Hapa weighs in on white losers + Asian girls

I came across this post somewhere from a Hapa who explained why Hapas are so crazy.

Two things.

I have almost next to no interest in Asian women. Like, zero, I find most of their behavior repugnant, I think the way they throw themselves at white men is extremely distressing. I know it’s not love, and I figure that the ones that are capable of love probably aren’t as racist. My parents didn’t love each other at all.

I have dated a number of girls, all of whom I liked, but inevitably I came across the “I don’t like Asian guys,” which sent me over the edge. I would have been perfectly fine being rejected by White women, but to be lied to that I was superior because I was half Asian, when in fact society just sees me as Asian, is enough to make anyone crazy. Frankly, my loser father should just not have had kids, rather than force that insane relationship based on miscommunication and status onto me.

That being said, my brother has been considered a threat against others. My mother was an extreme, self hating person, like a true blue self-hating white supremacist, and my father is an open white supremacist. It doesn’t make sense, but it does. With that in mind please keep an eye on Eurasian kids.

I agree with the guy. I do feel sorry for the guys who marry Asian women like this, but I feel much, much worse for the kids who have to go through what I went through.

Real answer coming through from a hapa guy.

Asian women are raised in conservative cultures, a poster above already got that right, what he neglected to mention is that the concept of “marrying up” is extremely strong. Marrying an Asian man is a lateral move, marrying a white man is a move up, marrying a black or latino man is step down.

Parents treat all of these accordingly. It isn’t rebellion, its an attempt to gain status within her community. And so the white loser she marries will get her pregnant, she’ll have the baby, and her sons will become Elliot and her daughters will become Mayli. That’s how it goes.

Becoming a single doctor or lawyer is actually worse than becoming a housewife to a white man to them. The dumb ones can pursue marriage to fulfill the standards. It isn’t hard for them to find mates, Asian women are the most fetishized group of people on the planet, especially among weeaboos and fat older white men looking for a trophy wife. And that’s what they want to be, a trophy wife.

Most second or third generation Asian men I know aren’t even remotely interested in all the bullshit that comes along with dating or marrying one of those bitchy tiger traditionalists, and I almost feel bad for the white losers that go in expecting a subservient waifu.

I wish non-Asian people could understand the shit we go through; and other brutal truth about being half Asian

Most people do not like WMAF. The history of it is repulsive, and the imbalance of it, is telling. I don’t care that Asian women want to rebel against their strict parents, or whatever. If 50-60% of Asian women are perfectly fine with Asian guys – that means that not all Asian males are bad. 

When my wife and I first started dating, I did consider myself Chinese, but I was deranged, so I was obsessed with Naziism and trying to look as white as possible. I wore Ralph Lauren, had a Nazi youth cut. After all – all the white men the women in my family had married were ultra conservative, ranging from Giuliani-ists, to Pat Buchnanists, to Hitler-ists (my dad). And when out with her, I would get nasty stares – not from Asian men (which happened once and made me feel like shit because I’m half Asian and have been told that I was less because of it), but from Asian women themselves.

A Chinese woman who was around my age literally gave me a death stare while out with my wife. Then, a while later, a “normal” white waiter, a young man, at a TGIF or Red Robin or some steakhouse grilled me REALLY hard for being with an Asian woman.

Most “normal” men don’t date Asian women because the history of it looks really bad, it is incredibly unbalanced, and it just looks…. really bad. I mean really bad. I’m half Asian and  after these experiences, I went to lengths to disguise my white heritage, while out with my wife, because of the looks that I got from… you guessed it, other Asian women. Even other normal white men grill me HARD when I’m out with her, because it looks bad. So I started wearing my hair back, dressing like a Kpop star (yankees cap, white sneakers) and now people think I’m Korean, and the problems went away over night.

Also in solving these problems, I realized that being Asian was okay; ironically by embracing my Asianness, I probably avoided an Elliot Rodger episode where I would have spent the rest of my life trying to be white, like most half Asians.

This doesn’t however prevent other white-worshipping Asian women from either looking at me with disgust (half the time), and the other time, looking at me like I’m some kind of prize for their white worship. It’s all very confusing and I can imagine how hard this is on many half Asians. The whole thing is insane.

AMWF kids don’t have these problems. From what I understand, most “normal” white men probably accept AMWF and like to see Asian men do well. WMAF is largely about autistic, problematic white men with fucked up notions about Asians in general, and Asian women who want status. It’s literally worst of both worlds.

So I hope non-Asians can at least give us some leniency, if at least let half Asians know that they’re okay.


🔥This guy is half Asian with an Asian mom and White dad

I don’t even look that Asian, and I still had immense trouble with self esteem knowing that my own mother had married a white loser with no job, a racist white man – simply because he had blue eyes. I had immense problems never seeing Asian males on TV, and knowing that 90% of the Asian women I knew were with white men.
So this is all in my head? Literally hearing “I only date white guys” and “I don’t really like Asian guys” despite having a white father – that’s supposed to convince me that everything is egalitarian in this world?
Hapa guys are legitimately miracle workers for not being more angry.

Article and comments on “Why Western Women won’t Date Chinese Men” proves how insanely racist Asian women are – and how dysfunctional, violent and soulless WMAF couples are

Archive here.

A thread discussing this on /r/hapas was called: “What Chinese-American women think of the male features they give their Half Asian sons. No wonder Xiuxue gave her infant blue contacts, and Elliot Rodger dyed his hair blond at age 7

This is the real deal too, because I lived it.

In my mind being Asian was fundamentally worthless, because my mom and dad were proof of that, so I would freak out over my hair texture. You know how when your hair gets longer, and your sideburns don’t attach to the side of your head like a white person, just get really long, stringy black sideburns? That was such a source of pain for me that I almost imploded and I dropped out of school and all sorts of things.

If these are the people raising half Asian kids I feel more sorry for them than their kids because ultimately they’re going to eat at the same table they’ve been shitting on their whole life.

What’s the point of having kids – if you are really a eugenicist, and truly believe that White male genes are the bee’s knees? What kind of life is it to live ones life with the knowledge that his entire self worth is his father’s genes? What kind of Nazi experiment is this?

At this point I will just use Reddit comments from other mixed race half-Asians to describe exactly how depraved these women are – and why they are unfit in raising half Asian children – many of whom look very Asian, like myself, and long had to deal with perpetual low self esteem and self harm coming from a hateful Asian woman and a white man who tolerated her because she was his last choice.

Even worse is that several of the commenters explain how dysfunctional their relationships with Chinese women are: proving that the worst Chinese women are the ones who chase white men just for status, and everything else, from the violence, abuse, child kidnapping, are all part of her plan to use the man for her master plan of… whatever. Proving half Asian children are high risk.

And yet these idiots can’t seem to realize that when you interracially date, there are often ulterior motives, then they’re stuck with a couple of miserable kids whose mother was a sociopathic violent psycho like my mom, and these loser white guys couldn’t stack up as a real father the minute they decided to go Asian, anyways.

Kate is full of crap. I’ve had 2 long term Chinese female partners, both of whom were I was seriously involved with and had kids. I was/am absolutely considerate; when I tried to get them their favourite juice or snack, suddenly it was inadequate or their taste had changed, they would constantly nag, belittle and even argue rampantly in public no matter how much I would try to ignore them or voice my concerns about it. They’d even argue with me about buying them the wrong kind of juice etc. I’d spend and do spend a fortune on them for birthdays (nothing less than jewellery) yet often get nothing in return, not even a card, same when I would buy them gifts on behalf of my children for them on mothers day, not even a card from them on fathers day. My first partner kidnapped my oldest child and took him overseas without my knowledge or consent, he was 2 weeks short of turning one and I never saw him until after his second birthday. My second partner is so reliant on her mother and insists her idiotic mater stays with us allowing her to interfere with the raising of our sons detrimentally under the ruse of being here to help baby sit. Babysit? I come home to find my 2yr old son running around with kitchen knives and scissors under her supervision while she shakes my infant son violently to sleep. It must be normal to shake babies to sleep in China. Neither my ex nor my current partner would stand up to their parents in the cause of reason. I’ve been told by both my ex and current Chinese partner that love is silly and has no place in a relationship, that love is a luxury and intimacy is scarce. Unless you are willing to completely submit, and kowtow to a Chinese woman you will always be at odds and it is likely the relationship won’t last. They are a completely different culture to the west with different values which are their way, often completely opposed to western values. When they have money, they will laud it over you, and if you are honest with them, they won’t respect it and expect you to give them nearly all you have. The first time I was in China with my current partner she got annoyed over something trivial, very annoyed; I was annoyed it was so trivial and couldn’t wait until we got home in private. She completely abandoned me in a totally alien place with no knowledge of Mandarin or any money and didn’t even apologise even until now over 2 years later. She’s done it more than once. Both my ex and current partner are/were violent and would attack with scissors or hit me with stools, and I’m the bastard if I disarm them and they fall over as a result. Both of them have deliberately drawn blood on me, I never did on them. Be warned, beauty is skin deep, madness cuts to the bone. Chinese women come from a different culture where human empathy and compassion aren’t always necessarily the driving purpose of their interest in you.

White Nationalist Richard Spencer and his Asian girlfriends; LOL when people say white guys who like Asian girls aren’t racist

This article was just published today on MotherJones.com. Nearly two years after I started writing this blog.
It’s long, and it’s devoted to Richard Spencer, a white nationalist – and a famous one.
One bit stood out – his love of Asian girls.
Let me put this as bluntly as I can.
I am not jealous. I am in fact turned off by Asian women and their behavior, and have been for most of my life; when I was young I flat out avoided Asian women because I was afraid they would like me only because I was half White. Such was their reputation. I also find their behavior more or less repugnant, how cold and calculating so many of them are. I have had fulfilling relationships with non-Asian women, however I sabotaged almost all of them because of my self hatred and low self esteem… given to me by, you guessed it, women in my own family.
I was also an extreme racist. My father is one of the most predominant, outspoken extreme-right / homophobic men in his state; so far so that we have received death threats. He is not on Richard Spencer’s level but he is notorious enough. And yeah, he was married to a Chinese woman.
I fucking lol @ the girls who date white men thinking that white men aren’t racist. LOL.
If anything the guys that DON’T date Asian women are less racist than the ones who do.
If my dad was actually a man and didn’t believe in Holohoax theories and hollow earth and wasn’t friends with Mel Gibson’s dad, I sincerely believe I’d be a white man right now.
I’d actually might even be half black now, if my dad had actually been less racist, LOL. Or even half Egyptian, or half Mexican. Maybe then I could have had a normal life.
I used to fanatically believe exactly what Richard believed; that race meant something. This was largely out of my insecurity – I couldn’t understand why white girls would turn me down, for example, in favor of black guys, saying “I don’t like Asian guys.” Naturally, all the women in my family were married to White men, so I assumed that being Asian was a death sentence. But I also couldn’t understand why father like my men, who I assumed were good, were being rejected by white women, despite white and and white women having such beautiful features. I assumed at the time they were beautiful, even though I didn’t have them. Then at around 26 I realized that my dad was a huge, and I mean HUGE, antisocial racist outlier.
Either way, I became a huge racist, I lost all my friends – you know the rest. All because I’m half Asian, I apparently look Asian enough to garner discrimination, my father was a racist loser, and my mother a white worshipper.
Asian women like white men because they are an alternative to being Asian. They want to fit in. They want status. They somehow just hate being Asian so much that being white is their only outlet. The problem here is that the men they attract – well, there are a certain group of men who know that Asian women worship whiteness, and value them for worshipping whiteness. So in a way, extremely racist white men tend to love Asian women, and vice versa.
It’s funny because Asian girls want to marry white men to “rebel,” but white men tend to like Asian women because white women are too rebellious. Either way, just look at how the kids have turned out, and that’s all you really have to know.
Asian women seem to have forgotten that their children are still Asian men, in the eyes of society.