Another insane WMAF story from August, 2016: Lecturer stabs Chinese wife 76 times because he wrongly thought he was not father to their children

It seems that the worst marital horror stories seem to involve White men and Asian women. Not only because of the depraved, fetishistic nature of it – but because of the amount of miscommunication, deep seated mistrust, and bizarre quality of the males involved.

I.e., Asian women, having very low standards for white males while living in Western countries, will gladly marry mentally unstable, unattractive or even violent white men n an attempt to properly integrate.

What seems to have been the case here is that his children looked Asian. 

White men – oftentimes so racist as they want a submissive Asian woman, a replacement white woman – but wind up getting kids who look 100% Asian, react in unpredictable ways. Even worse is that Asian women (like my mother) seem to only value one quality – WHITENESS – for the purpose of integration and avoiding ethnic marginalization – so the relationship severely lacks proper foundation, which I’m sure Mr. Kerr realized after a while. Some Reddit comments on this sum it up. They talk about various aspects:

From the idea of White men being perturbed by the idea of his wife cheating on him with his “competition” – i.e., lowly Asian men, to his wife cheating on him with another white guy (since it’s not him she “loves”, but his whiteness). 

Robert Kerr, 39, struck as his two sons slept upstairs in their Glasgow home, going on to make himself a hot drink while his wife Xin Xin lay dead

Taylor PhotographyRobert Kerr and Xin Xin Liu on their wedding day
Kerr fatally attacked Xin Xin as their children slept

A lecturer fatally stabbed his wife to death 76 times after wrongly believing he was not the father of their children.

Robert Kerr attacked Xin Xin Liu, 39, at their home in the suburb of Newton Mearns, near Glasgow.

Kerr, also 39, killed his wife while his two sons slept upstairs.

The court heard how he then went on to make himself a hot drink while Xin Xin lay dead.

A judge heard how the mum suffered more than 70 wounds during the horrific killing in April this year.

Kerr today faced a murder allegation as he appeared at the High Court in Glasgow.

FacebookRobert Kerr
Kerr killed his wife while his two sons slept upstairs

Prosecutors however accepted his guilty plea to the reduced plea of culpable homicide on the grounds of his diminished responsibility.

Kerr was suffering from “an abnormality of the mind” at the time of the fatal attack, the court heard.

This is his first offence, and he will return to the dock in November.

A group of Xin Xin’s relatives were in court today, with some weeping as the graphic details of her death were revealed.

The mum had moved to Scotland from China around 15 years ago to study law at Aberdeen University.

It was there she met Kerr, who was doing a computer course. They went on to get married in 2003.

Kerr was latterly a lecturer at West College Scotland in Paisley while Xin Xin was training to be a translator.

They were described as a “quiet and private couple”, but, in early April this year – weeks before the killing – Kerr had contacted his GP complaining of stress in respect of “work and personal issues”.

Kerr added he was suffering from anxiety, insomnia and spoke about “paranoid feelings”.

But just four days prior to the attack Kerr spoke to a nurse and said he had been feeling much better and appeared to be sounding “chirpier”.

It changed on April 26 when Kerr – wearing a dressing gown – fatally attacked Xin Xin as their children slept.

Just before midnight, he then dialled 999 and admitted: “I have just killed my wife. I murdered her in a stabbing frenzy.”

He went on to state there was “blood all over the place”.

FacebookRobert Kerr
Robert Kerr’s wife suffered more than 70 wounds during the horrific killing in April this year

Police discovered Xin Xin lying on the kitchen floor with a knife still in her body.

After being held, Kerr then told officers: “I found out tonight they were not mine.”

Jane Farquharson, prosecuting, said he had “suspicions” that a friend was the dad of his children.

Miss Farquharson told the court: “A paternity test recently carried out…has since confirmed that Robert Kerr is the biological father.”

A number of blood-stained items were found at the couple’s house including a milk carton.

The advocate depute said: “Kerr has since admitted that he had made himself a hot drink after this incident.”

A post mortem later revealed Xin Xin had suffered a total of approximately 76 wounds.

34 thoughts on “Another insane WMAF story from August, 2016: Lecturer stabs Chinese wife 76 times because he wrongly thought he was not father to their children

  1. Anyone who looks at these 2 and does not conclude loser, deranged couple is in serious denial. I see so many of these in the greater L.A. area. Pathetic as phuck. I can’t help but LOL when I see them.


  2. Some relationships just don’t work out well, and often, such a relationship is not even held together by the kids.

    Many of these relationships are only held together by fetishes and status.

    Sad. . .


  3. This bald white fuk was probably wondering why his kids looked so Asian. Was his wife sleeping with an Asian guy? The thought of this drove him insane.


  4. I’m gen X happa who is now infuriated with you. I was directed to your website from a friend and have read 4 of your slanderous self hating diatribe, and will read no more. Firstly do not speak on behalf of all of us and refrain from your gross generalizations. So your mum was a self hating psycho and you had a crap childhood. This does not hold true for all of us. Myself and I can safely say the happa friends I have , feel truly blessed and grateful. We are able to cross cultural and political boundaries (dual nationalities) with far greater ease than others due to language and behavioral skils. We can also say we feel accepted by both cultures. Single race people will never have that. I am also male and I modelled in my teens and twenties and have honestly turned down more women of varying races, than I slept with. Not all of us had been beaten by the ugly stick like the happa males you show. The ugliest thing though is your propagation of hate of your own “race”. How the hell are you making the world better for your supposed kind, for this generation or the next? Yes we all have encountered some sort of discrimination in our time, but definitely far less than African Americans or Indigenous people anywhere. Struggling and triumphing through adversity is what makes a man. Ultimately it is not all about you buddy.. Ever considered what sort of damaging influence you would have on a youg happa reading this blog? Even if they came from a genuinely loving stable home like I did, surely they’re going to question the very nature of their upbringing in a negative light. This is so typical of your generation to only consider their own experience of truth. At least in the nighties self hating narcissists like you would just keep it to themselves and maybe just shoot up a little too much heroin.


    • Let me guess, your dad is Asian and your mom is white. AMWF pairings produce mentally stable hapas for the most part. Also, you probably grew up in an area where there was a lot of Asian people for support. Some of us grew up in areas with very few Asian and hapas around.


      • Wouldn’t have even bothered commenting if that was the case. Lawson is not an Asian surname is it? I fit firmly in your stereotypes. Difference maybe is Mom was an MBA. Let me guess now.. yours wasn’t particularly educated. Extensive academic (not blog tirades) studies have found the single most influential factor in an individual’s success is age and education of the mother. Regardless of race or religion. No I wasn’t surrounded by Asian or happas growing up as an only child here in the eighties. A lot more around now. But as an adult yes we gravitated to each other due to common interests and backgrounds, like most adults do. As for appearances sure I’m tall but still look very asiatic. But ultimately chicks dig confidence, not somber sullen woe is me types. I guarantee you ain’t as ugly outwardly as on the inside. Stop blaming your poor state on uncontrollable factors and take ownership of your life. No one asks to be born and no one chooses their parents. Grow up. Stop spreading racism and hate. Reminds me of a part Jew back in the thirties who tried to take over Europe.


      • Why is it that whenever there’s a Happy Hapa commenting here or on Reddit, he always screams “PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE NARCISSIST?”


      • I do not and wouldn’t want to. I don’t hate myself and I most definitely do not try to pass as something I’m not. Pathetic. Get help.


      • You know the funniest part of all this is that I’m sure my brother has read this website and I’m almost 100% positive he’s commented here in a super passive aggressive way. The thing is, he’s 34 years old, a virgin, doesn’t work, very, very, very intelligent, highest in his class at the best high school in the nation, and would defend himself by saying that both our parents were highly educated (MA with mom, PhD with dad). So which of those is true with you, passive aggressive Hapa man?


      • Your on to me! I’m your brother! Idiot. No motive to lie. Outwardly aggressive, thankyou. Nothing passive here. If we had this discussion in real life it would come to blows.


      • Rofl.

        What I’m getting from this. I get very few genuine hate mails from Eurasians, and when I do, they tend to be from older guys. You were a child in the 80’s so you’re around 40 – I get it, you inherited your dad’s pick yourself up by your bootstraps white boy mentality. A little different from growing up in an extremely racist environment with a mother who hated Asianness. I get it, you’re an older guy who’s proud of himself – to the extent you go into a rage when questioned. I’m questioning it. I’m questioning why the vast majority of Eurasians and White fathers. And the fact that you say you’ve never encountered racism against your Asian looks is questionable to me, as I’m degrees younger than you and have encountered it a lot. 40 years old – where’s your wife?


      • Rage? Haha. Dude this is comic relief for us here. Didn’t expect the constant replies. Would have thought to be kicked off by now or ignored. It is your blog right? Are that impotent?


      • Lmao at this guy dodging questions and trying to bait me with school yard insults. Go Supreme Gentleman somewhere else, thanks.


      • Next to me laughing! Can you upload pics? BTW in my very first post I acknowledge experiencing discrimination. Racism if you want to be a drama queen like you are.


      • Laughing? I thought you were angry? Angry enough you were going to fight a man fifteen years younger than you?

        You must be Japanese, it’s literally always the guys with Japanese moms who defend getting colonized the most.


      • Oh, before we get started, by the way, do you have anything you want to get off your chest? You’re tall, better looking that most full Asians? You are a gentleman, maybe even a supreme one? Your father descended from British aristocracy?


      • What’s your point. I am no gentleman. Do I write like one? If you think so, why thanks. Descendend from West Virginian farmers. Dad did good at school so he wouldn’t have to work on the farm. What is your point? Mine is that you propagate hate and. Racism.


      • Read.. Obviously I’ve got to get something off my chest and am doing it by engaging you.

        I Answered all but am I better looking than most Asians? Subjective and pointless. Answer mine. What is the point? What is your goal?


      • How profound! I take it that’s it then your out. Way to go. You schooled me. Whiny kids like you are a dime a dozen. Your not the first. Hope you grow up and cheer up emo boy. All the best.


      • ? Hard to take seriously a guy who threatens to punch someone over the internet. Did your redneck father teach you to be a man like that?


      • You know, I think you really are a white mutherfukr pretending to be a hapa. Nice try. You’re nothing but a coward in real life. You talk shit here, but you are a little pussy wimp in real life. I guess I will stoop down to your level. Stick and stones will break my bones, but fukrs like you and you words will never hurt me.


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