Hapa weighs in on white losers + Asian girls

I came across this post somewhere from a Hapa who explained why Hapas are so crazy.

Two things.

I have almost next to no interest in Asian women. Like, zero, I find most of their behavior repugnant, I think the way they throw themselves at white men is extremely distressing. I know it’s not love, and I figure that the ones that are capable of love probably aren’t as racist. My parents didn’t love each other at all.

I have dated a number of girls, all of whom I liked, but inevitably I came across the “I don’t like Asian guys,” which sent me over the edge. I would have been perfectly fine being rejected by White women, but to be lied to that I was superior because I was half Asian, when in fact society just sees me as Asian, is enough to make anyone crazy. Frankly, my loser father should just not have had kids, rather than force that insane relationship based on miscommunication and status onto me.

That being said, my brother has been considered a threat against others. My mother was an extreme, self hating person, like a true blue self-hating white supremacist, and my father is an open white supremacist. It doesn’t make sense, but it does. With that in mind please keep an eye on Eurasian kids.

I agree with the guy. I do feel sorry for the guys who marry Asian women like this, but I feel much, much worse for the kids who have to go through what I went through.

Real answer coming through from a hapa guy.

Asian women are raised in conservative cultures, a poster above already got that right, what he neglected to mention is that the concept of “marrying up” is extremely strong. Marrying an Asian man is a lateral move, marrying a white man is a move up, marrying a black or latino man is step down.

Parents treat all of these accordingly. It isn’t rebellion, its an attempt to gain status within her community. And so the white loser she marries will get her pregnant, she’ll have the baby, and her sons will become Elliot and her daughters will become Mayli. That’s how it goes.

Becoming a single doctor or lawyer is actually worse than becoming a housewife to a white man to them. The dumb ones can pursue marriage to fulfill the standards. It isn’t hard for them to find mates, Asian women are the most fetishized group of people on the planet, especially among weeaboos and fat older white men looking for a trophy wife. And that’s what they want to be, a trophy wife.

Most second or third generation Asian men I know aren’t even remotely interested in all the bullshit that comes along with dating or marrying one of those bitchy tiger traditionalists, and I almost feel bad for the white losers that go in expecting a subservient waifu.

28 thoughts on “Hapa weighs in on white losers + Asian girls

  1. This is spot on. That’s why we whites inflict great humiliation on Asian women, on top of the airtight pre-nuptials. The bitches have to earn their status


  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha….-takes deep breath- Hahahahahaha…karma really does exist doesn’t it? Donald Trump will inflict great humiliation on White Men as they are now the laughing stock of the world as well as considered a domestic terror threat within their own country. Domestic terrorists and Donald Trump really do represent you, the All American White Guy, really well don’t they? Well done. Your status is reduced to a clown and mass murderers/shooters/terrorists so if that’s the status you’re shooting for, well…You know what they say right? Shit covered in gold is still shit? Shall I also mention the hordes of white men that go to Asia for sex and take advantage of the fact that the women there think you are the perfect gentlemen/rich because you are White but in reality you just couldn’t cut it in your home country because -all the Asian guys were beating you guys in jobs that require skill and intellect-? Your status is very, very, very, very…very low and worthless really, even in Asia, so…I guess you can try to sell your shit to worms? Bitches gotta earn their status and you’re a worm, so it’s right up your alley. Eurasian Writer is better than you in every way. He hasn’t stooped to your level or taken your bait even though you’ve been baiting him to.

    Eurasian Writer, -[b]Asian female here[/b]-, been reading your posts. I applaud you and I support what you’re doing. I’m on your side and I’m sorry for the pain and damage you’ve gone through thanks to Asian women that are white-washed and think White Men are the best. Those women disgust me. Marrying a guy just because he’s white and having so much self-hatred for themselves. None of the women in my family are like that thankfully. They love themselves and they love their Asian men like any normal, healthy relationship. I honestly didn’t know this kind of thing existed because I don’t live in America but the more I read about it, the more it disgusts me. I didn’t know it was so bad but I can already start to see the consequences in my country. A Chinese girl with a White step-father was killed by the guy. Thanks to you, I can see how truly vile and disgusting people like All American White Guy is. Thank you for exposing people like him because I had no idea they existed. Keep up the good work and spread the truth. I repeat, you have my support. If you can, I think it’s a good idea to translate all of All White American Guy’s comments in Chinese and send it out to the community as China seems to be the next target for “freedom and democracy” but we all know that means subjugate and conquer and join us or die. Since they can’t do it by land anymore, they’re trying to do it through the economy.


    • @kungfuranda – hey there. Thanks for the love. I speak truth to hateful xenophobic rants. If it’s ping pong, I defer to China. If it’s about a dude’s ding Dong, you are genitally shamed


      • Sorry what? I dont understand gold covered shit talk. I can kindly direct you to the information centre so you can find your fellow gold covered shits and spew verbal diarrhea in a vicinity that is better suited for your racism which involves spewing hateful rants against Asian men, Eurasian Writer, Asian women that have as much self-hatred and racism as you and racist stereotypes involving your closeted homosexuality and secret love of Asian guys and your self-esteem and coping with your new status as a gold-covered shit, clown, mass shooter, murderer, potential rapist and pedophile (i.e the White Guys found guilty of raping underage girls in Thailand) and racist. As well as Donald Trump. Do you have any other queries Mr Gold-Covered Shi…oh sorry, Daniel Markel?


      • Haha – I can’t let you just call kung-fu kungfuranda all those vile things. You can write your manifesto and sound irrational. It won’t change a thing. Asian bitches love white guys and have no need for scrawny, needle Dicks like you.


      • Ah deflecting and derailing when caught with your racism. And twisting my words to make in an attempt to maintain or establish a moral high ground with fake patetnalism. Dishonest aren’t you? Can’t face up to the truth can you, racist White Guy? Typical All White American Racist Guy Tactic. Yeah I know Asian women hate scrawny white guys. Like you. I kmow Eurasian Writer’s blog is rational and I know he can write it all he wants. It exposes Asian women to losers like you and your extreme retardation and latent homosexuality. Win win situation don’t you think Dylan Roof? So please, keep on going. You’re doing me a good favour here. You’re making me appreciate Asian guys better so well done. Does your simple mind comprehend that the more racism you spew, the more valid Eurasian Writer’s points become? Because seriously, I have no idea, beyond with the goal of disrupting, derailing and polluting the comment section with racism, are you hoping that the Asian females will see you for what you truly are? A hateful, xenophobic racist? And possibly gay too right?

        Tell me btw, are you gay? Is that why you have such a massive interest in dicks? Do you want to share your secrets with the class? I like how you think that I’m an Asian guy (I’m flattered really) just because I called you out on your racism and I’m not joining you in that racism. Did I come too close to the truth? Is that why you can’t even address anything I wrote and you have to try to reframe my words so that you can feel better about yourself and feel like you “won”? Pathetic and delusional. Can’t talk to me like a man huh? That’s ok. Adulthood isn’t for everyone. Ane I’m sorry. I know you were aiming for a psychological attack by demasculating Asian men and going for unfounded, racist attack based on sex but well, you are one useless racist garbage. I now get to see you in full glory.

        I must ask you again, why are you telling me things I already know, Mr Gold-Covered Shit? I know you’re a closet homosexual, racist, xenophobic, potential rapist/serial killer, pedophile, etc. I forgot to mention having sex with animals. Tell me, as a representative of the White Guy Race, why do you guys like having sex with animals so much? I saw news of a All White American Guy fucking a crocodile. Was that you? Don’t you know that’s disgusting and you could contract deadly diseases and produce some fucked up shit? The poor animals don’t deserve it or your hell offspring.

        So…are you going to babble gold-covered shit, Orange Apricot Hellbeast? I guess so since you don’t have the brains or courage to engage with me without resorting to racism and dishonest, sneaky tactics. You know there’s a blog that outlines all your bullshitting tactics White Guys use when they know they’re full of shit right? You know, the ones that you’re using right now? And you display them all perfectly, w/o fail. One more thing….don’t try to be so clever ok? I am an Asian female and believe me, I have no need for useless, scrawny, needle dicked White Guys like you. Virile, non-STD riddled Asian Guy dicks I have use for. I mean, at least they aren’t filled with STD like yoursand all shrivelled up and shit. I guess since you’re so infatuated with Asian dicks you would know right? Looking for a replacement for your useless, shrivelled, STD riddled white dick from jacking off to your inflatable sex doll? So well done on figuring that out. Do you want a cookie? Or maybe a baby pacifier? That seems more your style. But seriously, Are You Gay? Is that why you have such fascination with dicks? Did you visit Asia and ask to see dicks and get rejected, All White American Gay Guy? No wonder you’re so hateful and angry. Am I talking to a 16 year old boy who has repressed homosexuality issues? I also like how you suddenly flipped the script and tried to turn the tables by making yourself look better by using my words against me. So let’s review. Stripped down, you’re a racist, hateful, spineless, dishonest and very angry person with insecurity issues. And possibly retarded. I’m still not ruling that out because yes, you are a Racist troll but come on, you used that dick tactic twice in a row. Twice. Can’t you be more creative than that or are you drowning in dicks in your room? Is that why you can’t come up with anything else? Too preoccupied with sucking your own dick? Disgusting. Yep, you’re definitely high status alright. You know I’ve got a gay friend I could hook you up with. Just send me a message. Ok?


      • Nice manifesto. So let’s review…me-white who nails Asian woman. You- Angry Asian.

        Short, sweet, true


      • I like how you use self-denial and delusions to make yourself feel better. I’m sorry but no amount of self-denial and gas-lighting from you can help you with your self-esteem, insecurity issues here. Btw, do you know how to spell? Or use the English language properly? Do you know you said you nailed “Asian woman”? So in other words, you nailed one imaginary Asian woman. I’m sorry but inflatable sex dolls don’t count or imaginary girlfriends or your shrivelled up white potato dick that looks like a worm. Did your imaginary girlfriend tell you that your white dick looks like the insides of a potato when its all crushed into powder? Because she told me :). I don’t want to be genetically inferior so I’ll pass.

        Btw, you were saying stuff about needle dicks right? Click on the link below. I gotta say, for someone so big, you would’ve thought you would’ve packed a bigger package. I can’t even see it. It’s that tiny. Also, what was it you said about White Guys kicking a$$ on my personal blog post? Because all I see is a dead All American White Guy being dragged through the streets or was that part of your kicking a$$ plan?


        Let’s review one more time since you seem to be talking about something else.

        You-All American Racist, Gay, Angry, Insecure White Guy that is drowning in Asian dicks. Why aren’t you happy here? It’s what you always wanted. Dicks.

        Me-Laughing In Your Face.

        In all honesty, you’re doing me a really good favour here. I’m not American so I wasn’t even aware of how racist White American guys were towards Asian guys/Asians in general, until I read Eurasian Writer’s blog. You’re so racist you can’t even put aside your ego to really understand the issues that Eurasian Writer is trying to speak about or you do understand on some level but you think that you’re more important than the hapa kids who suffer because of racist white males like you. Such a disgusting attitude. Selfishness knows no bounds with you huh? All you’re worried about is your image. Here’s a newsflash for you. Donald Trump has shattered it all. He brought the racists out of the woodwork and now the world can see your types for what you guys really are. Yet you still pretend like you have some kind of moral high ground. Keep on talking. Keep on helping Eurasian Writer out. You’re doing a really great job so far.


      • Ohhh… the needle dick comment from a loser white man. Gee, we waited this long for one? What’s the matter? Dreams of big black dick got you? You got to put down someone else? Here is your little dick lol:

        Yeah every bitch out there is looking for a huge cock. If that’s the case, why the fuck would they want a loser white asshole like you with tiny pink white dick?


      • You’re such an ignorant monkey, I hate telling you run back into the forest, you greasy, slanty-eyed, needle dick slope.


      • Hahahahahahaha….ha….omg I can’t even see them. Jesus…I knew they were small but I didn’t think they were that small…


      • You sound exactly like the piece of shit American soldiers that were abusing a drunk Korean woman in a youtube video about her teeth. Guess we have a new profile for White American Guys which is “Racist Piece of Shit White American Soldier”. Well done for contributing to racial profiling of your kind Mr Gold Covered Shit/repressed homosexual. I will add that new profile to “domestic terrorist, potential pedophile/rapist, mass shooter, serial killer…etc”

        Thank you and I look forward to more of your contributions.


      • Never been to Korea, nor do I condone illegal or non consensual activity…unlike your racist, neo supremacist Korean people


      • Hahahahahahahaha…and the racism just keeps on coming out. I don’t even need to try xD. You think I’m Korean? Alright, racist ahjussi. You know, you’re really predictable. You racist white guys keep on coming up with the same attacks when you’re confronted with truths about yourselves that are unpleasant. I’m guessing…you have a Chinese wife? And you take advantage of the fact that she can’t really understand your English so you can talk shit about Asian guys? Or is she also equally racist as you? Let’s see, your racism has targeted Japanese, Chinese, Korean…SEA countries are next on your list?

        Thanks for reminding me about the White Supremacist Groups in America btw. And the condoning of illegal drug smuggling and police tampering with evidence in America and non consensual activity involving sex with animals that some White Guys engage in, as well as American pedophiles and rapists. I know you guys condone illegal activity and non consensual activity. That’s why Brock Turner, All White American Guy swimmer, could get away with rape and you have drug cartels running right under your nose yet you don’t care about them. You really don’t need to tell me that. Your contribution, “Racist, neo supremacist American people” has been added to your profile. Keep on going.

        Are you happy? Seriously. What’s got you so mad that you have to comment on Eurasian Writer’s blog? You have no genuine interest in contributing anything intelligent and clearly, Eurasian Writer’s posts make you so mad to a point that you can’t even say anything that relates to what he writes without racism. Btw, did you really come to my blog just to leave a hateful comment in my White Saviour post? Did that make you feel good? Awww, the baby threw a tantrum and now he feels better. Btw, I encourage you to post more on my blog. Write a lot. And spend more time on it. Spend hours on it. Really put in some effort. I believe in you, my racist American friend. You can do it. I’ll read it all. I promise. Go on, what are you waiting for? Go!


      • Kung…you rantings are unreadable. Please be more pithy with your argument/insult. Check this out…
        Kung-Deal with who you are and your many inadequacies. I can’t help that Asian women want me to breed them.

        See? Nice and tidy, like an Asian Woman’s little tight pussy that you so rarely experience


      • Are you sure it is not the neighbor’s dog that you want to force your tiny white dick into? I suspect assholes like you probably would rape a cat if you get your nasty hairy gross hands on.


      • Look it’s not my fault you’re too retarded to understand what I wrote. Must be that good old American education. I’m sorry but if you can’t comprehend or understand basic English even though you can somehow create racist insults…maybe you should go back to school. If you’re already 20+ I can see how embarrassing that would be for you but maybe it’s a good thing. Or maybe it’s because the the only thing you have to talk with is racism? It’s also not my fault you resort to racism, dishonesty, derailing tactics, pretending you’re smarter than you really are when really, you’re just a racist disgusting POS. Grow a spine. And a brain while you’re at it. And pick up a book.

        All Racist American Gay White Guy-Deal with who you are and your many inadequacies. I can’t help that any normal, healthy, Asian woman find you disgusting. I can’t help that you project your insecurities and self-esteem issues on Asian men to try to make yourself feel better about your life. I can’t help that you went on my personal blog and posted a vile, racist statement in an attempt to undermine the topic at hand to make yourself feel better.

        All Racist American Gay White Guy, I know you’ve never been with an Asian woman so you don’t need to tell me that you know nothing. I know you’re obsessed with dicks. Asian dicks from your comments. I mean, it’s okay xD. It’s okay to be gay man. Okay? Cos you know, I’d still like you if you were gay. I know you’re just a hateful, angry person that uses racism (putting down Asian men and being racially abusive towards Asian women) as a way to make himself feel better. I know you can’t accept that I’m an Asian woman so you pretend I’m an Asian guy and throw in that little racial slur about me there at the end and what do you know, you hurled racial abuse at BOTH Asian men and Asian women there. And sexual abuse. I know you’re trying to play psychological warfare on me because you know that if you talked honestly you would have to admit that everything Eurasian Writer has written about white men in this case is true and that shatters your fragile ego. But guess what? You forgot I’m an Asian woman so…you’re not doing so well with your psychological warfare plan. Too eager to hurl in racism at me huh? You are doing well in exposing the racism and verbal abuse that white men exhibit towards Asian women and men when it comes to things like these.


      • You are one angry, Bitch! No wonder Asian and All American White Guys everywhere are not interested in your barren womb


      • Hey I’m not the one typing in exclamation marks here and cyber-bullying people and calling people “bitch”. You want to try projecting your anger onto someone else there? I’m curious though. Why are you angry? Is it because I didn’t fall for your bluff and called you out on your psychological warfare tactics, your racism? Your retardation? Which one made you angry, gay boy? Or was it everything I said? Or are you angry because I spoke the truth and you can’t refute any of it? Was it that I called you retarded? Was that it? Or that I thought you said I was a guy though? Which one is it? But really, are you trying to prove Eurasian Writer’s point here?

        Real mature though. Really. Does it make you feel good? Calling a woman a bitch on the internet because you aren’t smart enough to discuss anything? What’s the matter? Finding out that your white skin and being an American isn’t enough to make me think you’re worthy of anything resembling respect solely on the basis that you’re supposedly a white male and I’m an Asian female? Is it hard being a decent person? Or does being an uncivilized barbarian come naturally to you?

        One more thing. I know you’re trying to bait me into getting angry and lowering myself to your level. I know this. I’ll admit this to you. This is where you learned these kinds of tactics is it not? I like how you tried to attack me at the end. So not only are you racist, but you’re also

        Tell me, All White Gay American Racist Boy, why would I want an All American Gay American Racist White Guy like yourself? I thought you said I was a guy that wouldn’t be able to feel the joy of a woman so how is that going to work? I’m not gay like you ok? I don’t find joy in touching another guy’s dick with mine like you.

        And as I said before. I can’t help you with your insecurity and self-esteem issues. It’s not my fault you’re too retarded to understand what I wrote. And trust me, no Asian woman or white woman wants to touch you with a 10-foot pole. Well, the decent ones anyway. I don’t speak for the white-washed, self-hating ones which seem to be your type. It’s very telling how out of everything I wrote, you just couldn’t come up with anything remotely civil and could only attack me based on my gender. The other times, you’ve attacked me based on my race. You haven’t addressed anything. You still keep on proving Eurasian Writer’s points about white men about being misogynist, racist etc.

        Also, your entire comment just reeks of insecurity right there. You just want to start a fight. Very typical of Americans. And just because you were losing your credibility and being shut down, your verbal abuse got even worse to cover up your gold-covered shit. That’s a trait of white racist Americans like yourself. I really still don’t know what you’re trying to do here. Like, are you trying to get me to agree with you and start posting your racist rants/comments/insults to discredit Eurasian Writer when everything he’s said so far is valid or has evidence to back it up? Then again, you would probably just destroy the evidence just so you can look good. That is very typical of white racists as well. Lie and deny. Go to an Asian country, instigate fights and then turn around and play victim. You think you can fool me? I know more about you than you know about me. And I know more about you now especially since you keep on exposing more of yourself the more you talk which is why I think Eurasian Writer hasn’t deleted your comments since you just end up proving his points. Carry on.


  3. You are biased as hell. In your video with the Korean children, why didn’t you translate the second part where ALL the children picked Asian people as the most beautiful. And the girl who said her mom was ugly said she loves IU, who is Asian. Doing shit like that just discredits you and you actually do have some valid points.


  4. I’ve encountered quite a few Asian families who in fact discourage “dating out” because “status within one’s community” usually revolves around communities that share a common language and vicinity. In that case, isn’t there a need to distinguish between Asian American communities and Asian communities? If they have separate conditions, isn’t lumping every Asian as Asian irrespective of the nuances in their cultural dynamics a bit of a fallacy?

    What do you make of that? Those families are traditional too. In fact, I would say those families tend to be “more” traditional, like how Korean families are known to dislike their children from marrying anyone other than their own race.


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