Hapa Olympian Arthur Nory Mariano is also an extreme racist – and the worst kind


The kind that doesn’t even try to hide it. Meaning that he literally was caught on camera bullying a fellow, young black athlete with racist comments for his sole crime of being born black in Brazil.

Original link here.

Gee, when’s the last time we’ve seen a Half Asian with an Asian mom be extremely racist? Oh – I don’t know, every single time? Who woulda thunk that a white Brazilian guy with a passion for martial arts and Asian women would also raise a racist son?

Did I also mention that I’m a former white nationalist (prolific poster on Storefront and other racist Nazi websites) whose insecurity with my slightly Asian looks (enough to make my friends bully me) made me want to be white so bad that I took to attacking black people?

How much do you want to bet Arthur is racist against Asians too – despite having an Asian mom?


4 thoughts on “Hapa Olympian Arthur Nory Mariano is also an extreme racist – and the worst kind

  1. Yo ET. I subscribe to the comments because I like your posts. I was raised by a White, anti-racist liberal guy who’d go around quoting MLK. I plan on marrying Asian, my longest relationship was with a Puerto Rican girl and I’ve had a number of Black friends over the years. Yet I’m far more conservative ideologically than most people in my family. I just think Liberalism is the White man’s ideology. I don’t consider myself White at all. Things aren’t always that simple.


  2. Eurasian Writer I have to speak up and say that Simone Biles probably doesn’t even know that Arthur Nory is a racist!!! I’m 99% positive that if she did, she wouldn’t continue to be friends with him. Most Black women would N E V E R date a racist!!! Generally, we have way too much pride to stoop to that level. I’m sure that he is using Simone to gain some type of notoriety. I wish his true character was exposed so she could really see the monster that he is!

    Actually, I’m not surprised that Arthur Nory is a racist and this is not just because of him being the child of a WMAW pairing. But Brazil is incredibly racist and unlike here in the states, there is no 1 drop rule. So because he has white skin, he’s probably considered to be a white man regardless of where his mom is from. In Brazil, if you can basically pass for white then that is what people would consider you. I’m sure that this kind of environment reinforces his racist attitude.


  3. Arthur is not a racist. He made a mistake that doesn’t make him a bad person. No he’s not racist to Asians. Don’t talk about a country (Brazil) you know nothing about. Arthur is so fucking hot with a perfect smile and face. Brazilians (any race) >>>>>>>> Americans (any race)


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