??Hapa / Filipina(?) Woman Rachel Dahl Appears / Willingly Featured on White Nationalist Website


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I don’t really pass judgement other than to voice my own mental issues.

My mother was Chinese from Hong Kong and had underwent such extreme body modification (like which Rachel seems to have) in order to “appear white.” I cannot explain the psychology of this well, but my suspicion is that she (my mother) was deeply mentally ill and so traumatized by the fact that she was not white that she altered her entire appearance to the point that my young brain actually did not register that she was Asian – think heavy red lip stick, eyelid surgery, heavy hair dyeing.

My father was also a very, very, very paleoconservative white man who believed in 1950’s era traditionalism, which I have voiced many times. He hates gays, hates liberals, hates Jews, and lives in a fantasy world of HAM radio, Holocaust denial, and old books.

As far as White male / Asian women being progressive – is that really even an issue in this current age?

Let it be know – Asian women and white men literally dream of having white babies. Asian women are replacement white women  for racist white men fed up with white women’s “behavior;” Asian women are so self hating at a core level that they will even take up a White Nationalist identity in order to “fit in.”

What’s truly scary to me is that I am so familiar with mental illness that I’m very afraid for the Hapa children of couples like these – especially when they come up against real racism – i.e., every day racism, where some random redneck says “you look Asian” to her son or daughter – and that will cause an implosion.

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  1. Holy hell… her nose looks exactly like my self-hating, insecure Filipina aunt (LOL)!

    Like my aunt, that broad above has taken the surname of a White male, has undergone rhinoplasty and has used skin-whitening agents—pathetic. And her lower lip looks like it’s been bitten by a mosquito… hahaha!


    • I’m sure a lot of (white) people tells her every day that she is not white, but some ‘things’ will never accept.


    • “I’m not doing my Asian like life right” “I grew up in America, like I’m very Americanized, like I don’t know what you want from me? Honestly, like I’m sorry I don’t understand certain “traditional values” that Japanese people do because I just grew up with just my Mom in America….

      It’s sad that she don’t embrace the “traditional values” of the Japanese which is known for their discipline. This is where the problem is arising, Asian mothers do not introduce their culture (no matter how unpalatable) into their hapa children.

      Here are two samples of Hapas within the male and female perspective immersed in cultural values of their Asian Mom:


    • Bro, that clip is from a White male degenerate YouTuber named “David Bond” (most likely not his real name).

      White male “kid/teenager/adult”, when it comes to being a “tourist” in Eastern (East and Southeast) Asia, they’re all the same—SEXPATS (and Asian women willingly spread their legs open for these subhuman males).

      It’s about time Asian men (especially Asian male leaders in Asia) band together and rid Asia—with an “iron fist”—of this widespread “epidemic” of White males (including ANY “Western” male) “preying” on these naïve & gullible Asian females. Either these White/Western male sexpats be deported & banned or—for more serious matters concerning White/Western males “preying” on Asian females (like THIS, THIS or THIS)—be outright executed (via death penalty). Asians—especially Asian men—need to stop “kowtowing” to these motherfuckers by giving them a metaphorical “free pass” and put them in their damn place (and the same applies for Asian women).

      It’s better to be feared than respected (and the West has NEVER really shown respect toward Asians—especially Asian men—any-fuckin’-way).


  2. she is not hapa. She is full Asian. A typical self-hating Asian woman married to an old white dude. If you look at her blog and Instagram, she is full Asian (Filpina I think) but tries to pretend to be hapa (via hashtags implying she is part white etc) and is totally ashamed of her asian-ness. There is a page on her website showing (Asian) women how to do their make up and hair and use contacts so they can pass for ‘hapa’ or another race i.e. basically not Asian. She uses these ‘tips’ on herself to pass for ‘hapa’ in her public photos but when you see photos of her minus the make up, facial contouring and contact lenses, she looks very Asian (nothing wrong with that but she hates this).
    She claims she can’t relate to other Filipinos and that she doesn’t look like her brothers which explains why she only hangs around with white people. She claims she doesn’t look like people of her race. She raves on about her baby’s blue eyes and how she was happy the baby’s eyes stayed blue. She is so self-hating it’s embarassing.

    It’s weird you have mentioned her as I came across her blog a while ago and thought about this website and how Rachel Dahl’s blog basically is a textbook example of the type of Asian woman discussed on this blog.


      • Balding loser? BALD to be exact, lol. Let me just clear a couple of things up. First of all: We’re not white supremacists or really even nationalists. We’re not racist. Also, Rachel is ALL NATURAL and has never had surgery. She looks that way because of good genes and good nutrition—a unique and gorgeous gift from God, which is a big reason I married her. She did wear color contacts, which are mildly different (a lighter brown) than her naturally deep brown eyes. I have told her this is unnecessary—she just told me she hasn’t been wearing them for 2 weeks (so I didn’t even notice or mind the change). She doesn’t even wear lipstick or excessive makeup, because I am chemically sensitive and that stuff really bothers me. Read more about that here: http://www.modernlifesurvivalist.com/help-us-find-an-mcs-mold-and-emf-safe-home-for-our-family/ You cannot imagine the difficulty I’ve experienced from this severe allergy problem that was caused by living in a moldy home. Not to mention what it’s done to my pride, often being in physical shambles unable to work several times since it became an issue.

        I’ve always been a pretty run-of-the-mill Christian conservative, not too concerned about immigration. Obviously globalism has benefitted me because it allowed the love of my life to show up in my country, where we met. (That doesn’t mean my wife and I can’t be critical of the mentality of globalism, as it mostly hurts the common people and helps the Powers That Be, if you take out the long-distance love stories like ours.) We even got married when her Visa plans fell through, so we were a “green card marriage.” That doesn’t bother me, and I was never really worried about her marrying me for “status”—I think I was right, because 7 years later we’re still together and deeply in love. I never doubted that this woman loved me for who I was, because of our conversations. If you haven’t experienced true love, with someone with the same Christian faith and a ton of common interests (even down to the music and movies we enjoy), I’m sorry. It is very rare to be physically attracted, (mostly) agree with someone, and have the same Faith in Christ (at about the same entry point) as your spouse. We also make each other laugh—like, a lot—and I mean genuine, rolling-on-the-floor, sometimes to the point of crying, belly laughter (our 10-month-old daughter also laughs in this way at our jokes). One of these things might match up and that might be enough for some people, but Rachel and I were both extremely picky. (I did date other women, and they were not all of a different race, by the way.)

        We just happened to be of a different cultural, national, and racial background. We didn’t plan it, but it just happened that way. We’ve been through an immense amount of difficulty because of this (especially in earning her family’s approval), but our love and our relationship only grew out of it. Whatever is said about us to deride us and detract from our love WILL only make us stronger. Rachel is my soulmate. I don’t know any way to convey this to you other than what I’ve said except by giving you my Word.

        When Rachel accepted the interview from Red Ice Radio, she was mostly interested in talking about modesty and our traditional diet. Lana surprisingly wanted to know her opinion on White genocide and the Eurocentric movement. She didn’t know much about it, so she just related it to the only experience she could think of where it affected her, which was from my layoff in 2009 (which was a very uncertain and upsetting time for both of us). To our dismay after the interview was posted, we noticed that there were some truly racist people that had been interviewed on the site. There were also a lot of people commenting on there (thought most were positive comments) that seemed to have a problem with things she said not being outrageous enough, or her having a mixed child. That was only the beginning of this strange journey we’ve been on that has culminated in my writing this response to this article.

        We don’t think Lana and Henrik are racist, but they definitely have given a platform to some pretty nasty characters (who we think are not necessarily authentic personas, but agitators trying to radicalize people). Just because you have people on your show like that, doesn’t make you necessarily in alignment with 100%, or even most, of their opinions. Not one person has the exact same view as anyone else, so don’t judge too readily. Rachel’s appearance on Red Ice Radio is a great example of this. I will say that Rachel got involved with some pretty seedy characters on Twitter for awhile after the interview and feeling inclined to learn more about the white nationalist movement (hence some of the praising of white culture). My response was always to tell her to distance herself from people who spoke out of hatred.

        This made me very uncomfortable, as I have always found racism to be immature and unenlightened. I just didn’t get it, but she was temporarily fascinated by the concern of White Genocide, which she claimed was not only part, but parcel to the Alt-Right movement. I disagreed, and vehemently held that the Alt-Right were not all racists, and that I could be in it without employing flat-out hate speech against Jews. (Again, I think there are infiltrators who are trying to radicalize and discount the movement, which does involve reasonable immigration reform and stronger borders—not inherently racist ideals.) I even wrote an article emphasizing their better points, while ironically SHE was exploring (but not at all subscribing to) the extreme side of it—the side that made me very uncomfortable with loose racist talk all the time on Twitter (which she NEVER participated in). I didn’t badger her too much as she learned about it, because she has her own will, and I figured she would learn on her own it was a bad scene. Now she is 100% dedicated to “deracializing” her posts, because it’s not our main message. She has deleted most of the tweets you’ve talked about here, because she feels they don’t represent her views accurately, but were just steps on her journey that when taken out of context might look bad. Correctly, she figured they could easily be used against her by hateful individuals, and as she was deleting them she found out she was right, and here they are immortalized in JPEG form on this blog that ridiculously tries to paint her as a “self-hating…white supremacist…Asian.”

        As for her previous articles about wanting to look like a Hapa: You must know that Filipino culture holds hapas in very high regard. It is part of their normal behavior (and normal human behavior) to emulate something they find beautiful. Whether this is healthy or to be encouraged, I’m not sure. I certainly don’t fully get it, except that whites were an “invading” cultural force bringing American movies and TV to their entertainment markets, and most people in Hollywood movies are white. She always had a critical, if somewhat ambivalent, attitude about this aspect of Filipinos, saying, “Filipinos immediately elevate hapas to superstar status in my country. It’s crazy!” Then when we had our daughter, of course she was proud and started to play up and even brag about something that made her feel her daughter was special. Her blue eyes. Who wouldn’t? But if Ramona didn’t have blue eyes, we would’ve found something else to be proud of her (and no, not exclusively White traits!) But why do you even judge that? Of course we’d be interested in the interesting combination of our genetics, and most importantly epigenetics from providing our daughter a non-toxic environment and healthy nutrition (which is based on TRIBAL principles by the way!)

        So hopefully this will reach some of you. I have no idea what happened to all of you that made you so bitter about your heritage, but I hope it doesn’t happen to our daughter Ramona. I certainly do not want her to experience hateful language like this, so I guess we’ll just make sure she doesn’t spend too much time on the Internet until she’s older and understands it better. But when that time comes, if you can commit to acting out of love, I would really appreciate it. I know it’s a long shot, but I’m making this request sincerely. Please do not bring our innocent daughter into this harmful discourse.


      • You know that her tweets about Nazi wives and white genocide were up two weeks ago, and there’s no way you didn’t know about this?


      • Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Yeah the Nazi wife post was supposed to be funny. She was just making a point about the universality of the positivity in a traditional family. Even if it’s fictional Nazis. I did point out to her that this article she had written might look particularly bad after we found out the gist of Red Ice Radio. But if you actually read it, it’s not in any way pro-Nazi, bro.

        Yeah, I knew they were still there (they stay there unless you delete them). She just started deleting them today, so obviously they would be up 2 weeks ago.


      • Whoa Tiger, let’s not make assumptions. She started deleting the tweets then checked on Reddit and saw you and another person talking about her in a thread, which she showed me. Then she found this one and showed me. This was all today. But I’m sure you know the timeline of what happened, and why it happened better than I, so I won’t offend you by telling you my side of the story. Sorry for presuming.


      • “A husband should rape his wife?” “The KKK are good folks who fought for nationalism?” Are you serious, Rob? Or are you just fucking around right now?

        How is it an assumption to state that “the KKK were good folk” might possibly be construed the wrong way?


      • “Rape” in quotes. Criticizing feminists’ loose use of the word, like the day after they have sex, they regret it, they’ve been calling that rape. KKK in Philippines was a completely different thing. Educate yourself.


      • You know this is just shaping up to be another, “oh, she expressed clearly Nazi sentiments” but it was just a joke bro, type deal, right?


      • What you’re experiencing could be called “mental bundling.” You’re combining thoughts to see what you want to see, because it makes you look progressive or interesting for taking note of the self-hating Asian Nazi. In reality this person you’ve created doesn’t exist. She talked about a character that was portraying a Nazi in an alternate timeline, yes. None of what she actually said was in favor of Nazism. You obviously didn’t actually read the article, did you, Tiger?


      • Because she has Radio3Fourteen on her Twitter description – a simple google search reveal it’s a White Nationalist radio show. Stop lying Rob, it’s annoying. Or should I sticky the thread?


      • If you go on a White Nationalist show without realizing it, it doesn’t mean you’re a White Nationalist. After meeting Lana and Henrik, we looked into what the White Nationalist message is, and it’s not the same as White Supremacy. We’re not buying into it that much, because obviously we’re a mixed race couple and we support other people who do the same. From what we learned, we both decided we only support the right of a white person to encourage their own families and promote the interests of their race and its preservation. (Might I say this is in alignment with the message of your blog, which states categorically that a white man marrying an Asian woman is “racist.”) Asian parents I have met often promote marrying within their own culture and race (like every family everywhere ever). It’s pretty hard to argue against Whites and Americans who do the same.

        That’s a lie of Progressive Cultural Marxism that you seem to buy into (that Whites/Americans aren’t allowed to have National Pride). That will have been reinforced in your Dartmouth education. But even with all of that said, we’re not huge promoters of the movement to allow whites to freely promote and preserve their race. It’s just not our battle, and it doesn’t make that much sense considering our choice to marry outside of our race (which we don’t regret).

        “I don’t really pass judgment other than to voice my own mental issues.” Must say, I’m amazed you admitted this. This is not decent human behavior or even acceptable. You only do this because you’re allowed to exist in a fantasy “troll” world online. The things I say to you, I would say in person. You should stop harrassing people. I’m sorry that you were hurt by your parents, but this isn’t constructive.

        Also, if you “pin” someone’s tweet that was said at a certain time from a certain feeling, you’re not capturing the essence of one’s being. People have thoughts and feelings that come and go. While Rachel might still think what she said 2 weeks ago is true to some extent, there is this thing called “time” that passes and your perspective can change slightly. Unfortunately, in the digital world, people lose sight of this and can’t understand this possibility if they’re single-minded. I think I’ve done my best to explain our position, and hopefully people will see past your oversimplification of us. I’d like to convince you otherwise that we’re loving people who care about you, but it seems you won’t listen. Best of luck to you.


      • Someone’s tweet? There are hundreds of tweets that are highly misconstruable – except they’re not misconstrued, they’re genuine. You think Rachel writing “the KKK is a bunch of decent folks (in the Philippines) doesn’t seem racist? You think, “a husband should rape his wife” just because of the quotes, isn’t highly questionable?

        You’re straight up lying and you know it dude. I get you’re angry but you’re lying. I haven’t even listened to the show but how much do you want to bet that there are some things that she will say that “can be taken out of context.”

        Boy please.


      • Dipshit. He dosent say white men and asian women is inherently bad because it’s interracial. He says it’s often bad because it’s based on problematic dynamics like fetishization and self-hate.

        “Cultural Marxism”


      • She looks like a female michael jackson and you don’t get like that without at least some serious makeup.

        As for Ramona? Give her positive asian/Filipino role models and expose her to her Filipino side. DO NOT value one of her sides (white or Filipino) above the other. Equal status.

        Especially important if you have a son. A son will NEED positive asian male figures in his life. No ifs or buts.


      • Rob don’t mind this guy. He’s full of self hatred. His dad is a white nationalist, who hates Jews, blacks, Hispanics etc. Eurasians parents got married and had kids for the wrong reasons, and he’s screwed up as a result. Just dig through his blog and you will see for yourself. Therefore he hates white men/Asian women couples and thinks mixed kids are going to suffer and have no future. Eurasian writer always complains about how hard he has it, but in reality he has an ivory league education. I feel bad for him, because he’s the creator of his own problems, and is neurotic because his grandparents were bigoted as well, and treated him with disdain. (Here’s a pro tip-don’t treat mixed race kids like garbage, because they didn’t ask to be born.)

        It sounds like you and Rachel got married for the right reasons. You’re both Christians, have similar interests, and seem to be mature enough to stay loyal to each and get through life’s challenges. Kids turn out okay when they raised by two parents in a healthy and happy home.

        I don’t blame you for marrying an Asian women. They are some of the if not most beautiful women in the world. I know you two got married for other reasons. I am a confirmed bachelor, but I am happy when I see the few good marriages out there.


      • I just learned that someone is justifying a woman being a Nazi house wife to a white male fringe right paleoconservative and this isn’t surprising. What a world we live in.


  3. Yes, those things “seem” racist, which is supposed to catch your attention. Then the expectation is for the reader to look into what the actual meaning is (which should take rereading it once or twice). Start to incorporate some subtlety into your intellectual life so you can understand this. For instance, I have an article called, “What I learned from being a stripper,” but I’m talking about stripping furniture when I was a kid. Language is an interesting thing, because we can cleverly explore its use (without lying) to gain attention.

    Let me clarify this once again, because I don’t think you quite caught it: The KKK in the Philippines were a completely different thing, and they are considered “saviors” in their countries because they fought off invaders. That’s the point she was trying to make. It’s about your cultural reference point. In fact, your reaction to that illustrates her point perfectly. You can’t get past your own association with those 3 letters and try to understand the world a little better. Hopefully anyone seeing the tweet will notice that the man wearing the shirt is a person of color.

    So if the things she says “can be taken out of context,” then don’t take them out of context. Use your brain, and try to understand what they mean. But I doubt you will, because all you seem to do is take things out of context (unless the context fits your narrative and the way you want to see the world—and then you use context to make something SOUND like something that was meant in a different light).

    Dude, you’re not going to gaslight us into believing we’re racist. You can’t redefine reality. I’m sorry, that’s just not how it works.


    • Yea Rob, I won’t gaslight you, I’ll let her friends and coworkers continue to kick her out of Mommy Groups for harboring “white supremacist” viewpoints.

      Also fair warning, she’s clearly mentally ill. I know this kind of mental illness very well. You might think it’s endearing because you’re blinded by how great it is to have a traditional woman. But just a heads up… keep knives away from her, make sure you don’t leave her alone with your child, I don’t know your story but it’s obvious that you guys have more under the surface.

      I know these things very well, I’m the son of a couple like this and you may not like to hear it but for the sake of the girl just please be careful that whatever is wrong with Rachel, don’t let it get out of hand.

      By even being reasonably “vague” about her KKK “joke” she’s endangering the child. A good mother won’t do that. The girl is beautiful, she doesn’t deserve whatever is wrong with her mother. It takes one to know one… and I know what kind of mental illness my mother had, and what I have. The pictures of Rachel are strikingly similar to my mother’s, with the hat to keep her skin light, the cherry red lipstick, the fact you guys aren’t in any pictures together, her body language reads very insecure.


      • Again, she doesn’t wear lipstick. She barely ever wears a hat, and she actually despises when she gets too pale. She used to always “sun bathe” on our porch at our old house to get tan, but doesn’t find enough time to do it lately because of the baby. These are great examples of flaws in your observational ability. You see what you want to see. Forgive me if I discount your unqualified psychological evaluation.

        In 7 years of marriage (with a chronic illness thrown in the mix), I’ve gotten to know my wife’s flaws better than you could ever imagine. We’re together almost all the time, because we work together (which would make anyone a little crazy, haha). We also both got a little out of balance because of mold exposure, which affects your gut (microbiome) and thus your brain. We believe most anxiety and obsessive thoughts can be dealt with environmentally (good food, good water, and good air), and also very importantly with a faith in Christ, who loved us so much that He died for us and was resurrected, demonstrating power over death.

        Speaking of God, I really do pray for you, Tiger, that Christ will come into your heart and you will see past this blind hatred. It sounds like you do have some love in your heart perhaps because you’re glad to shepherd those dealing with identity issues, but you focus too much on trying to demonize white men and convince women that they’re crazy. This to me is not very loving. Please examine your motivation, brother.


    • Rob another thing, not all Asian women are like this, but she obviously has done an impact on the real world enough that it’s clear she’s not… well. Exceptionally so.

      What I said about knives, especially, keep the knives away from her, I’m dead serious about this. So serious that I’ll take the post down if you think this might send her over the edge. If you really think she could be volatile I’ll remove the post immediately.


      • Thanks for your concern for my safety and my daughter’s safety. Being a traditional wife, Rachel has 24-hour access to a wide array of very scary-looking knives. We live with my parents, and my Mom has a ton of extraneous knives because she overstocks her kitchen. If she was going to use one of them, I think she would have done it on a bad night while she was chopping vegetables as I was complaining about the baby’s toys being strewn about the floor.

        The fact is that anyone can be sent over the edge at any moment. We can’t see what’s going on inside of someone’s head at any given moment—or their gut, where I think the real imbalance comes from due to poor diet and a toxic environment (including radiation from ever-increasing EMFs). So the only defense we have against that is really love, and specifically the love of Christ, who taught us how to sacrifice ourselves. I do worry about everyone in my family (especially people who have to deal with me all the time) going over the edge at any given moment, and like any couple, we’ve had a good amount of fights. But I believe the Holy Spirit has given me a gift of diffusing any conflict and finding understanding. I get a little hot-headed at times, too, and Rachel is a great match for me, showing me when I’m being unreasonable. This is the nature of love. The person becomes a mirror. When I look at Rachel, I see a reflection of myself now. When it starts to get ugly, which it sometimes does because she looks up to me and follows my lead, I reevaluate what I’m doing. I want you to know that this is what the leader of a household (which is what a man is called to be) does. We lead by example, and we must show love to our wives first and foremost. I don’t always get it right, in fact, I often get it wrong, but Rachel is a beautiful example to me, so we encourage one another all the time. Every day.


  4. Rob, thanks for responding in a kind manner. I’m a hapa/eurasian female who shares Eurasian Tiger’s views, and who was also dismayed by what Rachel appeared to be representing. It seemed particularly harmful given that you have a child, who is hapa like us. I appreciate that you have tried to explain and clarify your position and to engage in dialogue with us. I’m also too aware of the warning signs – maybe we are mistaken but we are only drawing on our personal experiences as hapas. All I can say is thanks and please do heed Eurasian Tiger’s warnings. All the best to you.


    • At least he’s trying, most Eurasians come from broken homes because the guy usually bails out after he finds out that the woman is crazy and just had a fetish and was manipulative and vicious and soulless, so he actually is doing his best to stay around and make the best of his family.


    • Thank you for your kind words. Your “counterpart” has made my wife very upset and we feel unsafe because of his posting this. I am much more afraid of people that haunt these forums than I am of my wife (as if anyone would have any reason to be afraid of her). If you could tell Rogue Tiger to get some sense and stop harrassing good people, that would be very helpful. Also, we would like this article to be taken down, because there are untrue things about it, like his saying she has had body modification. That is libel, which is illegal.


  5. Tangentially related but as an amateur cook I have noticed that Paleo diet people are usually in the conspiracy theorist paleoconservative lot. So this association doesn’t surprise me at all. Paleo is a pretty white thing but if it’s not then it’s usually an Asian woman doing it. But no human being on earth, not even actual hunter gatherers ever ate like them anyway and especially not in Asia!
    See also: David Duke. He supports paleo. Yeah……….


    • White people like “paleo” because it is a diet based on what a “caveman” eats. Since I’m a little more open-minded, while not necessarily believing in evolution and primitive man in the way that modern museums see them, I like to follow a “tribal/hunter-gatherer” diet. If we look at untouched cultures (indigenous peoples)—white or colored—around the world, we can easily see that they do have a diet that looks like Paleo, in that there were no processed foods, a lot more animal foods and no restrictions on fat.

      So you are wrong and don’t seem to have looked into the specifics of the diet if you think that “no human being on earth ever ate like them anyway.” How are you qualifying that? You can look at the Hadza tribe (still existing and living the traditional lifestyle), and you will see they eat whole animals fresh-killed during hunting season and lots of vegetables, along with starchy tubers from the earth and a lot of honey. That’s pretty much what Paleo is (but we go easy on the honey, because we’ve found the hack that eating low-carb for awhile helps stabilize the blood sugar caused by too much processed carbs for too long). It’s a hack to try and replicate it and get back in balance with nature. And it works.


      • Rob, what’s it like to have white privilege? Society has afforded you many many many opportunities because of your skin color. And, you took full advantage of this.


      • Oh, it’s great! I live with my parents, have a chronic illness with severe food and environmental allergies. I’m $10000 in credit debt with no end in sight, struggling to earn money through self-employment, because I was laid off at my job at Cadmus International and was unable to attain gainful employment afterwards due to being underexperienced (only got 1.5 years of editing experience). I struggle every day to take care of my wife and child. It’s fantastic! White privilege has truly paid off for me, in spades!

        What’s it like to be completely prejudiced and WRONG in your assumptions about people?


      • Rob, I don’t want to have an ass-long talk about nutrition on this site so I’ll just say please eat how you see fit, just don’t use the word “traditional” for the paleo diet because no tradition relies on foods imported from three quarters of the world (coconut everything in non-tropical zones for instance). My tradition makes ample use of wheat, cheese and legumes (among other things) that truly are born from our soil, I don’t care if they could not be eaten by hunter gatherers 10000 years ago (actually that’s not conclusively proven) because my ancestors have eaten them long enough for me to say that maybe they are not bad. If it ain’t broke…
        I am sorry for your hardships but white privilege doesn’t mean your life is automatically easy; it means it would be harder than it already is in America if you weren’t white.


      • Bald Chithead,

        You’re still better off because you are white. I think you are lying or exaggerating. The fact is, you’re white, you feel mentally better and you know you are in a better position in society. You probably shit on other races just for excitement and power. One day other races will shit on you. It’s called karma. China is rising economically and politically. And many other Asian countries are rising.


      • Speaking of karma, some will be coming your way. You don’t have the right to talk to me like this, you racist. You think you’re above being racist. You have proven who you are from your words. And you negate my troubles by saying you don’t believe?! HOW DARE YOU YOU HYPOCRITICAL EVIL PERSON!?




      • Also…one very important point I forgot to add…Christianity and BREAD. Good wheat/bad wheat parables. Jesus becoming bread. Lol. And why doesn’t your wife come here herself if she’s so upset with this site? Is this part of your manly duties, besides sticking it in her when she is half-asleep (as she admits?)


  6. Rogue Tiger,

    Are you still adding tweets to this article? I thought I clearly explained to you how we are not racist. Some of this article is straight up libel. My wife is NOT a racist, and she is NOT hateful. And she most definitely has NOT had “extreme body modification.” This is a lie, and you should take this down. I have been very civil with you up to this point.



  7. I’ve tried to be reasonable with you, but you as a hateful and evil person have chosen to ignore me. If you do not take this article down, as well as the YouTube where you talked about my wife and used her full name (as you have done here), I will be first reporting you to YouTube, and then I will be suing you for harrassment, cyber bullying, and defamation of character. You have reported unfactual information, saying that my wife modified her appearance (she has NOT), right out of the gates. You also said she willingly appeared on a white supremacist website. She did not know they were white NATIONALISTS until after she went on, because that wasn’t an issue they covered until this year, and we only knew their work on esoteric things, World Government and that sort of thing. IN any case, we will be obtaining legal services soon if you do not comply.


  8. JFC that bald husband of hers is a sad sack crying like a bitch up and down the comments here. That’s to be expected because these baldies dating these Fuglipinos straight off the boats can’t do any better. Get a job and quit yer bitchin’. You married a nutcase now you have to deal with this chit, kalbo.

    She’s quite ugly also scrunched messed up pug face. Fuglipino crazypants. They meet in one of those overseas dating mags? Is that why he’s bankrupt and living with his parents because he’s still paying for their mail order marriage? Ha!


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