Asian woman admits her Hapa son still faces discrimination and racism even though she married a white guy


And chances are, like my mother, she married a white guy for integration and said horrible things to Asian men in her life.

I’m far less Asian passing than this boy, and I’ve dealt with covert racism my entire life – even worse, with a back drop of extreme infighting in my family, since my mother was miserable her entire life since she didn’t actually like herself.

My question for Asian women is, behind the cover of whatever feminism or lies that they are willing to push forth about their preference for white men – what stops a child from learning the truth?

Nothing, really.

They act like they’re the first women to give birth to Hapa sons. Actually, they’ve been doing that since the 60’s. And where are the Hapa sons now? Presidents? CEO’s? They don’t exist. Vast majority of us look very Asian.

To white guys reading this: congratulations on giving up your white privilege so that you could finally feel like a man. Enjoy the next 50 years – you’re really going to need the luck.

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5 thoughts on “Asian woman admits her Hapa son still faces discrimination and racism even though she married a white guy

  1. All this about Hapa children sounds true to a point but I know Hapa male that are doctors lawyers military pilots all seem to fit in ok from they tell me so I will have to take what they tell me


  2. 7 billions people talking about their ideas and what not, all the crappy stuff, so not sure mine will stick out. But anyway I will try.

    As I said several times occasionally, it’s natural that ugly breeds ugly most of the time. It’s nature. No one can deny that. It doesn’t matter which race you’re in, as long as your parents are good looking, it’s 98% chance that their children will get their parents good look. If uglies breed good looking children, it’s the rare chance that it just happened. It happens from time to time. But the chances are rare.

    Now looking at what kind of couples we’re looking at, it doesn’t matter AMWF or WMAF, as long as both genders are good looking, their children will at least be good looking. For certain chances, maybe they will have recombination of good genes out of those defective genes from both parents. But the chances are very rare.

    So in terms of this pairing, WMAF pairs tend to be ugly pairs. But they won’t admit it, but everybody knows it. Uglies breed ugly. I can list off the top of my head

    1. Jon Goselin
    WMAF hapa –> ugly as fuck

    2. Daniel Henney
    good looking hapa from WMAF

    3. Jon Skywalker
    hapa gym rat, as the name suggests, weirdo white father must have given his son the skywalker last name and what not, no matter his lifts weight and bulk up his body, if you look at his waist, it’s tiny as fuck but he uses different angle to show how buffy his upper body part is. That means he inherits those tiny pelvic girdle from his mom side for sure.

    4. I don’t know his name, from collegehumor

    from AMWF, is he good looking? I’d say just below average look

    The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter it’s AMWF or WMAF, as long as your parents are good looking, you will be good looking for 98 percent of the time. But the statistics show that most of the WMAF couples are ugly, so their progeny will be ugly for sure. Look at ER, the guy is short as fuck, but got hallucinated with his mom’s idea that Whites are the best, so he deluded himself that he’s good looking, actually he’s just an average guy and wouldn’t call for 2nd look from even asian woman. But he’s got lost in translation from his mom.

    Looking from EurasianTiger occasional posts, I guess ET must have got this impression that Asian passing look are generally ugly and lesser asian passing look are in general assumed to be good looking. This impression is not entirely wrong, it has some grains of truth in that.

    I’m not calling out this sentiment. But I want to emphasize here that ugly looking Asian live their daily lives as normal, and they’re not raging their angers towards other people, especially their parents. They live their lives.

    The problem kicks in when Asian women keep brainwashing their children that “Whites are good, Asian are bad” mentality, then the idea that I’m good looking, that’s why any girls will fall for me mentality stuck in their brain and until you know it, they snapped and become ER.

    This asian lady tweet says a lot about her teaching on her son. Her son is now coping with the reality that he is not full White, and struggling with the questions of “Where are you from?”. Instead of teaching her son well enough to realize that he is mixed, that’s why students got curious and interested in asking, she become frustrated –> which translate into her inherent thinking that “1/2 Whites should at least deserves Whites status”.

    I’d wish 7 billions people are crazy with status, especially Asian women.


    • The thing is, looks don’t matter that much, but Asian women push their children as being amazing male models and that their entire basis is looks, so if the kid doesn’t live up to that, he is fundamentally screwed and will snap especially if he gets treated as Asian.


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