??Why are there so many Hapa pornstars? And why do almost all of them have Asian mothers?


The bigger question is why 90% of them have White fathers and Asian mothers.

Some would say porn stars are sex workers – but doing porn, for millions to see, is a particular form of self destruction. It’s a global losing of face. Nobody really likes being the child of a white-worshipping, depraved fetish couple, so obviously the children suffer.

The short answer: White men + Asian women is a white supremacist, loaded and lopsided relationship. Even the “good” WMAF pairings try to ignore the disparity and write our identity for us and forbid us from talking about how Asian women have an easy time in White countries while Asian men don’t. That’s not even mentioning the bad WMAF, based on a fetish.

The long answer: From what I’ve heard and seen, Eurasian / half-Asian pornstars outnumber full Asian pornstars, which is insane considering our small numbers. My guess as to why this is happening is largely because half Asians feel deep anger at both their parents and themselves; we hate that our fathers are generally racist assholes; we hate that our mothers try to push us as being whiter, superior, eugenic children and use us to fulfill their twisted agendas; we hate that our Asian mothers try to control us with devastating psychological mind games where our race is something they both view as a commodity, and as something they resent (being lowly Asian women, themselves). The situation is duplicitous and disgusting, even if the parents don’t mean it. The relationship itself is so loaded and so self-assuring and smug in itself (“my children will be beautiful Eurasian superhumans”) that oftentimes self-destruction is the only way to get away from such cringey people. Or even, the only way to fight back and reclaim our power and autonomy.

Not to mention, of course, the tremendous confusion and self-image issues that come with being half Asian, which I’ve described before, and given the very nuanced nature of Asian self hatred (something no other race has) it definitely manifests in us.

Below is the list (as far as I know). The pornstars with Asian fathers are listed in bold. You can thank /r/Hapas for helping out.

  1. Alaura Eden
  2. Amai Liu (American / Asian / Hawaiian)
  3. Ami Bush
  4. Angel Valentine (Filipina / Spanish)
  5. Anglelina Mylee
  6. Anna Lee
  7. Ariel Rose
  8. Asia Carrera – Japanese/German
  9. Asia Levy
  10. Asia Max
  11. Astrid Jaymes
  12. Audrina Grace
  13. Ava Devine – Chinese/Italian/Spanish
  14. Ayisa Kisa
  15. Bianca Dagger
  16. Bliss Lei
  17. Callie Dee
  18. Coco Velvett (Asian / Italian)
  19. Cris Taliana
  20. Daisy Haze
  21. Daisy Summers
  22. Dark Asia
  23. Dawn Iris
  24. Dirty Pancake
  25. Eden Alexander
  26. Elana Dobrev
  27. Emmi Blake
  28. Eva Lovia (Japanese/White (Spanish))
  29. Hanna Shaw
  30. Jade Hsu – Korean/white
  31. Jandi Lin
  32. Jayden Lee
  33. Jessie Jordan
  34. Jewel Bancroft
  35. Jiana
  36. Karina Nishida
  37. Katsuni – French/Vietnamese
  38. Kelly Shibari
  39. Kianna Dior – Korean/Canadian
  40. Kira Kener – Norwegian/Vietnamese
  41. Kira Sinn 1/2 Filipina, 1/2 Caucasian
  42. Lana Ly
  43. Lie Lani
  44. Lily Lust
  45. London Keyes – Japanese/white
  46. Mahina Zaltana
  47. Mai Ly (Chinese / French-German)
  48. May Li (Kelly Baltazar)
  49. Maria Ozawa
  50. Mei Mara
  51. Mena Li / Mena Mason (Asian father)
  52. Mia Leilani
  53. Michelle Maylene – Filipino/French/Hawaiian
  54. Michelle Mayli
  55. Miko Sinz
  56. Miranda Kelly
  57. Morgan Lee
  58. Nautica Thorn
  59. Nikko Jordan
  60. Reina Lee (Brazilian / Australian)
  61. Rola Takizawa
  62. Roxy Jezel – English/Thai (Her father is Thai)
  63. Ruby Luxe
  64. Ryaan Reynolds (Filipino mom, Creole Dad)
  65. Saber Takestita
  66. Sable Simms
  67. Sakura Scott (Japanese mom / American father)
  68. Sasha Yung is a Filipina / Caucasian (admitted to being molested?)
  69. Shae Summers
  70. Soolin Kelter ( aka Devin Lee, Jessica Kelter ) is a scorching hot Chinese / Austrian
  71. Stacey Foxxx
  72. Suzanne Kelly
  73. Tera Patrick – Thai/English/Dutch WMAF
  74. Tia Tanaka – French/Vietnamese
  75. Shelby Wakatsuki
  76. Marina Fumiko
  77. ShylNaughty
  78. Jayla James
  79. Alyssa Wild
  80. Emily Parker (Japanese / English / Spanish)
  81. Kimora Klein (Black father / Asian mom?)
  82. Taryn Kemp (birthplace, Thailand, so take a wild guess)
  83. Holly Dee
  84. Angelina Lee
  85. Alex Dane (this one is an oldie, and a sad story, as it says she was born in the Philippines. Can anyone say “left behind spawn of a hooker and a sexpat?”)
  86. Kascha Papillon (another throwback, half Chinese, half Swedish)
  87. Regine Bardot (throwback!)
  88. Nani Forrester (another one born in the Philippines!)
  89. Dana Vespoli, who according to Wikipedia, has a Father from Thailand!
  90. Malezia (Asian, Canadian)
  91. bobbie Blair (French, Filipino)
  92. Hona Li
  94. Caren Cristiansen
  95. Shin Kou Sabre (Japanese / White)
  96. Heather Vahn is Half Filipina half white
  97. Kayla Carrera, father is Filipino too.
  98. Anna Ohura – French father, Japanese mother.
  99. Sukie – Half Asian half Mexican
  100. Rie Tachikawa
  101. Kaito Nakatani
  102. Aria Misaki
  103. Sybil Matsuda
  104. Laura Takizawa
  105. SARAH
  106. Emily Grey
  107. Eva Angelina
  108. Daisy Marie
  109. Brooke Milano
  110. Danni Cole
  111. Baileys Room
  112. Nana
  113. Tina Yuzuki
  114. Sarah (AV)
  115. Jassie James
  116. Amia Miley
  117. Nikki Price
  118. Ameri Ichinose
  119. Coralie Gengenbach (Coralie Trinh Thi)
  120. Rima
  121. Momoko
  122. Aliyah (Russian pornstar)
  123. Saori Hara

56 thoughts on “??Why are there so many Hapa pornstars? And why do almost all of them have Asian mothers?

  1. OMG, I didn’t know there were that many hapa pornstars. It begs the question, what caused them to go into porn? I doubt it’s just money. Was their decision to got into the porn industry influence by their sexpat white fathers?


      • Only thing shocking is your stupid son of half Chinese mother. You’re misleading the actual numbers here without even looking at the facts.

        Tina Yuzuki – Father Japanese , Mother Portoguese

        You dumb chink. Many of your Eurasians are only 1/4 Asian with a Hapa father/mother. You dumbass Why do you include parents who have one Hapa mother/father with Asian in your list ?

        Saori Hara 3/4 Japanese , 1/4 German

        3/4 Asian Rie Tachikawa, Jesse Jordan 1/4 Asian, 3/4 Asians Sybil Matsuda, 3/4 Asian, Kato Katanaki, bobbie flair 1/4 Asian ect Others like Angel Valentine 1/4 Filipino, Regine Bardot 1/2 Mexican you stupid idiot.


      • Laura Takizawa on your list, Japanese father.

        Lol what stupid fucking list. You mean to tell me nearly 1/3 of your fucking is list are Hapa+White or Hapa+Asian ? Michelle Maylene 1/4 Filipino, 1/4 Hawaiin, 1/2 French. Jewel Bancroft 1/4 Asian. Tia Tanaka 3/4 Asian ect. and I didn’t even bother to check them all.


  2. Momoko
    Aliyah (Russian pornstar)
    those girls gonna turn in grandmas in 10 years and die like dogs, it’s not west where you can make 1000$ by working in mcdonalds, it’s work 12 hours a day to make at least 200 dollar


  3. pf… another Eliot Rodger in the making. you’re a racist loser, better to deal with it, before you start killing asian women for not giving you what you feel you’re entitled to.


  4. Thanks for the list. (…begins torrenting)

    WM here, Im getting a kick out of this site.

    Have you considered that you and/or your parents just suck?

    IMHO the real problem is american culture promoting toxic alpha roles for Men.

    If they cant live up to it and miss the boat they are fucked and left jerking off to anime forever.

    Asian men being smaller and having lower hormone levels will naturally be at a huge disadvantage to white and black men. Puberty later in life, typically less aggressive… all a terrible mix for a racially diverse american HS.

    I appreciate the Asian culture and roles for Men, support of family etc which differ from the hyper individualism in the states and overt Cultural Marxism destroying the nuclear family.

    Perhaps thats why mass immigration is a retarded policy and will destroy (muh) diversity they cherish so much….

    Diversity is not a strength and while some wish to go outside their race, its not a good policy EN MASSE. There can be exceptions, Luk khrueng etc.


    • So essentially what happens on this website is some white guy with right wing beliefs about how western countries are screwed, how diversity is a bad thing, how Asian men are ugly losers, comes on here saying that it’s all in my head – despite the fact that I literally wrote that all of you have the same beliefs.


  5. white guy (Correct)

    with right wing beliefs (Correct)

    about how western countries are screwed (Correct, all totally fucked)

    how diversity is a bad thing (Objectively good or bad? I dunno, but it sure causes a fuckton of problems, look at BLM, but sure white people caused that…)

    how Asian men are ugly losers: (Clarification)

    To be fair I never said all Asian men were ugly losers, just possibly you. My wife talks about how she likes the Thai/Luk khrueng look.
    There are a fuckton of Asian lift moar types that seem to do alright both with respect to career/dating choices. You create your destiny bro.

    comes on here saying that it’s all in my head:

    I mean, Yeah a big part of it is. Your wallowing in bullshit(instead of actualizing your life), it’s almost SJW level fuckery. Think about it this way, life is a battle and every second of every day we get statistically closer to death, but you have already accepted death inside. You are already defeated… Did white supremacy defeat you? Are you going to give up your locus of control some abstract external meme? Are you going to give others power over you?

    If I started to hit you would you fight back? Would you fight to the death? Where is your Will to Power?

    What I’m getting at is that if you want to accept being a bitch and victim I guess be one, there are plenty of people ready to beat on you. There is no objective moral truth the world is just fucked. Stop crying and fight harder, never accept defeat.

    The fancy education(Marxism) fucked you up also, it’s all worthless nonsense. You think there is some kind of just world. That’s a silly idea from Feminism. There is no objective morality so stop trying to find it.


    • Lol at white guys who are living breathing stereotypes of everything I talk about. So glad your annoying white bullshit dies with you. And thank god losers like you don’t breed with white women anymore.


      • You’re not breeding anyone. In fact it’s ethnic men “breeding” white women and raising their kids to be winners.


      • I’m sure he would love to have your genetics that makes you have a tiny worm for a dick with the insides of a mashed potato and the predisposition for rape, pedophilia, bestiality, incest, mental illness, retardation and homosexuality as demonstrated by your fondness for Asian dicks. And your inability to comprehend anything more than one sentence unless it includes racism. You know, if you spent half as much time as you did on his blog spewing your racist diarrhea everywhere (much like that of an old man being unable to control his bladder and piss urine everywhere), you might actually be able to do something with your life instead of being the loser All Gay American White Racist Gay Boy you are.


    • EW does have to work through some of the superficiality of American Liberalism, but what he is saying with this website isn’t really about a posture of “victimization.” I’ve casually read the comments here for a year or so. Why is it all of you white boys think bedding a Asian mail-order bride who doesn’t even speak english, thinks she is getting some idealized version of a white guy based on the portrayal of white men that JEWS sold her (Jews who you disown), and has no basis to make the social judgements all of the white women who rejected you made makes you a Nietzshean Ubermensch? It’s LAUGHABLE. I’m willing to bet YOU DIDN’T EVEN DO THE WORK to get your Oriental Bride, SHE came to YOU, and you went along with it because you’ve been triggered about TYRONE so long you can’t even FIX yourself and even attempt to get the white girl you fantasize about while having sex with your cheap substitute.

      EW’s point is that THIS DOES NOT MAKE YOU STRONG, and it will show in your children. Your WEAKNESS will show in your children. Your argument is that white society has reached a point where even the DREGS of whiteness can copulate with an Asian woman without any effort, achievement, or social legitimacy. EW’s point is that BOTTOM OF THE BARREL COPULATION is not what made white society dominant in the first place. If anything, what led to European domination in the 19th and 20th century is the OPPOSITE: discipline, rejection of human bias, hard work, enterprise, striving versus DECADENT WHITE ENTITLEMENT.

      And since WWII you can say that Jewish MULTICULTURALISM also played a part. Have you ever been to a research laboratory in the US? Like 70% Asian and South Asian. You were all for multiculturalism when it meant Juan and Carlos do all the hard work for pennies on the dollar, but now that they want actual rights in your society you are writing doctoral dissertations about its moral bankruptcy. Your problem is that you want the benefits of Jewish appeals to universality, but you don’t want to pay the cost, and dat Jewish political margin game ALWAYS comes with a cost. Your other problem is that China caught up with you in a SINGLE GENERATION, which means you are actually fucked.


      • “some idealized version of a white guy based on the portrayal of white men that JEWS sold her”
        Careful. Starting to sound like some sort of evil “neo-nazi” “white supremacist” “racist” “anti-semite” there. lol


    • You’re right about the west being cucked and destroyed by Marxism/globalism. For the record I hate everyone equally and am a down the middle guy. Eurasian writer hasn’t been able to get over the fact that his parents were just sick fucks, and he’s a self centered prick who wants to wallow in his own shit. EW is a libtard of the highest order and he lacks gratitude. He went to an Ivy league school, has wealth and is part of a wealthy family. He’s a self centered fuck that likes to roll around in his own shit instead of getting some help so can put this shit to rest and move on with his life.


  6. Your such a bitch, banning me from the hapa subreddit. Why…? You said my words and very existence support your argument!?!

    My opposition to political correctness etc. comes from the simple fact it doesn’t work and attempts to control people though contradictory thought terminating clichés:

    “Diversity is our strength!”
    ” We will all look the same in 50 years!”
    “Race is a social construct”
    At some point it becomes painful to hold so many obviously conflicting thoughts.

    Furthermore I am in the process of divesting myself from the US, already have a spot overseas, Racial tension and conditions in the US keep getting worse and I don’t want to send my Hapa kids to school here. (of course the white man’s fault like everything)

    Anyway before you banned me I was going to add the following and I guess since I don’t have enough white privilege to post, so I will just post here and you can cross post it…:


    You are like the left wing AM version of what the Alt-Right is doing, trying to control everyones sex and dating choices like some kind of cult. Its fucking retarded, I admit lots of shit isn’t fair in life but your dealing with it in a fucked up way. Its almost like you want to see more Supreme Gentleman going on rampages as that would gratify your world-view and you could sit alone hissing about Huwhite Supmreeeeeeemecy!

    Also see this one:


    The world doesn’t exist to cater to your needs. Sorry it sucks.


  7. I also don’t understand your supreme and gentlemanly obsession with White female *blondes*, can we just do a kickstarter and get you a bimbo hooker then will you shut up and realize they are just women. You care way to much about what other people think.

    It’s almost like you’re a fanatical national socialist trapped in a small Asian man. Some kind of Asian Crypto-Nazi… lol

    You rail against Huwhite supreeeeemecey and white men etc. and then pine for white females like ER, it’s a baffling contradiction which DE FACTO supports huwhite supmreeecy.

    I appreciate a decent white female, but they are so corrupted by the toxic culture in the west to the point that I want to puke.

    Have you tired Ukraine/Poland/Russia? lots of real slick blondes babes there. But they want a leader, a real ‘Man’ and would trample all over your pathetic beta attitudes and behavior. Do you know why that is? Because of what their white male dads were like and taught them to respect. Just like as you pointed out the WMAF paradigm with Asian sons you have to understand you can’t have your Blondes without some white men(Supmreeecy whatever) involved somehow.


  8. every hero,

    1. We met in USA, I asked her out, pursued her asked her to marry me etc…

    2. AF is a nationalistic Thai, speaks English well and has a BA degree. (we are of similar age)
    (not sure how the jews you speak of sold her anything…)

    3. I am tall, look normal some might say I look good, healthy, Engineering Degree etc.

    4. White women don’t necessarily reject me, I just don’t pursue them(since I discovered AF) or have interest in them. I also do not view the ones I have met as marriage material even if I can appreciate and respect them as possibly intelligent life-forms.
    – Beyond the blonde hair the shitty personalities of liberal west coast WW are not useful for me. This trend is not likely to reverse any time soon.
    – Blondes are boring to me as I said almost my entire family and all my relatives are blonde/blue eyed whatever. I lived in Europe for a time and saw their stagnant failed society of weak cucks. Look at Sweden an entire country run by cucks and middle aged childless cat ladys.

    7. Dude… I literally worked in a research lab for almost a decade, yes lots of AM friends, also saw alot of their behavior and how they were typically very emasculated. I dont hate AM at all.

    ” Your argument is that white society has reached a point where even the DREGS of whiteness can copulate with an Asian woman without any effort, ”
    That may be true but that wasn’t my point, the dregs of society seem to copulate alot regardless of race… There are clearly some serious dysgenics occurring on a large scale. The dysgenics is engineered by (((them))) to divide everyone like we are seeing. You guys play into the Dialectic perfectly.

    ” Your problem is that you want the benefits of Jewish appeals to universality, but you don’t want to pay the cost, and dat Jewish political margin game ALWAYS comes with a cost. Your other problem is that China caught up with you in a SINGLE GENERATION, which means you are actually fucked.”

    I dont really understand what your getting at, why do I want jews or jewish appeals to university??? I dont need Jews at all, thats one of the greatest aspects of Asia is the low number of jews.

    China caught up with me in a single generation. uh-ok, your assuming I represent a nation state… so China(homogenous nationalistic ) caught up with what exactly?… the west USA and Europe both of which have been undermined by decades of ideological subversion (Cultural Marxism, diversity etc). I mean yeah good job China pursuing polices in their own interests worked out for them, great. How is this a problem? Why would I be opposed to success of Chinese people.

    Liberal whites in the west are intent on degeneration and basically offing themselves in every way possible, be it though drugs, homosex. etc. I wouldn’t shed a tear if they all suffocated tomorrow and just got it over with.

    As far as my goals in life living and working in a society that respects me for my contributions and embraces and strives towards actual progress. I see that society in SE Aisa and China now as a new world is being built with the melted down scraps of the west.

    Fascism/innovation/discipline made white society a success, I would agree that is all coming to an end which is why I’m leaving and not wasting my tears on a lost cause. I want my Hapa kids to have good life in a society where they can be accepted and I realize partly due to your website that cannot happen in the US. Not because Hapa’s are inferior but because the system here isnt right for them(or anyone who wants strong kids really) and praises degenerate thuggery and nig nog-ery that I wont even go into.

    You guys really seem to view race as kind of team that once your on it your stuck and automatically against the other races. That’s not really true or even particularly realistic.

    Oh and BTW:
    Thai-Scando Hapa: https://www.sharerice.com/index.php/Urassaya_Sperbund
    Clearly dregs… If thats not smoking hot what is?


    • “1. We met in USA, I asked her out, pursued her asked her to marry me etc…”
      LOL that’s what she wants you to think. Damn you were easy.

      “2. AF is a nationalistic Thai, speaks English well and has a BA degree. (we are of similar age)
      (not sure how the jews you speak of sold her anything…)” Like I said, doesn’t speak English, brianwashed by Jews and is unable of making the social judgements white women make in your native country.

      “3. I am tall, look normal some might say I look good, healthy, Engineering Degree etc.” Very meaningful Internet post. So true. You forgot to mention “have a stick up my ass that makes me think I am taller than I really am, have a normal look rather than an anally retentive facial expression permanently fixed to my average features, and that my online engineering degree from the University of Phoenix is worth what they said it was going to be worth in all the commercials.”

      4. FFS STOP RATIONALIZING AFTER THE FACT. You already admitted you have spent your whole life being TRIGGERED by big dick black dudes stretching out liberal white women brainwashed by cultural Marxism. YOU just expected more than you could get and they REJECTED you because of your stiff-ass pretension and then you discovered the only women on earth who would have sex with you without performing basic social tests for suitability were ASIAN WOMEN.

      7?. Thank you for agreeing that WHITE SOCIETY benifitted from the cultural Marxist idea of MULTICULTURALISM which you rail against. I’m really not sure how you got to the point of criticizing liberalism, multiculturalism, cultural subversion and fancy Marxist education without realizing who is behind it (J E E E W W S). The entire WMAW phenomenon is a product of Jewish APPEALS TO UNIVERSALITY. YOU benefit from this dynamic in modern society. YOUR RELATIONSHIP is dysgenic. WMAW allows certain characteristics in society to breed that UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES would NOT. Under normal circumstances, in a homogenous white ethno-state, which you support, after you have been out-competed by all the taller, smarter, stronger, better-looking white alphas, dudes like you do not end up shooting their loads into cheap Asian sex dolls for social stability. You end up having to compromise with Amy Schumer or jerking off to Taylor Swift videos by yourself for the rest of your life. This is exactly what this website is trying to get at. Nobody here is obsessed with race except YOU and your INFERIORITY COMPLEX. WMAW is the dysgenic by-product of a frustrated lower tier of white men whose mates were given to black men in the name of humanitarianism, and several generations of JEWISH promotion of Western values to Asian societies and to clueless, weak-minded Asian immigrants. You want the BENEFITS of teh Jew, but YOU DON”T WANT TO PAY THE COST. Which is exactly what I said in the first place.

      I love how we finally get to the truth at the end there. You were talking about Will to Power just a minute ago and now you finally reveal that your entire existence is one massive CAPITULATION. Yes, fuck it, stop fighting and just give up.

      Seriously though, you need to call up your Amy Schumer. I know you still have her number. Tell her you’re sorry, that you didn’t mean to treat her that way, that she was the best thing that ever happened to you, that you have a $100 gift card to Red Lobster that you got for winning Night Shift Stockperson of the Week at the Save-Rite where you started working after you couldn’t find a job with your University of Phoenix online degree, that you want to take her our Friday night just like old times, and that she can order anything.


      • I apologize for all the typo laden replies I was on my phone.

        Nice response btw, clearly took effort I’m glad the details of my adult sex and relationship choices mean so much to you.

        Like I said I’ve been with white girls before, the physical attraction was there I just never met anyone I meshed with on a deeper level. So I skipped the divorce rape and married AF who it turns out was a better fit, in my view dodging a bullet. We have built a life together by this point, if this works for us what exactly is the problem.

        Did I really miss anything not spending years going to bars and having meaningless flings with women who have had a train of other cocks run on them, and naturally think this is completely normal and nothing to be ashamed about?

        The typical conservative Asian women has on average 2 lifetime partners, compare the to the typical White or otherwise Americanized girl of any race? What is that number 10-20-100? Being fucked this much destroys their self worth and value as people and as mothers.

        I’m also a little hurt(lol) at the “cheap Asian sex dolls” comment, so an Asian women cant be pious or have value, who are we arguing is the ‘racist’ here ?!?

        I am by no means of low social standing or education but its not in my best interest to up and reveal myself.

        I will give you a clue instead and if you figure it out, well do what thou wilt.

        I was friends with THOMAS DINH BOWMAN at one point. I always thought he was an all around great guy and looked up to him.

        Sucks about what happened.

        ET would have liked Dinh too, he sure had a hot BLONDE white wife lol. ET if you had the power you would BE Dinh.


      • Jew-aware but thinks “racism” is bad. A difficult combination to reconcile in any sort of logical fashion…


  9. Uhhhgh yyes…. University of Phoenix whatever you want to belive bro.

    I don’t need to justify my self to you other than to say that you may find some of my qualifications and projects I have done literally terrifying. ( knowing what you know now about my personality/views)

    There’s no point in me serving a western system that has been co-opted by Jews, that would be the pinnacle of capitulation….

    l don’t need to find a ‘job’ as I’m self-employed doing simple sometime manual work, this is at times challenging but it’s worth it. This choice means I don’t get to use the full breadth of my qualifications as that would involve a job deep within the (((establishment))) and the resulting control over my life and opinions… had I known this earlier I would not have gone to school for so long.

    Will to power is not about race so much as overcoming self in pursuit of higher goals and casting aside artificial constructs etc.

    Living in peace and health outside of a hostile environment is a reasonable goal in my view. What am I supposed to be doing? fighting the system? White supremacy doesn’t really exist ….. whit seperatists perhaps but “huwhite supremacy” died with the Third Reich.

    The (((system))) is already collapsing quite well on its own. I don’t want to get hit by falling debris.

    We may see a new dawn with in my lifetime. I have many reasons to remain optimistic.

    People have a right to their identity/state this is one reason I appreciate the Thais, whites are the only people (((denied))) that right though mass forced demographic changes like importing 1% of somalia into the USA. How the fuck could that move make sense?

    I’m not the one obsessing over the white females… that’s you. If they want to go get fuck niggers good for them, I’m sure that’ll work out great for both parties.

    My wife loves me and is an intelligent and sweet women despite huge adversity in her life,but sure I’m only here to use her for sex right…

    So WMAF is automatically dsygenic and AMWF is not…. You guys really are crypto-Nazis… Just admit it, paging hapa Dr. Mengle.

    I learned something interesting the other day that I thought I would share. That may explain some of the differences in between the two pairs. Whites are far more likely to have the Rh negative blood type which may have come from a greater percentage of Neanderthal DNA. As the genes are recessive there is little other explanation for their origin(aliens Lol?). Recent studies show that this may have been the result of rape of Cro-Magnon females by Neanderthal males around 40,000 years ago. Think about that for a while and the implications for WMAF.

    I’ll have to Circle back to your other points/concerns a bit later.



  10. WMAF may actually be the predominant form of SOCIAL DYSGENICS in contemporary Western society, and I believe that is what you are referring to. It’s not about the racial characteristics of WMAF or recessive neanderthal genes, it’s about the other part that is passed onto offspring–the social learning or lack thereof, and how the peculiarities of RACIAL POLITICS in American society create that opening.

    Again, this is what EW has been talking about over and over here. EW has actually been quite clear in his posts on this. Anyone who has ever been involved with breeding animals knows that a larger gene pool results in a stronger organism. Race mixing in general should produce children who are on average healthier, with less congenital problems, longer life span, etc. So how do you account for the high prevelance of dysfunction in the children of WMAW? It’s SOCIAL, not genetic, although the SOCIAL aspects of it have everything to do with attitudes towards RACE in society and the types of people who end up in WMAW relationships.

    Put it this way, you’re calling AM obsession with “blondes” superficial, but Asian-American women marry out at a rate of almost 50%, while WW marry out at a rate of something like 5%. So you have constructed this long narrative in your head about how WW are unfaithful, not at your level, too many partners, don’t connect blah blah blah, even though the VAST MAJORITY OF NORMAL WHITE WOMEN MARRY NORMAL WHITE MEN, and this to you is MEANINGFUL justification to abandon your entire society and marry a chinky eyes. But AM who are literally forced by demographics in this country to leave their communities to find mates are the ones being superficial. “Blondes” are just women, not interesting, your whole family is blonde, but sparkles and stardust fall from the sky when you talk about AW. Who is being superficial?

    NO OTHER INTERRACIAL PAIRING involves so few, actually almost non-existent, barriers to entry. You can argue that Jewllywood in the Obama era has lowered the bar for BMWW couples a little too low, but not even BMWW can be complete live-in-a-bubble narcissistic social retards on the level of WMAW. Yes, maybe 1 out of 50 of these relationships is based on something other than fetishism and is between normal, socially adjusted mature adults. But the other 49 are fucking WEIRD and EVERYBODY SEES IT, we’re just too polite in real life to say anything. Sometimes at my place of work I’m dealing with 2 or even 3 of you guys AT THE SAME TIME. We humor you. We do everything to make you feel comfortable. But INVARIABLY you get the same result: AW dumb as rocks, literally if you put a slab of granite next to her the slab of granite has a more interesting personality, and WM floating around living in his own fantasy world, feeling aggreived because his own society never recognized his genius, quoting NIETZSCHE to justify his own SHORTCOMINGS.

    And the reason is always the same: WM would not be with AW if he could pull the stick out of his ass and accept his place in his own society’s social heirarchy; all emotional and intellectual curiosity in AW ceases once she attains her white man, walks around like she’s won the lottery. In a normal, ethnically homogenous society, these people would be forced to CHANGE, to GROW AS HUMAN BEINGS, to DEVELOP in order to produce children. But not in America.

    This is why it is really immaterial to me whether you went to University of Phoenix or ITT before Obama shut it down for being racissssssssssss: I know that somewhere along the line you are not being honest about your life experience. And THAT is the problem with WMAW. THAT is the thing that is more important than genes when you’re talking about the quality of the next generation, and that’s why we even bother to argue with you on the Internet. NOBODY CARED ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE UNTIL IT BECAME A SOCIAL PROBLEM.

    Amy Schumer did everything she could to make herself attractive to you. She was prepared to make a home for you, to love and support your children selflessly, and all you had to do was open your heart. Instead you got a mental child in an AW’s neotenic body who saw you and said: “kewl, a white guy. I saw this in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts. I wonder what it does? Let’s have children.” And now society has to deal with it.

    If you want to create a white ethno-state, by all means CREATE YOUR WHITE ETHNO-STATE. I mean, you elected Trump, now all you have to do is reign in some of your Jews. They’re flexible. If you want to rail against WW affirmative action for black schlooong, by all means rail against dat affirmative action. IF NOT, just admit that Jews are your best friend and that you love participating in the sneaky back-end of American Liberal nig-noggery and stop lying to yourself.

    And FFS STOP QUOTING NIETZSCHE, that shit is just embarassing for everybody.


    • “Anyone who has ever been involved with breeding animals knows that a larger gene pool results in a stronger organism. Race mixing in general should produce children who are on average healthier, with less congenital problems, longer life span, etc.”
      Yeah, this is why “anyone who has been involved with breeding animals” values mutts so highly. Uh-huh. You don’t actually understand the definition, and implications, of “hybrid vigor,” beyond simply recognizing the term, do you? Sad.


  11. I will have to create a more in depth reply later. You really get going… Its impressive.

    I’m a little confused how you can have purely social dysgenics that are not interelated to what’s occurring at the genetic level. I’m not an expert on this it just seems like social Darwinism would be related to genetic Darwinism etc.

    I’m pretty much in agreement with you that the dating/racial Dynamics in the United States are mixed up possibly encouraging WMAF more than “normal”. This is due to leftist (((social engineering))) which it appears has negatively affected both of us.

    I’m a little confused to how race mixing is simultaneously good on the broad level and then in the specific example(WMAF) bad but I’ll try and bear with you.

    Seems like if it’s bad in one scenario it’s bad in both, and at which point your callinig for eugenics, a pretty far-right idea. And then people freak out because they think they’re on some kind of slippery slope to admitting Hitler was right about something.

    I’m all for eugenics and Im working to make the best Hapas I can. You have basically articulated that you’re for eugenics which makes sense because it’s common sense… You just arnt aloud to use that word.

    Im not fixated on a white only ethnostate so much as a far right goverment in a major western state. I want people of all Races to contribute, only the most talented not the dregs. And I think this is what we’re both talking about, mass immigration of low-average grade portions of the population which the creates these f*****-up Dynamics. Its not needed and massivly changing the DNA of your country forever to get cheaper labor is hilariously shortsighted. I dont think whites should mix with the darker races, race mixing can cause health problems and I wouldent go beyond asian-white and light arab-white.

    Randomly mixing a bunch of populations together and expecting some kind of utopian Paradise is insane.

    This is all lies sold to you by Marxists.

    They are arsonist firefighters, create the problem and then come in with more big Government Solutions. Who knows we may get an actual race war, that would be their ultimate move to further the dialectic.

    I fucking hate Amy Shumer’s kike face dear god.


    • OK dude it doesn’t have to be Amy Schumer. I think the cast of Feminist Ghostbusters was probably within your grasp, except for the hot one that plays Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live. She’s probably out of your league, but I don’t want to send you into another depressive spiral.

      Hitler was right that selecting for a certain characteristic results in more of that characteristic. He was wrong in thinking that he knew what the desirable characteristics were for actual life for an entire nation. Actually, you never know what characteristics are going to be required for the next generation, because the next generation will face different challenges than you, and there is no such thing as a single “best” genetic trait. Remember that nig-nog’s big dick and big muscles is also a form of strength that is useful in some situations.

      Actually, eugenics is the opposite of what I was talking about as far as actual biology is concerned: overselection tends to lead to weaker organisms. If you aggressively select for blonde hair/blue eyes, you will tend over time to get weaker people with blonde hair and blue eyes. I never said race mixing was good for everyone but WMAF; I said all race mixing, including WMAF, should result in stronger biological organisms, because the mixed children are the product of a larger gene pool. The distinction of WMAF is that DESPITE THIS BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE the children of WMAF exhibit an extremely high incidence of crazy.

      That’s why I separate out the social from the purely genetic. Is there a relationship between social Darwinism and actual Darwinism? Over time, probably. The problem you have is thinking you can pinpoint and select for genetic traits from social success/failure. The same problems in life can be solved in different ways, by different underlying genetic strengths, and likewise the same failures in life can have different underlying “genetic” causes. Maybe illegal Mexicans are stronger with a natural inclination for overcoming obstacles at any cost and hard manual labor. Maybe the Mexican government is actually encouraging their shiftless masses to migrate in order to take advantage of the US welfare system. You don’t know which is which. Maybe your Thai immigrant wife is the best and brightest of her gene pool in Asia because she made it to America. Maybe she is just genetically inclined toward opportunism.

      What you don’t realize is that eugenics is ALREADY HAPPENING, every day all the time, just not in the way you want it to. There have been studies that show that even frutatas make extremely complex decisions when selecting for potential partners. Every human being essentially runs their own personal eugenics program, accounting not just for physical features and SAT score, but personality type, social status, sense of humor, etc. and everything relative to what they perceive as their own strengths and weaknesses. So of course what this means is that your entire life and the narrative you have written to justify it is the result of you FAILING TO PASS the eugenic selection process of the white girl you originally wanted, which resulted in you making a poopy face and deciding after years of pent-up frustration revisiting this original failure over and over again until it seemed like your life had no meaning without it to just go with the easiest and most readily available option to you that did not instantly trigger flashbacks of inadequacy and self-hatred, which was AW.

      So basically all you have proven so far is that WMAF eugenics selects for:
      1) WM with poopy face checking the fuck out of the society and the STRUGGLE he was born into.
      2) AW with genetically low resistence to Jewish mind control.

      I guess you win.


      • “Actually, you never know what characteristics are going to be required for the next generation, because the next generation will face different challenges than you, and there is no such thing as a single “best” genetic trait.”

        “What you don’t realize is that eugenics is ALREADY HAPPENING, every day all the time, just not in the way you want it to. There have been studies that show that even frutatas make extremely complex decisions when selecting for potential partners. Every human being essentially runs their own personal eugenics program, accounting not just for physical features and SAT score, but personality type, social status, sense of humor, etc. and everything relative to what they perceive as their own strengths and weaknesses.”

        These are actually surprisingly intelligent statements, given the excess of emotion, and deficiency in analysis, that you’ve displayed so far. This is the basic problem (apart from any ethical issues) with eugenics as conceived in the early 1900s. Essentially, it’s the same hubris involved in thinking that a centrally planned economy can not only replicate, but improve upon, the multitude of low level decisions carried out organically in a capitalist economy. Though what can be done about the generally dysgenic effect of modern civilization, especially since the advent of the welfare state, is another question.

        “I said all race mixing, including WMAF, should result in stronger biological organisms, because the mixed children are the product of a larger gene pool.”

        This, however, is a rapid return to your previously displayed level of near-total ignorance of biology/ genetics. Your statement is simple not true as a general principle. Hybrid vigor is something that you see IF the two strains that are crossed have a high degree of homozygosity; a degree that is simply not present in any major human population. Example: The entire canid group, encompassing all breeds of dogs + wolves + coyotes, is less genetically diverse than the human species. That genetic diversity in humans, of course, tracks well with racial differences. Therefore, according to your postulate, crossing wolves with chihuahuas should result in “stronger biological organisms.” Hmm… Not to mention that crossing all with all within the canid group would destroy its diversity– what if you need a sheepdog? Or a bloodhound? Or a guard dog? The resultant dog/ coyote/ wolf hybrid is unlikely to be “strong” at any one particular role. You fail, in this part of your argument, to recognize the point that you made in the other part of your argument– that “stronger” is meaningless, until you ask “stronger at what?” Depends on the niche.


      • Hybrid vigor was a practical fact before anyone tried to explain it with the theory you cite above. Inbreeding as well as outbreeding are relative, so to claim that there is no homozygosity in the human population is just not correct. The degree of homozygosity will increase the smaller the geographic and racial pool you are looking at. On the other hand if you take the entire human population as a whole, homozygosity will be extemely low but still present. None of this contradicts the idea of specialization in genetics. An organism can display an extremely desirable adaptation and extremely poor vigor at the same time. That is why breeders MUST introduce new lines into their breeds from time to time or the quality of their purebreds declines. I don’t remember what I wrote, but I’m pretty sure it was something along these lines. Genetics is about balance, and breeders have to balance desireable adaptations, which are often recessive and thus more difficult to maintain, with the overall fitness of the organism.

        Your analogy of eugenics to planned economies however is on point.

        Acknowledging Jewish control of things that Jews control doesn’t make me a conspiracy theorist. Danish-Thai is attributing that Jewish influence to his own personal suffering, which makes him a conspiracy theorist. The NEAR COMPLETE CONTROL OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND ACADEMIC DISCOURSE BY JEWS, or if you like a tiny minority of elite Jews of the tiny minority of Jews who lobby as a group probably more than any other ethnic demographic in the US but which is VERBOTEN to acknowledge, is only one of many competing interests in society that one must navigate in life. To deny this is foolish.


  12. Your getting tiresome and don’t seem to understand eugenics at all. The point is that if you can acknowledge that a behavior or person is dysgenic or degenerate it implies that there is an opposite positive axis, whatever those traits may be. Get it?

    I would say weeding out physical/mental deformities and ugly people is a good start, and perhaps greatly increasing breeding capacity of the best qualified/most intelligent males.

    Modern society doesn’t practice eugenics; (((they))) practice dysgenics to weaken us. Or at least that would be a more logical argument you could make against WMAF. (I’m doing your work for you here..)

    You are assuming women; much less white women are logical much less constitute a eugenic process. The pedestal called it wants its pussy back (WW fetish lol). Elliot Rodger had the same problem essentially an entitled male ‘feminist’ who expected women to come to him just for having a BMW and fancy clothes.

    (Btw If AF is ‘jew’ brainwashed wouldn’t WF be brainwashed too…? Which is it? Or does your WW fetish override logic?)

    Once you’re focused on life goals the appropriate women/path will present itself to you, far more so than trying your luck randomly with a “hot” girl off the bar/meat market or house party.

    Rather than play into the dialectic I am focusing on where I can make a difference. It’s not my responsibility to help those who don’t want to be saved or shunned my input. They are responsible for and deserve their total failure and self-destruction. (Liberal whites etc.)

    Disengaging from a no-win scenario of failing western society doesn’t mean I don’t have struggle’s (lol Mein Kampf!) or goals; they just don’t include white women. My wife has greatly expanded and enriched my life, given me new opportunities/perspectives, mountains to climb, I’m not turning back now or ever. I would likely remarry another AF again if things don’t work out this time for whatever reason.

    As you may notice at work sometimes people will deliberately do a bad job to manipulate others to clean up for them. A Problem-Reaction-Solution Dialectic, this is a manipulation to use your own energy against you or to further their aims. (Reactionary etc)
    I worked hard to do what was right and got blocked/cast out of the (((establishment))) despite exceptional qualifications and accomplishments. (((They))) exist to defraud and lie at every turn; I already got kiked a couple times on my technical achievements but sure this time it will be different. Yeah right. (((They))) really like to play ‘friends close enemies closer’ and will give you many assignments to divert or co-opt your effort under the guise of helping you or compromise. Fuck That. There will be only one tactic and response, direct ideological confrontation. Disentangling my assets and life from the machine is unquestionably the right move. Imagine how hard it would be later in my career in a narrow field?

    Tyrone might have the muscles but think about this, I can *hypothetically* nuke you starting with materials/ore I dig out of the ground. A handful of people with my genes can literally change the world.


    • I can’t believe I found a bonafide white conspiracy theorist here. It’s actually kind of adorable.

      I understand eugenics perfectly fine. You just don’t understand biology and are too emotionally invested in your psychological defense-mechanism narrative to understand how I was mocking you.

      Intelligence is only one trait, and biology is a lot like budgeting: spending more of your income on one thing usually means you are forced to spend less on another. In fact, you could argue that the best “genes” are ones where positive traits are balanced and the organism has a larger overall “budget” to spend, not ones in which one particular trait appears as an outlier, and that’s in the hypothetical scenario in which you could prove certain genes to be directly tied to “degenerate behavior.” Obviously we have to eliminate the ugly people. Your perfect 1600 SAT Gold Star has value, just not as much as you think. Why do you assume that you would be chosen in any given eugenics program run by someone other than you?

      Put it this way, the Chinese Imperial Exam, which is probably the most consistent and most rigorously applied intellectually meritocratic system of social promotion in human history, used in China for millenia and the precursor of almost all standardized tests in the world today, did not stop China from getting FUCKED in the 19th century by a tiny island nation in a corner of the known world by people who just a few centuries previous were living in literal caves.

      Again you want me to agree with you that AW and WW are equally Jewified in American society so we can hold hands and inexplicably put (((establishment))) in multiple parenthesis, but the facts just don’t back you up. Quantitatively WW marry out less than any other female demographic except BW I think, and that is because nobody wants BW. AW marry out the most. Qualitatively WW who do marry out generally make very sophisticated choices in mates, probably because they have a larger pool to select from, and those choices are generally based on real qualities that those mates possess, not on an image in their head that they formed from mass media. If you want me to make you feel better, yes, there are probably a few here and there that got Jungle Fever from watching too many Will Smith movies. But the likely truth is that you had your chance and you just got out-competed or maybe you hate your mother or something in which case we’re talking about something completely different, but equally sublimated.

      Nobody thinks it is possible to convince another person on an Internet forum to divorce their wife and leave their kids. That damage has already been done. Just try to be honest about who you are and how you got there, and maybe your kids will turn out halfway normal.


      • You do realize that acknowledging any degree of jewish control makes you a “conspiracy theorist” in the eyes of the progressive establishment (and likely the masses, as well), don’t you? You’re locked in there with him, hero…


  13. I’m sick of this argument you keep going on tangents, its not a conspiracy theory bro the (((elites))) are doing sick shit to kids. Pizzagate is real etc. Conspiracy theorist is a term created to discredit anyone who questions official narratives. Assange is probably being shot up with sodium pentothal and tortured as we speak for exposing this.

    I’ve noticed people like that(Possible Pedo’s) in my life as well, not directly, but I could tell something wasn’t right with them, and they would only promote a certain type of person. Its happening all over the place, especially academia(consistent stream of young people).

    My SAT scores arnt perfect, and I am totally about creating balanced people, Physically, Mentally etc.

    The arguments about white women blah blah I dont give a fuck about, I’m in a big city the demographics are very diverse. You have no idea the effect of a supportive female in your life regardless of race, Urban WF have been programmed to see everything I stand for as a red flag. I could go marry Ms. Republican Blonde Funny Farm out in the sticks but that would be boring as fuck and doesn’t fit my life goals.

    Regarding the British establishment they are RH negative’s and heavily kiked out. Sucks they pwned china, doesn’t mean a meritocracy is a bad idea.

    I dont want to be part of helping people who hurt kids and wish to exterminate me. Simple enough.

    I have to do work now, cant argue online all day.


  14. Looks like you did a lot of “research” to assemble such an impressive list of prostitutes…
    Your points would be more convincing if you had some harder numbers on the underlying ratio of WM/AF hapas to AM/WF hapas, though. Always good to have a denominator.


    • I’ve got a pretty good understanding of the ratio: I just go outside. Then also remember that despite pornstars outnumbering AMWF pornstars 10:1, current hapas on tv are 8:1 in favor of AMWF.


      • Bro, I know I’m banned ….forever…. so I’ll keep it brief. Where did you get your numbers?


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