🔥🔥🔥Welcome to the Hapacalypse: Why More and More Hapa / Half-Asian / Eurasian Criminals is Inevitable and a Good Way to Understand the Bizarre behavior of Half-Asians

I am actually appealing to non-Asians to recognize these couples for what they are. My mother was like this, my father was an anti-black, antisemitic paleoconservative who valued an Asian woman for her “white worship”, completely disregarding other horrible characteristics of hers, in exchange for getting laid semi-regularly, and then not at all.

Anyone who has ever spent a significant time around Asian women realizes that there are more than a handful who have nothing but vitriolic and vile hatred in their hearts for Asian men. This probably has something to do with their failure to find them attractive (for physical reasons) so they essentially treat them as antagonists.

As if this were not problematic enough, these same women eventually go on to marry white men, and produce half-Asian children. These half-Asian children are exposed to the following elements:

  • Vitriol from Asian women
  • Massively unbalanced interracial dating
  • Constant attacks on Asianness by Asian women in relations with white men (the same ones who date white men yet still have to make the inferiority of Asian men well known)
  • The fact that they themselves naturally require a healthy identity in order to function yet Asian maleness was categorically attacked from the beginning; making healthy identity impossible.
  • A nihilistic sense of self worth where their entire usefulness is dictated by how Asian or un-Asian they look.

This in turn is producing millions of unhealthy Hapa children. 

They literally are creating a Catch-22 for their own sons, wherein they demonize Asianness, yet produce half-Asian sons, and then forbid them from complaining about being brutally reminded of their own inferiority (see the Esther Ku remark above or this one below):


Even more obvious is the fact that when Asian women are confronted with this, their usual arguments are “we owe Asian men nothing,” “it is not our duty to find Asian men attractive;” which are all true.

However, as these same women are going to give birth to sons and can offer nothing more than off-the-bat platitudes and a complete lack of concern for the mental state of CHILDREN, it is necessary to deduce that:

These women (and men) are literally the last people on earth suited for raising half Asian children, especially men. By being so adamantly opposed to introspection they are actually proving me right in implying they are not suitable for motherhood / fatherhood. A mother / father’s job is to care wholly for the wellbeing of her child, lest she produces a societal-detriment, which we are already filled to the brim with.

So what is happening now is that Asian women are attempting to level the blame onto half-Asian men in the present, in order to immunize themselves in the future from their own self blame, which will happen.

Half Asian men and women are left to fend for themselves in a society that is increasingly racist, rather than decreasingly, as previously though.

However, the real blame needs to be leveled on two parents, an Asian woman and white man (again, oftentimes a man, like my father, who enjoys feeling “superior” over rejected Asian men; or in many cases, just worshipped for his race unjustly whereas he feels white women failed to do so), who do not care for the mental health or spiritual wellbeing of their own sons, a demographic they are callously bringing into the world by the millions, a demographic that is destined to explode in what I call: The Hapacalypse.

We have already seen in two years such violent outbursts from Hapas, all with Asian mothers and white fathers. There will be more coming.

On this date, December 14th, 2015, remember that I, a Eurasian, specifically blamed the dynamic of White Men and Asian Women for creating a demographic of monsters. 

I no longer am concerned with appealing to Asian women. I am concerned with appealing to you, my non-Asian readers, to recognize these people for what they are. This is not a “progressive” pairing. It is racism. Please, please, please recognize this before it is too late. Do I have to remind you about how my mother commented on my high nose, light eyes, repeatedly, while concurrently having a massive blowout at my father for harboring anti-semitic, Holocaust denying views?

Yes, I am Eurasian / Hapa / half-Asian, yes I am real, and no I won’t show my face right now out of fear for attack and retribution. This will happen eventually. But please, please, believe me.

It doesn’t matter how many Asian women deny this; by this blog even existing and popping up after virtually any “half-Asian” search (and within a few months it will be the number one search result), this becomes a problem for society as a whole, and ideally it will ruin the social lives and society’s view of these pairings rather than them being hoisted up as being progressive.

There is no “white-only” Asian woman on the PLANET who would admit to this being a plausible issue; but it doesn’t matter – all I have to do is sway public opinion to my side using reason and truthfulness, and then the whole roof will cave in. That means: appealing to non-Asians, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. You all know well the adage of the “pen being more powerful than the sword.” You want world peace? Then dismantle the goddamned systems of power and hierarchies that exist in so called “free countries” and stop valuing your own selfish needs for five goddamned minutes.

61 thoughts on “🔥🔥🔥Welcome to the Hapacalypse: Why More and More Hapa / Half-Asian / Eurasian Criminals is Inevitable and a Good Way to Understand the Bizarre behavior of Half-Asians

  1. I see many issues with your proposed theories, including but not limited to the supposed “healthy” children of AMWF couples (as if being raised by two individuals constantly faced with rejection is any better than two individuals constantly rejecting their own) as well as your low perspective of power “imbalances” inherent to society. Given the ressentiment behind every word you write, though, it is only to be expected…

    The issue, you see, is that everything you are talking about is simply a reaction to the Western locomotive. Asian women are far from the only women who openly prefer white men; in fact, the vast majority of women do. And it has nothing to do with “microaggressions”, “emasculation of non-whites”, or anything like that. Plain and simple: women are attracted to power. And where better to find power than in the ones who are born of it?

    I have traveled all around Asia, and being from California I have seen firsthand how Asians supposedly “integrate”: by enjoying all the advantages offered by the West while simultaneously harboring ressentiment towards those born of it (read: the white ones). What fucking slays me is when Asian Americans become self-righteous and indignant about racism in a society they played a marginal (at best) role in establishing! As if we owe you anything, lol. And then you go on and spread downright fucking lies about “bamboo ceilings”, complaining about “white privilege” when you basically rode our draft for centuries and are just now starting to overtake us, etc.

    Compared to the Asians who are left with the task of making their homeland not suck, who still harbor ressentiment, but are at least productive towards bettering their position in the world.

    Still, the only country on this entire continent that isn’t a complete fucking disgrace is Japan, and that’s because they, at the very least, were able to swallow their pride and embrace the West at their most critical point in history. Compared to China, which was and still is too large and disjointed to be of any use, and Korea which was too internally chaotic for generations to be on the level of either. Then you have the smaller countries that manage to be semi-decent such as Taiwan and Singapore, which are still both just trying to be Japan (which is just trying to be Europe and America).

    I don’t necessarily believe that the positions of non-European nations is a result of genetics (at least, not entirely), but you can’t deny the inherent inferiority of the cultures in SE Asia in particular. Indonesia has roughly the same population as the United States, but when was the last time you gave a fraction of a shit about them?

    It’s not that I don’t pity you, it’s that you are being intellectually dishonest at best. Your mom may have very well been a self-loathing, resentful cunt who projected her own complexes about race onto you, and your dad may very well be a deadbeat who just wanted reliable sex. But the conclusion you draw from that is that your life is worthless because you were born of a relationship that supposedly “rejected” you? Your life is only as worthless as you want it to be, dude. Don’t blame your mom for being the way she was because she was simply reacting to forces that were completely outside of her control. At the same time, don’t blame your dad for being a product of the very society that allowed you, your mother’s family and your father’s family to live in relative comfort and, even if it was out of selfishness (what isn’t?), come together and try to start a family.

    Full disclosure: I am a tall, and by any measure attractive white male currently living in Japan. I have only ever dated white and Asian women but I do not partner with women significantly less attractive than me, regardless of race. I am not necessarily an advocate of or averse to fathering a mixed child; I just want a woman who is at least almost as attractive and intelligent as I. Isn’t that what everyone should be aiming for?


    • Brando, you’re a loser. You’re in Japan because you can’t get a decent job in America, and you’re too ugly to get a good looking intelligent female in the U.S. You’re considered an LBH (Loser Back Home).


    • “It’s not that I don’t pity you, it’s that you are being intellectually dishonest at best.”

      Not intellectual dishonest to suggest that Hapas are going to have issues under the umbrella of universally having white fathers.

      Please try again with a coherent argument. I don’t rely on myths of power and prestige and when I do I largely do so to appeal to the SJW crowd so that they can pinpoint you manipulators for who you are.

      The bottom line is that white people get haloed by their looks. Tall and white is essentially possession of genes that are highly valuable.

      You can’t honestly expect the son from one of these relationships to be well adjusted and if you knew any of them you’d know exactly what I was talking about.

      Spare me your pedanticism. Maybe you can level it on your own children.


    • And if your argument is being drawn from my own assertions about myself, then you’re doing it wrong. I’ve long since switched from that to merely exposing the sadism of these relationships.

      As for who you are, I’m guessing you’re Ryan Boundless or another one of these weirdos.


  2. @Anonymous: I’m in Japan because it fucking rules! It’s actually cheaper to live in many parts of Japan than it is to live in the Silicon Valley, where I’m from. If I just wanted to fuck Asian women all the time (spoilers: I don’t), I would have just stayed put. But I am immersed in a culture that, if nothing else, still allows people to listen to their instincts (or in other words, be human). I’ll take the hit in genetic variety for not having to live in a society hellbent on telling me I’m the problem when I am clearly not.

    @EurasianWriter: “Myths of power and prestige”, lol. As if any Asian country would be where they are today if not for the West.

    If it were as simple as looks (and it had nothing to do with the fact that whites have created society as we know it), then why aren’t Asians ruling the world and keeping whites around as sexual slaves? Because you know damn well that is what would happen if the roles were reversed but the genetics remained. But given your ressentiment towards whites, vitriol towards Asians and overall disingenuous worldview, I don’t expect you to acknowledge this.

    What’s funny about you mixed types is that you always harbor ressentiment towards your fathers, yet you can never really vocalize or justify your anger towards them. Perhaps it’s because, at the end of the day, they are simply guilty of the same mistake many a father has made; they trusted a woman to be a greater person than she actually is.


    • There’s nothing disingenuous about what I’m writing. The source of your criticism is that you’re my direct target and the existence of this website is an affront to your sense of wellbeing. Get real. This is almost a childish attempt of yours.


    • zawarudo777@mailinator.com,

      You’re in Japan because you are a loser. Look up LBH, that’s you. You are unable to compete with alpha males in the U.S. You prey on stupid Asian girls who will believe that you rich and powerful in America. The well educated Asian women wouldn’t dare be with you. Also, those with nice careers and wealth wouldn’t be with you either. Japanese people don’t like westerner, so you are probably experiencing a lot of discrimination.


  3. And for the record, dude, one of my best friends was born from a WMAF relationship, and he’s generally winning at life. He’s a software engineer at one of the biggest networking companies in the world and makes more money than almost anyone I know his age. So much for the bamboo ceiling, I guess.

    Of course, he was also raised in Japan, so he was spared the resentful leftist faggotry that unfortunately you and many others have had to endure your entire lives.

    But whatever man, keep that Stockholme Syndrome towards your counterrevolutionary pals going, I guess.


    • Stereotype detected:
      1) Conservative politics
      2) Passion for Asian women and maximization of white skin to eke as much pleasure out of life with minimal amount of effort
      3) Inevitable “I know a WMAF Hapa” and he’s fine, despite him probably being a 34 year old STEM virgin or a closeted homosexual.

      You’re not my father so don’t talk to me like you’re my son, but since it seems to be a particular desire of White men and Asian women to write the narratives of their Eurasian bastards for us, I’m not surprised you’re doing this.

      I call a spade a motherfucking spade, Ryan. And you are a goddamned spade.

      White men attempt to raise their Eurasian sons as white, because their politics were way too off-putting for them to get the real thing they wanted all along: a white woman and white children.


  4. Notice how you aren’t even attempting to refute what I say…

    These accusations of being a loser are hilarious. It’s as if white people aren’t allowed to enjoy living amongst other cultures unless they’re foricbly imported to their homeland.

    And my hapa friend is doing excellent in the US, plus he’s not even 30. I’m not even 30! I still have time to decide where I want to eventually settle. If Europe isn’t part of the Islamic state in ten years I may very well go there.

    The only thing more pitiful than your ressentiment is that you feel obligated to drag everyone else down to your level. Earth to flaming faggot: some people actually want to do something with their lives, in spite of whatever complexes they may or may not have. So leave the productive, successful hapas alone and wallow in despair with whoever else is pathetic enough to join you.

    Lastly, if your narrative is being framed for you, it simply means you are not proactive enough to do it yourself. You can blame the social construct fairy if you want, or you can acknowledge that the blame falls squarely on you for not caring enough about how you’re represented in the world.

    Your father has spoken; now stop sucking ass, put down the Marx and do something with your life.


    • Lol, your attempt to wrest control of the dialogue without saying anything other than “buck up kiddo,” is evidence of your control freak personality which is probably why you’re in Japan in the first place; you feel as if you have a modicum of control there in which you utilize your white face to inflate your own sense of worth whereas you would have failed in Europe or America.

      Your mention of the Islamification of Europe is expected. A white man flees to Japan in an attempt to avoid his own cucking, only to cuck another race.

      Stop being so pedantic and realize you’re the stuck up jerk off here, not me.

      I’d refute your points if your points were anything other than “muh Marxist,” “take responsibility hur durr,” etc.

      What else are you going to call me wrong on? Your sexless marriages? The poor hygiene of your ex girlfriends?

      I lived it, jerkoff, and I couldn’t give two shits about Asian women. What I give a shit about is raining on your parade, along with you and all the other sexpats, opportunists, manipulators and the white-worshippers who pair up with you.

      And I’m doing that. Look at how this blog is climbing the search engine ranks.


    • B.O. Brando,

      You’re really an English teacher in Japan right? You’re there to play with the girls and get drunk every night. One day you will marry an Asian woman and have an Asian child. The karma gods will bless you.


    • By the way I never even read Marx. I don’t believe in politics, I believe that virtually any political affiliation can be circumvented with violence. I recognize the WMAW dynamic for what it is – biology. Good luck politicizing your way out of that one.


  5. “Loser back home” is a label affixed to an expatriate who was a loser in his home country and attempts to craft a new, more glamorous and interesting identity for himself in his new country of residence where no one knows him and the locals are unable to read the cultural signs which mark him as a loser. This often entails knavery, clumsy seductions of local women, public intoxication, and generally shameful behaviour that tarnishes the reputations of all the LBH’s fellow expats, causing them to be viewed forever after with suspicion and distaste. Like an alien entering into our atmosphere, we would be captivated by it’s differences and oddities, but far from our minds would be the label of a loser no matter how different they seemed.
    An LBH is a “special” type of person that just doesn’t quite fit in. Back home, they may have been teased, out-cast and shunned and either didn’t know how or want to change their behaviour, to be able to socialize on a day-to-day basis with others. This is why so many LBH’s flock to China because they are accepted for who they are and not judged and shunned as they would be back in our culture. Their impoliteness, loud mannerisms, overstated opinions and general know-it-all attitude would still make it a difficult process to attain the label of ‘loser’ in China, but like with any alien, one person will eventually step forward to learn more. It’s when you are another Westerner meeting this type of weirdo guy or girl, in China, that you can recognize the social awkwardness and gag reflex behaviours they provoke, and safely look into their eyes (if you can manage this) and think that’s an LBH in the flesh!
    For those of us who don’t possess a finely tuned LBH-radar, here are just a few ways to spot one:
    Never had a successful career – has moved from place to place and job to job (train wreck to train wreck)
    Doesn’t have a stable family life – often has left a string of broken dysfunctional relationships and a number of children to different partners and has not contributed to the financial support of them (train wreck to train wreck)
    Is in China because he couldn’t make anything of himself in [insert western country name]
    Lacks self-awareness
    Has delusions of grandeur (e.g. thinks himself a misunderstood genius)
    Invents an exciting and interesting background story about his life at home (that doesn’t make sense on closer inspection)
    Indignant/angry/violent when details of his back-story are questioned or discovered to be obviously false
    Expert on China and all things Chinese (likely to live in a western style gated community, drinks and eats almost exclusively in western style bars and restaurants, has probably never been more than one hour from home-base)
    Expert on foreign politics, Chinese politics and anything newsworthy and will argue his opinion whether you want to hear it or not.
    Believes themselves to be untouchable and above the law (I’m an [insert country], they can’t do anything to me/I know [insert title of local official they met once])
    Dear friends, if you know an LBH or meet one (oh the humanity), smile, agree with everything they say then politely excuse yourself and get the hell away from them. Should you develop a relationship you will be automatically assumed to also be an LBH and when something bad does inevitably occur you will also go down with them.

    (Some of this blog is copied from others and some is original content. This is the internet afterall.)



  6. Are you functionally illiterate, or blinded by ressentiment?

    I’m not a fucking English teacher, lol. I already told you where I’m from, so read between the lines: I work in IT. I TOOK A PAY CUT to work in a foreign country because I wanted to do so. That is the difference between sorry, resentful losers like the author of this blog and myself: I am proactive, he is reactive.

    If I decide I want white children, I will have them. If I decide that the West is too shitty to raise a child in by the time I reach that point in my life, then I will look elsewhere.

    Your false equivalency of the cucking of Europe with that of Asia is very telling. Europe is not declining because of anything other than the fact that their population has become primarily composed of guilt ridden, resentful fags. Asia is rising and it is because they are striving for the standard set by Europe and the US, however I can only hope that they do not succumb to the same faggotry that the West has (yellow guilt lol).

    I have never been married dude, and I have only ever been in relationships with attractive white and Asian women. I have tons of casual sex with women of both ethnicities over here and don’t have any plans on settling down for awhile.

    Your scribbles on the internet are getting their fifteen minutes because you are simply riding the tidal wave of ressentiment against whites that is becoming so popular among braindead faggots. Nobody is going to know or care about anything you’ve written here in a matter of years.

    If there is anything we likely agree on, it’s that you should serve as a cautionary tale against miscegenation. That anyone could turn out to be a fraction of the monster that you are should be enough to scare anyone shitless! Yet at the same time, as evidenced by Europe, there are no mechanisms in place to prevent whites (or anyone else, for that matter) from becoming resentful fags, so it’s not like the alternatives are much better at this point. Such is the fate of a society rooted in slave morality: it is becoming so increasingly difficult to win that we must settle for simply losing less.

    Your daddy issues have got to be the flimsiest justification for being a piece of shit I have ever heard. That you seem to think your experience is unique due to your mixed heritage would be cute if you were a teenager, but you’re a grown ass man who is still resenting his father. “But he looks so much better than me!” As if attractive white men haven’t spawned unattractive white men before. “But my mom never actually loved him!” Go take a look at divorce statistics sometime and see how many of them are interracial (spoilers: they are so marginal they are rarely even mentioned). Basically everything about your experience is applicable to every ethnicity; you are simply a product of our age, but not in the way that you think. The reason whites and developed Asian countries are declining is because the cost of raising a high quality person is ever increasing; the cost of raising a single white/Asian/hapa child is enough to feed an entire village in any given African shithole.

    And here you are complaining that white women won’t date you, scribbling away about how it’s your dad’s fault, how if only your parent’s ethnicities had been reversed you would be a success (fat chance lol).

    If you haven’t read Marx, then you are really far gone. Your platform is basically social Marxism, so don’t be surprised if your scribbles are appropriated by that crowd in the future. Given how much of an attention whore you are though, you’ll just be happy that anyone is buying your nonsense. Like mother, like son, I guess.


    • Uh, your inability to differentiate between posters proves a lot more about you than your arguments. Not once did I call you an English teacher.


    • Dumbass, it’s “resentment.” Thank God you’re not an English teacher!

      It’s funny that you call the OP an attention whore, yet you come here and provide your story that nobody cares to hear. Take your idiocy elsewhere.


  7. Reading around your blog a bit more, I think I may have found the issue. It’s not that your parents were of different races, it’s that your parents were complete and utter trash.

    Neo-nazi dad lol. Anyone who truly appreciates the achievements of Europe knows that Jews are among the smartest white people (and therefore, some of the smartest people) on the planet. He was probably Anglo-saxon in origin, nothing else explains such brutish mental syntax.

    As for your mother, she just comes off as a typical superficial chink. Blindly praises Western culture, but only begrudgingly embraces it. Like all Asians not from Japan.

    For what it’s worth, dude, my mother blindly praised my father for his heritage, as well. She was an Anglo-saxon from New York who desperately wanted to be Italian. She found my dad and just had to have him. Of course, she became a soulless wench not long after I was born and drove him to alcoholism and his eventual death, but at least she got her wish!

    So what’s the difference between us, dude? I have “white privilege”? I was raised in an area where I was an ethnic minority, by a single mother of three in the lowest income bracket in the nation living in the most expensive area in the nation. I had to fight off the ressentiment of niggers, chinks and spics on a daily basis. Any lesser human would have turned into a faggot bitch like you. But I am different because I have something that you cannot buy, sell, or even be born with: I have the insatiable will to power. I saw world of pathetic shitstains reacting, and I saw my place in it: the center of reaction.

    This is why the perspective of “white privilege” is a low one, and one that can only be held by one who has been entrenched in slave morality. Because being white makes you a constant target for everyone, including other whites. You are not privileged, you are simply the most powerful because you have to be to survive. This is one thing very few, if any “people of color” are capable of understanding (and indeed, many whites fail to see it, as well, due to their self-imposed guilt).

    But hey, you have your complexes and you seem to be content lamenting over them for the rest of your life. You’re definitely not alone, but perhaps you should re-evaluate your priorities and carefully analyze those who sympathize with you. If you’re honest with yourself, you probably won’t like what you see.


      • Trust me, friend, you are always paying for sex. Be it in time, money, sanity, or all of the above. Sex is not just an investment, but the ultimate investment.


      • That’s all you white men want, is sex. What about getting to know a girl. Having an interesting conversation with her.

        Have you gotten tested for an STD?


    • Lol, it’s so funny to see guys telling me that I’ve no right to be unhappy yet the more they get pressed, the more the deep seated anger and resentment reveals itself. Uh, yea, also white privilege is real, I know this because of how I get treated versus how my Asian looking brother gets treated. But keep grasping at straws, I guess. Whatever makes you feel better about me getting into your shit and calling you out.


    • Don’t ever fucking compare being half Italian to being half Asian. Are you literally this dense? Are you literally so desperate to defend your lifestyle choices that you have to make up such inane comparisons?

      Lol at trying to differentiate between Japanese and Chinese women. Japanese women are notorious for kidnapping their hafu children, starving their white husbands of sex, poor hygiene and psychopathic behavior.


      • Actually; there are definitely negative social views of italians. Did you know that about 70% of all TV portrayals of Italians are negative, split between three stooges like idiots and pizza eating mafia types?


        I’m also surprised at the poor hygiene bit; general stereotype of Asians is that they have high needs for cleanliness.


      • Two things. Italians and half Italians are white and have enough commonality with one of America’s largest ethnic white groups, the Irish, to carve out a living successfully. Secondly name changes could remedy the majority of an Italian person’s social problems. A name change would not work for any Asian looking hapa.

        Thirdly, in the case of other mixed race groupings, they generally represent the domination of the non-Anglo group over the Anglo, wherein the child looks like the father, or looks like the “conquering tribe,” wherein he is both aware of larger discrimination against his kind, yet confident enough to know that his father was able to “conquer.”

        The Eurasian? The Eurasian is unique in that he looks exactly like the males that were conquered. He is reminded exactly of his low status in society, and also reminded of how his own mother, who otherwise should have supported him, allowed herself to be “conquered” by a supposedly superior race, one superior to the Eurasian himself.

        An over simplification, of course.


      • Actually; the scotch-irish tend to exist on the same level as the african-american population in the US.

        And sure; an italian could change their name but a lot of them still look Italian. Curly hair, swarthy features, big noses etc…..

        I have no idea where the italians rank on the socio-economic scale. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t all that high.

        So that’s something to consider if you want to mix with whites and are doing it for social advancement, italians, irish/scottish don’t do too well. Stick with jews, swedes and english types for that.


    • Call my dad a Neo Nazi, yet I’ve never heard him say chink, spic or nigger. He’s not even as bad as you.

      I know the issue here. I’ve pegged you. Right on the nose. Like a child cornered with his hand in the cookie jar.

      It’s actually quite funny. Who are you? Ryan Boundless? One of his friends? I know Ryan isn’t even this racist.


      • Ryan Boundless is an LBH English teacher in Japan. He’s been doing the English teaching (entertaining) gig for about 15 years. He always complains about Japan on his videos but he wants to stay in Japan. He’s a total loser.


    • Only a blind fool like you can deny the fact that white privilege exists. And then, in the next breath, you casually use the terms chink, spic, and nigger as if that’s ever acceptable to say. As a white woman I have NO problem acknowledging the racism and white privilege that underlies Western society. Unlike you, however, some of us recognize that something must be done to fight for equality. I can assure you that my children (my husband is Chinese) will be well adjusted and successful. YOU are utter trash, Dio Brando.


      • It’s called racist Tourette’s and it’s very common with white men who like Asian women. When asked they present themselves as being very progressive but poke them a bit and a deluge of racist shit will come out.


  8. “Daddy may deny the Holocaust, but at least he doesn’t say nigger!”

    This is why no one with a brain can take you or anything you say seriously. Your perspective is so low that you end up having to rationalize literally every aspect of your worldview.

    Granted, I don’t necessarily entirely blame you for this, but don’t confuse this for me cutting you slack, either. You are still a (barely) funcutioning adult and shouldn’t resort to such childish mental gymnastics.

    Your theory on white men being “too conservative” to bear white children makes absolutely no sense, by the way. I could impregnate a white woman tomorrow if I want to, and she would in all likelihood be a liberal college student from Europe. Whether or not we stay together and raise the child is another story, but all it takes to produce a child is sex.

    The only reason I won’t be able to implement Donald Trump’s reproductive strategy is simply because I don’t have the money needed to do so. Otherwise, I would improve the gene pools of Europe and Japan for generations to come. As it stands, there is no feasible way to preserve my genes for more than a few generations at best, so I will be donating my seed to a reputible organization when the time comes.

    As for my personal example, obviously it is not exactly the same as yours, but the same underlying principle is at play: when women are put in charge of courting (as it is in the industrialized world), they make their decisions for suitable mates based on perceptions of power. In my case, it was across nations as opposed to continents, but my mother was after the same thing yours was: the heritage she always dreamed of. Everything else was second to that, as evidenced by her behavior after she had her first child.

    Also, you were accusing me of being some attention whoring YouTuber or one of his lackeys, so yes fag, you were accusing me of being an English teacher. I had never even heard of this waste of life before you brought him up.

    Anyone who is a foreigner in Japan (with very few exceptions such as zainichi) and has anything but the most marginal complaints about it is in all likelihood an entitled, resentful fag. I intentionally distance myself from the majority of foreigners here for that very reason.

    Your complete and utter inability to address anything I’m saying is all the proof I need that you are not as brain dead as you seem, just incredibly resentful. You should not wear that as a badge of pride or a mark of your mixed heritage, either. You are reacting in a position where you should be forcing people to react to you, to change their perception of what it means to be mixed or even Asian. Instead, you are giving in to the lies liberalism has fed to you (whether you are otherwise politically aligned with it or not) about how it’s the fault of whites that you are the away you are when in reality it is a fucked up culmination of the world’s reaction to whites that is causing it. If your mother didn’t drill the need to be white into your brain, you would likely not have the myriad of issues you have now.

    In any case, this is still no excuse for you to live out of spite when your life is really not that bad in the grand scheme of things. Being Asian is hardly the worst thing in the world, and being mixed shouldn’t be either. You could be starving in Africa, fighting for ISIS, etc. Sure your parents are crazy (the real issue, not their ethnic backgrounds), but one of them is dead and the other one plays a diminished role in your life. Perhaps it’s not starting off from a blank slate, but it’s the next best thing.


  9. Angry? I am enjoying this quite a bit, actually. It’s about time someone called you out on your nonsense.

    Also, you called me Ryan, so yes fag, you and the other fag were both accusing me of being an English teacher.

    My IQ is 140. Even if yours is higher (doubtful), you’re still held back by ressentiment and nihilism.


  10. I mean, your argument basically boils down to Asian women preferring white men purely based on looks. If that were the case there would be literally no more full blooded Asians within a generation. There are so many more forces at play that determine how women choose who they marry/have children with that to call your analysis superficial would be a compliment.

    Sure, they’ll overlook some character flaws to be with a white guy, even if they’re not considered to be attractive by Western standards. But if that’s the case, then is she really choosing him based on looks? Is she not simply reacting to the society that’s told her that she’ll never be worth as much as a white person, but should marry within her race anyways?

    Let’s even say for arguments sake that she lives in a part of Asia where men are tall and attractive. I’ve seen the highest concentration in Korea, personally, so let’s roll with that.

    So she can choose between a deadbeat, unattractive white guy, or a variety of attractive Asians who may or may not have deadbeat tendencies. Depending on her standing in society, how much ressentiment she harbors, etc., she may very well choose the white guy every time. Why? I’ve already explained that she’ll be more likely to react against a society that tells her to shut up and accept her place (a sentiment still prevalent throughout the continent), but what if she’s of a higher social standing and benefits from it? I think even you’ll agree that they’re more likely to be pickier if they have something to lose from marrying white or something to gain from marrying Asian.

    But then, you interject, why does marrying within your race have to contain a qualifier?

    Because marrying period contains qualifiers, dipshit. Even for a woman at or near the bottom of the social ladder, committing to a man and a family is preventing her from improving her quality of life past what he can offer. Yes the roles can reverse depending on who comes from money, but the idea remains the same. Marriage is quite literally a contract of employment, and you’re an idiot if you take anything beneath your qualifications.

    I could go on, but I think I’ve disturbed your fundamentally misguided view of the world enough already. I am doing this because I am acting on my sense of devotion, the very thing that once made Europe the greatest place on earth. It is unfortunate to hear that your father’s side of the family has basically disowned you, because whether they like it or not you are still part of their genetic legacy. I despise white trash more than any non-white because they turn their backs on the generosity and devotion that made their ancestors the greatest people to have ever walked this earth.

    So there you go, you’re already better than a lot of white people. Now if only you can purge yourself of this horrible ressentiment, there may still be some hope for you yet.


    • Don’t flatter yourself. You instead rely on ad hominem attacks on my character and empty platitudes about pulling oneself up by the bootstraps.

      The situation is incredibly complex. You may answer the “why” but you expect millions upon millions of Eurasians, who have been proven statistically to exhibit higher rates of mental illness, to cope sufficiently with an overt emasculation, deprivation of culture, broken homes, fetishistic parents, uncaring mothers, racist fathers and a litany of other wrongs that don’t contribute to a healthy personhood.

      Eurasians are incredibly talented. It’s a pity that the shit in which they gestates more often than not deprives them of all potential.


  11. I don’t doubt that your parents were particularly shitty or that it’s not uncommon to see two losers of different ethnicities get together out of desperation.

    The problem is that you are saying that this is inherent to all admixture, and that it is particularly bad when the father is white, because he serves as a constant reminder of your mother’s racial insecurities.

    There’s a few issues with this, but let’s start with the obvious one: this is not at all exclusive to people of mixed races. You are basically resenting white males as society is instructing you to because you don’t know any better.

    What about your situation would be any different if your father was exactly the same as he is now, but Asian? You would still resent white males, you just wouldn’t have one in your family tree.

    Maybe that makes it hit you on a more personal level, but the real issue here is that you are resenting white males at all. It is childish and ungrateful to do so for a number of reasons. Obviously I am not saying all white males are smart, attractive, etc., but they (and you) are the result of the genetic lineage that created the word as we know it.

    This doesn’t make them impervious to criticism (quite the opposite, in fact), but at the end of the day everyone knows that the West won forever ago and that the cultural war has been long won; some are just better at embracing it than others. When we go through history books, who is it we see inventing, scoping out new lands, etc.?

    I’ve seen you complain several times that you were raised to see the Western perspective, but the reality is that there is no Eastern perspective; even the Easterners admit it! The culmination of Eastern philosophy and invention ended well before the West was even getting started. I am not advocating the white nationalist perspective of that being proof of inherent inferiority, rather as matter of fact.

    If you were to have been raised in a decent Asian country like Japan or Korea, chances are you would have come to terms with these things long ago. Unfortunately, the American left increases its influence by spreading lies of equality, cultural relativism, etc., and specifically prey on the insecurities or non-whites to ensure that these ideas don’t die easily.

    The most you can do now is to gradually come to terms with your heritage and find security in the fact that you are still of a better genetic pedigree than most. Maybe you can’t be as overall attractive as the richest, most attractive white men, but if you’re paying attention, you’ll see that most people are actually not that attracted to the most powerful men on the planet. I mean, how many women do you see throwing themselves at Donald Trump?


  12. Look dude, I could have just called you a stupid fag and been done with it, but that wouldn’t have been productive for anyone. You are being a stupid fag, but if I spent the majority of my life being told to be something I literally am incapable of being, I’d probably be a stupid fag too.

    You are still nowhere near the point of no return, and I see that. You flirted with suicide and decided you had something you had to do first (so much for nihilism amirite). That alone speaks volumes.

    So I can only hope that you find a new found meaning within yourself, even if it is just figuring out what that meaning is. If you really want to get in touch with your Eastern roots, pick up some Eastern philosophy. They figured out the art of war, the nature of duality, and the nature of value assignment (White horse) long before anyone in the West did.

    But then you must read Western philosophy, specifically Nietzsche since he explains the whole action/reaction thing in detail. And that is the lens through which you must see everything from now on.

    I hope it turns out well for you, dude. I really, truly do.


    • Do you get a warm, tingly feeling writing this tripe, thinking you’re helping someone out?

      Actually don’t answer that, yeah, you probably do.


      • Oh yea. Forgot to mention. I didn’t wind up in an Ivy by choice. I was shooed in for an almost full scholarship. Even if they did teach me whatever it is you think they teach (one book by Marx, one by Said), I wasn’t going to turn it down. Nor did I ever read Marx.


  13. My point is that all the education in the world is not going to compensate for your complete lack of perspective. At some point, you have to acknowledge that there exists a world outside of your bedroom, and that it is the very thing you should be striving to carve out your place in.

    You still seem to be missing the point of my example (I just saw the conversation going on above). I am not using my heritage as a sympathy play, rather as a way of illustrating the real issue: that women are in charge of courting. When you give women an antithesis to their biological and/or cultural shortcomings, it is only natural that they will take that route when it offers tangible benefits. You can only blame Asian women for being attracted to white men as much as you can blame an object for being affected by gravity.

    Neither your daddy issues nor your racial inferiority complexes are unique to your mixed heritage, and your arguments about them being inherent to it don’t hold water. If anything, you are simply using it as an excuse to continue a viscous cycle of ressentiment so you don’t have to worry about doing anything with your life.

    Your ethnic background really doesn’t matter; at the end of the day, if you are born in a liberalist society, you will be taught from the day you are born that you should resent white males. Because the frail, weak white males who were unable to achieve anything will be there to tell you that it’s not your fault.

    When a white male is too lazy/stupid to be a success, he invents the lie of white privilege and indulges in white guilt. All a reaction to his own shortcomings so that he may feel better about himself. Getting non-whites on board with it gives him a new objective (to take down the successful white males), but because it is rooted in ressentiment it will ultimately fail. Just look at how well Sanders is doing against Trump.

    Perhaps I’ve been harsh with you, but it is because you need to be made uncomfortable to want to confront these kinds of things. If people continue to coddle you and enable your low perspective, you will mistake it for a high one. Which is exactly why you made this blog.

    Anyways, I’m done for real now. What you do from here is up to you.


    • There actually are disadvantages towards being Asian. Bamboo ceiling; having to score the highest points to get accepted into college. Trouble with getting jobs in the entertainment biz.

      Admit-ably they are pretty far from being the most oppressed or racial group dealing with bigotry or bias.

      But still there is some.

      Of course; I think middle easterner’s, hispanic and native american’s all have the same dating out rate as asian’s.

      But they don’t seem to have an issue with it for some reason.


      • I also think it’s interesting you put liberal college as having a greater effect on some one than a conservative up bringing.


      • Bamboo ceiling is complete and utter bullshit my friend, just like all myths of wage gaps. Any honest analysis of wage, gender and ethnicity puts Asian American males above every other group, consistently and by a wide margin.

        Asians may have trouble breaking through in Hollywood, but there are many forces at play there. If you put the blame for this solely on white people you are seriously lost; the representation of blacks in Hollywood would make it seem to the outside, casual observer that America is nearly 50% black, when in reality it is closer to 10%. To ignore that they have fortified their grip in entertainment is just that, ignorant. How they did it is an interesting story for another time.

        And there is no such thing as a conservative upbringing, at least not anymore. Because even so-called conservatives are simply reacting to the left’s stronghold on the West.

        I don’t blame his Ivy league education or any college education necessarily, it is more that it is an irrelevant factor to any of his claims or criticisms. He accuses me of lobbing ad hominem attacks. Well, maybe if you didn’t inject personality into arguments where it doesn’t belong, people wouldn’t have to do that, would they?


      • To keep harping on existing prejudice is giving in to the narrative that one is incapable of being successful if they aren’t white. Which is so patently untrue and implicitly racist that I’m surprised more people aren’t figuring this out on their own.

        If you want to be successful, BE PROACTIVE. Don’t give a shit about the expectations of others and do what you want to do and/or are good at. This is one thing Eastern culture gets horribly, horribly wrong, and the reason they have such trouble integrating with the West.

        Japan, as usual, is an exception to this, but only barely. They acknowledge that you should try to do what you’re good at (hence the emphasis on vocational schools out here, particularly for the lower/middle class), but they still fall into some of the pitfalls of groupthink and herd mentality that prevent them from truly embracing this. Which is why the Japanese people tend to either be highly resentful, or not very resentful at all.


      • “BE PROACTIVE. ”

        What do you think I’m doing now? I’m being very proactive in exposing people like you and your future ex-wife.


      • For complaining about ad hominem as much as you do, you sure don’t have any qualms about dishing it out to others.

        That was a nice comeback, though. Did you think of it all by yourself?

        Don’t worry, rejection is only the first phase. It’ll be over before you know it.


  14. “Asian women are far from the only women who openly prefer white men; in fact, the vast majority of women do”

    This is so far from the truth it’s straight up a lie. What is also true is that I’m so removed from Asian problems it’s like hearing about Martians. But when you try to justify your own need for acceptance by Western society that you would bring in “majority of women” you are including me and women like me. You know absolutely nothing about women like me and what I prefer. White men are by far the lowest on the list. Some of us have had more than enough history personally and historically with Whites, especially White males. To say they are strong, masculine and physically desirable as a whole is ridiculous at the very least and delusional at the very best.

    White women do not prefer White men to the degree you would want anyone to believe. The truth is White men who would actively reject White women or any women to even marry foreign women are not looking for something “ethic” or “exotic”. They are looking for someone they think they can control. They think Asian women are weak and welling to do anything and take anything and worship them as if they are gods. For them its purely and simple the need for an ego rush, a power trip. Many will only create interracial relationships with Asian women for WHAT they are. not who you are. Thus these marriages are solely based on stereotypes of what they think Asian women are willing to do. They want a pet not a wife. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with you personally preferring White men but make no mistake you are not marrying a man that wants you for your beauty or intelligence or attracted to your wit and charm. He is marrying you because you are a child to him, a malleable easily broken child, who is old enough that he doesn’t have to go to jail for having sex with you.

    You might as well be a rubber fuck doll. Because to them that’s exactly what you are. So do and say what you will but keep it in your lane.


    • While I stand by my reply I now realize it was to someone I thought was an Asian female. I now realize you are a White male who is not even worth the time to reply. If I could remove it I most certainly would. To make such a statement at all from a White man which I quoted above is so completely laughable and so insidiously hubris that in fact it actually proves my point.


  15. I would advise you to do yourself a favor and look up the definition of resentment. The only way you could possibly be correct is if you’re not replying to me at all. But I am enjoying your comments. As with a good shot of top shelve Patron, I love a good laugh every once and a while. I greatly appreciate the free entertainment.


  16. Feel free to tell me why I am wrong about any of this. Take all the time you need.

    Also, I was using the French version of the word, and for good reason. It refers to a philosophical concept that goes far beyond the scope of what you are going to find in a dictionary.


    Educate yourself before you attempt to correct others.


    • Resentment, anger, hostility, all true.

      What’s your point? Anger is driving me to do this, and it’s been successful and from here on in, it will get even more successful, and I won’t stop until I reach the top of the Google rankings for your children to find, and their children to find. Why would I strive to be a good man, when the womb from whence I came was not good?

      If you’re looking for scholastic or literary analogies you wouldn’t have to look far to find any classic villain who was wronged and sought revenge. They’re all over the place, Ryan. Stop trying to moralize me. Stop trying to pin anything I’m doing other than on pure and utter anger at the betrayal I feel and continue to feel.


    • Not matter what definition you’re using, again as I stated, if you’re talking to me you’re wrong. But apparently you were not, so carry on.


    • It’s actually funny. I have female hapas, male hapas, white women, black women come on here agreeing with me. It’s convenient that the ones that are the most adamant about this being wrong are you white males. Don’t believe me? Go through the thousands of comments on this page.


      • I’ve already explained why that is, you just don’t want to see it (yet).

        Way to be proactive, by the way. I guess that’s why you’re spending all this time and energy complaining about how you can’t live up to society’s expectations.


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