🔥🔥Absolutely shocking difference in number of Hapa athletes reflects differences between WMAF and AMWF children

Hapa male football player with, you guessed it, an Asian father.

Real data sets do not lie. (By the way, we are compiling this data and will publish a massive list of every single known Eurasian, from the most prominent actors to the most minor part-time models, from members of parliament to petty thieves, and will release it later this month)

This is only one part of what we’ve collected on /r/hapas, but the difference in the behavior and success of Eurasians based on whether their father is Asian, or their mother is Asian – is real. 

All but two of the football players who have played NCAA or NFL football have had Asian fathers. Ironically, the two players who made it to the NFL had Asian mothers.

Almost 90% of pro or semi-pro footballers that are of mixed Chinese descent – have Chinese or Asian fathers. This also doesn’t include mixed Japanese, which would increase the numbers even more.

Asian fathers:

  • Lam Zhi Gin (German-Hong Kong)
  • Calvin Jong-a-Pin (Netherlands)
  • Cerezo Fung-a-Wing (Netherlands-Surinam)
  • Brian Ching (United States)
  • Xavier Chen (Taiwanese-Belgian)
  • Victor Chou (Taiwanese-Spanish)
  • Sean Tse
  • Matt Lam
  • Brendan Gan
  • Joseph Hu
  • Conor Chinn
  • Danny Kong
  • Gordon Chin

Asian mothers:

  • Nick Feely
  • Nico Yennaris

Every single one of the follow hockey players from Canada of Japanese descent has a Japanese father – except for Jamie Storr; the last two are full Japanese. 

Why are the sons of white women and Asian men so much more successful?

Is it maybe because Asian women who marry white men make a huge show of their distaste for Asian men, and a huge show of how well they integrate with white folks – that their children are unprepared for looking Asian, and unprepared to deal with the real world that exists out side of myths of Eurasian beauty and entitlement? 

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