Hapa / Filipina(?) Woman Rachel Dahl Appears / Willingly Featured on White Nationalist Website


Link Here.

I don’t really pass judgement other than to voice my own mental issues.

My mother was Chinese from Hong Kong and had underwent such extreme body modification (like which Rachel seems to have) in order to “appear white.” I cannot explain the psychology of this well, but my suspicion is that she (my mother) was deeply mentally ill and so traumatized by the fact that she was not white that she altered her entire appearance to the point that my young brain actually did not register that she was Asian – think heavy red lip stick, eyelid surgery, heavy hair dyeing.

My father was also a very, very, very paleoconservative white man who believed in 1950’s era traditionalism, which I have voiced many times. He hates gays, hates liberals, hates Jews, and lives in a fantasy world of HAM radio, Holocaust denial, and old books.

As far as White male / Asian women being progressive – is that really even an issue in this current age?

Let it be know – Asian women and white men literally dream of having white babies. Asian women are replacement white women  for racist white men fed up with white women’s “behavior;” Asian women are so self hating at a core level that they will even take up a White Nationalist identity in order to “fit in.”


What’s truly scary to me is that I am so familiar with mental illness that I’m very afraid for the Hapa children of couples like these – especially when they come up against real racism – i.e., every day racism, where some random redneck says “you look Asian” to her son or daughter – and that will cause an implosion.

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13 thoughts on “Hapa / Filipina(?) Woman Rachel Dahl Appears / Willingly Featured on White Nationalist Website

  1. Holy hell… her nose looks exactly like my self-hating, insecure Filipina aunt (LOL)!

    Like my aunt, that broad above has taken the surname of a White male, has undergone rhinoplasty and has used skin-whitening agents—pathetic. And her lower lip looks like it’s been bitten by a mosquito… hahaha!


    • Bro, that clip is from a White male degenerate YouTuber named “David Bond” (most likely not his real name).

      White male “kid/teenager/adult”, when it comes to being a “tourist” in Eastern (East and Southeast) Asia, they’re all the same—SEXPATS (and Asian women willingly spread their legs open for these subhuman males).

      It’s about time Asian men (especially Asian male leaders in Asia) band together and rid Asia—with an “iron fist”—of this widespread “epidemic” of White males (including ANY “Western” male) “preying” on these naïve & gullible Asian females. Either these White/Western male sexpats be deported & banned or—for more serious matters concerning White/Western males “preying” on Asian females (like THIS, THIS or THIS)—be outright executed (via death penalty). Asians—especially Asian men—need to stop “kowtowing” to these motherfuckers by giving them a metaphorical “free pass” and put them in their damn place (and the same applies for Asian women).

      It’s better to be feared than respected (and the West has NEVER really shown respect toward Asians—especially Asian men—any-fuckin’-way).


  2. she is not hapa. She is full Asian. A typical self-hating Asian woman married to an old white dude. If you look at her blog and Instagram, she is full Asian (Filpina I think) but tries to pretend to be hapa (via hashtags implying she is part white etc) and is totally ashamed of her asian-ness. There is a page on her website showing (Asian) women how to do their make up and hair and use contacts so they can pass for ‘hapa’ or another race i.e. basically not Asian. She uses these ‘tips’ on herself to pass for ‘hapa’ in her public photos but when you see photos of her minus the make up, facial contouring and contact lenses, she looks very Asian (nothing wrong with that but she hates this).
    She claims she can’t relate to other Filipinos and that she doesn’t look like her brothers which explains why she only hangs around with white people. She claims she doesn’t look like people of her race. She raves on about her baby’s blue eyes and how she was happy the baby’s eyes stayed blue. She is so self-hating it’s embarassing.

    It’s weird you have mentioned her as I came across her blog a while ago and thought about this website and how Rachel Dahl’s blog basically is a textbook example of the type of Asian woman discussed on this blog.


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