🔥Why are White men / Asian women relationships so common? Extreme truth bomb from a Eurasian son at ground zero: because it’s not love.

Years ago one of my aunts said to me in passing, “I can’t wait to return to the U.S., to be around all those white people. When I see them I’m going to give them a kiss and a hug.”
I was shocked at this, since she was Asian, and obviously with a white man, and had been for years. She was completely miserable, since the marriage was largely because the best she could do was a 5’5″ racist white guy, but it dawned on me – I was surrounded by this kind of talk growing up. What kind of idiot was I believing that pride in my Asian side was worthwhile? All it was – was a gimmick that my parents passed onto me haphazardly; what they really were hoping for that I was white. And then it dawned on me; Asian women select the tallest, whitest, blondest, bluest-eyed people to produce the whitest children possible, not 50/50, but white-passing. What business do these kinds of people have raising people like me? If that’s not evil, or at best, calculating and amoral – I don’t know what is.
I will list everything I know, as carefully as I can, based on my experience of growing up under a meek, racist, tall white guy, and a self hating, status obsessed, cruel, petty, hateful Asian woman who deliberately wanted a tall, white male partner.
I started this blog two years ago, after having been told repeatedly that “I don’t date Asian guys,” even though I was promised the world, had graduated from an Ivy League, and had been told that being Eurasian was awesome.
I have no agenda other than understanding sociology. I see no hope for this world, and predict only a future of violence and hatred, some of which will come from the children of these pairings unless they are protected with extreme caution. I also understand racism against Asians, as I once practiced it as well. I also understand Asian self hatred, as I myself, have underwent self hatred – I would deny I was Asian for a long time, so I understand why Asian women want to marry white men; largely to avoid the stigma of Asianness. I easily could have became “successful” but was so damaged by my early 20’s by my confusion and firm (and correct) belief that my Asian blood was worthless in the West, that I crashed and burned, and this is my last ditch attempt to figure out where I went wrong.
There was a time I myself would bully full Asians, consider myself better than full Asians, change my appearance to look less Asian, and when being told that I was Asian, almost killed myself. Given that four out of five of all Asian women in my immediate family were married to white men, I decided, subconsciously, that being Asian was a very bad thing, so I attempted to distance myself to such an extent that I even embraced extreme right wing politics and became a prolific poster on one of the most vehement Neo Nazi websites on earth. I know that I am mentally unbalanced – because both my parents were; a conspiracy theorist white guy and a self-hating, yes, self-hating (because I am self hating too) Asian woman.

  1. Asian people are hated, in large numbers. Individual Asian women are seen as sexual commodities.
  2. Whites view Asians as being a monolithic, soulless, group of people. Asian women, again, are seen as sexual commodities.
  3. Asian people are the butt of jokes, simply, because they are perceived, for some reason, as being much weaker, which I suspect has to do with their physical attributes in their faces, i.e., lacking recessed eye sockets that would activate primitive fear responses. Human pathology demands that a certain group always be on the bottom, and as blacks begin to demonstrate resistance to white racism, Asians will continue to take the spot.
  4. Asian women recognize that marrying an Asian male will subject them to jokes, and perpetually isolate them from a normal social life with other races – one where they will be free from stereotyping and even physical isolation and attacks. This conflicts with their egos, as women.
  5. Asianness, and only Asianness, is attacked by all ethnic groups due to innate human desire to other and demean human beings. Asian women sense this.
  6. Asian women view themselves as valuable commodities, and also have white skin, so many of them are perplexed that they are still not treated as white.
  7. White men, particularly those with fetishes brought about by an innate, solipsist desire for women that are more “pro-male,” or “pro-white,” will seek out Asian women specifically so they can feel “bigger.” This doesn’t mean, by any stretch of imagination, that they subconsciously respect Asians or Asian males.
  8. Many white men are naive, in that they do not understand the darker aspects of human nature, nor what people will do in order to survive in the face of trauma, so naturally, they believe Asian female preference for white men isn’t odd. Some read it as a “good” quality, or a quality reflecting Asian morality, but it is merely a genetic or social choice.
  9. Asian culture inherently values integration, and Asian culture itself values cutthroat status climbing, hence Tiger Mothering. The most famous Tiger Mother of all time, Amy Chua, was naturally married to a white man.
  10. Asian women do not form relationships according to love, but more so in an attempt to escape “Asianness” and association with a very negative group – Asians. I am so familiar with Asian women that I know that their egotism and ferociousness conflicts with them being treated as “different.”
  11. Marriage to white men means that they are able to integrate into a group that is not made fun of, and also provides them with the status boost of marrying a white person – such that they feel as if they finally have made it, and are just as good as a white person (note, I did not say white woman, as Asian women subconsciously believe themselves superior to white women, yet inferior at the same time).
  12. They hope that their children will look white, rather than Eurasian. In some cases they attempt to sexualize their daughters (pushing them into modeling, giving them Asian first names), while treating their sons as if they are white (white names). This was the plan since Day One: to have a child who will not be recognizably Asian.
  13. These women oftentimes realize that they are nothing but living stereotypes, and treated with hostility or as being “sex slaves” by non-Asian women (and men), which is almost just as bad as being treated poorly for being Asian, and being in a relationship with an Asian man. They also realize that they are still Asian, and that their relationship is formed on faulty basis, and that their husbands / boyfriends still harbor racist attitudes towards them, and that they are still treated as perpetual outsiders. This results in the callous, vicious, distant nature of these relationships (the woman trailing behind the man, not talking) or very angry appearance of Asian women such as Lucy Liu or Clarence Wu.
  14. The fundamental imbalance between Asian men and Asian women is so pronounced, yet somehow invisible to White men, and only seems to dawn on them later in life after the cultural differences begin to rear their heads: Tiger Mothering, the cold nature of their wives, the bossing around and deference to the wife,

8 thoughts on “🔥Why are White men / Asian women relationships so common? Extreme truth bomb from a Eurasian son at ground zero: because it’s not love.

  1. I don’t agree with Asian hate aspect. We whites dont hate Asians. We don’t view Asians as people but animals. So we never waste time hating a race that we might own as pet or sexual fetish.


  2. “or some reason, as being much weaker, which I suspect has to do with their physical attributes in their faces, i.e., lacking recessed eye sockets that would activate primitive fear responses. ”
    There you go again, ET.
    Also, tell that to the famously flat-faced mongols.
    If anything, the mocking comes from a deep sense of fear. Hence, yellow peril.


  3. The solution to this nightmare is obvious
    Multiculturalism needs to be abolished and non europeans should never have been allowed to live in european nations but thanks to the tribe they do. So now we have self hating asian sluts hunting after white men and contributing to the weakening and genocide of the european people. The amount of white men in australia with little orientals is staggering and sickening. I look at these degenerates and wonder why these men don’t care that their asian children don’t look like them and how they even know that child is theirs. And people fawn over these freaks. It is a ghastly nightmare and i wonder what the future of this once beautiful nation is.


    • You are an ignorant, racist arsehole.
      I’m Anglo Aussie and my wife is Chinese. We have three beautiful children who we’re both very proud of. Eurasian children, in fact, often take on the best characteristics of both races and are both intelligent and attractive. Its upsetting that people like you with such Nazi attitudes still exist.
      I guess your Asian yourself because few white Aussies are that intolerant and bigoted these days. If I caught a cunt like you looking down on or ridiculing my children or wife I’d fucking kill you.


      • “in fact, often take on the best characteristics of both races and are both intelligent and attractive.”
        You are the racist. The way you talk about Eurasian children like they are some eugenic experiment is sick. How come you never see Chinese women talking about how black + Chinese = amazing.


      • “We’re not racist.” Yet your wife only wants a white man. Yet what happens when your children inevitably identify as Asian? What happens when White AND Asian women turn down your sons for being the wrong race?
        Both of you are two sides of the same coin, flipped – it’s just two racists arguing with each other, and both of you have the same white supremacy ingrained in you. If it wasn’t racist, why would WMAF be so common?


  4. There are NO WHITE PEOPLE ON THE EARTH. Look again at the ‘white Europeans’ – they are in fact RED – all of them – look carefully – they are the children of Esua – a red skinned cursed race that is set for destruction. Their brother is Jacob – the black man. Their step brother is Ishmael the Arab bastard. Both Ishmael and Eusa are cursed that is why they both took black Jacob into slavery to destroy him. Watch this for more details:
    Whited Out Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX0DtMiYxEM


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