Why would Half Asian males with Asian moms possibly have any problems?



I don’t know why it’s so offensive to suggest that biracial Asian young men will find insults against Asian men hurtful… especially when we are considered Asian men by most people. Even if these comments come from our parents this is unforgivable.

The thought that there are Asian looking sons of people like this somewhere out in the big, racist world, with Asian males at the bottom – yeah, seems scary.

Society has this… weird, love / hate relationships with Asians, which borders on both the physical and psychosexual, with Asians being seen as collective sexual objects – while large numbers of them are seen as threatening; i.e., your average Asian woman is a “proper substitute” for white women – yet many, many Asians suddenly becomes a point of contention.

Society hates Asian people – and it hates Asian men the most. So what happens when society hates you – and your own mother supports (in the most intimate way possible) a white racist?

12 thoughts on “Why would Half Asian males with Asian moms possibly have any problems?

  1. LOL… “a picture’s worth a thousand words“. Reverse image searched this shit and what came up was “Chinese mail order bride” (haha).

    Anyways, check out this Hapa girl I’ve found on YouTube (below)—ET, you should do her a favor and spread her presence on /r/Hapas (and invite her, as well).


      • “Depend”? Just a simple suggestion to EW (take it or leave it)—it’d be more “befitting” since he, too, is Eurasian.

        Me, on the other hand, am too lazy… you do it (LOL). Reach out to the cutie and whatnot.


  2. Eurasian writer I have been reading your blogs for a while now and find it very insightful.

    You clearly display the European (Caucasian) spirit of Valor in conquering the Hapa issues you your self have experienced. I feel as though majority of hate is from Caucasian men angry you have inherited that trait of theirs (or they are lacking of), and Asian women who seem mad you aren’t as quiet and subservient (so it seems) like their Asian male counterparts.

    I hope you help a lot of Hapa’s that find themselves struggling with the same issues. it seems the worlds future will eventually have Asian and Caucasian mixed across every nation, or Caucasians will evolve into Asians (than Asians would be the future of white). Than a new era of racism will evolve. So many possibilities, but either way despite the suffering now Asian and hapa men endure dwell upon the possible positives, you may in future be taking the white mans seat as they become extinct lol (just food for thought, on a sarcastic note).


  3. Society doesn’t “hate” Asian people. Males of all races in the U.S. love Asian women for some strange reason. I don’t understand the appeal behind Asian women. Most Asian women have zero curves. No tits or ass. On top of that, Asian American women usually have extremely petty stuck up personalities.

    Society looks down on Asian men. It can’t be really described as hate most of the time. White people like Asian people in condescending way because Asians who live around white people conform to stereotypes of being law-abiding, quiet and hard-working. If anybody truly “hates” Asian people in America it is mostly a resentful underclass of inner city blacks who only have contact with Asians as being oppressive racist Korean shopkeepers in the ghetto.


    • @EurasianTigerisGay… These are all strategies of racist White Males. They want to destroy small minority Asian population in the west by using tactics of Asian Male Emasculation and Fetishization of Asian women. Majority of White Males dating Asian women strongly hate White Women because White Women date Black Males and other Minority Males.

      These racist White males want to f**k all Asian women but don’t want to see any women with Asian men. Many White males even hate seeing Asian women with Asian men..

      These racist White Males strongly despise Asian males and hence they have been developing various negative stereotypes about Asian males in the west.


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