24 thoughts on “Neo-Nazi white supremacist Brian Ruhe has a Thai wife

  1. Hey Militantasian, you coming alone, Bruce Lee, or are you bringing a dozen of your little yellow, slope friends? BTW, I’ll be going to town on your ladies because they appreciate what I bring to the table. It isn’t a #5 off the menu. It is long, thick and WHITE, bitch.


  2. Ohhhhh…I’m I supposed to take the bait and come back with some lame insult, sorry, I don’t have to. You’ll never have my genetic advantages. Deal with it


    • If you are o perfect why do you spend time on this site? Busted. You are just trying to bring people down just to feel better about yourself.


    • Yeah, to help yourself 😉 Your life must be really sad. Try harder. I actually love my eyes. And if you think of it, most people are mongrels, inbreeding is extremely unhealthy.


    • Awww…What’s missing in your life that you have to compensate for?

      BTW, I couldn’t care less what “Asian bitches” like. No offence, but they are far below my standards. Plus, I’ve never said that I have stanted eyes.

      Go on, try harder.


  3. Eurasia- go back to inbreeding house and crawl under the little Rock you crawled out from under. I have Asian bitches to attend to


    • “When Mia Song, 31, was a college student in New York, she never thought that she would marry a Chinese.

      “Most of my American-born Chinese (ABC) friends had white boyfriends or girlfriends,” she said. “It seemed that it was just the way it was supposed to work in my friend circles.””


  4. You’ll love this one EW.

    “Song said a major reason she mostly dated white men was that they, compared to the Chinese in the US, enjoyed higher social status and dating or marrying them was deemed as a wise choice.”


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