🔥This guy is half Asian with an Asian mom and White dad

I don’t even look that Asian, and I still had immense trouble with self esteem knowing that my own mother had married a white loser with no job, a racist white man – simply because he had blue eyes. I had immense problems never seeing Asian males on TV, and knowing that 90% of the Asian women I knew were with white men.
So this is all in my head? Literally hearing “I only date white guys” and “I don’t really like Asian guys” despite having a white father – that’s supposed to convince me that everything is egalitarian in this world?
Hapa guys are legitimately miracle workers for not being more angry.

14 thoughts on “🔥This guy is half Asian with an Asian mom and White dad

  1. Is that for real? Most Asian-looking Eurasians are closer to Northern/Central Asian phenotype, but this guy looks more Southern Han than the Chinese themselves… :O


  2. Since the military strength of the ‘west’ grew, Asians (presumably, here, Chinese and south-east Asians) have been on the defensive. For example, during the Jewish American genocide in Vietnam, Vietnamese girls were used as prostitutes and many had children, fathered by scum from the US who were drafted and not allowed to dodge. You can hardly expect offspring of invaded races and Jew-funded low caliber invaders to make delightful offspring. Why doesn’t anyone mention this? Are you all scared of the Jewish media? Too stupid? What?


  3. Thankfully, when I knock an Asian mommasan, her offspring look very European. I have three half slope children an their mothers are so happy


    • White people hate the children of asian mothers with white men because it annoys white people a white man chose an Asian woman over a white woman. White people are desperate for white men to have children with white women. I have feeling white people would ban asian women if they could.


  4. You rag on Asian women for making fun of Asian men, but every time a Hapa has very stereotypical features (small eyes, flat nose, etc.), you make a post where you’re clearly mocking their looks. You clearly still have a lot of issues and still deeply want to look white. I hope you never have children with that nice Chinese lady you met, cause you’re just gonna pass all your issues on to them.


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