Senator Mark Kirk Mocks WMAF Half Asian Tammy Duckworth’s Mixed-Race Background During Debate; meanwhile an AMWF Eurasian bangs Mariah Carey


I’ve been mocked form my heritage before. So was she. This week.

My mother never married for feminism. She married because white men were more physically appealing. Because white power was appealing. Because an American lifestyle was more appealing than living in Asia.

Behind closed doors 99% of White male / Asian woman couples will admit that they are together because Asian women are attracted to the white privilege that white men have.

Where is Tammy Duckworth’s white privilege?

What happens when Asian women who see Asian men as inferior have children who look 100% Asian like Tammy does? What happens when they don’t even make it to that level of success because they get cut down – mostly for boys – early on for looking exactly like the type of men that Asian women hate?

A good comment from Reddit:

This is a reminder that its not just about positive vs negative Hapa stories. Tammy Duckworth is as positive a Hapa story you can get. She overcame her war injuries to become a Congresswoman and will likely be a Senator. Yet this prominent, inspirational, successful Hapa has brought a great deal of attention to the main thing we talk about on r/Hapas. Yes we are equally, both white and Asian. But the world sees us as Asian and denies us our white side, and society and even WMAF parents themselves are not prepared to deal with this. This story has brought out in the most powerful, public way that yes this is a real concern. This Republican Senator represents the thinking of a great many white Americans.

Also if we ever get one of those conservative white dads telling us to take pride in our white sides, we can remind them that this is how conservative white men react when you do so.

Meanwhile in other news, Mariah Carey just cheated on her billionaire boyfriend with this guy. A hapa with an Asian dad.


WMAF is just so full of fail.

6 thoughts on “Senator Mark Kirk Mocks WMAF Half Asian Tammy Duckworth’s Mixed-Race Background During Debate; meanwhile an AMWF Eurasian bangs Mariah Carey

  1. This is also a message to those white guys posting on Amren et similar: no, your hapa kids won’t carry your glorious white American Scot-Irish legacy to the more coherent standard white supremacists’eyes. You would guess that, them being racially aware and all, they would try and fetch a white woman regardless, even if fat and loud. How can they cry so many words on the death of the west and then contribute to it themselves? Lol. I wonder how they justify it to themselves. I sure wouldn’t wish to be one of their children for sure.


  2. When a white guy visits Thailand, he can buy any woman from her family to service his needs. If she serves him well, he could bring her back to the USA. Tammy’s mom was a good purchase.


    • Any woman? I would like to see him buy one of those gorgeous girls in Bangkok who come from a wealthy family, who is also well educated. Doesn’t happen.


  3. Where is this even coming from? My dad has German blood. Was an engineer. And definitely not racist. My mom is south korean born and raised. She’s not racist, but she’s moreso than my father. I never caught sit for my race. I look exactly half n half. I haven’t witnessed anyone who has gone through this. So, I’m confused where this even comes from.


    • Andy, I can understand your confusion. I originally posted comments on this blog as a goof, though I really do enjoy breeding Asian women. But that’s another subject. While thelse posts read as rants, I think there is some validity here. I’ve become more aware and have actually seen articles and heard radio reports that do support this blogs assertions. It might not 100% proof, but it’s enough for me to see some truth.


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