Article and comments on “Why Western Women won’t Date Chinese Men” proves how insanely racist Asian women are – and how dysfunctional, violent and soulless WMAF couples are

Archive here.

A thread discussing this on /r/hapas was called: “What Chinese-American women think of the male features they give their Half Asian sons. No wonder Xiuxue gave her infant blue contacts, and Elliot Rodger dyed his hair blond at age 7

This is the real deal too, because I lived it.

In my mind being Asian was fundamentally worthless, because my mom and dad were proof of that, so I would freak out over my hair texture. You know how when your hair gets longer, and your sideburns don’t attach to the side of your head like a white person, just get really long, stringy black sideburns? That was such a source of pain for me that I almost imploded and I dropped out of school and all sorts of things.

If these are the people raising half Asian kids I feel more sorry for them than their kids because ultimately they’re going to eat at the same table they’ve been shitting on their whole life.

What’s the point of having kids – if you are really a eugenicist, and truly believe that White male genes are the bee’s knees? What kind of life is it to live ones life with the knowledge that his entire self worth is his father’s genes? What kind of Nazi experiment is this?

At this point I will just use Reddit comments from other mixed race half-Asians to describe exactly how depraved these women are – and why they are unfit in raising half Asian children – many of whom look very Asian, like myself, and long had to deal with perpetual low self esteem and self harm coming from a hateful Asian woman and a white man who tolerated her because she was his last choice.

Even worse is that several of the commenters explain how dysfunctional their relationships with Chinese women are: proving that the worst Chinese women are the ones who chase white men just for status, and everything else, from the violence, abuse, child kidnapping, are all part of her plan to use the man for her master plan of… whatever. Proving half Asian children are high risk.

And yet these idiots can’t seem to realize that when you interracially date, there are often ulterior motives, then they’re stuck with a couple of miserable kids whose mother was a sociopathic violent psycho like my mom, and these loser white guys couldn’t stack up as a real father the minute they decided to go Asian, anyways.

Kate is full of crap. I’ve had 2 long term Chinese female partners, both of whom were I was seriously involved with and had kids. I was/am absolutely considerate; when I tried to get them their favourite juice or snack, suddenly it was inadequate or their taste had changed, they would constantly nag, belittle and even argue rampantly in public no matter how much I would try to ignore them or voice my concerns about it. They’d even argue with me about buying them the wrong kind of juice etc. I’d spend and do spend a fortune on them for birthdays (nothing less than jewellery) yet often get nothing in return, not even a card, same when I would buy them gifts on behalf of my children for them on mothers day, not even a card from them on fathers day. My first partner kidnapped my oldest child and took him overseas without my knowledge or consent, he was 2 weeks short of turning one and I never saw him until after his second birthday. My second partner is so reliant on her mother and insists her idiotic mater stays with us allowing her to interfere with the raising of our sons detrimentally under the ruse of being here to help baby sit. Babysit? I come home to find my 2yr old son running around with kitchen knives and scissors under her supervision while she shakes my infant son violently to sleep. It must be normal to shake babies to sleep in China. Neither my ex nor my current partner would stand up to their parents in the cause of reason. I’ve been told by both my ex and current Chinese partner that love is silly and has no place in a relationship, that love is a luxury and intimacy is scarce. Unless you are willing to completely submit, and kowtow to a Chinese woman you will always be at odds and it is likely the relationship won’t last. They are a completely different culture to the west with different values which are their way, often completely opposed to western values. When they have money, they will laud it over you, and if you are honest with them, they won’t respect it and expect you to give them nearly all you have. The first time I was in China with my current partner she got annoyed over something trivial, very annoyed; I was annoyed it was so trivial and couldn’t wait until we got home in private. She completely abandoned me in a totally alien place with no knowledge of Mandarin or any money and didn’t even apologise even until now over 2 years later. She’s done it more than once. Both my ex and current partner are/were violent and would attack with scissors or hit me with stools, and I’m the bastard if I disarm them and they fall over as a result. Both of them have deliberately drawn blood on me, I never did on them. Be warned, beauty is skin deep, madness cuts to the bone. Chinese women come from a different culture where human empathy and compassion aren’t always necessarily the driving purpose of their interest in you.

21 thoughts on “Article and comments on “Why Western Women won’t Date Chinese Men” proves how insanely racist Asian women are – and how dysfunctional, violent and soulless WMAF couples are

  1. Just last week my Asian play toy asked me to breed her with my superior Caucasian seed. She didn’t want her Asian husband to be the father. She spent 3 days in my room where I breed her like bull breeds the herd. Hopefully she’ll enjoy a second child with my DNA. Oh Asian hubby has no say.


    • You’re nothing but a troll who lives in his mother’s basement trolling the internet and playing video games all day long. Go get a life and a job. Also, go get your tubes tied, society doesn’t need your white trash genetic garbage.


      • Anony – You just jealous because I have the DNA that you could never have. My European genetic material is high demand by the Asian persuasion. So take you vile attempt at bullying and shaming me and crawl back under the rock from which you came.


  2. What a stupid ask question; is like asking why this question have been asked like nine thousand times. Around 40% of Half Asian tend to look Caucasian and white especially when they have Asian fathers and white mothers. Eurasian writer is just cherry picking to carry out his agenda. He knows his blogs can’t keep going if he doesn’t keep making bullshit topics, the only problem he sacrifices the entire Eurasian and Asian community for his bullshit believe; something he doesn’t even believe himself but doing it to keep his blog alive. It’s so obvious 99% of his blogs are just garbage nonsense to further his agenda.


    • So you don’t see the irony of Asian fathers and white mothers producing the white passing children that Asian women wish they had?


      • I’ve seen Asian women cross bred by white, Indian and, occasionally, black. The children often don’t look Asian. I hear comments about how beautiful these children are.


  3. November 19, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Since the military strength of the ‘west’ grew, Asians (presumably, here, Chinese and south-east Asians) have been on the defensive. For example, during the Jewish American genocide in Vietnam, Vietnamese girls were used as prostitutes and many had children, fathered by scum from the US who were drafted and not allowed to dodge. You can hardly expect offspring of invaded races and Jew-funded low caliber invaders to make delightful offspring. Why doesn’t anyone mention this? Are you all scared of the Jewish media? Too stupid? What?


    • It’s interesting to see how the types of white men who post here keep proving the author right. Btw, “orientalism” doesn’t need Jews to exist, I wouldn’t be surprised if you dated Asian women for instance.


      • Most “normal” men don’t date Asian women because the history of it looks really bad, it is incredibly unbalanced, and it just looks…. really bad. I mean really bad. I’m half Asian and I went to lengths to disguise my white heritage, while out with my wife, because of the looks that I got from… you guessed it, other Asian women. Even other normal white men grill me HARD when I’m out with her, because it looks bad. So I started wearing my hair back, dressing like a Kpop star (yankees cap, white sneakers) and now people think I’m Korean, and the problems went away over night


      • Jesus, Didie! Are you going to apologize for everything. We WHITE men aren’t here to convince the author is right. We are examples of his BEING RIGHT ABOUT WHITE! Period. Asian woman love white guys. In the case of the Jewish dudes, jewish women are a pain in the ass, they get fat and they cool like shit. Not good. Why can’t a jewish order an Asian bride who will keep his house clean and bed warm. You are such a racist. RACIST Didie.


      • I don’t think you have ever thought about what happens when you come inside an Asian pussy dude, you are literally breeding your very own serial killer. Btw Jewish men would have never reached what they did without those nastyass fat Jewesses 😉 , no wonder male-led Reform judaism is a joke. The female is the heart of the race/culture, so you see, your children will come out of an Asian pussy and be Asian men for all the world cares. Your sons will be the slants you so despise…it would be 100% what you deserve except for the fact you SICKOS are bringing actual innocent children in this mess. It’s only for them that I grieve. You and your waifu can go choke on black cocks (come on admit it, if the white man has to submit asians because muh big white cock then unquestionably the black man’s 20-inches long cock (that’s in the dreams of every white dude apparently) will be reigning supreme over your sweet submissive white butthole as well ^^). Enjoy it!


      • Didie I was kidding before but you really are a racist cunt. You are all that’s wrong with America. You know you’re going to burn in hell


  4. Personally, I don’t date Asian women. They are pushy pains in the ass who think that the world owes for them something for no reason! I only breed them like domestic farm animal is breed.


  5. Just read an article about Japanese dudes having to marry their friends because Japanese women don’t want Them! Almost 25% of Japanese Womens prefer being virgins to having sex with Japanese men. About 50% give in and settle for indigenous Japanese men. The other 25% only give it up to white guys.


  6. Just heard ANOTHER story on the radio about Korean couples only wanting to give birth to girls not boys! As an All American White Guy, there really is something going on here.


      • Didie- why do you have to be such an unshaven, retro-Bush, cunt? I’m sorry if no All American White Guys will take one for the team and nail your flabby ass. Just get over It!


  7. This thread is fornay!!!!!!!!!!! Personally I don’t like Asian pussy. My favorites are Latin/Mediterranean. The best fuck and love I ever had was a REAL Georgia Peach! Pure USDA corn-fed from the south (pink lips and blonde pu55y). Sweetest thing ever. Met her family too. I had to leave and come back to L.A. but she couldn’t. That was the ‘metal heyday’ years. Oh well, now I am in a long term relationship with a beautiful Semite woman, but NOT a jew. Asian women can lick my balls, that’s if I let them. I also knew many Asian guys whom are friends that dated non-Asians, some are happily married with beautiful grown kids, no matter what color of their hairs and eyes, they are just beautiful inside out…unlike the monsters produced by the opposite. So yeah this thread is funny as fk.


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