🔥Jon on the Bachelorette proves how f*cked up Hapa males are

On national TV, on the premier of the Bachelorette, the only half Asian contestant (who is a late 20’s, single permavirgin it looks like) there immediately made a joke about Asian small dicks. He didn’t even get past the first Rose Ceremony or whatever that is. I didn’t watch it – I just heard about this through the grapevine.
He said two things: “I’m Scottish from the waist down;” and “I am not wearing any panties.”
Like most half Asians – Jon here has a white father, since Asian women love white men and hate Asian men. Jon looks very Asian.
Let me clue you in here – many half Asians, including myself, will attempt to disparage and distance themselves as far as they can from their Asian heritage, in an attempt to gain acceptance, or in my case, to get laid. I used to bully full Asians. I used to say horrible things about Asian people – that was until my friends started to remind me that I was Asian myself. 
When a white girl turned me down because I was Asian, and then went on to sleep with a black guy, I started to try as hard as I could to be white. Attempted to dye my hair, considered wearing contacts, lost weight to look whiter. I even started to be interested in white nationalism – even though my first girlfriend was black.

After all – our own mothers are living proof that nobody wants Asian men, and even if we can make it past the formative years of our lives (ages 0-20) without killing ourselves, our self-hatred will linger with us our entire lives. Hence Daniel Holtzclaw raping black women and saying “how does that white dick taste,” and Elliot Rodger massacring three full Asian roommates while saying that black boys did not deserve white girls. Again, half Asian children are just an afterthought to the global desire for white male partners expressed by Asian women. So nobody knew what was going to happen.

A half Asian girl named Jen Kang @shoesandshiz actually commented on Jon, on Twitter, saying this. Keep in mind these are the same women who go on to raise half Asian sons – so is Jon’s behavior surprising? Is Elliot Rodger’s behavior surprising?

In its very mild form you will have guys like this on national TV. In its extreme form you will have mass murderers who weren’t able to put two and two together.
We learn our white supremacy from our fathers, and mothers. No half Asian with an Asian father would humiliate himself on TV like that. His joke actually so successfully demeans himself that he was eliminated before the show even started – if his Asian appearance hadn’t disqualified him already.
(I would even go so far as to say that Jon here might even be gay and went on TV just for exposure. I don’t think any straight guy would hate and humiliate himself that much. Again, I do believe that WM/AW pairings are so emasculating that they affect the minds of the Asian looking children so severely to the point of forcing us into “effeminate” roles.)
I learned early on that mentioning my Asian heritage at all was a fast track to getting sidelined, so the fact he makes a point of it means that he probably hates Asian men (like Elliot Rodger) – and nobody hates Asian men more than Hapa girls, or those who share their tastes. I.e. gay Hapa males, or even worse – Hapa males who want to differentiate themselves.
All of these people are inextricably linked.
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Senator Mark Kirk Mocks WMAF Half Asian Tammy Duckworth’s Mixed-Race Background During Debate; meanwhile an AMWF Eurasian bangs Mariah Carey


I’ve been mocked form my heritage before. So was she. This week.

My mother never married for feminism. She married because white men were more physically appealing. Because white power was appealing. Because an American lifestyle was more appealing than living in Asia.

Behind closed doors 99% of White male / Asian woman couples will admit that they are together because Asian women are attracted to the white privilege that white men have.

Where is Tammy Duckworth’s white privilege?

What happens when Asian women who see Asian men as inferior have children who look 100% Asian like Tammy does? What happens when they don’t even make it to that level of success because they get cut down – mostly for boys – early on for looking exactly like the type of men that Asian women hate?

A good comment from Reddit:

This is a reminder that its not just about positive vs negative Hapa stories. Tammy Duckworth is as positive a Hapa story you can get. She overcame her war injuries to become a Congresswoman and will likely be a Senator. Yet this prominent, inspirational, successful Hapa has brought a great deal of attention to the main thing we talk about on r/Hapas. Yes we are equally, both white and Asian. But the world sees us as Asian and denies us our white side, and society and even WMAF parents themselves are not prepared to deal with this. This story has brought out in the most powerful, public way that yes this is a real concern. This Republican Senator represents the thinking of a great many white Americans.

Also if we ever get one of those conservative white dads telling us to take pride in our white sides, we can remind them that this is how conservative white men react when you do so.

Meanwhile in other news, Mariah Carey just cheated on her billionaire boyfriend with this guy. A hapa with an Asian dad.


WMAF is just so full of fail.

🔥🔥🔥Proof that Asian Preference for White men has nothing to do with Feminism; Proof that Asian Women Practice Open Racism because they want integration, assimilation and white babies

Jed Rubenfeld.

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I wholly support feminism for whatever form of equality it purports.
However, given that Asian women often use the line “we owe Asian men nothing,” and that it is Asian patriarchy that is responsible for social ills, I challenge them to explain why:
My father and many like him are extreme anti-gay campaigners, anti-black racists and routinely make comments about Jews, feminism (last Father’s Day he made comments about a local women’s studies professors’ mustache). My mother also never even broached the subject of feminism and her marriage to her husband was loveless and largely based on the fact that she could lay claim to a 6’3″ bearded redhead. I say with 100% certainty that she married him because he was white – yet growing up, I look more or less Asian, depending on what you’re looking for. If you don’t believe me, merely email me at eurasianwriter@gmail.com and we can arrange a meetup.
Essentially, they are lying, they know they are lying, they are raising children under the premise of this lie – then asking their children be “ambitious” and to play by the rules – when his own parents never played by the rules of common decency. Why would a half Asian son aim to be ambitious if he gets treated as Asian and his own mother thought Asian men inferior?
Below is proof in the form of written testimony by Asian women wherein they describe their preferences as being either, A) Physical B) for Integration C) for Status, or D) for Self Image Problems.

Behind closed doors most Asian women including the mods of /r/AsianAmerican and /r/Asiantwox would never admit the more blatant reasons for their “preference,” (RE: TALL, WHITE) despite it being obvious to their future children, who, like most children, would require pride and careful upbringing to navigate racist society successfully.
(For reference my dad is one of the biggest gay-hating anti-feminist white guys, but he was tall and white, so).
Wherein they create an impossible situation in which their own Asian looking sons are told to be proud to be Asian under the conditions that their fathers are white, and then, even more brazenly:
We are forbidden from talking about it, so essentially Hapas are forced into a sort of biological servitude to open racists; e.g., an Asian mother, and a white father who enables extreme racism. 
Even more flagrant, is their attempt to forbid us from having any such issues, wherein when their children ultimately exhibit violent or even erratic behavior, Asian men are blamed, and then blamed again for the behavior of children that are biologically unable to escape their mother’s genes.
As in, Asian men were blamed in the first place for something that was beyond their control, and for being angry about being excluded for some kind of insane degree of racism directed at them for no reason other than their race, the racism that the children themselves will suffer from a few decades down the line.
Essentially, what this means, in a pattern of eternal return, is that Asian women are complicit in the creation of an anti-Asian atmosphere in the West, one that will permeate down so as to affect their future children, and then Asian men get blamed still for the behavior of half-Asian children that are left scratching their heads, or worse. It literally is the cyclical pattern seen in the cartoon in the sticky.
It is a practice in extreme irony on the level of a televised black comedy.
Like true sociopaths, what they (and by they, I mean the white-only Asian women, not all Asian women) refuse to play by any sort of rules and just attempt to clear the way for total, unconditional lack of accountability, and then we, their children, are left picking up their baggage and expected to figure it out for ourselves.
The good news is:

  • These women are insane robots who are incapable of love to their husbands and ruin their lives some 10-20 years down the line, like my dad’s was ruined. I frankly don’t see how a woman who marries for such horrible reasons would ever be capable of genuine love (hence the scowling, standoffish behavior of married Asian women).
  • Asian men are not stuck with the most cutthroat, nihilistic monsters on the planet

The bad news is:

  • These are the people who parent us.
  • Sociopaths breed sociopaths, or even worse.

🔥Another good example of why half-Asians are a high risk demographic, thanks to their Asian mothers

Asian women fill the pool with dirty syringes and razor blades and diarrhea and phlegm and blood and dead carcasses of animals while they’re young, then they throw their kids into the pool, and then they wonder why the kids have emotional problems, and they go in the New York Times articles talking about “my son doesn’t want to be Asian.”

No shit.

Shout out to whoever made and compiled this.
This kind of talk is endemic both to:

  • Asian women, who constantly talk about how inferior Asian men are – in real time, for half Asian sons who aren’t even theirs to hear. So even the “so called” good couples still have children who are exposed to millions of these women. The question is – why would any half Asian be proud to be Asian as a result, or even worse, look ANYTHING like an Asian male? And many, many half Asians look TOTALLY Asian.
  • White men, especially the ones who are into Asian women. They just love to bash Asian men to make themselves feel bigger with Asian women. (Remember, it’s uniquely white men that are raising half Asian sons, so the children will try to live up to the father’s ethnicity).

So the question is why do half Asian sons try to play down their Asian heritage? I did this for ten years, and went practically insane as I looked more and more Asian. Again, I bullied full Asians, never grew my hair out longer than a couple weeks to avoid it being too dark, and when seeing my black hair fall on the barber’s smock I became almost instantly depressed.
I’ve listed dozens of cases, but I think this sums it up.
Elliot Rodger: “How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? I thought with rage. I glared at them for a bit, and then decided I had been insulted enough. I angrily walked toward them and bumped the Asian guy aside, trying to act cocky and arrogant to both the boy and the girl.”
Daniel Holtzclaw: “How does that white dick taste?”
John Hamilton: “I’m Scottish below the belt.” 
What are these women going to do when a woman – even an Asian woman – says the same thing to their son? This has been said verbatim to me, and other half Asian men I know:
“I don’t date Asian guys.”
And you wonder why half Asians with Asian mothers have literally produced nothing of merit, ever?
Despite having a mother who beat the shit out of me every day for twelve years and haunted my dreams for another fifteen – not once, not even once, did I ever feel the need to degrade or humiliate Asian women, for twenty three years – until I started this blog.

Hanna (PoisonIvyLul), the psychopath who is manipulating men into suicide and abuse, is WMAF Hapa


Explaining the behavior of Eurasians – which seem to be increasingly present in global news stories, with 100% allocation to the children of White men and Asian women – is very difficult to properly verbalize unless you lived it. The common theme seems to be rage, power, sex, racism, and a need to control. 

I think it’s also important to note that none of this applies to the children of Asian men and white women – who though far from perfect – have almost never produced anything so bad as the people we see nowadays. I don’t think they’ve produced anything bad at all. They’ve produced good things, normal things, while people like me and Hanna are running around like maniacs self destructing. Why?

Asian man + White woman = normal, equal couple, and probably better than normal due to the atypical masculinity found in Asian male culture. Unbeknownst to me when I started blogging – I wasn’t even aware until this year that women were actually attracted to Asian men.

White man + Asian woman = so many different elements at work.

The best way that I can explain what Hanna is and was doing is to surmise that she is the daughter of a beta, racist white guy – the kind that goes specifically for Asian women out of his entitlement, and need to control, and an Asian woman who marries specifically white for the intent of having white babies*, and to raise her status within society; of course, this isn’t merely as simple as that, and the psychosexual nature of these relationships must be considered, where the Asian woman subjects herself to the worst kinds of white men imaginable, and even encourages her daughter to also marry white – because by and large, many Asian women are truly anti-feminist, and even anti-women, with their main goal by and large to integrate and to obtain power. As I said, Asian women feel begrudged that formerly being high status in Asian society, wish to be high status in Western society – and so will do anything to obtain it, including encouraging their own daughters to submit to an insanely racist society.

In my case, my father was an incredibly dysfunctional white man, and my mother tolerated it for the purpose, by and large, of having non-Asian children; the stipulation for my entire life was that I survive merely by being white, and she failed to consider the role that having a loser father would instill in my brain. I.e., I was never prepared to deal with the real world and raised to rely solely on my “whitened” looks (which thank God, helped me survive my first eighteen years with good socialization).

But society is still racist – and Hanna still felt that. Look at how many people on her Twitter were calling her “chink” and “go back to China.” She’s half-Asian, but still viewed as 100% Asian, like many of us are. And as beautiful and as kind as we are, we still deal with such horrible people as parents. So what better way to fight back than to control.

Asian women want control when they marry white men, and white men want control when they marry Asian women. So naturally, the children inherit this. I certainly did when I tried to figure out who and why I was and singlehandedly changed the landscape of identity politics in two years. 

So anyways, Hanna decided to take control – to fight back against both racism, which her mother encouraged by being a geisha slave to white supremacy and white men – and to take back her own autonomy, by controlling the lives of men.

Beta men like her father, the kind who feel entitled to Asian women and feel that despite being such monumental losers, Asian women are still willing to submit to them.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that half Asians oftentimes feel extreme resentment against the roles that we are expected to play, oftentimes encouraged by our parents; i.e., if the father sees Asian women as being traditional, submissive geishas, the daughters will rebel – especially when the mothers encourage the daughters to continue this role of submission to white men. ‘Tis complicated.

Something important to note: the most famous figure in some fetish called “financial domination”  was Eurasian.

Reddit comments:

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* I say “white babies” because I am not sure if Asian women really want white babies, or Eurasian babies. Asian women feel less pretty than white women, for sure. This is acknowledged. They feel inferior to white people. However, they also seem to react negatively to Asian looking Hapas as well. They don’t seem to acknowledge that Asian people can be very beautiful as well, even more so than white people. Hanna was very pretty as well as looking totally Asian. Her self esteem must have been afronted by her mother – who insisted that she submit to whiteness, something that Hanna probably didn’t want. This was my case, too. I always felt more beautiful than whites, hence my incredible anger at being encouraged to submit to them – by Asian women. Regardless, there is also the issue of Eurasian children oftentimes being far more beautiful than the mother – but also resembling full Asians, so the resentment can be both compounded as well as confused.

Rurik Jutting, banker / murderer, is part Chinese through his mother (who is a WMAF Hapa)


The accused grew up in Surrey. His mother, Helen, ran a nursery class in Chertsey, before opening up a milk shake bar in Woking. His father, Graham, is an engineer.

Congratulations fetish couples – you did it again.

Banker / murderer Rurik Jutting is half Asian with a Chinese mom. I’ve been telling everyone here that fetish couples don’t produce good children. This is literally the next major incident this year alone involving a half Asian who made national / global news. David Fry, Daniel Holtzclaw, Krit Mclean, Elliot Rodger, etc.

Proof his mother is from Hong Kong.


Let me just leave this list here to explain, since I’ll just start spamming it every time another WMAF Eurasian does something horrible.

  • Asian women hate Asian men, try to integrate into Western society
  • Asian women underestimate just how much white people look down on Asians (A LOT)
  • Son looks more or less Asian, either looking Asian when young, or getting more Asian looking with age; both are high risk, since society hates Asians and 60% of Asian women marry out
  • Dad is 9/10 times anti-social, autistic loser who can only get Asian women
  • Dad is 9/10 times extremely racist, even against Asian men
  • Mother is severely self hating, manic depressive, or mentally ill, status climbing, violent, loveless, and manipulative
  • Parents have loveless relationship due to Asian women marrying largely for status
  • Childhood abuse, whether from racist father or from mother, Tiger Mothering
  • Inheriting father’s white paranoia, entitlement, versus not getting it because of low self esteem due to being Asian
  • Parents not preparing child for bullying / racism against Asians
  • Low-effort / low-status nature of parents (loser dad / loser mom)
  • Deep self loathing in Eurasian male
  • Isolation from society
  • The fact that 95% of women don’t want to marry Asian males or Eurasian males, especially us from the older generation


🔥Why do so many half Asians with White fathers, like me, come from divorced parents / broken homes? (VITAL POST)‼️

We all know about Japanese child kidnapping. This is extremely common because Asian women use white men to have “whiter babies” but their personalities – being asian women – are extremely vicious – especially the ones who are “Gaijin chasers” since they are hell-bent on status at all things, making them soulless as hell, and as soon as the kids are born they just snap and abandon their white husbands, especially if the guy fails to be rich, like my dad, or turns out to just be a loser; exactly the kind of guy who goes for Asian women.

It seems that everywhere I look – I see stories more like mine. Whenever I look up half Asian celebrities with white dads, more often than not these guys’ fathers are nowhere around.
Sometimes it’s the other way around with the Asian mother bailing (very common). My home was filled with violence after my mother – who married my white father in order to rebel, and to feel like she “made it” with a white man – realized that he was just a balding guy who was too paranoid of the world ending to make money (seriously) and would eat entire bags of chips at one time (which she hated).
The reason for this is largely because the relationships between white men / Asian women is largely based on hate and status, not love.
What happens is this; the man is blinded by his desire for sex and companionship, and fails to realize that a woman being with him largely because he is white – in order to give her Eurasian babies (and thus to make her life feel meaningful and to boost her status) – and fails to realize that Asian women are some of the most vicious and cruel people in the world; so once the children are born, she will start to become extremely verbally abusive, like my mother.
Wouldn’t it make more sense for a woman to prefer her own race? White women do. So why don’t Asian women? Why is it that Asian women – and only Asian women – are desperate to remove their Asianness?
The majority of WMAW marriages aren’t high class. Many like my parents are somewhere in the middle. There’re a lot of trashy girls who just sleep their way through every white guy they find; others date only rich white men; others latch onto the first tall white guy that they can find. Mine was more about a woman latching onto a white man in an attempt to integrate into her new home.
My parents had a broken marriage. The reason for this is obvious – my mother was a hateful, callous, bitter person who wanted a white man because she felt insecure with her appearance and because she felt a white man would give her that “rebellious” edge that she wanted, plus she wanted to be able to feel integrated and “successful” having a tall, skinny, redhaired man at her side.
The big problem with this is that she didn’t actually love him – she loved what he represented. Integration. Status. Rebellion. Whiteness. The big problem was that my father was from a redneck state; he had grown up literally in the woods, and was one of those guys who had “an affinity for nature,” hated the big cities, and had extremely outdated views and agoraphobic behavior – making Asian culture, and Asian women, with their famed introversion – an ideal choice.
If you don’t believe me – ask any Asian woman in a relationship with a white man what she thinks of Asian culture and Asian men – she will respond with HATE.
Hate is not love.
So ten years later – she realized that her “marriage” was nothing but one based on hatred, fetishization, or trying to chase that impossible dream of having a white man, a European man, that represented everything she could dream of – and one child with incredible emotional problems who looked very Asian, and another child, who looked nothing like her – who she essentially emotionally abandoned.
When I was around twelve, and my mother was on her death bed, she begged all of my Asian family to take me – to take me away from my father, and to remove any vestige of custody or connection I and my father had, I guess, being her last attempt at “kidnapping” me, to take me away from a man she never really loved, but only used, but realized was literally incapable of being a good father or a good man. And like a regretful Asian mother would do, she gave me a “Chinese” middle name that would help me recognize that I was Asian – but why do that, if Asian males weren’t good enough?
So my parents, like most of the Eurasian people I know – come from broken homes, since our mothers, being hot blooded Asian women, just couldn’t stand that the guys they were married were white guys who for some reason couldn’t get white women, or for some reason just had this weird entitlement to Asian women (extreme racism, need to dominate and control). 
The biggest problem is that most of the time, we their children, aren’t able to fully integrate thanks to the perpetual foreigner stereotype and hostility towards Asianness.
90% of WMAW marriages are based on lust, whirlwind fetish romances, etc., and the marriages inevitably disintegrate because of culture clashes – i.e., the Asian woman not realizing the white men who seek them out are generally lower quality, and the white man not realizing just how obsessed with status and money Asians are – or even worse, not realizing how rampant mental illness and race / status climbing is in Asian culture) – so you have tons of confused Eurasians coming from utterly devastated homesteads.
Broken homes + broken people = broken demographic. Enjoy what’s coming.
It’s a very far cry from the promised Eurasian takeover, or master race.
There is no Eurasian takeover. The vast majority of Eurasians look very Asian, and come from broken homes with no parental support, and hate filled households.
It seems even the opposite holds more weight, even if you believe in really nasty stereotypes; that Asian men only marry because of their money. That being said – a Eurasian child from a wealthy household, with two parents that are together – is better off than some bastard Eurasian with a self hating mother.

🔥Asian Women Don’t Love, Part 2.

Any Asian woman reading this will know this is true. Some, who like Asian men, will read this and agree. Some, who like white men, will read this and get angry, but they know it’s true. For some reason, black women agree almost 100% of the time.

Asian women love an image.
My mother is Chinese and my father tall, blue eyed, bearded, white, with a strong jaw, a large physique, hairy arms.
But they didn’t love each other, and they never did; all they did was fight; all she did was nag him; insult him, degrade him, over, and over, and over. She used him to make herself feel better compared to her Asian peers and siblings. To feel like she was just as good as those blonde girls she saw in catalogues. White guys will deny this till the end of time but they don’t understand Asian culture. How cutthroat it is to one up your sisters, your peers, your friends. If you get a white husband you can do that. Better yet a tall, light haired husband.
My parents had no friends; none of my mothers’ sisters have friends because they are extremely bitter, nagging, abusive people who constantly hit, slap, punch and insult their white husbands – every one of whom would be considered a less attractive, meek, white man, definitely the type who is unable to get white women.
I am a Eurasian son of a tall white guy and a cutthroat, soulless Asian woman so I have no reason to lie other than to voice my outright disgust for some Asian women and white men, and my embarrassment belonging to this demographic.
I don’t like Asian women. I in fact, hate how they openly support white supremacy and support white men who use them as a means to reaffirm white superiority – while laughing at Asian looking Hapa men on the street.
Asian women see that they have high value in the eyes of people like my father. All they have to do is play a game, market themselves as being traditional, subservient and get their “white lover.”
Conservative white men who are “sick” of the “liberated” behavior of white women. “Liberated” behavior pretty much just means: white women won’t be with me because white women have too high standards. They don’t like my meek behavior. 
Asian women have high standards too. 
But to them, a white guy is just a way to circumvent their search for a high standards Asian guy, and “white men” are just a step up, because they’re white. They have blonde hair. This is better than any Asian guy.
Asian women feel better about this. They feel like they’ve “made it.”
But they don’t love the man. They present an image of their marriage to the outside world but inside their homes they nag the shit out of the guy, they bully him, they pressure him to put on a show for their friends. Asian women are bottom of the barrel, mass-produced, white-worshipping trash and yet they expect their own children not to notice.
Look at the photo of my parents. My dad staring blankly at the table while the sisters chatted away. He was an accessory, a means to an end, that’s all. Why is it when you see Chinese women married to white guys, the child is shown off like a handbag – the husband nowhere to be seen? Why is it when you see these couples in public, between the bouts of PDA that makes everyone uncomfortable, they seem miserable?
They will have sex with him a few times but only as long as he keeps up the image.
Look at how many Asian women love taking trips to London and Paris, taking pictures of the buildings. This is just an image. Nothing else. The white man makes them feel like they’re just as good as the Parisian buildings, the Parisian street scenes they’ve seen in movies.
Years ago my mother took a trip to Paris, and she brought along her sister. Her sister, also, was conveniently married to a white man, and a tall one (divorced now). My dad stayed back in the office.
Their third sister was not married to a white guy. She is now a VP at a very large, very powerful investment bank and owns some of the top tier property in New York. Her husband is Chinese. She’s a devout Christian as well and arguably the prettiest in the family.
My mother? She died, she essentially willed herself to death, years after becoming so irate at my father for failing to match up with the “American dream.” He made only $40,000 a year. He was going bald. He couldn’t afford to take her on trips to Paris anymore. He even refused to live in Manhattan for fear of Jews and blacks, the place my mother loved.
When my dad went to go visit his family in his country bumpkin small town, my mother would scream about how she hated it, how she hated that small little town, where there were no street lights. She would beg to go back to Manhattan.
It wasn’t love. She only “stuck” with him as long as he provided an image. After all – she wanted a white man, so any white man could have done.
I’m surprised she didn’t cheat, to get what she wanted. And at the very end, right before she died, she hated him so much for not providing her the life she thought she could get with a 6’2″ or 6’3″ white guy, like she saw in the movies. Like many insane Asian women, she threatened to kill herself in front of me, and my brother; by holding a butcher’s knife to her arm. She would drive our car up to 100 mph on the highway and threaten to crash. She would throw knives at the wall and whisper in my ear before bed about how worthless my father was.
My wife does not like white men. She is Asian. The reason for this is as follows: she has told me that she wants “security.” She wants a quiet life where she can just raise her babies and enjoy a quiet existence. Very different from those women who dream of living abroad and mingling with white people to feel as if they’re better than their peers.
And now, as their son, I’m perpetually stuck in between. Being proud to be Asian is just ridiculous at this point. To this date, I still remember the horror of feeling so completely alone around white people, seeing Asian woman after Asian woman throwing herself at white guys. I had to actually go off to an Asian country to die, due to my self-hatred; a self-hatred instilled in me by the people around me, in my own family.
And now and then when I feel “proud” to be Asian I just think back to that moment that I realized that I was completely abandoned by the same people who are creating people just like me.  Any pride just slips away. I was robbed of a life because my mother had a fetish – that she had to marry a white man, raise me in a racist country; a white man, just because he was white, and turned out to be (since most white men prefer white women) a loser, and left my brother and I with nothing; no bed to sleep on, no roof over our heads, a father who didn’t work, and Asian looks to be humiliated and rejected over, and over, and over.

🔥🔥Go Read HalfAsian.Org🔥🔥 (Keeping track of these daily incidents is too much for this website)

I know now there is nothing physically wrong with me, however, I think for the safety of everyone out there and anyone curious about this subject matter – it is vital that you know exactly what is going on. The children of these pairings will be living around you, working around you, and playing with your children.
Key points:

  • Asian women marry primarily for status and power – and marriage to a white person is fundamental to achieve this.
  • The men who deliberately seek out Asian women tend to know that they have more “inroads” with Asian women due to the fact that they are white, and oftentimes exploit this.
  • The men who seek out Asian women oftentimes are exceptionally antisocial, criminal, perverted, psychologically unbalanced, and oftentimes racist.
  • Asian women will oftentimes excuse – or due to cultural misunderstandings – the man’s behavior because she sees whiteness as the end goal, rather than understanding the deep nature of Western white racism.

The end results can and will be tragic unless confronted.
-The son of a racist, autistic, conservative, friendless, jobless white man and an angry, violent, status-seeking Chinese woman.

🔥”Like most Asian women, I prefer white men. My son won’t have problems. He won’t be Asian.”

Revamped post. Apologies to this fellow. It’s not about his looks – more about the suffering we half Asians have to endure.

“Small dick stereotypes won’t affect my son. He won’t have self esteem issues. He is better than the full Asian males my wife / girlfriend refused to see as potential partners. He will feel like a man growing up with a white father and an Asian woman who hated Asian men. He won’t have any problems dating. It’s about feminism! It’s all about feminism! Which is why half Asian guys despite having White dads are treated as non-sexual objects!”
As an Asian looking half Asian male, you have pretty limited options.

  • Believe your mom when she tells you you’re the most handsome, you’re a sweet little Eurasian boy, you just need to go to school to be treated as equal to white males. Ignore open racism and just “pretend” that your mother (and all her sisters) was different because she put food on your table. Become a thirty year old virgin before settling as another Asian girl’s second choice. Most Hapa males know that Asian women want a white man first, but failing that, they can get the next best thing – a substitute, counterfeit white male – a Eurasian son.

Asian women swear up and down that Eurasian males are incredibly beautiful – so why don’t they marry them? Why do Asian women – on seeing an Asian passing Eurasian male on TV, say “Asian? No thanks!”

  • Go gay. (And take a white lover). Again, not always a conscious choice, but one that I believe may be influenced by the male child’s emasculation by birth. Imagine looking like an Asian boy watching women who look like you pretty much belong to white men, being openly supportive of a hierarchy that places big burly white men at the top, and men who look like you die alone. It can definitely influence your sexuality.
  • gayhapas2

(In before one of the usual full-Asian men comes in here telling me to suck it up. Your life is entirely different. You get laid? Congrats. You don’t endure the childhoods we do, whereby you actually have the mentalities and confidence required you to push through. Many of us are literally castrated sexually, emotionally and psychologically from birth.)