Hanna (PoisonIvyLul), the psychopath who is manipulating men into suicide and abuse, is WMAF Hapa


Explaining the behavior of Eurasians – which seem to be increasingly present in global news stories, with 100% allocation to the children of White men and Asian women – is very difficult to properly verbalize unless you lived it. The common theme seems to be rage, power, sex, racism, and a need to control. 

I think it’s also important to note that none of this applies to the children of Asian men and white women – who though far from perfect – have almost never produced anything so bad as the people we see nowadays. I don’t think they’ve produced anything bad at all. They’ve produced good things, normal things, while people like me and Hanna are running around like maniacs self destructing. Why?

Asian man + White woman = normal, equal couple, and probably better than normal due to the atypical masculinity found in Asian male culture. Unbeknownst to me when I started blogging – I wasn’t even aware until this year that women were actually attracted to Asian men.

White man + Asian woman = so many different elements at work.

The best way that I can explain what Hanna is and was doing is to surmise that she is the daughter of a beta, racist white guy – the kind that goes specifically for Asian women out of his entitlement, and need to control, and an Asian woman who marries specifically white for the intent of having white babies*, and to raise her status within society; of course, this isn’t merely as simple as that, and the psychosexual nature of these relationships must be considered, where the Asian woman subjects herself to the worst kinds of white men imaginable, and even encourages her daughter to also marry white – because by and large, many Asian women are truly anti-feminist, and even anti-women, with their main goal by and large to integrate and to obtain power. As I said, Asian women feel begrudged that formerly being high status in Asian society, wish to be high status in Western society – and so will do anything to obtain it, including encouraging their own daughters to submit to an insanely racist society.

In my case, my father was an incredibly dysfunctional white man, and my mother tolerated it for the purpose, by and large, of having non-Asian children; the stipulation for my entire life was that I survive merely by being white, and she failed to consider the role that having a loser father would instill in my brain. I.e., I was never prepared to deal with the real world and raised to rely solely on my “whitened” looks (which thank God, helped me survive my first eighteen years with good socialization).

But society is still racist – and Hanna still felt that. Look at how many people on her Twitter were calling her “chink” and “go back to China.” She’s half-Asian, but still viewed as 100% Asian, like many of us are. And as beautiful and as kind as we are, we still deal with such horrible people as parents. So what better way to fight back than to control.

Asian women want control when they marry white men, and white men want control when they marry Asian women. So naturally, the children inherit this. I certainly did when I tried to figure out who and why I was and singlehandedly changed the landscape of identity politics in two years. 

So anyways, Hanna decided to take control – to fight back against both racism, which her mother encouraged by being a geisha slave to white supremacy and white men – and to take back her own autonomy, by controlling the lives of men.

Beta men like her father, the kind who feel entitled to Asian women and feel that despite being such monumental losers, Asian women are still willing to submit to them.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that half Asians oftentimes feel extreme resentment against the roles that we are expected to play, oftentimes encouraged by our parents; i.e., if the father sees Asian women as being traditional, submissive geishas, the daughters will rebel – especially when the mothers encourage the daughters to continue this role of submission to white men. ‘Tis complicated.

Something important to note: the most famous figure in some fetish called “financial domination”  was Eurasian.

Reddit comments:

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* I say “white babies” because I am not sure if Asian women really want white babies, or Eurasian babies. Asian women feel less pretty than white women, for sure. This is acknowledged. They feel inferior to white people. However, they also seem to react negatively to Asian looking Hapas as well. They don’t seem to acknowledge that Asian people can be very beautiful as well, even more so than white people. Hanna was very pretty as well as looking totally Asian. Her self esteem must have been afronted by her mother – who insisted that she submit to whiteness, something that Hanna probably didn’t want. This was my case, too. I always felt more beautiful than whites, hence my incredible anger at being encouraged to submit to them – by Asian women. Regardless, there is also the issue of Eurasian children oftentimes being far more beautiful than the mother – but also resembling full Asians, so the resentment can be both compounded as well as confused.

3 thoughts on “Hanna (PoisonIvyLul), the psychopath who is manipulating men into suicide and abuse, is WMAF Hapa

  1. Poison Ivy seems like a weird chick. Not sure what her game is –online dominatrix humiliation wouldn’t be my idea of fun. Some people are just born mean. They don’t have an empathy gene…not sure this is a Hapa dysfunction or just a sorry bitch.


  2. I started to dig into this story because I find it very hard to believe a 17 yr old girl roughly around 6-7/10 are able to do all that the news was claiming. I take all media as a grain of salt and i have yet to find any hard evidence on her directly telling anyone to commit suicide for her. I will just state what i found that are fact, opinions and my opinion on what is most likely happening.
    Fact: Hanna posted video of her boyfriend (trance) doing humiliating things and later there was a video of him saying he was being a troll and the thing was planned out.
    People’s opinion: trance was manipulated to say it was all a hoax
    Most Likely: Hanna was getting a lot of hate from many people which will really impact rest of her life like getting a job so her boyfriend need to clear this up because the mass will not listen to hanna if she makes a statement.
    Fact: She posted all those DM pics of people writing hanna on themselves
    Opinion: these people are bending to hanna’s will
    Most likely: I wasnt sure the exact time these pics were sent/posted. If it was after the story got big, then most likely more people will purposely trolling her and she is just playing along with it. Also, as the story gets more famous the possibility of getting actual cucks to degrade themselves will increase so some of these pic might actually be real crazy ppl thanks to the media spreading the story.

    In this video i found it was someone else who suggested the whole name writing thing. Also shows more evidence of trolling from bunch of people who chat often with each other. Based on the interaction between the people i just dont see a lot of manipulating by hanna. As a gamer i do know females gets a lot of attention especially in games where majority are males. The following interaction is actually very common among gamers where there is a female involved in chat (yes i watch all of it including what was posted on chat). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz9brFfCZhM
    Fact: hanna posted all a few statements about dominating men and thought about couples should commit suicide
    Opinion: critics says she is suggesting young men to commit suicide
    Most likely: Her expression of what love is. (This might have some influence with the her being a Hapa, but i dont think it is eliot roger’s level crazy) If she is sincere about this then it is still a 17yr old’s view of love and might be fucked up but i dont think it will cause such a mass influence. If i google suicide i can find may more fucked up shit out there. Again it is about behavior over time, i have yet to see any posts out there about her directly telling someone to suicide. You would think there are some in the past if she is actually targeting people. Even private messages can be traced with today’s technology.

    All in all i think this situation is more likely to be a story that got way too much media spin. Because of the unique nature more people find it interesting so it got famous and media got the ratings. A lot of this story is based on people’s opinion and cut/pasted pictures and segments of conversations. Based on facts, I only see a very week connection between this story and your hapa struggle narrative. If this story is proven a hoax then your credibility will take a dive among the people who are not aware of this issue. Keep doing the good work as a full asian male, I wasnt aware of the struggles hapas have, i always thought they had no problem integrating to american society. I have many hapa friends who are products of wmaf all them ended up marring other hapas or asians. Thanks for making me aware, ill tell my friends to be more inclusive so at least yall have a home with the asians.


  3. She’s likely just insane and these men can’t fathom that these types of people exist because they are inexperienced/not pieces of trash. I’ve had the displeasure of being lured by a white woman who does this in the real world. A lot of women get off on destroying minds and it’s hardly limited to asain and white relationships. There’s nothing heroic about it, as if she’s fighting racism and the evil beta whites that want asian girlfriends. It’s pathetic and evil and it’s amazing there are no consequences for these people.

    This is just my speculation.


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