of dating but having any semblance of a normal social life with a sizable group of friends. This would make anyone depressed angry and prone to burnout or snapping.


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