Rurik Jutting, banker / murderer, is part Chinese through his mother (who is a WMAF Hapa)


The accused grew up in Surrey. His mother, Helen, ran a nursery class in Chertsey, before opening up a milk shake bar in Woking. His father, Graham, is an engineer.

Congratulations fetish couples – you did it again.

Banker / murderer Rurik Jutting is half Asian with a Chinese mom. I’ve been telling everyone here that fetish couples don’t produce good children. This is literally the next major incident this year alone involving a half Asian who made national / global news. David Fry, Daniel Holtzclaw, Krit Mclean, Elliot Rodger, etc.

Proof his mother is from Hong Kong.


Let me just leave this list here to explain, since I’ll just start spamming it every time another WMAF Eurasian does something horrible.

  • Asian women hate Asian men, try to integrate into Western society
  • Asian women underestimate just how much white people look down on Asians (A LOT)
  • Son looks more or less Asian, either looking Asian when young, or getting more Asian looking with age; both are high risk, since society hates Asians and 60% of Asian women marry out
  • Dad is 9/10 times anti-social, autistic loser who can only get Asian women
  • Dad is 9/10 times extremely racist, even against Asian men
  • Mother is severely self hating, manic depressive, or mentally ill, status climbing, violent, loveless, and manipulative
  • Parents have loveless relationship due to Asian women marrying largely for status
  • Childhood abuse, whether from racist father or from mother, Tiger Mothering
  • Inheriting father’s white paranoia, entitlement, versus not getting it because of low self esteem due to being Asian
  • Parents not preparing child for bullying / racism against Asians
  • Low-effort / low-status nature of parents (loser dad / loser mom)
  • Deep self loathing in Eurasian male
  • Isolation from society
  • The fact that 95% of women don’t want to marry Asian males or Eurasian males, especially us from the older generation


2 thoughts on “Rurik Jutting, banker / murderer, is part Chinese through his mother (who is a WMAF Hapa)

  1. This story is absolutely insane and disturbing. I’m still not sure about his mother being full asian as it only states she was born in Hong Kong which could mean a lot of things. What it clearly does show is the demented fcked up world of white men and asian women.


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